Skinny hairless gay twink He did several different techniques giving

Skinny hairless gay twink He did several different techniques giving
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This is a story I have wanted to write for a while; please understand that this is not a quick read and takes a while to get into the action. I do feel like it is worth the time it takes to read it, however, it does involve sexual scenarios between two teenage boys so please don't waste your time if that's not your cup of tea. Please also understand this is a sex story so grammar and spelling, while I try, will not be perfect so please don't let that distract you.

I do hope this is an enjoyable read and I encourage you to vote, comment and even email me. Thanks again. I was getting ready to start my sophomore year and my parents had decided that they wanted me to leave my public high school where I didn't do so well academically and enrolled me into an all guys Catholic school. Most of my friends said how they thought that it would suck going to a school without girls. I just agreed but deep down I realized that it didn't bother me because I had already come to grips with the fact that I was bi.

On the first day of classes I found out that I had to take social studies and science with freshman because my freshman classes from my other school didn't count at the new school.

I had already made it through my first four classes and lunch, but right after lunch I had my two freshman classes. Up first was science, which I always seemed to take an interest in. I walked in and sat down. I was a couple minutes early so there weren't very many guys in there yet, but about a minute before the class began, one guy walked in that I just instantly had the hots for. He was a short boy maybe 5'5'' but he wasn't scrawny, he probably weighed around 130 pounds. The first thing I noticed was his beautiful youthful face and gorgeous brown eyes.

He still had braces but he was one of those guys that looked really cute with them. Being a Catholic school we had to wear a shirt and tie with slacks, well I could tell the clothes he had on were his old church clothes from maybe a year or two ago because the shirt fit pretty well but the pants were maybe a size too small. I couldn't have asked for a better fit though because when he turned around to take his seat I saw the best ass I had ever seen.

I was thrilled that he chose to sit diagonally in front of me so that I could stare at him the whole time. Then after a couple minutes the teacher said that he was going to call role which I couldn't wait for so I could learn this cute ass boy's name.

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Turns out he was the fourth one down the list and his name was Daniel Burke but he corrected the teacher asking to be called Dan. As the teacher was going down the role he was putting us in alphabetical order and when he called my name I got the seat that was right next to Dan. I could feel the excitement flowing through my body as I made my way over to my new seat. He looked over at me when I sat down next to him and forced a smile. After the teacher called a few more names I turned to Dan and introduced myself.

He did likewise and we continued to chitchat for a couple minutes. It was ridiculously hard to not stare at him throughout the class. When the bell rung we said later and headed off. As the week progressed Dan and I got to be better friends and on Wednesday our teacher told us that we needed to pick a lab partner that would also be our partner for any projects that we would have.

Dan immediately said I have my partner already as he lightly punched me on the arm. I told him I guess I'd let him be my partner in a joking manner. After giving us about five minutes to pick partners the teacher asked us to have your partner stand by your desk so he could write down who was together. Dan stood up and stood next to my desk. I was slouched down in my seat so when he stood next to me his midsection was right at my head level.

I kept staring at his ass because he couldn't see me doing so. After writing down all the pairings the teacher said that our first lab was on Friday and that we had a report that was to go with it due on the following Tuesday. He said that if we wanted to we could work with our partner and only turn in one report instead of doing it individually.

Dan asked if I wanted to get together one day next week and do the report together. I remember thinking that I wanted to do more than that with him but I simply said that it sounded like a good idea to me. That Thursday Dan asked me if I wanted to meet up over the weekend and do the report.

I told him that I was wanting to go to the football game on Friday night but other than that I was free. Dan said that he wanted to go to the game but didn't have a ride because his mom was working a second job to pay for his school. He went on to say that his mom was working double shifts all weekend so he was gonna be stuck by himself. After hearing him say this I had a brilliant idea. I told Dan that he should just ask his mom if he could just hangout with me all weekend and that he could ride home with me Friday.

Dan got all excited and said he would ask his mom right after school if I wanted to meet her and if I did it would probably help her say yes to the whole idea. At this point the bell rang and we went different ways agreeing to meet in the cafeteria after class. I went about my business praying that I could convince his mom that letting Dan spend the weekend with me would be a great idea. I ran to my locker and packed my bag. I found Dan in the cafeteria and we went right out to the parking lot looking for his mom.

