OK Honey You Can Cheat On Me

OK Honey You Can Cheat On Me
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Thank you all for reading my stories up to this point I hope you enjoy this one as well. For those of your who don't read the tags there is NO SEX in this chapter so if that is what you are looking for stop reading here. Solomon's Daughters: Linda's Chapter After breakfast Liz and Sar-Rah got ready for school and Galina leaned into to kiss Anthony before heading down into the basement with Mina and Megan following.

When Eliza stood she walked over to the sink and cleaned her dishes herself and then turned to face him and opened her mouth to speak but Liz and Sar-Rah returned already ready for school. Anthony looked over at the clock and saw that it had only been five minutes. "How the hell did you get ready so fast," he asked them. With a grin Sar-Rah waved at him and instead of pajama pants he was wearing black cargo pants and a black sleeveless shirt. He now matched them in color scheme but both of their outfits looked like gothic princess gowns.

"After school right," Liz asked looking at Eliza who nodded in response. Liz grinned happily and she and Sar-Rah stepped forward and kissed Anthony before heading for the front door. "What happens after school," Anthony asked Eliza curiously.

"I'm going to teacher her how to do magic. She asked me after that goblin shaman tried to brain her for being a sorceress," Eliza explained.

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He looked at her in surprise and she laughed at his shock. "The goblin smiths have begun working on a few of our ideas and at the rate they are going it shouldn't take more than a few days, if that long for them to finish the smaller designs. I have also begun working on a secret project that I think will make you really happy but you can't see it until it is finished," she said and leaned down to kiss him before heading for the basement.

He reach for his cell phone and called McKnight's Jewelry, Eliza had cancelled his pervious appointment do to his being poisoned. "Hello," came a voice over the line. "Hello, this is Anthony Caine I am calling to speak to Abigail McKnight," he said there was a pause and a russling of papers from the other end of line. "One moment please," the voice said and he was transferred to another line which began to ring. "Hello," came Abigail's voice over the line after two rings.

"Hello, this Anthony Caine I was calling to reschedule coming to sign that contract," he said. "I have it here in my office and I'm free now if you have the time," she replied. "Alright I will be there with-in the hour," he said and they both hung up. He got up from the table did his dishes and went in search of Jessica who had slipped out of the kitchen without his noticing sometime before Sar-Rah and Liz had left. He found her in his room laying on his bed in one of his t-shirts and a red thong.


His breath caught in his throat and then hissed out through his teeth as he became hard at the sight. He winced in pain as his cock rubbed against his clothes and he leaned over Jessica steadying himself by placing a hand on her flat stomach.

He shook her gently and her eyes slowly opened until she was looking up at him. "Time to get up if you want the job as my driver, we need to go," she pouted at him but got up and dressed in a pair of tight low riding jeans and tank top that did nothing to help his erection subside.

She grabbed the keys to the silver car and they went outside. Anthony walked outside and got his first real look at the car and was pleased to see the BMW logo on the car, he knew nothing about cars be even he knew that logo. He hopped into the front passenger seat and Jessica got behind the wheel. "Where to boss," she asked grinning at him. "To McKnight's Jewelry over near The Eternal Night," he told her and they sped off. They parked a block away from the store, because they couldn't find a closer space, and walked back.

They walked through the door and the place was packed compared to the last time he was here. He headed for the counter where an excited Yuki was talking to a customer. "Hello, I'm here to see Abigail again," Anthony said interrupting their conversation when it became apparent she hadn't noticed them. "Pardon me," she said to whoever she was talking to and turned a stern look to Anthony until she saw who it was.

Much to Anthony's surprise she smiled brightly at him and took his arm and pulled him towards the hall leading back to where he had first met Abigail.

She pulled him down the hall, passed the room he had went into before, to another door that had Abigail McKnight engraved on a gold plate nailed to the door. She knocked and leaned in when she got an answer muffled by the door. "Mr. Caine is here to see you," she said.

"Let him in," Abigail said and Yuki opened the door farther for them to slip past her. She then closed the door and headed back out to the store. "Is it crowded like that a lot," Anthony asked her. Abigail smiled up at him and leaned forward her chin in her hand as she studied him. "Since I bought Sar-Rah's jewelry it is. People who could never afford it come in just to look at it.

