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The Chauffeur (#24) The Weekend (part 1) By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 Dakota began calling both culinary schools, telling each what was needed. One declined telling me that they don't recommend any of their students, thus avoiding the appearance of favoritism.

Dakota didn't buy that lame excuse and called the other school. After she explained what was wanted, they recommended not one but two students. Dakota asked if it would be possible to come to the school this morning and sample their cooking.

They told her that they would be happy to have her meet the potential chefs. Dakota set up the meeting for 9:30am, telling the school personnel that we would need them no later than 3pm at our house as we are throwing a three-day celebration party and expect to have about 30-40 people for the entire weekend.

She also inquired how much they should be paid and if it goes directly to them or to the school. They said that the student will have to negotiate price and all monies go directly to the student and none of it is to go to the school.

Dakota liked the sound of that. Dakota let me know that we had a meeting at the culinary school at 9:30am to meet the two prospective chefs for the weekend shindig. I asked her to call for a car for us, a limo, not a Town car. "Dakota, how much cash is in the firebox?" I asked. "Um, I don't know. I stay out of that unless you direct me to go in there. That's your own personal property," she says looking into my eyes.

"Hmm, a personal property you say? Then what are you?" I ask sarcastically with a big smile. She playfully slaps me on the shoulder, smiling and walks away wiggling her tiny ass at me. I just think to myself about how incredibly lucky I am. I go wake Jill asking if she would like to stay here and do some work or go with Dakota and me to taste the sampling of a couple of chefs this morning. Clearly, with those two choices, she chose the food. She grudgingly got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Honey, we only have a short time. Don't be too long in there," I say smiling. "Then keep your horny ass out so I can get done quickly," she replies smiling. "Hey, I was thinking that maybe we should invite John and Diane to join us in the sampling. John because&hellip. well he eats like there's a small village living in his stomach.

I think bringing Diane, would signify to her, at least, that we still trust her and love her," I say in a serious tone. "That's a great idea. It might also make others in the playgroup realize that if you can forgive her then they should as well," Jill says to me.

Of course, Jill is right. She's the smart one between us. I may have the gift to read people well, but she seems to understand the workings of people's mind. I get dressed. Dress shorts, another Cuban style shirt, socks, sneakers, and a belt. I put my cell phone, wallet, and key into my pocket. I pull the single key out and look at it for a moment thinking about how nice it was to have only one key to the Commune that had the ability to open virtually every door, except one&hellip.

the red door. I went out of our bedroom to go search for John and Diane. I found them in the bedroom that they slept the other night. They were all snuggled up together, which made me smile seeing that.

I called from the doorway. Well, I had to call a couple of times to wake them. "Hey, sleepyheads, time to get up. We have an appointment at 9:30&hellip.

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Let's go, rise and shine!" I said to them in a sickeningly cheery voice that I could muster. Diane groaned first. She saw me, smiled and shook John, who didn't want to get up. She whispered something in his ear and his eyes popped open and he sat up in bed as if she had just shoved a hot poker up his ass.

As I stood in the doorway, he got out of bed and hustled to the bathroom. "What did you say to my boy?" I asked. "I told him that we had an appointment to taste some food and if he didn't get ready in time, that you were uninviting him to the party this weekend," she says to me smiling and giggling.

"Daddy, thank you for asking us to join you," she says in a heartfelt manner. "It was my better half's idea, she's the smart one," I say smiling as I leave the doorway. I meet Jill who is coming out of our bedroom, all dressed, hair/makeup done, looking gorgeous as ever. "Um, how did you get ready so fast?" I asked. "I took a whore's bath?" Jill replied. "A&hellip. whore's bath? What the heck is that?" I replied having never heard that term before.

"You know, where you use a bar of soap and a washcloth to wash under your arms, your kitty cat, and your neck," she explains to me. "Oh, I've always heard it called a cowboy bath, never heard it called a whore's bath," I said chuckling. We walk down the hall together heading towards the kitchen. Amy is already there working on a list. "Good morning my dear, is everything alright?" I ask.

"Well&hellip. sort of&hellip. you know we won't be able to get a chef on this short notice, don't you?" She says in a frustrated voice. "Don't worry your pretty head about that.

Dakota has already arranged things for you about that. Security guys should be here installing cameras out front.


I would like them to start with the license plate camera and the street cameras first. To me, those are important cameras as well as one over our front door. Can I assume that you have the pool company coming today to make sure both pools will be ready for the party?" I ask. "WOW, Daddy, how did Dakota pick the chef? I mean, who is this person, what are their qualifications? And yes, the pool people said they would be here by 10am, the lawn service will be here about that time as well trimming up some of the front bushes and mowing and edging the back area.

I'll take care of the security company. May I enlist some help changing sheets on some of the various bedrooms?" Said Amy. "Dakota didn't pick the chef. John, Diane, Dakota, Jill and I are heading to a culinary school to meet the two that they recommended.

We will taste their food. I'm bringing John, well, as you know he has a bottomless pit in his stomach. I invited Diane because she's still part of our playgroup and I trust her opinion. I have also forgiven her, and I think our group needs to do the same.

She made a stupid mistake, haven't we all done stupid things in our lives from time to time?" I explained and asked. "Yes, Daddy. We have," she says bowing her head and looking at the floor. I put my index finger under her chin raising her face to look at me. "You know I love you, don't you?" I ask delicately. "Yes, Daddy I do. I don't understand why, but I do know that you love me," she says with her eyes welling up.

I kiss her and give her a big hug. John and Diane show up to the kitchen all dressed and ready to go. "How is it, when there is food or sex involved you ladies can get ready in just a couple of minutes? However, when we are heading out to any other type of appointment you ladies take a long while to get ready?" I ask rhetorically. Jill takes the bull by the horn and answers for women in general, "Darling, if we were able to get ready like this all the time, you would tire of us.

We need to keep you guys guessing, It's part of our DNA, it's in the woman's handbook, it's how we ensure you pay attention to us," Jill says with a big cheesy smile on her face. The ladies in the room: Amy, Diane, and Dakota all laugh out loud. John and I meanwhile, just look at each other shrugging our shoulders. Dakota points out that Fred is here with a stretch limo.

We all head out to the front courtyard where Fred has the backdoor open and waiting for us. Dakota hands him a slip of paper that has the address of the culinary school. Once we are all in and settled Fred heads towards our 'breakfast' and food. I think about all my coffee drinkers who haven't had any yet. I kind of made the analogy in my head that I may be reaching into a pit of snakes.

Will they bite me like a viper, or will they be gentle like a python and just wrap themselves around me and squeeze? Either way, I'm playing with fire that's for sure. CHAPTER 2 Traffic is brisk. Fred keeps us off the interstate telling us that there are multiple accidents there and the traffic camera's show long slow-moving lines. That's why we are taking surface streets. Just as Dakota's cellphone alarm went off announcing that it was 9:30, Fred was pulling the limo into the parking lot of the culinary school.