We walked over to a beat up mid 90's Honda Accord. Dan told his mom that he wanted her to meet his friend that he had been talking about. She gave me the usual ''Oh it really good to meet me'' response. Dan quickly said that we had a report due on Tuesday and that we needed to get together this weekend and work on it. Just as I'm sure Dan planned it she talked about how she had to work all weekend and that it would be impossible for her to drop him off anytime. I figured this was my queue and I blurted ''Ya, Dan told me and I said that he could just spend the weekend with me so he wouldn't be lonely all weekend.'' There was a brief moment of silence before she said that was a great idea.

On that note Dan said that he would call me later to discuss the fine details as he got in the car. I told him that sounded good and they drove off. Once I got home it was all I could do to focus on my homework and block out the anticipation of his call.

At 4:47 the phone rang and I darted into the kitchen and grabbed the cordless phone that I had put on the charger earlier so it wouldn't die on me if we had a long conversation.

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I did my best to act calm and collected when I answered. After about four minutes of talking I realized that I was sitting on my bed rubbing my hardened cock through my shorts. I was wearing my purple soffe p.e. shorts from last year and I didn't have any boxers under them. I noticed that there was a nice slick dark spot from the head of my cock oozing precum. I couldn't believe that I was this worked up from just hearing him talk.

I figured that I might as well lay back and finish myself off. I stood up and let my shorts fall to the floor. I laid down on my bed and began stroking myself while Dan continued to carry on a conversation with me not having a clue about what I was doing on the other end.

I just laid there fantasizing that Dan was standing in my room watching me. After about five minutes of listening to him talk and picturing his cute face in my head I couldn't take it anymore and lost control shooting four streams of cum onto my stomach and chest.

I realized that I let out a moan and said ''Oh shit'' in my moment of ecstasy. I was snapped back to reality when I heard Dan ask what happened. I had to cover myself quickly so I told him that I just stubbed my toe.

I reached under my bed for one of my old shirts to wipe up with. We continued to talk for about ten more minutes before Dan said that he had to go and told me he would see me tomorrow. Dan met me in the parking lot the next morning to throw his bag in my friend's trunk so that he didn't have to shove it in his locker.

After that we headed our separate ways but I was looking forward to biology so we could be lab partners. Lunch seemed to last forever but the bell finally rang and I darted off to bio. I took my seat and Dan walked in shortly after me. We carried on a conversation about how our school's football team was going to most likely win the championship for the third year in row. We were cut short by the teacher instructing us to stand and follow him to the lab. Well we walked down two halls and into a chemistry lab that doubled as the biology lab.

We were instructed to pick up one kit per couple. I remember thinking how much I liked hearing the teacher call us a couple. We were there to dissect a worm. It was a tight squeeze working in there because we had a group on both sides of us and at the table behind us as well. I took this opportunity to brush up against Dan a few times.

This was really easy to do because his cute round ass stuck out so well. I don't think he thought anything about it and when the bell rang we had just finished cleaning up the mess from the lab and I told him I would meet him at his locker right after school. I finished my last class and stopped by my locker which was on the way to Dan's. By the time I got to him he was ready to head out toward the parking lot. We walked down out through the cafeteria and meet up with my ride in the parking lot.

It was only a ten minute ride home with my friend driving as fast as he did. Dan and I hopped out and I thank my friend for the ride. I knew that my sister was going home with one of her fifth grade friends and that my mom wasn't gonna be home for a good three hours. I showed Dan around the house and started making pizza rolls.

Dan walked over to the window and commented on how I should have told him that we had a pool in the back yard so he could have brought some trunks. I told him that I could let him barrow a pair of my trunks if he wanted.

Dan said that he could just use his p.e. shorts. I thought to myself holy shit those are Soffe shorts and will cling to him like crazy. I told him I was gonna go change while the pizza rolls cooked and he could use the bathroom if he wanted to change now. I went in my room and put on my favorite pair of swim trunks that were a pair of blue boarder shorts that just had a fake sown on zipper area but they sat nice against my crotch.