How are you? Your girlfriend said you were ill," she asked. "Fine it was just a little poison," he said nonchalantly. Abigail's eyes widened in shock at that and her lips parted slightly in surprise. "Eliza was telling me about that, didn't you almost die," Jessica asked and Anthony shot her a 'shut up' look.

"Are you sure you should be up and about it's only been a few days," Abigail asked with concern. "Yes it wasn't that bad I am fine now," he said reassuringly. "The contract," he reminded and she nodded. She reached for her phone and pushed a button before speaking for a moment then replacing it. A few seconds later came a knock at the door. "Come," Abigail said loudly and a short white haired man in a suit walked in.

He walked over to the desk and put down his briefcase before popping it open and taking out a paper. He handed it to Abigail who scanned it and then offered it to Anthony. "This is my attorney, Bob," she said as Antony scanned the paper.

Seeing that it was their agreement and nothing had been slipped in he signed the paper and handed it to Abigail who signed it and gave it to Bob. Bob signed as in the first witness space and Jessica signed in the second before Bob took the paper and left. "So, is this the maker of your fine jewelry," Abgail asked leaning back in her chair.

"No this is my driver, Jessica. Jessica, this is Abigail McKnight of McKnight's Jewelry," Anthony introduced. "You seem to be surrounded by beautiful women," Abigail observed. Jessica blushed a light pink at her compliment. "You have no idea," Anthony said with a grin. "So will I get to meet the jewelry crafter soon," Abigail asked. "I was going to bring her but she is in school now so it will have to be another time," he said. She nodded in understanding and was silent for a while before she spoke again.

"You could bring her in when you bring in the next shipment of jewels," she said. "You said you probably wouldn't need any more for another six months at least, that isn't soon," Anthony said in confusion.

"Sar-Rah's jewelry have almost all sold out so I could buy another hundred pieces anytime. If you can bring me an order of one hundred before the end of the week I'll give you two hundred grand for them.

I've have got several large orders for them and I told the buyers I would have to see if the artist could fulfill the orders. Also I need to know if she takes requests," Abigail asked. "I don't think fulfilling the orders will be a problem and you'll have to ask her about requests," he replied with a smile. "How did you manage to sell so many so fast," he asked her. "One of the larger jewelry chains came in and bought them all. I had each piece signed with a glyph so no one could claim to have made them," she said and grabbing a piece of paper she sketched a stylized 'S' and showed it to him.

"That's good I can probably get her to put that glyph into the actual jewel somewhere," he said and his cell phone rang. It was a number he didn't know but he decided to answer it anyway. "Hello," he said after flipping it open.

"Anthony it's Jenny can you come to the club," she asked. "Yes I can get there we are a few blocks from you now. Is there a problem," Anthony asked. "No, no problem we just have a lawyer here to switch all of George's belongings to you.

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He had a will made out leaving everything to whoever I claimed was his heir. Since I say it's you, everything he owned is yours," she said mystified. "Well, isn't that convenient? I'll be there in a little while, bye," he said then hung up the phone. Abigail was looking at him questioningly as he stood. "Well we have to go. I need to go see another lawyer apparently," he said.

"Why," Abigail asked curiously. "You know the night club a few blocks over, Eternal Night," he asked and waited for her nod, "well I just inherited it along with everything the previous owner possessed." "I see, please get back to me as soon as possible on those jewels," she asked as he moved toward the door.

"Will do," he said and walked out of the room with Jessica following behind. They made their way outside to the car and headed for the club. Jessica parked the car in the owner's space and they headed in the side door. She led him down a hallway and up a flight of stairs to a nicely decorated office. Jenny was sitting behind the desk and speaking to a middle aged man in a suit. Anthony could tell she was doing something to his mind but couldn't tell what.

"I'm here," Anthony said and the man jerked around to look at him. Jenny didn't even flinch having heard him enter. "What do I need to do," Anthony asked the lawyer. "Just sign this.

It states that you are George's heir and that you will be taking control of all of his assets," the man said his eyes glazed and unfocused. Anthony looked at him worriedly before taking the paper and signing.

The man took the paper signed it and stuffed it in his briefcase before standing and leaving the room without another word.

"What did you do to him," Anthony asked Jenny. "He wanted proof George's death, identification of the bodyand a bunch of other things and I just made those things unnecassary," Jenny said and handed him a large folder. It was one of those folders that accordions outwards and was held closed with a stretchy cord. "Did you need anything else," Anthony asked her. She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by a high pitch squeal.