They had a sign that faced the street offering to teach anyone to become a chef. In my head, I was hoping that they were right. We exited the car and was greeted warmly by a young lady that worked for the school. She led us to a private kitchen and asked us to take a seat and she would send in each student one at a time.

I interjected. "Ma'am, if you don't mind, we would like to meet both of them together, not one at a time," I say. "Certainly sir. Let me go get them," she says before leaving the room. I get up and walk around looking at the two 'kitchens' in the room. It made me think of that game show, Chopped. Similar setup. The lady returned introducing one chef as Samuel G.

but likes to be called Sammy. The other one was introduced as Rameses but preferred to be called Bobby. I shook hands with each guy. The lady excused herself and left the room. "Before you begin making anything, we would like you to join us and just chat for a couple of minutes," I said. They both followed me over to the tables and each took a chair at the same table. "Sammy, Bobby this is my wife Jill. My assistant Dakota. And two dear friends John and Diane," I introduced. "Hey, when did I get promoted to 'dear friend', I thought I was your protégé?" John says smiling as Diane playfully slaps him in the stomach.

Bobby and Sammy laugh at the joke. "Bobby let's start with you. How did you end up here at this culinary school?" I ask. "Simple really, Sammy and I were in the Navy together. We both served aboard the 'Big Stick'. I was a plane mechanic and Sammy had the job as a deckhand helping the planes take off and land," he tells us. "Big Stick?" I ask. "The USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71" Jill answered, which raised some eyebrows from the two chefs. Bobby answered the looming question before I asked showing my military ignorance, "Sir, the Roosevelt was named because of his famous saying 'Speak softly and carry a big stick' I'm not sure where that saying came from but in the Navy the ship is just referred to as The Big Stick," he says looking at Jill.

Sammy added, "We both enjoy cooking so after serving 20 years in the Navy we decided to find a cooking school and learn to become chefs. We've been having nothing but fun. Bobby usually thrives on cooking comfort food while my forte is appetizers and desserts," he says as I see John smiling. He wasn't drooling but I was sure that would happen soon enough.

Dakota asked, "You are both able to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus have a variety of snacks?" "Yes, Ma'am," Sammy answered. Jill wanted to know if they can chat with people while cooking or are they just focused on the cooking? They both offered to demonstrate, but first, they wanted to know what types of food they were to cook as well as if there was an allergy.

Dakota tried to add some humor pointing to John, "He's got an allergy to not having enough to eat," she says in a deadpan manner. Everyone, including the chefs, laughed at her joke. One of the nice things to see was before they picked up the first utensil, they both washed their hands, used paper towels to dry them, and THEN put on rubber gloves. I was impressed. They opened one of the three fridges, taking out several ingredients.

Sammy started, "Since I'm the appetizer and dessert guy, how about I put together some appetizers for you to taste while Bobby cooks you a quick lunch," he said.

They worked well as a team, regaling us with stories from their Navy days. How they came from completely different parts of the US. Bobby, from the West Coast, San Diego. Sammy, from the East Coast, Boston.

Listening to them made the time pass quickly. When Sammy had several appetizers ready for us to sample it seemed as if we waited only about 15 minutes and he had five different appetizers for us to eat, each sampling plate held 10 samples each. He didn't want us filling up on appetizers when the main course and dessert weren't far away. John took two samples of each tasting and asked Diane to do the same, that way he could potentially get a third appetizer taste.

Jill and I chuckled at John and his scheming to get an additional bite of food. As we were tasting the appetizers, Bobby picked up the conversation. He told us about his first tour in the Pacific getting to visit Japan, Vietnam, Hawaii, the Philippines, and even Australia.

Before we even realized it another 15 minutes had passed and he had a broiled fish garnished in lemon butter, a huge salad that included feta, olives, tomatoes, shredded cheese, three types of lettuce, cucumbers, celery, and of course, not one but two homemade dressings. One Ranch, the other Thousand Island, but he also had vinegar and oil available.

In addition, he had several Quesadillas prepared along with homemade salsa and his own spin of an item making an avocado-mustard dip that could also be used for dressing.

Jokingly we told John that he would be the last to fill a plate and that he should get Diane her plate. He forced a smile and got up to get her a plate.

Dakota asked if there was coffee anywhere as she was dying to have some caffeine. Jill agreed. Sammy went over to the coffee pot. He pulled out a bag of Starbuck's Sumatra and started the pot. Jill and Dakota both smiled as the Sumatra was their favorite. Sammy went on to tell us about how Sumatra beans are grown as we filled our plates with the fish, the quesadillas and a bite of the avocado-mustard dip.

Diane asked John to just get her salad and some of the homemade ranch dressing. Dakota, on the other hand, was filling her plate as if she was ensuring that she got her share before John wiped out the buffet.

Sammy also asked if anyone needed soda, water, or juice. Dakota answered for me, "We need a bottle of water and a large glass of pineapple juice," she said snickering. Without hesitation, Sammy pulled a bottle from the fridge and put ice in a glass and opened a large can of Dole brand Pineapple juice. After he delivered everyone a drink, he went on to prepare a series of desserts.

Everyone was enjoying the main course. I thought to myself that fish was a bold choice not knowing if we were steak, chicken, or fish people. In my head, I rationalized about the amount of time to cook a steak or chicken. While everyone was enjoying the food, I began the obvious questions about how much do they charge, could they be available as soon as tonight, is there family matters that they need to address, do they understand that the party begins on Friday night and will run through Sunday morning where we will feed people breakfast before sending them home.

"The school tells us that we should charge about $15.00/hour since this would be our first job as a catering chef," Sammy explains. "Hmm, I don't know.

I mean $15.00/hour.


Gosh, let me think about that for a moment," I say looking at John who was smiling but looking down into his food trying not to give my ploy away. I pull out my phone and go to calculator mode. "Let's see starting at 6 tonight and running through Sunday morning is about 40 hours times 15 dollars an hour comes to $600.00," I say.

Both Sammy and Bobby offer to reduce the per hour cost to something more reasonable for me to afford. I blast back with, "Hell no! Don't you dare lower your price! I was thinking of offering each of you $1200.00. I want both of you, not just one. You guys work well together. It's clear you have been friends for a long time.

I like that you both come from long careers in the Navy, which to me tells me you both know how to keep your mouth shut about what you will see, hear, and participate in while at my house. I will ask that each of you sign a small statement saying that you will not divulge anything that goes on in my house, except about what food you prepared.

I'm sure that all your classmates and the school will want to know that information. Can we agree on this?" I ask them. Without hesitation, they both answer 'Yes, sir'. Sammy has several small desserts prepared and once again, John is ready to sample the food. We all smile as his plate is empty Jill does add that we don't have a deep fryer if they need one.

