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Watch This Cam Girl Masturbating
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I was working late one afternoon at Lancing and Princer High, because one of my students had trouble with the homework I gave out. Her name is Rose and I found it hard to believe she had trouble because she was my top students.

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She walks in to the room with the homework in her hand and she takes a seat, which I take a seat and I join her. After thirty minutes I became suspicious, she knew perfectly what to do.

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"Rose, I can tell you know this perfectly. Why did you come?" I ask. "Well Mr. Jalone I might as well tell you now. I kinda like you. Like a lot. I noticed you stare at me in my tight outfits, so I thought we'd be the the perfect couple," She responded, me being star-strucked. "Okay Rose, it's alright to like your teacher but it's not alright to try to start a relationship with one," I said, trying to control myself.

"Well, we can keep it a secret!" she pleaded. "Im sorry Rose, but-" She cut me off with these shocking actions. she grabbed my crotch and said angrily: "Listen Jalone. I was being nice before but now I'm being serious, we are going to fuck one way or another!

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I wore this skin tight dress and no panties so I could be fucked! I notice you staring at my perfect legs, and my 38Fs in class. Now unzip your fucking pants!" I was shocked. She began rubbing my dick and she smiles. She gets a ruler and unzips my pants; I don't move a muscle. She takes out my dick and measures. Well, you are a big boy!

A full twelve long and seven inches fat!" she said happily. But for some stupid reason I say: "Well, Im not hard." She smiles even more and begins stroking my dick. She strokes it harder and faster; she finally starts licking it. I couldnt move, I was too pleased.

I licks it hard and slow with greatness, she was like a pro. She finally jabs half of it in her mouth and sucking with great force. I finally became hard. "Well, since your all happy now let me measure," She winks at me. She grabs another ruler and measures and it reads another twelve inches: a total of twenty four inches long and fifteen inches fat.

She is filled with joy.

"Rose, we should stop now, before it's too late!" I break away from my trance. "And miss out on this! I dont think so!" She says. She jumps on to the desk and spreads her legs; she I saw her pussy. It was gorgeous and all I could think of was: Fuck It! I ram my cock into her pussy and she screams. I go hard and fast, hitting her G-spot every time. She screams louder. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUCK!" she screams. I go even harder.

I finally put her on her knees and I rip off her blouse. I tit fuck. I start slow but then I go fast, making her tits bounce a bit. After twenty minutes, milk spurts out of her tits and all over me. I lick it all up. "You thirsty?" she smiles. I flip her over and start at her asshole; I dont waste time, I go hard.

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She screams as if someone stabbed her. I keep going and I notice she's beginning to cry. I go even harder; I dont even give a fuck about my wife or my job anymore.

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I finally drop her to the floor; she just falls like a rag doll, all weak looking. I start using my cock to put pressure on her clit. She finally squirts out a river of cum at my face and just like the milk, I lick it all up. I start licking her pussy as if it was food.

after thirty minutes I take her into a sixty-nine position; I jab my cock in her mouth repeatedlyand I licked her count as fast as a motorboat. after fifteen more minutes I take her off and I start stroking my dick as fast lightning.

I pointed my cock at her face and released an ocean of cum on her, her entire body drenched. I look at the clock and I see it's been two hours of non stop fucking. I turn around to see, the principal staring me angrily.

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I am frightened until I look at her skirt and her right hand. They're both covered in cum. I smile. "Miss Appleton have you been watching?" I say. "Yes, I have Jalone, and Im not fucking pleased!" She sternly says. "Really, your hand says other wise," I smirk. She blushes and puts her hand behind her back. "Well J-" Thats when I threw her on my desk and fucked the living hell out of her pussy. She screams also. I go harder until she throws me off. "Jalone." she pants, "If you could make me cum than you wont be fired." I smile and I make a fist.

I ram it into her pussy, hitting her clit in the process. She roars. Twelve minutes pass and cums all over the floor. I smile even more.

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"Well I wont fire you, but I have to tell the parents!" She says, cheating me. "The Fuck!" I shout. I go closer, until she whips out her mace and sprays my eyes; I fall the floor covering my eyes in pain. "FUCK" I mumble. "Im sorry, Jalone. But I will defend you in any means possible! But the rules are the rules, She lectures me.

I start to think about how badly I fucked up. I fucked up before, but never like this. I just lost my future. Until I get an idea. I'll fuck my way through everything to win! I smile. I open my eyes. "Appleton, you should really take a shower, I mean with all that cum on you!" I say, getting up. She smiles grabbing Rose by the hand and grabbing my and taking me to the showers. I put on the warm water and start fucking slowly and passionately. My huge dick going into her tight pussy, while Rose licked my fat balls.

I then take Appleton and start anal while she made out with Rose.


Then two hours past I released my load. I get home alone, my wife is on a business trip, I sit down. I now have to face the parents. To be continued.