A blur slammed into Anthony when he turned to the sound and he stumbled and fell back onto a couch that was against the wall beside the desk. "Where did you go? I missed you," Kira said as she rubbed her face against his chest and wrapped her arms around him tightly. Anthony chuckled at her and ran his hand through her hair and a question came to him.

"Why is she stuck at this age," he asked Jenny. "It's because she was turned," Jenny said, "a born vampire will age until fully grown then stop aging a turned vampire will be stuck at whatever age they were turned at." "I see," Anthony said and look sadly down at the little girl in his lap. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his home number but no one answered and after ten rings he hung up.

"I was at home sweetie. I can play with you for a while but then I have to go again okay," he asked and she nodded biting her lower lip which cutely exposed the tips of her fangs. "Can we play dolls," she asked him shyly. "We can play whatever you want," he said with a smile and followed her out of the room after handing Jessica the folder and asking her to hold on to it. "He's really kind of sweet," Jessica said watching Kira drag him of by the hand.

"He is weak," Jenny said from behind her and Jessica raised an eyebrow at her. "Really? Did he not kill a two thousand year old vampire without getting scratched, not to mention the fact that he had you at his mercy completely yesterday.

No he isn't weak he's just not cruel and violent without cause," Jessica said and Jenny nodded reluctantly in agreement. Anthony played with Kira for a few hours but the vamp child was soon tired and her eyes kept flickering closed. He lifted her and placed her on the bed in her room and tucked her in before bending and kissing her on the forehead. "Goodnight Kira," he whispered as he left the room.

He found Jessica and Jenny just finishing a game of chess in the office while they sipped a dark red liquid from crystal glasses.

"We need to get home soon," he said to Jessica. "Alright, I'm just about to lose anyway," she replied and then drained her glass before setting it down on the desk. "When will you be back," Jenny asked standing and walking toward them. "Unless you need me for something, a few days," he said and Jessica grabbed the folder from the desk and followed him out.

He stopped when he sensed Jenny's irritation through the bond. "What is wrong," he asked turning to face her. She looked like she would refuse to answer for a second but then she sighed and looked at him. "I have a life you know and a job, even if it sucks. I can't keep being here twenty-four seven," she said sullenly.

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"I didn't ask you to be here all the time. If you don't like your job then how about you permanently become manager of this club. As for leaving just make sure whoever you leave in charge knows how to reach you or me and you can go whenever you need to," Anthony said. "Will I get paid," she asked. "Yes but I need to go through the books for this place and see what the profit margin is so I can see what I can afford to pay you," he said and she nodded at him.

He and Jessica left the room and headed out to the car. "The club's bookkeeping records are in the file I gave you," Jenny called out to him as they left. "Jessica do you have a social life to get back to," he asked and she shook her head.

"I lived at the club and didn't really do anything," she replied. "Well I can pay you ten dollars an hour, forty hours a week for being my driver.

Also you can live in my house or the club. Is that acceptable," he asked. She nodded enthusiastically and got into the driver's seat as he walked around and got in on the passenger side. The drive home was uneventful and they arrived home only twenty minutes before Liz and Sar-Rah were do to arrive home.

'They should be just getting out of school,' Anthony thought to himself and then his cell phone rang. He pulled if from his pocket and flipped it open and put it to his hear. "Hello." "Anthony, they took her," came Liz's hysterical voice and a cold dread flooded him. There was only one her with Liz so someone had taken Sar-Rah. "Who took Sar-Rah?

How could they even take her," he asked his eyes flaring to fire in an instant. "I don't know who they were, they had this thing that look like a cattle prod but it didn't zap her it put her to sleep," she explained through her sobs. "I'm sending Jessica with the car wait in front of the school," Jessica who had heard him turned and dashed out the door heading toward the car. "I love you, stay away from the road until Jessica arrives I don't need someone snatching you too," he told her.

Anthony hung up and raced down into the basement and headed for the door that opened into the lab to find Eliza. She was standing bent over sketches with calculation and notes in the borders. She spun when he burst into the room. "Sar-Rah has been kidnapped do you know a way to find her," he asked. Eliza's eyes widened in shock as her mind began to race for quick solutions.