We can plan to have one for them. They accept Jill's offer as they clearly have the idea of making some fried food items. Dakota is already dialing the restaurant food supply place ordering a two-basket deep fryer for the house.

She gives them the address, puts the cost on her Visa and ends the call. It will be delivered and set up in about 90 minutes to two hours. She texts Amy to know that a commercial grade deep-fryer will be arriving in a couple of hours. Maybe put it in the other kitchen, she advised. In my head, I could just see Amy rolling her eyes.John makes a plate for Diane, who refuses it saying she is a bit nauseous.

John puts everything down and asks if she's alright or is there something wrong. She says that it's probably just morning sickness. That grabs the ears of Bobby. "Sir, is she pregnant?" He asks "Yes, two of the ladies are pregnant.

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Both Diane and Dakota," I say without going into any details. "Well, sir, we can prepare foods that will be easier for the ladies," Bobby tells us. "Well, for Diane that would probably help, for Dakota she leans more towards John," I say smiling.

I feel a playful slap on my shoulder from Dakota, who is smiling and giggling. My phone buzzes. It's Roger. The text reads: Problems in New Orleans. Must head there now. Will send an email soon. Won't be able to make the party. Raincheck? I text back: No worries. Take care of business first.

Raincheck granted. Dakota puts on her pouty face. Did I miss something between Dakota and Roger? Or is she sad knowing that Tina was probably looking forward to seeing and playing with Roger? Or…& mind was just overthinking things. I didn't realize it, but Jill had scribbled out a quick contract for the two chefs to sign.

It read: I _____________ understand that I am being hired as a personal chef by the Greene's to handle all the cooking at their party. I agree to be bound by this contract to not divulge anything that I see, hear, participate in, or become knowledgeable about while at this party. For my cooking abilities, I agree to be paid $1200.00 payable in cash at the end of the party.

I may discuss what food I made during the party. Signed:__________________________ print name:_________________________ Witness:_________________________ print name:_________________________ Jill had done an amazing job scribbling this out. Each of the chefs looked it over and took it to make copies. Bobby came back with 6 copies.

They both signed all 6 copies, Jill and I signed as well, and we had John and Diane sign as witnesses. Jill and I took 4 of the documents, each chef took one. Dakota put the address of the Commune on one piece of paper and directed them to come together to save parking space. They offered to Uber over, I suggested that I could send a car for them, which they happily agreed to.

Sammy gave us his address. I asked what time would they be ready, they said to give them till 1pm and they would be ready. Dakota called Paula requesting a Town Car for two chefs that were going to be working for the party. She gave Paula the address and time for pickup.

That was a done deal. Bobby did ask Jill a question, "Ma'am, if I may ask. You intrigued Sammy and me about how you knew that the Big Stick was the USS Theodore Roosevelt and you even knew the carrier vessel number? How is that?

Are you from the Navy?" "Oh, heck no! I'm a Marine. First in, last out. Never leave anyone behind," Jill says with a big smile on her face and pride in her tone. "That explains it. You're one of 'them'…ha, ha, ha" Sammy replied laughing.

Dakota felt she needed to come to Jill's defense, "What the heck do you mean she's one of 'them'?" "Ma'am don't get your panties in a twist. We mean only that all the years we were in the Navy, the Marines always had the same attitude 'Gung Ho!'" Sammy explains. John added, "She doesn't wear panties," he said smiling. That stunned the two chefs.

It also drew a playful slap from both Diane and Dakota. Heck, even Jill reached over and playfully punched his shoulder. Dakota put the contracts in her notebook. We all said our goodbyes as my five left. We did hear hooting and hollering as we were in the hallway leaving. I was glad that they turned out to be just whom we needed, both a chef and a bit of an entertainer.

As we got into the limo, Dakota announced that she knew another secret. I asked her what the secret was, but she refused to tell saying that there was a present from all the ladies for Jill and me. That's all she would divulge, and she gave Diane a look that kept her quiet.

The ride back to the Commune was peaceful. Although John did say that he was still hungry as we all laughed. "Sorry John, that was just supposed to be a taste, not an entire meal," I said to him. CHAPTER 4 As we pulled into the courtyard, I saw two vans from the security company, one truck from the pool people, a truck and trailer from the lawn care people.

Right behind us was the delivery for the fryer. Fred pulled around letting us out close to the door since all these work trucks were parked all over the place. I thought about it and told Fred that I would have a car pick him up and bring him here. This way he would enjoy being chauffeured around. He tried to decline, but I wouldn't hear of it and gave him another 3 $100 bills. He just smiled knowing the chance of me not forcing him to take the money was……well, zero.

Amy came out to greet us, but when she saw the commercial appliance van, she went over to them instead. They carefully unloaded the fryer. The owner also said that local codes required a fryer hood for it to be installed anywhere.

He gave us his best price for the hood and assured her that it would be installed by the 4pm deadline. Apparently, when Dakota ordered the fryer she misspoke and said 4pm, not 3pm, however one hour didn't really matter.

They handed Amy the receipt, which was paid for by Dakota. They assured her that they understood the wrath of a petite woman, so they promised to have the hood installed along with the fryer by 4pm or before.

"How much before?" She asked. They both knew that he shouldn't have said that. It opened a door that now put them under the gun of time. The commercial equipment guys excused themselves beginning to unload both the hood and the fryer along with two cases of all-purpose vegetable oil.

They set the cooking oil on the ground next to the truck and wheeled the two other pieces of equipment into the house. Amy walked them through the house to the secondary kitchen. The workmen were amazed at the sheer size of the house. They followed Amy to the secondary kitchen. She pointed out where she wanted the fryer and where the gas hookup and electrical was located.

She left them to their work and headed back to the outside. She checked on the security guys. They asked if she wanted the cameras set up on Wi-Fi or direct wired.

She chose direct wire. The lawn guys were finished and packing their tools. They had some quick words (friendly) with the pool guy. They exchanged business cards and each left. As 3pm neared, the security guys called it a day. They had installed the street cameras as well as the license tag camera and the driver facial camera. They cleaned up their mess and told Amy that they would be back on Monday. One of the appliance guys was led outside by Dakota.

He retrieved the oil telling Amy that it was all installed and now they were giving it a test run to ensure the oil would heat to the desired temperature.

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Amy smiled thinking about fresh French fries. Even Dakota smiled about having fresh fries whenever she wanted. She led the appliance guy back into the house so the work could be finished. Once there, she did ask about if someone left the fryer on and no one knew about it.

He said that the new fryers come with a sensor that detects when the fry baskets were not used for an hour or more, it would shut the fryer off. When 3pm rolled around, a limo rolled into the courtyard.

Inside were Bobby and Sammy the two chefs. They brought along their personal sets of knives, professional torches, and a couple personal utensils that they favor. In another car right behind them was a Town car that held Fred. Dakota went outside and greeted the chefs and Fred, inviting them all inside. All three guys stood just inside the door looking stunned at the sheer size of the house. Dakota giggled still finding it funny when people see the Commune for the first time.

