Piscina na casa de campo

Piscina na casa de campo
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"Give me my pillow back Jeff, its mine not yours!" Yumi shouted "Why Yumi?" i laughed and raised my arms up into the air.

"JEFF GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE BACK MY PILLOW!" she tried desperately to jump up to get her pillow, but it just won't happen. "JEFF!" she kept on jumping, trying to get her pillow back. "Make me breakfast tomorrow?" I teased back at her. "MOMMY JEFF WONT GIVE ME BACK MY PILLOW!" she shouted.

"Jeff honey, give back your sister her pillow," a voice trailed from downstairs. "Why," i sighed, as i finally decided to give in. "YAY MY PILLOW," she haltingly grabbed it out of my hands and hugged it. This happens every Saturday morning. My mom says when we were born as twins; she didn't realize I was a guy until the doctors had told her. I'm very tall; about 6'5.

Yumi, my sister,is only 5'4, average girl of her size. Although I don't eat a lot, I don't look that skinny. People use to call me fat back in grade 9, but yea, they were just teasing.

Yumi and I are both turning 15 in 7 months. After our final year in junior high, we're both going into high school together. when it comes to popularity, I can say that Yumi really popular around my school. In total, I'd say she's been asked out 6 to 7 times, and not counting the times she never told me about it.

Although most guys just want to have their way with her, I don't think she's really in the mood for any fun and games.

To her, high school is all school and grades. Both our parents tell us to keep trying our best and maybe in the future you'll have a chance of living. She's a typical nerd, if that's what you want to call her. In school, a lot of the times I'd see her studying with her friends and going to movies. However, this is what separates me and Yumi. I like to flirt with every girl I see. Although I say I'll only date blonde girls, due to my Asian heritage the only girls I've ever asked out are either Korean or of Chinese descendent.

But Japanese people, not so much. It's weird how my parents named my sister Yumi and me Jeff When we don't have any Japanese nor American background flowing in our veins. To them, names just simply don't matter. I mean, once you get to use to being called something you don't like, you eventually will get use to it, right?

In North America your name can be your critic, but in the end it really doesn't matter. "Let's go downstairs and eat," I looked at her. "Mom made us Chinese pancakes," i let out a grin. "GImmie a piggy back ride?" Yumi looked up at me. "Sure sis, but then you needa clean my room." "WHAT?!

NO WAY JEFF!" she grunted. "Just kidding sis, hop on," i kneeled on the floor, signalling her to get on. "weeeeeeeeeeee!" she spun her arms around my neck, and wrapped her legs onto my back. Yumi and I are very close, in fact. Unlike normal brother and sisters, we don't really fight; we just fool around with each other. We never get to be alone at home. No matter what, one adult, either my mom or dad, has to be home watching us.

They're too worried that something might happen between us, I can say. Ever since we grew into the age of intimacy, adult supervision was mandatory. "Jeff, Yumi, me and your dad has a special surprise for you two," my mom gently said. "What's up mom?" I asked as I stuffed in my last bite of my pancakes. "We're going out to our cottage for a couple of days and we're leaving in 6 hours or so. You kids go pack up your stuff and remember to bring your swimsuits," my mom said.

"OH MY GOSH REALLY?!" Yumi stood up and held her hands in her chin. "yea sweetie, we are," my mom replied. Our family loves going to the cottage. It's very quiet and it's just us. Behind our cottage there's a very big lake that can either be used for swimming, fishing or boating.

Usually, we play cards or just sit around the fire. Me and Yumi get along really well. Although we talk a lot every day, especially about other girls and guys, we rarely talk about sex. Even until now, I don't know if she even knows what sex is. Even though we were both required to take health classes during our regular school year, we have no classes together.

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"Oh Jeff this will be so much fun!" Yumi came and gave me a hug. "Carry me upstairs please?" She looked up at me with her usual cute smile that she carries. "Why not," I gently lifted her up, and ran upstairs. Although she weighs 105, carrying her is no problem for me. I can lift up to 4 times her weight, I thought. As I carried her upstairs, I can't help but take a peek at her breasts while she isn't looking. Although they're not as big as some girls I've seen, they're pretty ok size for a girl her age.

Ever since I knew what sex and pleasure was, I can't help but taken a slight interest in Yumi.