I went back into the kitchen and was followed shortly by Dan. The timer went off and I dumped the pizza rolls on a plate and grabbed a couple towels that were on the porch and headed toward the pool.

We demolished the twenty or so pizza rolls then I removed my shirt and jumped in the pool. I turned to see if Dan was taking his shirt off but to my dismay he was still sitting there on his chair. I asked him if he was gonna join me or not. He said he was waiting because he had just eaten. I called him a pussy and pointed out the fact that the deepest part was only five and a half feet deep so even if he did cramp up he could just stand on his tip toes.

Dan reluctantly stood up and turned his back to me as he remove his shirt. This was fine with me since it just meant I was looking up at his cute ass. It was amazing how the dark green cotton tucked in between his butt cheeks. He turned around and faced me as he stuck a foot in to test the water.

I laughed and told him to go ahead and jump already. He finally gave in and jumped making a nice little splash. He and I threw an aqua ball for a little then had a couple races. I hopped out to get a float telling Dan that I was gonna work on not losing what little tan I had and offered to get him a float too. Dan said that he could get it and started to get out.

As his beautiful, wet body left the water my eyes just zoomed in on the outline of his fourteen year old penis as the dark green shorts clung to him. I knew that I had better look away because I didn't want to get caught looking. I mean how awkward would that be for him if he caught me staring then had to sleep in the same room with me later that night. Well we got our floats and laid out for about 15 more minutes before I told him that I was gonna head inside and take a shower.

Dan said he was gonna do the same. I paddled my float to the stairs and stepped out. Dan just rolled off his float into the water and climbed out the side of the pool.

I took every opportunity I could to stare at his shorts. They were once again clamped tightly to his dick. However, Dan ended up wrapping a towel around his waist bringing me back to reality. I opened the gate that surrounded the pool and Dan followed me out also. I locked the gate back and we stepped across the four stepping stones up to the door that led into the master bathroom.

Once we were inside I told him that the shower in the other bathroom leaked so we would have to take turns using this one. I was in no hurry to take a shower as a matter of fact I wanted to go jerk off while he took a shower so I told him to go ahead and take his shower first.

The master bathroom had a shower stall that was separate from the bath tub. Dan said that we should just keep our shorts on and take our showers at the same time. There was no way in hell that I was gonna pass up the opportunity to see him in those wet shorts again so I said that I guess that could work.

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Although I knew that just about every normal teenage boy would have an issue showering with there best friend. I started the shower so that the water would start to warm up. I stepped in and Dan quickly followed. I stood there getting wet and then I stepped out of the water so that Dan could get in it while I lathered up. I just stared at his beautiful body which was perhaps not the best thing for me to do because I felt my penis begin to strain against my swim trunks.

Then the inevitable happened, Dan looked down and noticed my stiffening cock pushing the fabric of my swim trunks outward. Dan just said what a relief to see that he wasn't the only one turned on by the whole situation.

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Then I saw the tent begin to form in his shorts. I just rinsed off and stepped out to dry off and Dan was not far behind he just dried off in the shower stall. We walked out of the bathroom and headed to my room. We went into my room to change back into dry clothes. Dan started to rummage through his duffel bag he brought and instead of pulling out a fresh change of clothes he just changed back into his white undershirt and khaki pants that he wore to school which was fine by me because as I am sure I mentioned I love the way he looks in them.

Just then the phone rang so I stepped out of my room to answer it with my old purple PE shorts in hand knowing that I just missed my chance to see my adorable ass friend remove his wet shorts to change.

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After hanging up the phone I stepped into the bathroom to change before walking back in my room to tell Dan that my mom had just called and told me that state inspectors had just showed up at her work meaning she was stuck there and wouldn't be home in time to drive us the the football game. Dan being the laid back boy that he was said, ''It's ok I am wiped out from swimming anyway and could go for a power nap right about now.'' "That's fine use my bed and I'll just go watch TV for a bit." I told him.