The three of them followed Dakota to the primary kitchen. She told Fred to have a seat at the counter. The two chefs began using the kitchen table to unroll their knife sets and lay out their personal utensils that they brought. Bobby looked inside of the refrigerator, he seemed a bit disappointed asking Dakota, "Is this all the food there is?" "Be patient.

We haven't gotten to the other refrigerators, nor the other kitchen, not any of the freezers, nor either of the two pantries," she said with a big smile.

Sammy piped up asking, "Um, Miss Dakota, just how big is this house?" "Let me think……Oh yes, 28,000 square feet. 20 bedrooms and 31 bathrooms, two of the world's most hi-tech video game rooms, a pool table room, a couple of offices, a 20 car garage, two pools each with a waterfall hot tub that feeds the pools, and two multi-bedroom pool houses that are both occupied," Dakota says as if she's a realtor trying to sell the house.

"I'm sorry&hellip. did you say twenty-eight THOUSAND square feet? My gawd, that's bigger than many stores that I go to. How the heck did he come to get this house, if I may ask? Is Mr. Greene a sort of billionaire? Like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg?" Sammy asked. "C'mon, there's lots to still show you, like the other kitchen that has a brand-new commercial brand deep fryer complete with a new hood system," Dakota says with a smile and a bit of flirtatiousness.

She tells Fred to make himself comfortable and grab a drink if he's thirsty. Dakota takes Bobby and Sammy by the hand and leads them to the secondary kitchen. Although it is considered the secondary kitchen, it is much larger and set up better for professional chefs having a huge island complete with a working commercial size sink.

The countertops are all black marble. The cookware is all professional grade. There is a knife block on the counter complete with a 20-piece Henckels knife set. The chefs see four ovens, two 8 burner gas stoves, three refrigerators and three freezers, a door that leads to another room, which they assumed would be the pantry, the usual assortment of mixers, blenders, food processors, two stainless steel rolling tables, as well as the deep fryer.

One item that Sammy noticed was that there were no fire extinguishers. Dakota said she would take care of that and asked how many there needed to be. Bobby answered, "About a half dozen for each kitchen. They must be ABC level, meaning they have multiple uses and are acceptable for any kitchen, professional or home," Dakota pulled out her cell to dial up Tina.

"Hey, it's me. I need you to head to the store. We need fire extinguishers, ABC level. We need about 15-20 of them. Look on your tablet for the nearest store and call them. We need them before the party starts," Dakota tells Tina. Dakota ends the call. She asks if either chef needs anything further. "Um, where is the bathroom?" Sammy asks hesitantly. "Well, with 31 of them, practically around every corner. However, from this kitchen through that doorway, two doors down on the right.

Back at the other kitchen, I could tell you, but you wouldn't remember so just ask when your there and someone will show you," Dakota says with a smile. Each chef dawns a black apron and begins to take things out of the refrigerators.

Dakota leaves them and heads back to Fred. When she gets back to the first kitchen, there sits Fred just looking around. "C'mon Fred, let me give you a tour," she says smiling. She takes Fred's hand and begins the tour of the Commune. "Um, Miss Dakota, why is this house called the Commune?" Fred asks hesitantly.

"Kind of a long story, but the gist of the story is centered around a joke that Jill started. As you have seen, David draws lots of beautiful women. Many of them practically throw themselves at him. Jill made a comment one night that with all the females around it's like he is building a Commune and he's the cult leader," Dakota says smiling. "Well, he does seem to have a pretty girl following and of course a middle-aged woman following and of course&hellip." Fred doesn't complete that thought.

As Dakota heads down the hall, she pushes open the door to Tina's room. "This is Tina's room," she says "Damn! This thing is almost bigger than my apartment," Fred says looking at the room from the doorway. "C'mon in. It's alright," Dakota urges. "No Ma'am. This is her private bedroom. Without her permission, I don't think its proper," Fred says humbly. "OK then, follow me," Dakota says with a big smile and holding on to Fred's hand pulling him across the hall to another door.

She pushed the door open to find another room almost the same size as Tina's room. "Go on in. This is my room," She says smiling and licking her lips seductively. Fred hesitantly steps into the huge room that has two king-sized beds. "Um, I've never seen a room that has two big beds," Fred says. "One is for sleep and one is for play. Here let me show you what I mean," as Dakota pushed Fred onto the play bed. She begins to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly fishing out his cock. "MMMM, Nice!

You're not as big as Daddy, but you're close. What are you about 7 ½ or maybe 8 inches?" She said before engulfing his manhood with her mouth. "Um……um&hellip." Fred can't complete his thought as this beautiful petit blond is slurping his cock with enthusiasm. After only a few minutes, Fred lets Dakota know he's closing in on an orgasm, "Miss& Miss Dakota, I'm&hellip. I'm& getting close," he stumbles trying to tell her.

She just keeps on sucking and licking. Fred erupts into Dakota's wet willing mouth. She swallows every drop he gives her. "Fred, you need to start drinking pineapple juice. I've told you at that dinner, it makes a man's cum taste sweeter," Dakota says smiling and licking her lips. "Um, Ma'am, does that mean I taste bad?" Fred asks. "No, just regular. Women prefer a sweeter taste to a man's juice," She explains to a curious Fred. "Fred, I'd love to fuck you right now, but there's more of the house to see and I should get back to helping prepare for the party tonight.

But rest assured, at some point this weekend, I'll get to you," she says as she leans into him and kisses him. Once they break from their kiss, she waits for Fred to reassemble himself, then taking his hand again leads him out of her bedroom. Dakota intentionally skips showing Fred the Master Suite of David and Jill. Since he was hesitant to see Tina's bedroom, no sense in making him feel even more uncomfortable seeing David's bedroom.

The rest of the main floor of the house due to time, she decides to skip the upstairs as he would probably see it at some point this weekend. After seeing the rest of the bottom floor, including the kitchen where Sammy and Bobby were working diligently preparing things. Fred asked them if he could help in some way, they politely declined. Dakota went over to each of the chefs, kissing them on the cheek and stealing a piece of food that was on a platter.

"DAMN! This stuff is good.

Here, Fred, you try one," she says as she grabs another sample of the appetizer. His eyes grow large at her playfulness as she pushes the appetizer sample into Fred's mouth. Again, she takes his hand to lead him somewhere, but Fred pulls back and asks the chefs, "Will any specific wine be needed with what you gentlemen are going to cook?" Sammy and Bobby look at each other.

Sammy says that a nice Riesling would pair well with his appetizers. Bobby says both a Chardonnay and a California Zinfandel would pair nicely with the chicken and the steaks that he would be preparing.

Dakota says, "C'mon, I'll show you how to get to the wine cellar," smiling at Fred. She takes him by the hand to a smaller door. She opens it and tells Fred that he's on his own to bring up the wine, however, to remember there will be about 30 people. She also told him to bring up a couple of cases of Ciera brand wine.