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But because I know it's wrong to think that way about your sister, I knew where the line would be for me to stop. "Ok Yumi, get ready," I said. "3, 2, 1. Zero!" I tossed her up into the air and into her bed. "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Yumi screamed and laughed. "Rawrrr I'm gonna get you!" I jumped into her bed and started tickling her. "Jeff stop, JEFF!!" She started giggling uncontrollably. "JEffffff!" she squirmed. "As you wish," I started to tickle her harder.

Just as she was about to die from laughter, I heard a knock on my door. "Ok you two enough, get packing," our dad suddenly appeared behind us as we heard him say. "yes sir," my face turned red. As I walked back to my room, I can feel my heart starting to speed up.


Now that I understand, the thought of seeing Yumi in her swimsuit secretly brought my mind to a grinding halt. For a girl her age, Yumi's breasts aren't that big; but I don't mind. Although I seem pretty innocent about the world of adultery and lust, I discovered the joy of self pleasuring about 1 year ago. As I walked, I remembered how funny it was when I found out.

I gave myself a small giggle. Slowly, the thought of Yumi popped into my mind again. Although I know it's wrong, I can't help but sometimes think about her naked body against mine, our lips kissing with the extremists of delights; especially now that I know how good it would feel. Now, as I folded my last set of clothe into my suitcase, I slowly entered my own real of unlimited fantasies. "JEFF, DID YOU FINISH PACKING?" A voice suddenly broke my inner thoughts. "Eh… Yea just 1 second Yumi, don't come in," I rushed quickly to pull my pants back up.

"NO, I'M COMING IN… 5.4…3…" "HELLO," I greeted her in my way. "JEFF MON HAS YOUR BOXERS IN THE WASHER!" She jumped up and screamed in my ear. I turned red. "Alright stop yelling," I said and put my head down. "MOM WHERE'S MY BOXERS?" I screamed downstairs. "In the dryer, come get them right now," she replied. "COMING!" I screamed. "Oh Jeff, can you also bring me back up my tampons?" Yumi asked Tampons?

I asked myself in my head. "eh… alright," now feeling even more embarrassed. "Haha Why are you as red as a rose Jeff?" Yumi gave me that cute face that she always does when I get embarrassed. "Nothing Yumi, Nothing," I walked by her and down the steps. Although I know it's wrong, deep inside me, I knew I wanted her, I just knew it. Now, I thought, I can only look forward to our trip to do anything… "drastic," very drastic.

After dinner, our parents told us to sleep immediately, since we're going to be leaving bright and early. After showering, I quickly got dressed into my PJs and crawled into bed. As I laid in bed, thinking about what happened earlier, slowly I feel my erotic thoughts flowing back to me. Although it was already around 11, I wasn't tired at all. Suddenly, I heard a small squeaking noise coming from Yumi bedroom. As I got out of bed and walked silently across the hall, I can see her didn't close her door.

Slowly, I walked up and put my ear against her door. As I listened, I can hear soft moans and breathing. After listening for about 30 seconds, suddenly, I couldn't hold back my desirable urge to masturbate any longer. As I closed my eyes, slowly I can feel my hands inside my pants as I begun to gently stroke my erect dick. Slowly, I pictured Yumi taking off her shirt, than bras, exposing her cute breasts as she came up to me.

I pictured her putting her hands around me, and kissed me tenderly. Then, as I slowly arrived at my climax, my arm accidently bumped ever so softly into the wall. "Who's there," Yumi was startled.

"Jeff…?" Oh shit, I thought. Quickly I took my hands out and tip-toed to the washroom. "Jeff, Jeff is that you?" I heard a gentle knock on the door. "yea it's me Yumi," I replied. "I drank too much water," I said in a jokingly way. "Oh, oh ok, I see. Well I'm going back to bed now," Yumi replied. A couple seconds later, I can hear the sound of her door being closed.

Now, my heart was beating on my chest. Having left the safety of my very own bedroom, nowhere is now safe. As I opened my tap and gently ran my hands over the warm soapy water, I can slowly feel my erection beginning to subside.

At that moment, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get Yumi out of my mind. Walking back to my room, I knew, ever since what happened, thing will be a lot different, somehow… "Jeff wake up, JEFF," a deadpanning noise was heard. "Time to get going!" Slowly, I opened my eyes and took a quick look on my clock; it read 6:20.

"Coming mom," I shouted back. "Oh Jeff go wake up your sister too please," She shouted back up. "Will do," quickly I got dressed into some shorts and a T-shirt. I begun walking towards Yumi's room as I gently knocked on the door. "Yumi wake up," I waited for her to reply. "Coming," I heard a voice inside. "Still getting dressed." Suddenly, I started to feel horny again.

