Milf finger squirt Cory Chase in Revenge On Your Father

Milf finger squirt Cory Chase in Revenge On Your Father
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Today was one of my worst days maybe in my life. I woke up late for school so I couldn't catch a bus, so I had to ask my mom to give me a ride before she went off to work.

That made her more mad then my dad not making any coffee or taking out the trash before the trash guys came. But either way. That wasn't it. My name is Otto. I'm 13 since last month and just started the new school year of 6th grade. My life wasn't the best as it was for my friends.

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Well at least I thought they were. Not so long ago was it that my best friend Alex said if we kissed the girls would love me forever. So in the middle of our old grade school playground me and my best friend kissed. I didn't know then that kissing another boy was so bad.

But either way kids all around laughed at me. Alex laughed too, I couldn't understand why they wouldn't go against him and just went to making fun of me. I was never bi, or gay. Ever since that day I walk around school being called a faggot, and both the boys and girls would grope my ass as I walk pass them and I would moan in the hallway.

A lot of the time I would be in the center of the hall way and people would stand against there locker watching me pass. I never thought at a young age my entire school would go to such words as calling me a slut or a man whore.

I couldn't even rely on my parents to help me, most they would do is just watch T.V. and ask me to go away or would be sleeping. But out of all days. The worst came to happen. In school, I walk through the hallway and some kids splashed me with some water balloons they filled from the bathroom they came out of, mostly all of my clothing was see through, thank god I was wearing boxers. Then it turned lunch and someone pushed my face into the soup we had as a side to our lunch. It made my face burn and noodles were stuck in my hair.

Even Physical Education couldn't help relive my stress as my shorts I forgot to ask the teacher about were to large fell off. Maybe it was me? I mean I'm only in 6th grade? What's with everyone doing such things to me? Well my day just stopped the bad from there and got worst. I just loved how after Physical Education no one annoyed me the rest of the day.

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Though I was having a hard time on one assignment and the teacher held me back for 10 minutes making me miss the buss. I called my mother the time I left the building at 4 PM. In New York it decided that 4 PM was time to let the sun set. So by the time she called back an hour later it was night and I had to walk home. I lived in New York all of my life and taken the same route I usually take going through an alley.

But I know that at night it gets dangerous. I just took the main street a block from the school to walk home. It was getting to 5:30 PM and the sun was gone behind the clouds. It could of been 10 PM for all I knew. But walking across the main street about 5 blocks away from my house I hear a sound from an alley I just passed by. I turn around just to see some garbage.


I hear a thump from the alley and speak seeing if anything would reply "Hello? Is anyone there?" I take a step in the alley hearing the noise again, I couldn't explain the sound. Mostly like throwing a garbage bag in the street. I walk closer into the dark alley. One man who looks white with a dirty appearance like he was homeless came around a trash bin. "Hey kid, are you lost there?" I look at him in a scared way. "No, no.

I just heard a noise from here, was it you?" He said "Yeah.


It was. Wana know what it was?" I just shacked my head and said no. "Well alright. Just run along and don't get in trouble." I walk back out the alley but before I really could one guy comes out with what seemed to be a gun.

"Whoa there boy, where do you think you're going?" I stepped back. "H-home, I was going home. If that's okay." He just looked at me and laughed. "Actually no, that's not okay. Why don't you stay here for a bit and hangout with us? It's not much but you can enjoy. The sounds of the city." I said no again and he just aimed his gun at me. "P-please, I just want to go home." He walks closer to me and I get his face more, his skin was tan and he actually has a nice face, those of a famous man.

"Sorry boy but you're staying here. Just for awhile anyway." He looks at me moving his eyes up and down. "Your clothes are wet boy, why don't you take them off?" I stuttered in replying him. "I-I can't do that. N-not for you." He smirks.

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"Why not? You seem to like getting. Wet don't you?" He laughs and walks closer to me, I step back and feel someone behind me. It was the guy before holding me as I struggle. "Not so fast. Even if I let you go there's just a wall behind me. Alright guys, we got something fresh to fill." As he says that two other men walk out of no where. I was scared crying. "Alright boy. Do as he said and get your god damn clothes off so you can let them dry." He pushes me in the center of the four guys.

I look around but mostly at the guy with a gun. "Come on, I don't have all night.

Well actually. I do. Albert, fucking speed this up. Brian, help him." The two men from next to me hold me and pin me down to the ground, showing not much sympathy to the pain it was slamming me on the hard floor.

The man on my left starts to take my shirt off. I cry and try to beg them. "P-please let go of me! I'll give you all the money I have, ten dollars!" All of them laugh and the guy who was holding me said "Sorry to break the news.

But you're free ass for us. Money can't make us feel as good as you will." I cry as the man on my right pulls my shirt off, I tried to get up as he let go of my arm to get my shirt off but he just slapped me back down and took the button off my pants with my shirt still on my right arm.