Fred smiled knowing that he can help set things up for the party. CHAPTER 5 Dakota left Fred to take care of the wine task. She thought to herself that at some point she should head down into the wine cellar and see for herself just how massive this thing really is, one of the few places that she hasn't investigated.

She hears the doorbell, checking her watch she thinks it's too early for guests to arrive. Heading to the door, she sees Amy come out from the hallway and get to the front door quicker than her. Standing at the door is a flower delivery man. He has several large gawdy bouquets of flowers. He explains that he has 6 bouquets that have names on them and another 4 that are nameless. Amy pushes the door open allowing the delivery guy access to the living room.

"Just put them all on the coffee table over there," she says pointing to the coffee table in the living room. "Um, Ma'am, that's not going to be enough space. I can get the 4 unnamed bouquets there, but certainly not the 5 ones with a name," he explains.

Amy then directs, "OK, then put the 4 unnamed ones over there. As you bring in the 6 named bouquets, let me know whose name is on each one and Dakota and I will find a place for them," she says with a bit of frustration in her voice. The delivery guy brings in the four unnamed ones first, two at a time.

However, due to the sheer size of each bouquet that has a name, only one could be brought in at a time. He returns to the door from his delivery van with the first of the large gawdy bouquets. "This one is for a Doctor Ronda," he says.

Dakota shows him to the kitchen table. Once delivered, he returns with another saying, "This one is for Diane," causing Amy and Dakota to look at each other. The third one is for Jill; which Amy takes and heads to the Master Suite. The fourth is for Tina, which Dakota takes and heads to Tina's room.

The fifth is for Amy, which Amy squeals when she sees the huge gawdy bouquet for her. The sixth and final one is for Dakota. She takes the bouquet, smiles, and heads to her own room to put the bouquet. Amy signs the slip showing proof of delivery. She doesn't see a tip listed so she writes in that a $60 tip should be added to the bill. The delivery guy thanks her and leaves. Dakota takes a few minutes before returning to the living room.

When she does return, she asks Amy if she read the card. She hadn't. Dakota told her she needs to go read the card. Dakota is still holding her card, looking at it. She reads it to herself again: Dakota, my darling, I'm so proud that you are carrying my baby. You always seem to anticipate my needs and wants.

Jill and I both love you so very, very much. You truly are part of our family. I can't even begin to imagine being as successful doing my job without you by my side. I love you so much, you really don't have a clue to the depths of my love for you. I hope looking at this small, small token of my love for you will let you know how much you mean to me.

I love you Dakota&hellip. David For the first time in a while, she had actual proof in her hand that she was truly loved. She felt her eyes begin to well up and a couple single tears roll down her cheeks. She sniffed and wiped the tears away the best she could. She folded the card up and went looking for her assistant's notebook to put the card inside, to keep, to look at, to remind herself that she is loved.

On the way down the hall, Amy comes running up and slams into her hugging her and kissing her with force. "Look at what Daddy wrote," she exclaims.

Dakota opened Amy's card and read: Amy, you my dear, mean so much to Jill and me that words alone cannot express how happy we are with you. You make good choices with your life. We love having you move in here. We are so thankful that you have come into our lives.

Jill and I both love you. Thank you for being part of our family&hellip. David. Dakota smiled and hugged Amy back. In Dakota's mind, she was still the one that David loved the most, except for Jill, which she felt no threat from. They both shared David willingly and openly. Amy made mention of the time and each lady headed to their respective bedrooms to shower and dress for the party. David and Jill were in their bedroom getting ready for the party. John and Diane were in a bedroom preparing for the party.

The twins and Belinda were in the pool house getting ready, although Belinda did go over to the porn studio to remind Allison of the time.

Allison put the equipment down that she was working with and headed out of the studio, taking care to lock the door behind her. Allison chuckled to herself hearing the twins arguing whom they would get to fuck first. Taking her cellphone out of her pocket, Allison texted David: Collar or no collar this weekend?

His reply: No collar for now, but who knows how this weekend will turn out She smiled thinking about the fun she has had with her Master.

Off she trundled to shower and dress for the party. I was the first one ready. I headed out to the kitchen to see large bouquets of flowers on the kitchen table and four more in the living room. I smiled to myself happy that they all arrived before the party. I grabbed my laptop and headed out to the TV room.

I opened it up and reluctantly logged on to my work email. Oddly enough it was quiet, only 83 emails. Hell, that's was practically none. I read through a few dozen read-only ones deleting them as I went.

There was a reply from Roger that didn't require any further response. Mark Newberg did send another email regarding his twin nieces saying that he understood them to believe that they were going to work directly for Jill and me.

I assured him that on Monday I will look into why they aren't working for either of us. There was an email from Dave Burgundy, the headhunter, telling me about someone else for the Director of the Pharmacy division since Jack had passed away last week. I was shocked. I had not heard about Jack's death and sent an email to HR inquiring why I was not notified. I responded to Dave that I am interested in this person he is promoting. I also asked if he might have a candidate for the Horse Track division, as each track seems to be on its own with no coordination between locations.

Funny thing, once I get into my work laptop, time seems to accelerate. Before I knew it, Jill was kissing my neck and cooing in my ear to entice me to stop working and get this party started. I closed my laptop and kissed her back whispering in her ear, "I hope this weekend is of epic proportion.

I want this to surpass the Vegas weekend," I said smiling and kissing her ear. I got up and took my laptop to my office, where I saw that Jill had already begun to set herself up. I closed the door and locked it. Now, it was party time! CHAPTER 6&hellip. The Party Guests arrive Jill and I took up a spot near the front entrance way.

Dr. Ronda was the first to arrive, which surprised me. However, Jill smiled and whispered in my ear, "Early bird gets your worm," giggling as she said her version of the age-old adage. Jill and the Doc kissed. I took her by the hand and led her to one of the bouquets that were addressed to her, which got me a deep passionate kiss with her grabbing my ass with both hands.

When we broke the kiss, she snatched the card out of the flower arrangement and read it: Ronda, we are so grateful to all that you have done for us. Showing up one night to help Tina, taking care to see she was admitted to the hospital, taking care of my gorgeous wife, ensuring her safety even though we lost the baby, helping Diane determine her baby's father and so many other things that I would end up using too many pages to describe them all.

You are a beautiful woman that I love dearly. I hope you realize that you are part of our family and you have access to Jill or myself anytime. We hope you will enjoy yourself this weekend. With our love&hellip. Jill and David After she read the note, she kissed me hard and passionately.

She whispered in my ear that she 'expects' to have me at least twice this weekend and would love for Jill to join us for one of those times. I laughed to myself thinking that Marine's really do stick together.

Well, it seemed funny in my head at least. In the next few minutes, a parade of people arrived. Everyone looked stunning. Most of the women wore either a simple black cocktail dress or some sort of gorgeous evening gown. The men as they arrived all wore suits, even a couple wore evening style tuxedos.