The thought of her being naked appeared in my mind. As I waited, I wanted to jerk off again; but i had to force my self to resist. As I heard foot steps walking ever so closely, i was surprised as Yumi opened the door.

"so… what do you think?" She asked shyly. "Yu.Yu…" my mouth dropped to the floor; she was GEOGEROUS! She had a cute green blouse on, with her hair let loose gently behind her back.

I can't help but take a phew peaks at her boobs; that were almost being exposed. As I skimmed down, I can see her wearing a pair of very tight blue jeans that were about up to her knees.

"so…?" Yumi looked at me nervously. "You're going on a date or something?" I asked in absolutely astonishment; still can't take my eyes off her upper top body. "So you like it?" she asked me again. I couldn't resist anymore. "HELL YES YUMI," I gasped. "Hehe glad you like it so Jeff," She said as she walked past me. I can see her long silky black hair sway side to side as she walked past me. Wave of freshness scooped past me. "you coming Bro?" She turned and looked at me.

"yea coming," I said. The mirror is talking; Jeff you look like a total whore compared to her, it screamed in my mind. "JEFF STOP DAY DREAMING," Yumi came up and grabbed my arm.

"LETS GO GO GO!" she gave me a frown. "As you wish," I picked her up and carried her downstairs. The first day of camping was alright, I should say. After a tiring 5 hours of driving, we arrive at our cabin. We have 2 more days here, but the first day was already jam packed with activities. Our cabin was split into a couple compartments. 2 bedrooms, each with a bed made for 2 people.

There was 1 washroom, and 1 small kitchen and a small area where we ate. That night, we ate some fresh fish me and my dad had caught. Yumi and my mom had hiked along a trail. Now, sitting by the warm fire, I sat with Yumi as my parents played a song that they sang to us when we were kids. "Remember this song? You two use to love it," my dad said as he started playing. Out of the darkness, a gental breeze blew across as blazing embers flew into the air.

"Jeff?" Yumi whispered in my ear as she slid close to me. "I'm cold, can you hold me?" "Come here," I opened some buttons on my jacket and felt as she cuddled beside me. "How was your hiking trip?" I asked. "It was alright," she sighed. Silently, the wolvs howled in the distance as a bright moon lit up the earth in a golden tilt. Without knowing, I can feel Yumi putting her arm on my lap.

"Hope you don't mind Jeff," she look at me. "I sprained my arm while trying to climb a try," she turned red. "Yea not at all Yumi," I said.

another soft breeze blew threw the calm night; Yumi shivered a bit. Slowly, I wrapped my whole entire jacket around her as she put her head on my shoulders. It's than, I realized I had a direct line of sight when I looked down her shirt. Desperately I tried to hold back; but I knew it was already too late. as thoughts begun to flood through my mind, my erection shot up like a bullet.

As I felt Yumi's arm now touching my hard dick, I thought she'd pull her arm away. But instead, she started to move her arm, slowly rubbing it up and down. Oh shit, I thought, is this really happening? As I looked at her, I can see that her eyes are closed and had a small smile on her face.

Slowly, I can feel myself reaching orgasm once more. I closed my eyes, as I imagined her naked body on top of mine; slowly I kissed her and pulled her towards me. As we kissed, I started licking her boobs and hearing her soft moans in my ear. Fuck. after about 2 minutes, i can feel her arm still gently stroking my dick.

I never knew how good it felt until now. Once again, I looked down at my sister's face; she was blushing. Slowly, I pulled my hands out of my pocket and wrapped them around my sister's shoulders. "Yumi," I whispered into her ears. She stopped moving her arm, and looked back up at me.

"yea Jeff?" she opened her eyes. As I closed my eyes, I can feel my self moving close to her. Suddenly, a voice broke my thought as I felt ontl the hard forest floor. "Alright time for bed you two, we have a big day ahead of us," my mom's sharp voice broke the silence. "Jeff, you and your dad is going to be sleeping in the room closer to the kitchen while me and your sister sleep in the other room," she said.