"Do we know who took her," Eliza asked and he shook his head. "Is Liz here," she asked. "No, but Jessica is on her way to pick her up and bring her home so half and hour at most," he answered. "Alright here is what I want you to do. Go up stairs and move the kitchen table to the wall to leave an open space. Then go and find me these things," and she named off a bunch of things that Anthony was sure he had some where in the house." When she finished the list Anthony raced off to do as she said, by the time he was finished Jessica and Liz had arrived home and Eliza was standing watching him draw a large perfect circle on the linoleum kitchen floor.

When he was finished Eliza shooed him back to the door and pulled Liz forward into the circle. "Now do it just like I showed you," Eliza commanded. As Liz began placing the component he had collected in the circle around her Eliza turned to him. "When the spell is done the element will be inside Liz. You will need to ask it the question you want answered and only the question you want answered. It may not even answer but this is the fastest way, if it works," Eliza explained just as Liz finished her preparations.

"Ignis," Liz said and the items on the floor around her burst into flame but didn't burn the floor. "Labentia ventis dico vos foras," she continued. Evrything went silent then the fires inside the were blown out as wind whipped Liz's hair and cloths around as if she was standing in the middle of a hurricane.

Liz's eyes became the color of grey storms cloud and she looked right at Anthony. "Why do you summon me," the wind elemental spoke using Liz as a mouthpiece. "To ask a question," Anthony answered.

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"What is your question, Djinn Lord," the whispering voice of the elemental carassed his skin. "One of my women was taken today I want to know who took her," he replied. "Ah yes I know who took her but what will you give me for the answer," the wind's breathy voice sighed.

"What do you want," Anthony demanded. There was a pause then the wind gusted harder then before and calmed agained. "I want to reproduce, there has not been another of my kind in millenia. You will give me a child," the wind stated.

"I don't know how but I will try and keep trying until I succeed or die, is that acceptable," Anthony asked. The elemental studied him through Liz's eyes for a few moments before slowly nodding in agreement. "The council of the elves took your Sar-Rah to White Oak. They intend to put her on trial for the supposed crimes of the djinn," the wind said with a laugh that sounded like glass falling on tile. "The crimes of the Djinn? None of them were even alive that last time a djinn walked the human realm unfettered," she continued with scorn.

"The Djinn will rise up or fall under your rule. I will be watching you," the wind said meeting Anthony's eyes. Then as suddenly as it had begun the wind died and Liz blinked, her eyes returning to normal, and she looked around curiously. "Well that was an interesting experience," she said and staggered a little before sitting down right where she stood. "Are you okay," Anthony asked with concern. "She's fine just a little tired from channeling that much energy. She is extremely powerful," Eliza said.

Once he was sure she was okay he stood. "Jessia, we have some where to go," he said and headed for the front door. "We're going with you," Risa and Kylie said at the same time. He paused considering and then nodded in agreement. Sunshine, Moonlight, and Wind darted to Risa and landed on her shoulder hidden by her hair. "Scouts," Risa said evenly when Anthony opened his mouth to object to their coming. He closed his mouth and grimaced before turning to the door. "Eliza please take care of Liz and keep Mina and Megan in the house," Anthony requested as he walked out the door.

They all piled into the car with Jessica driving, Anthony in the passenger seat and the two girls and the fairies in the back.


They sped back toward the school and skidded to a halt in front of the building. Anthony rushed up to the doors and breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled and the door opened. Once inside he headed for the art room with everyone trailing behind him. Linda had just finished cleaning up the supplies when he burst into the room. "Where is White Oak," he asked her.

Confused she gawked at him before his words sank in and she straightened her back. "I can't tell you that," she said stiffly. "Your fucking council kidnapped Sar-Rah, so you are going to tell me," he growled stepping toward her his eyes beginning to glow with fire. She stumbled back away in alarm as she tried to think.

"How do you know it was the council," she asked. Her talking seemed to calm him a degree and his eyes faded back to normal. "A wind elemental told us after we made a deal," he replied. She bit her lip knowing that the elementals didn't lie or break their word. If one had told him the council was at fault the council was at fault. "Where is White Oak," he asked again. "I can't tell you that, they would kill me," she whispered. Guilt and shame filled her as she realized this was her fault she had told the council of Sar-Rah's existence.

"I understand your predicament, so try to understand mine and forgive me for this," he said. His hands shot out and gripped her head between his palms and he pushed his mind into hers past her mental defenses and read how to get to White Oak from her thoughts.