John and Diane arrived together along with someone that I had never met. Nikki, Diane's mom. I kind of paused thinking that this would be an awkward time to meet this woman. It wasn't until Jill stepped forward saying that she was glad that Nikki took advantage of her invite. I hugged Diane giving her a smooch on the cheek.

I did the same with Nikki. Although Nikki was a bit more aggressive squeezing my ass to which Jill laughed. Fred's nephews had arrived via one car. They both looked dashing. Square-jawed, suit pressed perfectly, shoes shined to a high mirror gloss as well as their belts. "You know your Uncle Fred is here, right?" I asked.

"Yes, sir. He texted us saying he needed our help carrying up all the wine from your wine cellar. Where is the wine cellar?" JP asked.

Dakota came over and took both guys by the hand and led them to the wine cellar door. I could smell the delicious food that was being laid out by Sammy, who had moved one of the rolling stainless steel tables into the TV room and the other one where our dining room table would go. Both tables were covered in appetizers. I saw Tina pull into the garage. I wasn't even aware that Tina wasn't here. I directed John to head to the garage and see if Tina needed help with anything.

In my head, at least, sending John to the garage would give other guests head starts on the appetizers before our human vacuum, John got to them. The three guys that Allison called arrived in a limo from Black Car limo courtesy of Paula. They all looked dashing. Each one wore a suit.

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Allison was close-by watching us at the door doing our welcome thing. She came over to the door and began to introduce the guys. "David, Jill these are friends of ours. They all work in the business but are truly good guys. The first one is Tom, he goes by Timmy the tongue. He has a 6" cock and a 9" tongue. You can probably guess what his specialty might be. The second one is Mike, he goes by Mike the Spike. 9" long but it tapers down like a spike, his specialty is hard and fast like he's pounding a board.

Our third and last guy is Dominick, his specialty is BDSM," she says to us although she winked at me when she introduced Dominick. As Jill and I shook each of their hands, all of them thanked us for allowing Allison to invite them.

James and Nadia came into the courtyard as if they were being chased. They parked the car in a corner and literally ran towards the door yelling, "Wait, hold up, don't lock us out, we're here," even though Nadia couldn't run hardly at all in the 6" heels she was wearing.

I did notice that she had on a lovely simple black cocktail dress. James got to the door first all out of breath, turning around to wait on Nadia. Once they were together, we thanked them for coming. I whispered in Nadia's ear, "There are some guys I want you to meet here.

I think you'll have a wonderful time, plus don't forget I get you occasionally," I say to her. She kisses me and says, "You can have me anytime you want. You're the king of the event and whatever the king wants, the king gets," kissing me again before she and James make their way into the party. Behind me, I hear lots of bottles clanking. I turn to see the CG boys carrying cases of wine to the kitchen. The four cases that I saw them carry were all Ciera brand wine, which I'm sure will elicit some discussion about Dakota's picture on the label.

In my head, I wasn't sure if we had enough wine glasses. I called Amy over, who looked stunning. She wore a simple cocktail dress, deep blue that only highlighted her blue eyes. Jill looked at her watch, "About 15 more minutes and we lock the door," she says smiling at me.

An Uber driver arrived carrying Marcus and Sharon. They were both coming from the Hawk, which impressed me even more that both Marcus and Sharon worked today. Right behind them, a minivan pulled in. Out of it came the three we met at the porn store Dave, Marsha, and their daughter the one Dakota picked a collar out for Sandra. Mark Newberg arrived parking his Lexus in an unused corner of the courtyard. Paula and Donna arrived together in a Town car. Paula was driving, she had called Donna asking if she would like a ride to the party.

They had met before and hit up a friendship, of course making friends with a woman you were going down on wasn't that hard to comprehend. Just as we were about to close the door, Jennifer came running up. She was completely disheveled. Apparently, her car broke down and to get here on time she took the city bus. "Why didn't you call us or text one of us?" I asked. "David, I did text you," she says rather exasperatedly. I pull out my phone. Look at the texts, none from Jennifer.

I hand her my phone so she can see. Her mouth drops open. She flips her phone open to show me she texted me a couple of hours ago. Jill realized the issue already. I was using an android phone, Jennifer was using an antiquated flip phone something that was no longer supported by the cell provider. Jill told Jennifer to wait here. Jennifer gladly did that, as she put her lips on mine. She was rubbing her hand down the inside of my jacket teasing me.

My wife was only gone a couple of minutes, thankfully not long enough for me to get hard. Jill returned with another android, very similar to the ones that Jill and I both owned. "Here Jennifer, since you work for Jaxson, Inc. you get a phone paid for by the company," Jill told Jennifer.

The phone was already activated. Jill sent both my phone and her own phone a text message so we could make the change in our contact list. With everyone here, Jill and I closed the door and locked it. Amy came over and handed Jill a sign that she had created to be taped to the front door. The sign read: PRIVATE PARTY. PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK.

We opened the door and taped it to the front, hoping it would be there until Sunday morning. Jill closed the front door.

I locked it. The party was officially starting. CHAPTER 7&hellip. Let the Fun Begin As Jill and I wandered through the group, John came over to me telling me that she and Tina had dispersed all the fire extinguishers to the two kitchens. I really had no idea about what he was talking about, however, Dakota overheard John and thanked him for taking care of a very important issue.

I noticed right away that neither of the twins nor Belinda was present. I urged John to go remind them that the party was starting, figuring in my head that they may abuse him sexually for a while, which he would not mind one bit. John practically knocked people over heading out to the pool house.

I chuckled, glancing over at Diane, who was sitting by herself. I walked over to her. She looked lost in thought. "A penny for your thoughts," I said smiling and bringing her back to the party mentally.

"No one wants to talk to me. Maybe I should just go," she says in a depressed tone. "You are not going anywhere," I directed. I decided to change tactics. "ATTENTION EVERYONE&hellip. Please, may I have your attention&hellip. I just want everyone to know that the incident between Diane, John, and myself is over. Diane and John are still together. John has forgiven her. I have forgiven her. It's done. Does everyone understand that?

If John and I have gotten past it, then I expect everyone else to get past it as well. She's part of the family and I hope&, let me change that&hellip. I EXPECT everyone to move past it and go back to treating her like you have done in the past. Does everyone understand? Let me see you nod your heads up and down to show me you understand," I request.

Almost in unison, everyone nods their head up and down. I lean down and kiss Diane telling her that I want some time with her this weekend. She smiles and gets up and heads into the TV room where several women hug her, and she begins chatting with them. I see Nadia standing by herself. I walk over to her asking where James might be?

"I think he's with someone named Marsha, who's here with her husband," she says. "Which way did they go?" I ask. "Don't know, he went around that corner and I haven't seen him since," she says in a defeated tone.