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I can feel the glow of my face slowly beginning to drain; I was hoping me and yumi would share a bed… oh well, I thought. "im going to bed, Good night guys," yumi stood up and gave me a hug.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she whispered in my ear and gave me a kiss. Now, I knew we were more than just brothers and sisters; this was the first kiss I've gotten from a girl ever than my mom. I got up slowly and begun walking back to my room with a sense of dizziness; a smile now bloomed around my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt Yumi was at the top of my fantasies; the queen of my very own world. Although I really want to sleep yet, I knew tomorrow a brand new adventure was about to begin. "You two becareful," My mom said as she handed us each a ore. "Yumi come here," She said as she stuffed a life jacket onto her. "MOM THIS IS TOO SMALL," yumi tried to squirm out of my mom's arms but failed. "Now now honey this will protect you if you fall out," she tapped yumi on her nose.

"IM NOT 3!" Yumi gave my mom a ignorant look. "This is so tight, JEFF HELP ME!" Yumi stared at me helplessly. "sorry Yumi you have to do what mother says," I gave her a tease. "it's alright mine's tight too," I said.

After about 5 minutes, we were off and peddling away. "Don't go beyond that island," my dad shouted. "we won't," I shouted back. As me and Yumi stroked towards the endless lake, there was a island that's surrounded by mini platforms of trees growing out of the water. It's a good shade for us under the sun, so me and yumi decided to peddle there. Since we are using a rubber boat, we had plenty of room to move about.

As we entered the area under the trees, we the sun slowly disappeared under the thick leaves that now shielded us from the heat. As I put my hands into the water, I put my ores aside and decided to take a break.

"Feeling tired already hah jeff?" Yumi giggled. "yea it's hot too," I said as I unzipped my life jacket. "very," Yumi replied back. "Hey jeff," Yumi looked at me. "yea?" I asked. "Mind if I took off my pants? Its so hot," She said. Oh god, I thought, really? "i… " I looked at her with a blank expression. Before I had the time to count to 1, yumi had stripped off her life jacket and pants.

But suddenly, I realized something.

"Yu… Yumi. Where is ur underwear?" I asked. "Didn't want to wear them," she replied. Now my mind is really going wild. This is the first time our parents had really left us alone. Now, I can my heart beating faster by the second. "it's ok Jeff, stop being so anxious," yumi said as she took off her shirt. "It's hot, hah?" Yumi blushed as red as cherries. As I stared at her, from head to toe, immediately my dick throbbed as my mouth dropped to the floor of the boat.

"i…" I was speechless. I haven't seen her naked since I was a child. Back then, I didn't understand what sex was, so I didn't take notice. But now… "Yumi…" I was speechless. As yumi now stripped completely naked in front of me, she came up to me and gave me a hug.

"So jeff," she whispered shyly in my ears. "yea?" that was the first complete word I had said. "how did last night feel?" She whispered softly in my ear. "Amazing Yu.Yu." I couldn't say her name anymore as I was overcame by a brand new level of enjoyment. "Jeff…" yumi said as she kissed me.

"I wanted this so bad… so bad for so long," she closed her eyes. "I knew it was you outside my room that night, but I didn't know what to say to you," she looked back up at me. "Im sorry yumi," I took off my life jacket and held her in my arms. "I knew it was wrong," I blushed deeply.

"it's ok," she pulled away and laid down on the boat. "Jeff come lay with me," She pointed for me to lay down beside her. As we laid there, staring up into the sky, the sun that barely peaked through the dense leaves. The water is a deep shade of greennow, a gentl breeze blew across the calm water.

As Yumi took my hands, she slowly lifted them and put them over her breasts. My dick is now as hard as rock as I gently rubbed her.

"ohhh…" she let out a soft sigh. "You… You like it.?" I stammered across my sentence. After I finished saying that, yumi turned over and gently gave me a kiss on my lips. "Yumi… i…" before I can finish the sentence, I can feel her arm on my boxers as she begun to slowly rub my dick. "Wow Jeff, is this what guys are like when they're horny?" She asked me. "What do you think…" I said that but in more of a dreamy way.

Now, I ran my hands down above her belly button and slowly rubbed her stomach. "Oh Yumi," I took her in my arms and kissed her. "I always wanted this," I said. "Same," Yumi replied back shyly.

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"Hey jeff, has anyone given you a blowjob before?" She looked up at me. "Not that I know of," I took my hand away. "Go sit on the edge of the boat," Yumi commanded me. As I moved and sat on the edge of the boat, yumi slowly crawled towards me. Now, she was face to face with my erection. "Hey Jeff close your eyes," Yumi said softly; so I did.

Suddenly, I can feel her lips on me as she swirled her tongue on my dick. I can't help but let out a soft moan. "ah," I sighed.