When he pulled free of her mind she went limp and he barely caught her before she hit the ground. "Take care of her and don't let anyone hurt her," he said handing her limp form to Kylie. "Give me the keys and stay here to protect them. Once she wakes if she will go with you take them both to my house," he told Jessica. The fairies stayed behind flying in circles over Linda's limp form. He and Risa raced off down the hall toward the front entrance. They got into the car and Anthony sped through town back to the park were he had waited for the goblins to approach him.

It was apparently a supernatural magnet because the entrance to White Oak was in one of the other plaza areas in the park. He pulled the car into a parking space and hopped out already running and headed down a path that led to his destination. The elven city, White Oak, was in a pocket dimension where humans wouldn't ever come across them. The dimension was rooted to the real world by gates that allowed travel between the two places.

The entrances were everywhere but only an elf or someone with an elf could pass through. "Almost there," Anthony said as thet rounded a turn in the trail and the plaza came into view. There in the middle of the plaza was a fountain with the sculpture a an enormous tree and in front of the tree was a white stone circle. It was paved into the plaza and a sybol of a tree filled the circle. Standing on the symbol was a couple with their backs to Anthony and Risa. With a flash of green light they fanished.

"What was that," Risa asked. "Thats the entrance to White Oak," Anthony said and they ran to the ring and stepped inside but nothing happened. Anthony stood in the center of the ring and tried to will himself to White Oak but that would only work for an elf.

"Oh well, we'll go with Plan B then," he said when nothing happened. "What is Plan B," Risa asked him curiously. He looked at her and grinned wickedly.

"Plan B, is kick the damn door down. Knock, Knock," he said as he let the nearly complete power of a High Djinn flow freely into his body and imagined a door with a lock. He lifted his foot and stomped down onto the white stone sybol of a tree and with a green flash and the sound of a door breaking they were transported. Anthony stumbled as everything refocused and they were standing in the middle of a crowded square. There were people with pointed ears walking all around them and no one seemed to notice that they didn't belong.

"Can you tell us where to find the council," Anthony stopped and asked a passer-by. "First time to White Oak," the man ask him and when he nodded he recieved a friendly grin in response. "Just follow this road to the big domed building it impossible to miss," the man explained.

"Thank you," Anthony told the man and started off down the road with Risa on his heels. They found the building as easily as the man had claimed and headed for the front door. "Risa how do you fight magic wielders without killing them," he asked over his shoulder as they walked. She reached forward and gripping his shoulder pushed the knowledge into his mind.

His steps only faltered a brief instant before he continued onward. Once inside the building he followed the signs on the walls that led him to the reception room for the council. When he headed toward the door to the council room the recptionist called out.

"Hey stop you can't go in there the council is in session," she called out but Anthony and Risa ignored her. The two guards flanking the door stepped forward to stop them but Risa flowed forward and with a punch to the jaw sent one guard off to la-la land. She kicked out before the other guard could react, he flew backwards and crashed through the door onto the floor and groaned in pain. Anthony and Risa stepped forward over the remains of the shattered door and the downed guard.

Anthony looked around at what appeared to be a conference room, he had been half expecting thrones and a round table. He looked at the square conference table and shook his head at his own stupid thoughts "How dare you barge in here like this," an elf female said and stood up from the head of the table. Risa moved to the woman's side so fast the elves didn't have time to react. She grabbed the woman's shoulder and roughly forced her to sit back down.

The other elves around the table began to rise to their feet. "Sit," Risa said in a soft deadly voice and pulled free her sword and pressed it tightly against the woman's throat. Everyone froze then slowly sank back into their seats. "What do you want," the woman asked nervously looking down trying to see the sword with out moving her head. "My fiancee back," Anthony said deadpan. "Why would we have your fiancee," the woman asked.

"That is an awfully good question. Why do you have my fiancee," he asked leaning forward until his eyes were even with hers and he let power flow into them changing them to flaming orbs. The woman blanched in fear and tried to pull back, away from him but her chair prevented her from escaping. "You're not an elf," the woman said dumbfounded. "And your not the sharpest tool in the shed are you," Anthony ask.

She shot him an angry glare at that but before she could speak the clanking of armor sounded behind Anthony. Through the broken door rushed ten armor clad elves followed by the couple they had seen at the plaza and then another ten armor clad figures.