The man to my right looks at me "Stupid bitch boy, you can't get away, if you try we will just shoot you, got that?" I nod as the other guy continues to take my pants off. The man with the gun walks up to me and takes my boxers off. "N-no! Don't take those off! P-please!" They all laugh and the guy taking my boxers off says "Go on boy, keep saying please.

Beg for it." I just lay there crying with almost no strength to move myself anymore. There I was, pinned on the ground fully naked. "Alright, I'll be first, who wants a try?" All of the guys said I do. The man closes to my ass lifts my legs up.

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"Damn boy, you got a fine ass. Do you keep it like this just for someone to get a hold of?" He holds my balls with his hands and starts to pressure them, I yell in pain as he is almost crushing them with his hands. He laughs and unzips his pants as his what looked like 9 inches of cock fell out. He was hard. "Alright, let him scream. No one will care anyway.

I want to hear this slut." He held my legs between his arms and got closer to my ass. It wasn't soon that I felt him. He had no remorse of showing me that I was a kid, he just pushed all of his man hood into me. I screamed at the pain.

I couldn't move. "Oh damn he's tight. Well he was" They all laugh and he starts to thrust in and out of my hole, with no intentions of being nice about it, he moves fast.

Making me feel it has the other guys watch, rubbing their pants. He continues to attack my young ass hard. I couldn't stop screaming or crying at it.

The guys next to me were laughing as the guy over my head kneels down with his dick hard as he lays it on my face. "Put this fucking dick in your mouth, if you even think about biting it not only will we kick your fucking ass but he will shoot you, got that?" I nod as I open my mouth and they laugh. The guy thrusting at my ass says "Hah! He opened his mouth willingly to suck your cock! He's a slut!" He pushes his dick which seemed almost 9 and a half inches into my mouth making me gag.

This was a horrible feeling that was happening from the sheer pain I felt from the dick in my ass to a man pushing his cock down my mouth. But I couldn't deny I loved the taste of his cock. Even the man thrusting into me as the pain went away the faster he went. Though it never stopped me from crying. "Fucking cocksucker, even at a young age you do it well. Does your dad do this to you?" They all laugh and the guy attacking my ass cums inside me.

I felt him, filling my inside with his cum. In some weird way I loved it. "Oh shit man. This slut is tight! I even finished early!" He laughs and takes his cock out of me, not surprising blood came out with the cum. "My turn." The man who had his dick in my mouth said. I couldn't do it.

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Not him. "Albert do you want a try?" The man on my left shakes his head as he looks at the guy on my left and he says no. He pulls his dick out of my mouth and walks around to my ass. "I want this kid to take my dick right. Flip the bitch boy over, get him on all fours." They all nod and with there force I couldn't move and they turned me over on my stomach and made me get on my hands and knees. The guy behind me slapped my ass and I yelp "Alright.

When I'm done you can go home got that slut? I said did you fucking get that?" He slaps my ass even harder making a red spot and I yell. They all laugh. "Alright. I'm going to fill you like the girl you should have been, you better come by tomorrow." He slaps my ass again and I yell, he holds the sides of my legs and pushes his dick in to his balls. I scream in the pain as he felt thicker then the other man. Not really much was said as he was fucking me.

Nothing but my screams were heard. He just rams my ass like I was a toy to him. "Alright bitch boy, I'm going to cum.

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Fucking make you pregnant." Nothing was said after and he started to attack my ass faster as he cums hard into me, filling more then the other man did. I couldn't scream as he just has his dick as far in as he can cumming deep into me. I felt weak and let off all my strength. Both the men holding my arms let go and I fell. The man who just finished in me still had his dick in me, letting out a few burst of cum before pulling out.


Then there I was, laying there in tears as cum falls out of my ass. The man walks up to my face and holds it up. "I love young kids like you, curious about the other gender, to afraid to try. Y'know, I was thinking about ending your life after this.

But I want you to live with it. Hmm. Why don't you come around again huh bitch boy? I'm sure you enjoyed this after awhile. Now get the fuck out before I take you with me." I nod and slowly get up as they watch, my naked dirty body from the ground get up as cum leaks from my ass and falls to the ground making a splashing noise, they laugh and walked away into the dark alley. I grab my clothes and dress my self.

Before I left the alley I leaned against the corner of the building, I wanted to fall. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to die.

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I almost never wanted to go out again. But I slowly walked home and came inside seeing if my mom or dad were home, but they weren't as always. I just tossed my backpack on the side of my bed and fall onto it with my face down.

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I crawl up to the pillows and sleep the night away. ----------------------------------------------------- Would love to hear opinions about the story and what else you want me to write or what you want to expect in later stories