"Come with me," I say taking her hand. I walk over to Allison's three guys. "Nadia, this is Mike, Tom, and Dominick. They are friends of Allison.

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Guys, this is Nadia, please don't let her get lonely," I say smiling. Mike is the first one to reach out to shake her hand. Tom, however, gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Before Dominick greets her, I just turn and walk away. Jennifer comes over to me. "Hey lover, I'm going to take a shower, which means I'll be naked and wet. Care to join me?" She says looking directly into my eyes.

"A tempting offer, but maybe later. I love the idea of you all wet and even naked," I say chuckling. She playfully slaps me on the shoulder, squeezing my cock before walking away.

Amy comes over and kisses me. "Daddy, thank you for hiring the two chefs, they are such a huge help. I never could have had the house ready and have any food cooked.

Is it possible to keep them?" She asks. "It's possible, but hell, anything is possible. You have more than one orgasm this weekend is possible," I say smiling. "No Daddy, that's a guarantee, especially with you," she says kissing me before she trundles off. Dakota brings me a paper plate full of appetizers. She takes my hand and pulls me over to a chair at the kitchen table.

"Open wide Daddy. I've got something Yummy for your mouth," she says smiling and giggling. "Which do you want right now Daddy? The food or me?" She asks with a twinkle in her eye. "Can't I have both?" Dakota lifts her dress to show me what I already knew, she had no panties on. Since I was already sitting down, she unzipped me fishing out my cock and straddling herself across my lap, impaling her smooth tight little pussy on my manhood. I could hear my Jill moaning, but from where I was, I could not see her.

Amy did drag JP (one of the CG boys) into the kitchen and promptly fished out his cock and knelt to blow him. He smiled awkwardly at me, clearly not used to getting a blowjob next to the host of a party.

Dakota was doing all the work, she had both of her feet flat on the ground raising herself up and down on my cock. I could feel her wetness slather my cock.

I just sat back in the chair and let her do all the work. It seemed apparent to me that JP was still a bit nervous with me sitting across the table from him.

That made me think if he's nervous about me being here, what happens when Uncle Fred is near? That thought made me laugh to myself. I saw Sammy bring another tray of appetizers. He walked slowly and carefully, apparently, he had not catered an orgy before.

Sammy looked over at me, smiled, and shook his head. He gathered the empty tray and went back towards the other kitchen.

He didn't get out of my line of sight before I saw Paula attack him. In my head, I was saying 'No, let him work, don't distract him' but nothing came out of my mouth. Paula unzipped him and fished out his cock and began her wonderful oral skills kneeling while he was standing. I knocked on the table to get JP's attention and pointed at poor Sammy trying to keep his balance while Paula was servicing his manhood with her delicious mouth.

That site made JP laugh, which in turn made Amy stop. Dakota directed, "Amy don't stop, he's not laughing at you, get back to finishing what you started," she said in a matter of fact tone as she looked over her shoulder at Amy and JP.

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Dakota did something amazing that she had never done before, with me. She raised one leg and holding on to me rotated herself 180 degrees, so she was facing JP. She bounced even harder on me.

I could feel her tight little love hole contracting around my cock. When she peaked, she grabbed the table and held on to it as her body shook and spasmed. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her back from her death-grip on the table.

I whispered into her ear, "What I wrote in the card, I meant every word," I said to her as my first orgasm hit me. I grabbed her waist and held on as I shot load after load into her. Although I didn't watch, I heard JP hit his peak as well. When I opened my eyes, poor Sammy had taken a couple steps back to steady himself from Paula's oral assault, which ended just moments later as he reached his peak.

I unzip Dakota's dress and slipped it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor right next to my own pants.

I saw Amy taking her own panties off as she was looking to mount JP. Dakota took the rest of my attire off, making a small pile of clothes at the chair we were using.

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I walked around the corner to see my darling Jill being double teamed by Mark and Marcus. Marcus in her mouth and Mark banging away from behind. Jill was moaning into Marcus' cock.

Sammy was trying to stuff his deflated cock back into his chef pants. I smiled saying, "Some party, eh?" As I walked by him with Dakota on my arm.

After just a few steps, Sammy rushed past me with his platter in hand, presumably to refill it. I looked out to the TV room. I shook my head thinking the Playboy mansion has nothing on us.

Diane came over to me. Still, no one was playing with her, which kind of ticked me off. I basically directed everyone to forgive her. I scanned the room. No Allison, no twins, no Belinda, none of Allison's boys. Where did they go? I wondered. Dakota let go of my arm.

Diane took her place. "Daddy, are you having fun?" "Yes, darling I am, but why aren't you having fun too?" I asked.

"I'll play with most of those guys later. I wanted you to be my first this weekend if that's alright with you?" She says with hope in her eyes.

"Of course, it is my dear," I say to her making her smile. She walks me over to the leather loveseat in the TV room. Seeing me, the host, being naked, several people began shedding their clothes as well. I slowly undressed Diane. I haven't really noticed it before, but she does seem to have a certain something about her. She looks so innocent, and yet so predatory at the same time. Once I have Diane naked, she strokes my cock back to full strength. She fingers herself before straddling my lap and pushing herself down on me slowly.

She's not as tight as Dakota, so in my head, I'm thinking that John is loosening her up. I hold on to her as she rocks back and forth on my dick. We stay like that for several minutes before I feel her wetness begin to coat my thighs.

I knew she was cumming repeatedly as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began talking gibberish. She puts her arms around my neck, leaning in to kiss me. I feel another wave of orgasm hit her as she was nibbling on my bottom lip, which she bit hard as she orgasmed. I thrust up hard into her holding it there as she pinnacled on me for the third time. "Oh, Daddy, I love you so much," she says to me as wave after wave rolls through her body.

Tears began to flow as my lover was becoming emotional. I pulled her in tightly and whispered in her ear that I love her too. Suddenly, I felt a pair of lips licking and sucking my balls that are coated with Diane's orgasmic juice.

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I lean to one side to look at the new addition. It was one of the twins. I could tell when she shamelessly licked up into Diane's ass crack making Diane nearly jump off my cock.

I felt her mouth licking and sucking my balls and the base of my cock. I had it into Diane and her juices kept running out of her pussy and continually coating my balls and yet one of the twins kept up her cleaning of me. I pulled Diane into me and with one hand I put a finger out for the twin to suck on. When I felt the finger was sufficiently wet, I gently inserted it into Diane.

She looked into my eyes saying to me, "Daddy, you can have any part of me you want," she said yet another orgasm blasted through her pregnant body.

I kept working my finger in and out of her. Diane put her lips on mine moaning into my mouth and wiggling her ass on my single finger. I heard Nikki say, "Gawd damn baby, you look so sexy getting fucked by our host. Save me some of him will ya?" I saw Diane roll her eyes, not to the back of her head like before, no, this time it was a sarcastic eye roll. The other twin jokingly said that someone should be selling tickets to a ride on David. Several ladies laughed and giggled at that remark.