The man and woman in the middle of the warriors were both tall, over six feet. They were both beautiful with long blonde hair and pointed features, the man wore a emerald green suit and the female a long flowing yellow dress. They both had pale green eyes and wore circlets of gold around their foreheads. "Drop your weapon," the tall man ordered Risa after taking the room with a stern expression.

"Why would she do that," Anthony asked the man. "Because you can't escape here, and we have you out numbered," the man stated not bragging just stating the facts. Anthony studied the man and then he looked at the fully geared warriors surrounding the pair. "True you do have us out numbered but we can leave anytime we want. And what do numbers have to do with anything when we are better armed," Anthony asked the man and nodded to Risa. She looked confused for a second then grinned as she caught what he meant.

She waved a hand at the guards and their armor fell apart at the joints and their swords rusted and flaked away to nothing in seconds. A minute later there were twenty warrior wearing only what they had been wearing under their armor. Which for a few of them was nothing which Risa seemed to appriciate because she whistled at them. Their faces remained stoic but a few of them blushed.

"So what was your plan now," the tall man asked. "Well the plan was, and remains, to rip some answers of of these fools then get back what is mine and go home," Anhtony said leaning back against the table. "What is it that they know that you need? And what of yours would any elf want," the man asked with disbelief. "Well they have my fiancee. A hour or two ago she was kidnapped from in front of a human high school," Anthony said and as he spoke the councillors' faces began to pale.

"We had a chat with an air elemental who told us it was your council who took her. Now here we are and if she has been harmed in anyway I am going to turn your council members inside out while they scream in agony," Anthony said his voice still deadpan. "Is this true," the man asked the council in an ominous voice. When none of the council answered the man turned to the woman with Risa's sword still to her throat. "Elaina, what have you done. Kidnapping humans is against our laws, being my sister will not mitigate your punishment.

Nor the rest of yours," the man said sternly looking around at the council members. "But she isn't human," Elaina said in a small voice drawing her brothers attention. "If she isn't human what is she," the man asked. "Djinn," Elaina said in a voice so small Anthony could barely hear it.

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"You kidnapped the only Djinn to ever, in the history of existance, speak to one of our kind with out trying to kill us," the man roared in anger and Elaina flinched. "I'm goig to take a wild guess and say your the King and Queen of the elves, right," Anthony asked drawing the mans attention back to him.

"Yes, I am Aldorn and this is my wife Esper," Aldorn answered and Esper nodded in greeting. "Well I guess I should introduce myself properly then.

I am Anthony Caine Leader of the Djinn, King of the Goblins, and Head of the Vampire Coven of The Eternal Night and this is my beautiful fiancee Risa Solomon Djinn of War," Anthony said. With each title Elaine seemed to shrink in on herself so much that Risa had to pull the sword back to keep the woman from accidently slitting her own throat. "Please accept our apologies? We will return your fiancee to you immediately," Aldorn said and shot a look to one of the gaurds who had been wearing boxers, and the man rushed from the room.

"By our laws Elaina now belongs to you along with her daughter," Aldorn said his face set in a forbidding scowl. Elaina made to protest but when he looked at her she lowered her eyes and said nothing. "I don't agree to owning someone who hasn't wronged me but who is her daughter," Anthony asked. "I believe you already know her, Linda Everett,"the King said, "she sent a message telling us about you and how you were peaceful.

She also sent a second message saying you wanted to speak with us about an alliance of some kind." "Yes, we can discuss that after Sar-Rah gets here," Anthony said. They stood in silence waiting until the sound of running feet could be heard. Anthony turned warily to the door but sighed in relief when Sar-Rah ran through and seeing him leapt forward into his arms. She rained kissing on his face and neck as she cried.

"I was so scared," she whispered to him. "Are you hurt," he asked and the council memebers all froze waiting for a response and remembering his threat about what would happen if she was harmed. She shook her head and hugged him tighter. "Do you want to talk here or have you got somewhere more comfortable in mind," Anthony asked the King who was watching them with a small smile.

"Follow me," Aldorn said as he turned and with his wife holding on to his arm led them from the room. "You are all to see me tomorrow," Aldorn said to the council as they left. He led them down a series of corridors until they entered a modern looking lounge. They all sat Anthony with Sar-Rah on his lap and Risa by his side. "Alright let's here your proposal,"Aldorn said. "The proposal is this an alliance between our peoples.