"I don't want to feel like I'm kicking you out of your own bed." Dan confessed with genuine concern. "Well I guess I can squeeze in there with you if it would make you feel better about it." Now I simply said that as a joke.

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I only have a full size bed so it was possible to fit two people on there but not without body contact. "There is plenty of room and it doesn't bother me. I mean it's not like we are gonna spoon." Dan chuckled while climbing into the bed. It took me a second to think of a comeback, "I doubt you'd make a good body pillow anyway." I remarked while sliding under the sheets to join him.

"Well there is really only one way for you to find out." Dan said while grinning from ear to ear. I wasn't quite sure what to say to that and I'm not one that gets lost for words so I chose to simply say nothing. I just rolled over on my side and began flipping through the channels until after maybe a minute and a half Dan broke the silence.

"Hey can I ask you something without you getting pissed?" I couldn't think of anything for him to ask that would honestly piss me off so I told him sure he could. "I'm just curious about that erection you got when we showered." Well that was one I didn't anticipate.

"What about it?" I asked rather abruptly. "I just wondered if I caused it." Dan asked rather sheepishly. I had myself convinced that I needed to lie about it. "Well I think it was just the fact that I have never had anyone else in the shower with me before." That's when I apparently just stopped thinking about what I was saying because before I knew it I found myself adding, "You combine that with not getting to masturbate all day and I guess you did cause it." I didn't even roll over to see his reaction but it didn't take long for Dan to break the awkward silence with, "Well I won't be offended if you want to rub one out real fast." Of course he was laughing his head off so I assumed he was kidding.


"Man I'm serious this could become dangerous I might get horny enough for you to start looking like a cute chick!" I remarked in what I thought came off as a joke even though I knew I was serious. I guess Dan had the same crooked sense of humor because he just kept the conversation going, "Well I guess the next thing I need to worry about is if you would picture me in a dress or mini skirt." At this point I was running out of perverted material because my now throbbing dick was taking over my mind.

Dan didn't even give me time to respond before steering the discussion back to reality with his next earth shattering statement. "But seriously it won't bother me if you want to masturbate because to be completely honest I've wanted to see another cock besides my own. Don't get me wrong I'm not gay I just kinda want to compare myself to someone." I was stunned I could not believe the guy that up until this point was the focus of almost every masturbation session since school started had just asked me to not only reveal my penis to him but also wanted me to bring myself to climax.

I mean this is my cum we are talking about which up until now has never been seen by anyone other than me. I finally worked up a response, "You are joking right?" "No I have read online that having a friend that you can masturbate with is one of the greatest and healthiest things you can do. It is also very common for two completely straight guys to have this bond from what I read." "I mean I am all for giving it a try." I said all the while dying of excitement inside.

"Any idea where to start? I mean do we go at the same time working with our own? Do we help each other?" "Well I guess it is really up to us. I am the one that brought the whole thing up so obviously I am ok with what ever you are comfortable with." Dan said with real calm. "Well I mean I'm not shy so I guess you can just grab a handful and we will go from there." I blurted while sliding out of the bed to reveal the tent pitched in my cotton shorts by my full erection.

Dan tore the covers off and sat on the end of the bed staring at my shorts. "Well I can tell you already that you have more there to play with than I do." I am not actually that big I would imagine that I'm right about average for my age sporting about five and a half inches fully erect.

"Dude you are a full year younger than me I wouldn't worry about it." "Ya but if we decide to jerk one another you have less to work with." he said with obvious displeasure. I needed to say something to lift his spirits, "No it just means I'll have to do less work to get you off." Dan started laughing hysterically, "I guess you are right that just means I lose twice by having the smaller dick and having to use my wrist more to jerk you off." "Ok it sounds like it's settled we both want to try out the other person's equipment." Dan said, "Now are we going at same time?" I was pretty certain I wanted to stroke him first so my own balls would learn to be patient.

"Well you are the guest here so I think it is only fair for you to be pleasured first so go ahead lay back and enjoy yourself." Without any argument Dan laid back down.