"hehe," Yumi giggled as she took my thing into her mouth. "Do I suck on it?" she looked back up at me. "Oh fuck Yumi you don't know how good this feels," I said as I can feel her tongue on me. "Sorry I really suck at this," she said. "This is my first time giving someone a blowjob…" She turned red again. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I looked down at her.

"don't' stop Yumi, im gonna cum…" I closed my eyes again. "I bet you are," She said as she slowly moved up and down. Suddenly, without warning, a wave of pleasure overcame me as I felt my cum shoot out and cover her face.

"Oh yumi don't stop…" I whimpered. "This is so fucking GOOD!" "Wow you sure have a lot of it, when was the last time you masturbated?" Yumi looked up at me as she wiped her mouth.

"Like never," I said. "I always get interrupted it," I panted as my orgasm slowly started to subside. "Yea I can tell jeff," she giggled. "Oh shit that was…" before I can finish my sentence, she grabbed me and pulled me back onto the floor.

She took my hand, and put it above her pussy. "Jeff… can you… do me a favour?" She looked at me and gave me a kiss. I knew what she wanted; it was already as wet as a water bottle. "when'd you start getting this horny Yumi?" I asked as I started rubbing her gently. "Oh Jeff…" she left out a sigh of joy. "Like last night at the camp fire," She said.

Now, I can feel myself getting hard again. "How about this?" I said and withdrew my hand. w, I gave it all I got. "OH FUCK JEFF…" she let out a sigh. "THAT FEELS SO FUCKING AWSOME…" As she continued to moan, I can feel her breathing starting to fasten. "Oh ye. ssssssssss… YEsssss…" she started rubbing her boobs. Now, I wanted to cum the second time. "You like it Yumi?" I said and started going faster. "HELL YES JEFF FUCK…" She gave a soft shout.

"This is the first time anyone has ever licked me down there…" she closed her eyes and moaned softly. After about 10 more seconds, I can feel her starting to orgasm. As she put her fingers between her pussy, she started rubbing.

"Jeff don't' stop please…" she bent down and whispered in my ear. As I continued to lick, I can feel her orgasm now overwhelming her body. After about 6 seconds, her shaking stopped and she panted heavily. "Oh shit jeff that. was. AWSOME," she tried to catch her breath. "Fuck yea that was," I replied. "Hey Jeff," Yumi said to me as she put back on her shirt and pants. "I have a surprise for you when we get back home," she said.

"Like what?" I said "you'll see," she said and gave me a kiss. As the rest of our trip went on pretty uneventfully, I was stgill wondering about what the surprise might be.

What happened on the boat was something I had always wanted to do with my sister. After a restful 3 days in our cabin, we left after dinner back home. On the car, I and Yumi both fell asleep. She was holding onto me since one of our seat belts didn't work. As the drive along the quite country side under a full moon streaked across my eyes, inside the car it was completely dark. Although its only a 4 hour trip home, our parents took turns driving. Yumi was lying on my lap and I was sitting up.

As I looked at my watch, it was already 11; almost midnight. Slowly we begun to enter the city as dim lights filled started filling our view. As we got closer to home, my mind was racing as I thought about the surprise Yumi had planned for me. go when we got home, it was almost 12:30 midnight. But me and Yumi wasn't tired at all. "Alright you two, go and take a shower than go straight to bed," My mom said. "But mom we're ot tired," I groaned.

"no Jeff go and sleep." She ordered. "fine," I said and jumped out of the car. After the shower, I good night to Yumi and went to bed.

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Although I was very energetic, my eyes slowly begun to feel heavy and wanted to close. After a while, I slowly dozed in a light yet deep sleep. "Jeff?" I rubbed my eyes as I heard a voice outside.

It was still dark out; 5:00 AM was what my watch read. "Yumi that you?" I said quietly. "yea can I come in?" She said in a low voice. "Hell yea come," I said. as she came in, she was in her PJs as usual. Her hair is all curly; but it looked sort of pretty on her.


"Jeff can I sleep here tonight?" She said. "is everything ok?" I said as I got up. "Window still feels unsafe although they fixed it…" "sure," I said as I got up. "let me get out the mattress," I went into the closet. But slowly, I can feel her hugging me from behind.

"no I mean… can I cuddle with you tonight?" She asked shyly. "Is it ok with you? And what about mom and dad?" I turned around. "Its alright, they won't wake up till very late…" "Alright," I said as I went back into bed. Yumi followed me shyly as she squeezed in.