I am taking the Goblins, Vampires, Djinn, and probably Fairies public. They are the ones I have at this point, hopefully the list will grow before then. They are being driven in extinction as technology progresses and with each passing year if becomes harder for them to remain hidden. It is only a matter of time until they are discovered by accident, so I am going to control time and place. We would like if the elves joined with us," Anthony said.

"How exactly did you ally yourself with the goblins and vampires," Aldorn asked. Anthony told him the story of his marriage to Galina and his encounter with George. "So you are bound to the Djinn through magic and marriage, to the Goblins through marriage, and the Vampires who are bound to you magically," Aldorn clarified and Anthony nodded. "We could join this alliance," Aldorn said and looked to Esper who nodded in agreement, "but we need a way to bind our peoples together like you have with the other races.

We would be seen as less in the agreement if our ties were not equally binding. "Well I'm not into men so having you marry me isn't going to happen and I seriously doubt that you want to be bound to me like the vampires are," Anthony said and Aldorn nodded in agreement. "You could marry one of our daughters," Esper said. "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy," Aldorn said and his wife smacked him lightly on the arm.

"Stop that they aren't that bad," she chided him. "They are all spoiled and selfish, I know it is probably my fault and I love them but they are spoiled," Aldorn said.

"I definitely don't need another spoiled wife so no thanks," Anthony said and Risa snickered. "Just wait until Megan finds something she wants and feeds you the innocent puppy eyes. You already can't say no to anything she asks," Risa said. "I can't say no, who was the one who bought her that new dress.

Your awake for a day and already spending my money," he said giving her a pointed look and her face flushed. The elven couple watched their banter with amusement before interupting. "If we can get back to the topic at hand," Aldorn said. "I don't have any ideas, I am not an elf and I don't know hat you would consider binding," Anthony said.

"How about you marry Linda," Risa said and they all turned to look at her. "What? She is an elf, shes part of the the royal family, and she already belongs to you," Risa said. "What if she says no," Anthony asked Risa. "She can't say no if you order her too," Esper said and Anthony snorted and shot her an angry glare.

"It can just be a wedding for show. You don't have to really do anything married people do if she refuses only the elves need to see her as your wife anyway. No one else gives a crap about that political crap exce[t maybe the humans," Risa said with a shrug.


Just then a guard led Linda into the room and she shot a venomous glare at Anthony. "Speak of the devil," Risa said with a grin. "How would you like to get married," Aldorn asked Linda as the guard closed the door behind him. "What," Linda screetched causing both Aldorn and Anthony to flinch the women seemed unaffected.

"They apparently need some way to tie the elves to the Djinn that puts them on equal footing with all of our other allies and they think marrying me to one of the royal line would do that, and since I own you and your mother they are trying to offer you up on the sacrificial alter to my heathen lusts," Anthony explained.

Linda's mouth worked for a few moments without any sound coming out before she turned with blazing eyes to Aldorn missing the grin that split Anthony's face after she turned.

"How dare you," she hissed at the elf king. "Now listen here, we are the king and queen," Esper began but she stopped when Linda actually snarled like an enrage animal, Anthony was impressed. "I am not your or my mothers property, you don't own me and you certainly can't just give me away," she growled and spun to Anthony.

"That means you don't own me either," she told him and he held up his hand in surrender. "I didn't say it, I was only repeating what I was told," he offered. She eyed him suspiciously and turned back to her aunt and uncle. "Linda please? I would offer one of our daughters but it would not do the alliance any good to see the princess be divorced because her husband couldn't stand her anymore," Aldorn said and Linda's lip twitched but her face remained twisted in a look of anger.

"You don't have to attend to any of the wifely duties it just needs to be for show for the elven people," Esper said. Linda turned and studied Anthony from head to foot. "What do you have to say about this," she asked him. "I'm up to.nine wives and several mistresses already, I say the more the merrier," Anthony answered.

"So you'll be alright if I find another man to bed," she asked. "If you want to marry me for show and sleep with other people that is fine with me," Anthony said. "However if you come to my bed to be my lover you are mine and I will not share you with another man," he said staring at her intensely.