His boner was trying desperately to get out of those undersized pants so I took great pleasure in unbuttoning them making sure to apply pressure on the head of his dick with my knuckles before unzipping them. I was immediately met with a throbbing maybe four and a quarter inch circumcised teenaged penis with a fairly young thin forest of pubes.

It was very obvious that Daniel was a late bloomer. I didn't waste any time getting to work, however, I didn't just have lube laying around for such occasions so I knew I was gonna have to be gentle.

I gripped his throbbing dick with my entire hand which didn't leave much room to stroke him with and began slowly moving upward. I had never actually touch any one else's dick before and I have to say it was beyond my wild fantasies. It was quite obvious that Dan was in heaven by the looks on his face not to mention he had his head pushed hard into the pillow. "Now let me know before you are about to cum." I told him. Dan never even responded to my request so I kept up the pace for maybe another two minutes before Dan interrupted.

"Ok I am trying really hard not to but it's about to blow!" He basically grunted this through his clenched teeth. On that note I got on my knees on the bed and lifted Dan's legs up over my shoulders so that his khaki pants covered round ass was against my crotch and his penis was aimed straight down toward his face.

It took all of thirty seconds before it happened. His cock went off shooting his first stream of cum on his upper forehead at his hairline while the next stream landed directly on his left eye.

I know it was amazingly lucky for two shots to actually land on his face so when I saw the third one land on his lips and chin I almost unloaded in my shorts. I continued to milk Dan for all he was worth but the rest of his cum dripped onto his neck. "Holy shit! Don't move let me get my phone to take a picture of this so you can see how amazing this looks!" I yelped while reaching for my pants on the floor to take out my phone.

I snapped several pics of this fourteen year old boy's sperm covered face.

I then reach down to his ankles and pulled his pants off and wiped his face with them so he could see the pics I just took. "Oh damn I look like a choir boy that just helped a priest work on his target practice.

I mean that's the biggest load I have ever shot!" Dan was amazed. I dropped my shorts while he was admiring the photos of his work and sat on the edge of the bed, "Ok so how do you want to do this?" I asked. Dan just knelt before me and took my dick in his right hand and started stroking. He continued slowly stroking me as my dick oozed precum all down his fingers until Dan asked me for a favor, "Ok I have a strange request, I have always wanted to have someone cum on the back of my neck and I was hoping you would do it." "Sure turn around." With that he spun around and sat on the floor.

I continued stroking myself while looking at his butt cheeks pressed against the hardwood floor and I couldn't help but think what the wood floor must be seeing. On that note I lost it and shot my first wad of cum on the back of his head and into his hair before aiming the last three spurts for his neck. Dan tensed up as he felt my warm cum splatter on his neck. I grabbed my phone to take a photo of my work as another keep sake. "So how did having your kinky fantasy come true feel." I asked him while snapping the photos of his neck and hair.

"To be honest it is starting to feel cold but up until now it felt amazing." He described this while using his pants that were already wet with his cum that was previously removed from his face to wipe his hair and neck. While he was cleaning up I just kept flipping through the pics I had taken.

"You know Dan I thought you were cute as hell on the first day of school but these pics make you look hotter than I could have dreamed." "Wait you think I am cute, that's nice to know." Dan said obviously pleasantly surprised. It was time for me to clean with him, "I think I need to share something with you. I have masturbated while thinking about you at least once a day ever since I met you." "What to you imagine me doing?" "Well all kinds of things but I mainly picture you in your school clothes and you sit on my lap with your amazing ass while you unzip your pants to jack off until you cum on your hand and clothes." I confessed, "Sorry I know that's really weird to hear from your friend." Dan just smiled, "Actually it is really awesome to hear that someone actually finds me attractive and even better gets off thinking of me." "Damn it now I wish I told you this from day one." "It just sounds to me like maybe this friendly masturbation could lead to something more." Dan said grinning from ear to ear.

"Wait I thought you said you weren't gay." I asked. "I just meant I currently don't consider myself gay not that I was not interested in exploring the idea." Wow I knew this was gonna be the greatest weekend of my life and that what had occurred between us up to now was nothing compared to what was yet to come.


Ok that was the beginning of the saga I hope you enjoyed it and if so please vote and/or email me at [email protected]