Thandie Newton Shows Her Tits

Thandie Newton Shows Her Tits
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So when am I going to be able to see you?" Kris looked at the message on her computer. She has been talking to Jon online for the last few months.

They had met the previous year at a mutual friends birthday party. Kris had a boyfriend at the time, but there was a charm to him. A few months later he reached out to her. At the point they had both recently become single.

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He started out looking for someone to help him get over his ex. Time passed and the two became closer and closer. One night, Kris was feeling particularly naughty. The two were chatting online and she sent him a big of her in a bra. Jon saw this and was immediately driven insane. Before the two of them knew what was going on, the two of them were trading nudes. Kris couldn't believe the size of his dick.

All these memories flooded her mind as she saw this message. The two had agreed that they would just be friends, but the feeling between her legs was betraying her.

She figured what harm could come from seeing him. He was probably never really into her like that and just wanted her friendship. "I'm free next week. You want me to come to you?" "Sure. I'll pick you up from the train and we can hang out." Kris heart began to race. She didn't know what to expect. A week was a long time away.

The suspense was going to kill her.

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Finally the day came. Kris took the train to go see Jon. The hour plus ride was killing her. She didn't know what her day was going to bring. She pulled up to the station and stepped off the train.

She looked around and saw him standing next to his car. He gave her a coy smile and her body shivered.

She walked up and gave him a kiss on a the cheek. She hopped in the car and to his house they went. The day started off pretty tame. The two of them talked for awhile. They hung out with his brother and cousin for a bit in the living room. Then the two of them listened to music in Jon's room. After a bit Kris got up from his bed to look at something on his laptop.

Then as she leaned forward to look at the screen she felt him. Jon had wrapped her arm around her body. She then felt him kiss her neck. Her body instantly tingled. She turned her face back to him. As soon as she saw his face, he leaned in and kissed her. Kris had never felt something like this before. The second his lips touch, lust took over her body.

As he took her tongue in his, her body orgasmed. She barely kept up the strength to stand.

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The kiss went on for what felt like hours. Kris couldn't believe the ecstasy she was in over a simple kiss. This man was everything she had hoped for him to be. Soon enough, the kiss broke. Jon lead Kris over to his bed. He laid her down and climbed on top of her. He went back to her lips. He tasted so good to her. Her pussy lips were dripping waiting to see what he would do to her next.

He moved on from her lips down to her neck. From there, he lifted her shirt. Once he moved her bra over, he beautiful nipples lied in front of him. He went right to work on them.


Going back and forth from one to the other. He sucked, licked and nibbled on both her nipples for about 10 more minutes. Orgasm after orgasm overcame Kris. Jon wasn't her first lover, and she always took care of herself as often as she could; but what was going on with her body was new to her.

She loved sex, but the amount of pleasure she was in was almost more than she could handle. He kept working on her nipples for another minute before she decided it was time to return the favor.


She gently pushed him off her chest and gestured him to lie down himself. Jon was excited. He wasn't a virgin himself, but he had never had a woman like Kris. She was naturally beautiful. Her skin, her light brown hair and eyes were simply intoxicating. The fact that he was finally with her, was a fantasy come true.

Ever since that night a few months before he had not stopped thinking about Kris. Now he finally had this sexy Puerto Rican in his bedroom all to himself. He was trying everything he knew to pleasure her, but now it looked like it was his turn to get some.

He lied on his back and Kris started to tug at this belt. With a little help she got it off and started pulling his pants off. And there it was. The 9 inch monster that she had seen in those pictures. It was even bigger in real life that she had imagined. With it staring at her, she knew there was only one thing she needed to do.

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She opened up and pull his dick in her mouth. Jon couldn't believe what was happening. The hottest girl he knew was her sexy lips wrapped around his dick. And what she was giving him by far the best blow job he had ever gotten.

He couldn't believe how good this felt. He felt her tongue wrap around his member while in her mouth. It took everything in him not to cum right then and there. She kept taking most of him in her mouth. Jon looked down an saw barely an inch still left. She bobbed up and down. Gave attention to his balls and licked up and down his shaft. After maybe 20 minutes, Jon knew that he couldn't handle anymore. Kris senses this and got ready.

She put her hand on his dick and waited. Soon enough, Jon began blasting the back of her throat with cum. After 6 or 7 shots, he was done.

Kris grabbed his dick and made sure to squeeze out every drop.


Then, as Jon watched her, Kris made sure to swallow everything he gave her. Jon just lied somewhat spent looking at this beauty in front of him.

She stood in front of him topless. He knew he wanted more.

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He got up, picked her up off the floor and there her on the bed. She giggled as he tore her pants off. Now she laid in front of him completely naked too.

He spread her legs and leaned in. He began teasing her by licking her thighs. After 30 seconds of teasing, she pushed her thighs against his head. Be took his cue and put his tongue right on her clit. Jon had tasted pussy before, but something about the taste of Kris drove him insane. It was a mix of sweetness and sex. He got lost in between her legs; shoving his tongue as deep as it would go, licking and nibbling on her clit.

He just lost himself in her. After 15 more minutes of this, Kris needed to feel Jon inside of her. She pulled his head up and motioned for him to kiss her.

She tasted her pussy on his tongue. She opened her legs as Jon lined up with her pussy. Then he began stretching her to her limit. Kris had never been with someone as big as Jon before. He buried his 9 inch monster all the way in her.

Kris clawed at Jon's back as she climaxed again. Jon began to hammer her as quick as he could. Kris felt him pound mercilessly as her cervix. There was some pain but the amount of pleasure buried it. Jon rolled over and grab Kris onto him. She began to ride him for all she was worth.

Jon grabbed her ass to pound her harder. He made sure to give her lips and nipples attention as he impaled her again and again. Another half hour and Jon felt his ball ready to burst. He put her on her back and pulled out, drenching her stomach and chest in cum.

The two of them just looked at each other and knew that this was the beginning of something special.