She nodded her head in understanding and turned back to face the King and Queen. "I want a male and three female unicorns, and a female dragon and wind snake. All of them still at the prime age of breeding," Linda demanded. The king and queen looked like someone had just proved that the world would end tomorrow. "That would cost a fortune," the king sputtered.

"Yeah well I know Anthony's plans and what you stand to gain from this alliance so that is my price," she said firmly. "Fine," Aldorn said his shoulders sagging a little. "When do you want the wedding," Esper asked Anthony. "There is no time like the present. Oh and someone needs to go get my fiancees and my sister. Also you might want to have someone look at the gate that you two entered through," he said.

"Why when we came through it was working just fine," Aldorn said in confusion. "Well we came through right after you and since we aren't elves it wouldn't let us through so I broke the door down," Anthony explained. "Of coarse you did," Aldorn said and sent his guards running with orders. *************** "That was so boring," Anthony said falling back onto the bed.

"It wasn't that bad," Linda said sitting down next to him. He rolled over on his side and stared at her in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding me! The freaking priest went on and on about the evil of humans and and when he called for someone to protest the marriage he waited nearly five minutes hoping someone would speak up.

I don't think he realized that I'm mostly Djinn now, not human. There was no dancing or singing or eating and I didn't even get to kiss the bride. That had to be the worst wedding in hist," he ranted and was cut off as Linda leaned down and kissed him. He was so surprised he didn't move and she pulled away before he could recover. "It is time for bed," she said standing and beginning to take off her clothes.

"Are we going to consumate our marriage," he asked her wagging his eyebrows at her suggestively. "No you goofball we are going to sleep," she said and tossed a pillow at him. She stripped down to her underwear and slipped between the sheets with a weary sigh. Anthony moved off the bed and stretched out on the couch only pulling off his shoes. Linda lifted up on her elbows and looked at him laying on the couch.

"Why aren't you sleeping on the bed," she asked. "I not a masochist and I do not feel the need to torture myself," he told her. She got a hurt look on her face and laid back so he couldn't see her face any more and she flicked off the light.

"Laying beside me is torture," she asked softly in the darkness. "No laying beside you would be wonderful. However laying beside a beautiful woman and being unable to touch her is torture so I'll stay over here," he explained.

"Oh," was all she said in reply. Anthony lay there staring at the ceiling until he slowly began to drift off to sleep. "Anthony," Linda called. "Hmmm," he answered sleepily. "Please come get in the bed," she said softly. With that his eyes shot open and he sat up staring at her even though he couldn't make out her features in the dark. "I want to be clear about this. Are you asking me to make love to you," he asked. "No but I can't sleep in this strange bed, alone, with you on the couch only a few feet away," she said softly.

With an irritated sigh Anthony stood and pulled off his shirt and pants leaving on his boxers and climbed into the bed on the opposite side from Linda. He didn't lay anywhere near her hoping the distance between them would dampen the temptation to touch her but she scooted over until she could lay her head on his shoulder. He gritted his teeth and stared up at the ceiling resigning himself to a long night. Anthony eventually managed to sleep but was woken as Linda shifted and moaned in her sleep.

She was moaning loudly and thrashing in her sleep with tears running down her face. "Linda wake up," Anthony said shaking her until she jerked awake. Sobbing she clung to him, her face buried in his neck. "What's wrong," he asked her. She didn't say anything but shook her head, so Anthony didn't press for an answer. He slowly massaged her shoulders and neck before dropping and kneading her back with his fingers.

She moaned as he slowly loosened her tense muscles. She nuzzled his neck and then kissed his shoulder senting goosebumps across his back and a shiver up his spine. She began to grind her thigh against his hard-on which was trapped against her do to her position. With a groan Anthony grabbed her shoulders and spun her so her back was to his frontand his erection freed from her torturously pleasing movements. She tried to keep rubbing against him but he kept distance between their bodies. "What's wrong," she asked, still struggling to reach him.

"You don't want this, you are just upset. In the morning you will regret this and I will feel like an asshole," he replied. "I want you, I really do," she said. Anthony clenched his teeth and fought down the desire to rip the covers away and explore her petite body and satin soft skin. "Fine, we'll go to sleep and if you still want me in the morning we will continue where we left off. Now if you don't stop trying to molest me I am going back to the couch," Anthony threatened.

She subsided and sulkily laid her head back against his shoulder and relaxed into his embrace and they both soon fell asleep.