Plowing a chaste young impure cleft

Plowing a chaste young impure cleft
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I thought I was a dead man. Megan squirmed around and looked at me with a smile and winked then pushed my numb body to the ground. "How long will I be paralyzed like this?" I asked with all the energy I had left.

"Do worry you big baby, it will only last for another 10 minutes top. So let's enjoy it while we can." She sat on my stomach and slowly clenched her butt cheeks on my cock. I couldn't move my muscles but I could still feel her pussy fluids oozing down my body. "Chad would like to fuck me?" I couldn't move my mouth and just let out a small grunt like noise.

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"Poor baby don't worry I'll take care of you. Just make sure you don't cum." Megan said while she unfastened my belt and slowly pulled my pants down. As they went down my dick stood up and at attention. "OH WOW." She said. "You are a lot bigger!" I let out another grunt. "I'm serious; I remember every last detail about your dick. From the length to girth of this master piece, I even remember the mole on the left side of your shaft." She got closer to it and smiled seductively and said, "It looks like it grew 2 or 3 inches." She started to lick the head, rubbing my balls with her other hand and lightly scratching them with her nails.

"It's 8 inches now for sure." My body shivered. She started to suck on the shaft licking down to my balls and took one in her mouth. I twitched from pleasure if only if I had full control of my body it could be even pleasurable. She sucked my balls and stroked my dick until I started to moan. "Even though you can't move you're still enjoying yourself I see. Then how about this?" She took her shirt and bra off exposing her gorgeous C cup breasts.


She got over me once more and put my dick between her breasts. She pushed them together and began to slowly bounce up and down.

I could see the hunger in her eyes. Without noticing I was thrusting my hips upwards matching her movements. "Looks like your recovering faster than I thought I guess play time is over." She jerked my dick until I felt it surging through my balls sack. I wanted to explode in her face that moment but I held it with everything I had. "You're no fun Chad" Megan said with a pout on her face.


"I'll make sure you cum before me with this." She got up and took the head of my dick into her mouth and began to slowly suck me. I could hear my heart rapidly beating as she began bobbing up and down.

I forgot how good her blowjobs were. She massaged my balls and the area under my balls as she sucked me. I quickly got a hold of my body just enough to flip her under me. "Fuck it wore off already." She shouted in disbelief.

"Damn right! Now it's my turn." I got in between her legs and grinned and gave her a kiss and said, "I know your body just as well as you know mine," I kissed her feet and spread her legs a little to slide my dick slowly inside her. She began to breathe slow and heavily. She was really tight but thankfully she was so wet and of course my dick was still moist from her sucking me that it slid right inside.

Once I started to pump myself inside her, her moans filled the classroom which got me going even more. I grabbed her legs and used them as handles and started to pound her more and more to really get her going. "Give it to me baby!" Megan shouted as she started to rub her pink clit. I went even harder than before I could feel myself starting to perspire on my forehead and on my chest. I stroked Megan's legs as I pushed myself all the way inside her then pulled out halfway and went all the way back inside.

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I pulled out and picked her up. She quickly grabbed the letter as I walked her over to a desk. I knocked off the random papers that were on the table.

I sat Megan down bending her over it exposing her beautiful ass and I inserted myself back inside her and grabbed her hips and started to pound her again. At this point I figured she had to be close to Cumming again. As I filled Megan with my dick, I could feel and hear the desk knocking off the wall.

Even through Megan's moans I could hear the desk hitting the wall, as if in a rhythmic motion that went moan, wall, moan, and wall. However it didn't matter too much there was just an empty classroom on the other side of that wall so I had at it. I spanked her ass and the sound vibrated throughout the classroom.

"AGAIN BABY." Megan moaned. I gave her another spank as I pulled her hair and used it as another handle. I could feel her Cumming on my dick. I reached and grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples as I used my hips to continue to pound my dick in her pussy.

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She got up enough to turn around and kiss me. My hands on her breasts and my dick pounding her tight pussy! She continued to grip the ends of the desk until finally there was another heated sensation through my body. It was the familiar feeling of an orgasm. This was it I was about to pop so I pulled out. "I made you cum again Megan.

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Now be women of your word." "What the fuck is wrong with you. So what I came that felt too fucking good to stop." She said with anger. "But you made the rules not me." "Fine, I'll read the next part." She then picks back up where she left off.

"First is you must sleep with three girls. To mold your dream girl into the perfect shape, second, you must give this girl the emotions of a real woman.

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So she will take a trait from every woman you fuck, third you must give her a name to complete her, fourth once she has molded into your dream partner you must consummate your contract to her If not she will die within 24 hours of being completed, and last and most importantly you must never make her feel unwanted because if you do she will." "Megan what the hell I need to hear the rest." I shouted. She simply smiled and said, "I'm only being a lady of my word.

Now be a man of your word and make me cum." "Fine I'll just finish this in a second." "What the fuck is going on in here?" A voice boomed throughout the small classroom. It was one of the hottest professors in the college Mrs. Jones. "I don't know what you two are thinking but you better hurry up and get out of here.

The Dean is coming this way. I won't say anything so you better get out of here." We hurried up and got dress and stormed out of the class. On my way out I swore I heard from Mrs. Jones sexy pink lips "I was watching this whole time you're mine next." I did a double take and looked back at her.

She smacked me on the ass and said, "You better hurry boy. Cougars get hungry when they see a weak innocent animal alone." After running down the hall while getting dressed I tried to call Megan up but she didn't answer. She wasn't answering but sent a text saying "Maybe next time XD" Later that day.

I met back up with Terrell to find something shocking. The baby grew up almost standing 4'2 and had the most beautiful face I've ever seen.

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Sorry for the short story. I promise the next chapter will make up for it. Here's the thing i'm currently writing 3 different stories right now and i need a little time to focus on each one individually and that's where my fans come in.


I will let you guys decide which story I should spend the weekend working on. How you may ask? Its easy the story that has the most positive votes between Cupids curse, Dream girl, and The Amazing life of Toothpick will get my full attention for 2 chapter. Thank you again for reading my stories it really means a lot to me. If there is anything you would like to see in the story or you hate about the story please feel free to comment or you can talk to me one on one on kik @ taurus95gol and again thank you for reading!