" wow its even more comfier here than I remembered hehe," she pulled the blanket over us and sighed. "Really? I didn't notice…" suddenly I felt stupid for saying that. As she stretched, she put her arms over me and faced me. As my mind now raced, I started feeling as horny as ill ever be. Slowly, I can feel she putting one leg over my stomach, and moving it downwards. As it hit my erection full on, she let out a small giggle.

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"You horny jeff?" she whispered in my ears. "Only because you're here…" I started to blush. "I thought so," she continued hitting her leg on my dick. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan. "Jeff…" She said softly and kissed me.

"Whats the surprise?" I asked her. "you liked what happened on the boat?" "fuck yea…" there was a pause. "I…" she couldn't finish her word. "yea yumi? It's alright you can tell me," I slowly reached my hand into her Shirt. "You already know it Jeff…" she slowly kissed me again and let out a sigh of approval.

"oh really?" I said mockingly. " No tell me…" "Whatever jeff," she giggled and got up. Slowly, she got off the bed and stood by the side. "Jeff can you turn on a light?" "Yea sure," I said and turned on my bed-side ramp. As I slowly watched her, I knew what the surprise was.

Now, I really wanted it. "Jeff…" She blushed. "yea?" I replied. "do you…" she now bit her lips. Now, I knew there's nothing to hold us back. "come here yumi," I said as I grabbed her within my arms. I turned off the light, and got into bed. Under the warmth of the big blanket, slowly, the thing of my dreams now was a reality.

"Fuck me jeff… just fuck me…" She kissed me. As she slide over me, I can now feel her pussy right above my dick. As I slowly went in, I can hear her moaning in pleasure. "How does it feel jeff?" she said as she slowly moved her body on top of me.

"Awsome… just fucking awesome…" I closed my eyes. Now, there was nothing that stopped this amazing moment. "Oh Jeff yes… yes this is so good…" she whispered in my ear as I replied. "Only because of you Yumi…" now, the whole world was her. "Fuck… oh yes fuck me Jeff fuck me…" she whispered louder. Our room was completely dark. As the sun slowly rose above the horizon, my heart pounded as the pleasure was now increasing in intensity.

"Oh yumi…" I said as I pulled my dick out. "Whats wrong jeff?" she asked. I slowly rotated her over as I now started to lick her boobs. i can feel how hard they are. "you like that yumi?" I asked. "Yes… oh yess jeff…" She now signed. "Go lower…" As soon as she said that, I cant' take it anymore. I rotated her back onto me as I penetrated her once again.

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"Oh yumi…" I was going to cum, but I knew I shouldn't cum in her. "I am going to…" I said as I went faster. "I know you wanted it jeff, it's alrigth my period just ended a day ago," she smiled as she moaned a little louder.

Suddenly, my body shaked as I started gasping. "Oh jeff Yes… cum into me please. I want it to fucking BAD!" She moaned. As soon as she finished that, I released it all at once as I had the best orgasm of my whole entire life. "Oh fuck yumi…" I panted. "that was… fucking AWSOME!" "Awh Jeff you came too soon," she got up.

"I am close…" She looked at me "Its ok," I grabbed her and pull her towards me. Slowly, o loved down her stomach. "Ooo Jeff yes…" she nodded her head slowly. "gogogo… I am so fucking horny… yes lick me right there…" she smiled. After a minute, she moaned continuously as I gently licked her pussy.

Slowly, my dick begun to hardan again as I knew I was going to have a second orgasm. "yumi…" I sighed and ppulled her down. Then, I inserted my dick into her again. "You want more?" She giggled and started moving back and forth. "Oh yes… im gonna cum again Yumi…" I gasped. "Same…" she said as she moaned louder and louder. "Oh yes… yEss Jeff YESSS… im gonna too Jeff im gonna too…" As she moaned louder, I went faster and faster.

Suddenly, I felt her body shake as she grabbed onto me and kissed me. "here I cum Yumi." I whispered into her ears. "same here Jeff…" She continued to kiss me. After 5 seconds, under the warmth of our blanket, my sperm shot out into her vagina as I had my second orgasm.

I can feel her orgasm on my dick as well; it was even better than the first one. as we kissed, after 20 seconds things calmed down as she collapsed onto m "Oh shit Jeff that was fucking awesome…" she signed. "One question Yumi, you weren't a virgin?" I asked "Sorry I didn't tell you jeff… " "tell me what?" I said. Yumi was speechless as she stared at me. "Jeff…" now I can see tears coming out of her eyes.

-To be continued…- :D