I saw Fred cautiously approach the twin who just made the joke. I heard him cautiously ask her if he might play with her. She took him by the hand and drug him over to the couch pushing him down and straddling his cock. She began riding him so hard that I worried for a moment that he would flat-line, but alas, he got right into the swing of things, literally. It dawned on me at this point that the twins were out here, but still no Belinda or Allison.

As Diane started to return to normalcy, I removed my finger from her anal cavity and unplugged my cock from her pussy. We kissed before I got up and decided to go looking for Belinda and Allison. I asked Carol where Allison and Belinda might be. She pointed towards the pool house. That didn't sit well with me. I asked both Derrick and JP to follow me as my gut told me something isn't right. Here we were, three naked guys, walking past the pool to the pool house.

I tried the doorknob which I found to be unlocked. As I opened the door, the three of us guys witnessed Dominick raise his hand and slap Allison across the face, hard, very hard. She let out a yelp. There were obvious red slap marks on her face, tears were pouring down from her eyes. Instinctively, the three of us raced into the room. Derrick and JP grabbed Dominick and I grabbed Allison. Dominick began instantly defending himself verbally saying that 'she asked for it' and that she's just a whore, and then saying it was all in the fun as she likes BDSM.

I looked around for the other two boys, but I didn't see them nor Belinda. "Where are Belinda and your two friends?" I asked as JP held Derrick to the wall with his face squished sideways pressed hard into the stucco of the wall. No response. "Allison where are Belinda and the other two guys?" I barked at her. She shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she didn't know. "Guys, take him to the front door, give him his clothes when you get there and push his ass out, got it?" I directed to Fred's nephews.

"Yes, sir," they both said in unison. With his arm twisted behind his back, JP turned Dominick towards the front door of the pool house. Derrick picked up the clothes off the floor that looked like guy clothes.

They marched him out, through the Commune and to the front door. They stood over him as he slowly dressed.

Derrick opened the front door and pushed Dominick out when he was nearly dressed. Derrick slammed the door behind him and locked both locks, the knob, and the deadbolt. Several women scurried over to Derrick and JP asking what the heck happened. They spent a couple of minutes trying to explain. There were a few gasps. The twins hurried towards the pool house to check on Allison. When the walked into the pool house, the found me holding Allison, who was now sobbing and hugging me tightly.

Both twins came over to her, rubbing her back and assuring her that everything would be OK. "Ladies, please go find Belinda and make sure she is OK," I directed.

They both left the pool house and headed back inside the Commune. I just held Allison until she settled down. I looked into her eyes as she said to me, "Daddy, I never thought that would happen. What made you come to look for me?" "I guess since we play that I'm your Master and we have Caligula going on over there, something just seemed out of place.

I asked the twins where you might be and they just pointed over here," I told her. "He told me we would just have some fun, BDSM style. I fell for it like a stupid fool. He didn't want fun, he was a sadist. I feel so stupid, really I just feel like I brought this all on myself," she said as tears were rolling down her cheeks. I hugged her again and said that we should just go back inside the Commune where everyone would want to see her. Just as we were heading out of the pool house, Belinda, Carol, and the other two boys arrived at the door.

Carol explained that the two boys and Belinda were having fun in one of the bedrooms. I shook my head and walked Allison past them. As we walked around the pool, several of the women came rushing out to check on Allison. I released her from my grip and let Amy, Tina, and Jennifer take over caring for her. She turned back to look at me and mouthed the words 'Thank you'. I went back inside and found Bobby, collecting the serving platters and Sammy replacing them with nicely cut steaks, grilled chicken, big bowls of assorted veggies and a huge bowl of salad with three homemade dressings.

I walked past them to the living room and just sat down on the couch. Dakota comes over to me and just sat quietly next to me. My adrenaline level was high. She just sat there rubbing my thigh with one hand and caressing my back with the other. I did hear a couple of sounds outside which sounded like cussing from Dominick, but I didn't care.

Several minutes passed before I felt that I was calm enough to rejoin the party. I didn't get too far before I ran into Ronda who told me she looked at Allison and that she only had some facial redness from the slaps and that she assured her that nothing other than that had occurred.

I smiled at Ronda thanking her. She took my wrist and led me down the hall to my bedroom. As we walked into the room, she pushed my back against the wall putting her lips on mine.

We embraced and intertwined our bodies willingly. I didn't even notice Jill, Dave, and Marsha already occupying one of the play beds. Marsha's face was nose deep into Jill's sweet pussy as Dave was fucking his wife from behind. I watched them for just a couple of moments before Ronda pulled me to the other play bed.

I scooped her up and gently put her down on the bed and slid my body right next to her. As our mouths met again, I heard John announce that the entrée had been served. None of the five of us were interested in food at that moment. Ronda and I began exploring each other's body.

I was hard in virtually no time. Ronda whispered in my ear, "David, please make love to me. I really miss your touch on my body, your lips on mine, and your wonderful hard cock inside of me," she said very erotically to me.

I began by reaching down between her legs to find her very wet and emanating heat from her sweet tasty pussy. I slid down to put my face into her sex. I started licking her womanly folds, tasting her sweet woman juice. I heard Jill begin to orgasm as Dave had now moved from Marsha to thrusting his cock into my gorgeous wife.

Marsha had moved to plant her dripping wet pussy onto Jill's face, coating her with copious amounts of wetness. Ronda was moaning loudly as my tongue snaked its way into her as deep as I could get it. I used one of my hands to begin to make circles around her clit. This caused her to stiffen up and reach her first orgasm, splashing my face with her wetness. I lapped up every drop I could and swallowed it all. Her breathing was quick and shallow as I kept my oral assault on her.

I was licking her from the clit down to her asshole. She instinctively pulled her knees up towards her face allowing me better access to her womanly wares. After several minutes of licking and sucking her, I moved up lining up my cock with the entrance to her pussy.

I slipped it in gently. We began a rocking motion as my raging hardon gently but forcefully pushed as deep into her as I could go. She was writhing beneath me, gasping for air, bathing my cock in her woman juice. She reached a second orgasm, this time she announced her love for me as she came over and over saying, "OH GAWD DAMN DAVID, HOW DO YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD?

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH," she said as her body kept stiff and her wetness kept my cock, balls, and pelvis soaked. I just stared into her eyes as she was rolling through orgasm number 3 right into number 4.

As I leaned down to kiss Ronda, I heard Dave announce his own orgasm into his gorgeous wife. I turned my head to see him thrust as deep into her as he could possibly get. As he began to return from his orgasmic peak, my wife pulled his cock out of Marsha and began to clean him up before diving face first into Marsha's pussy to suck the cum out of her. I just smiled and kept my rhythmic thrusting into Ronda.

She rolled through orgasm number 5 just saying repeatedly, "OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME," in between gulps of air. Finally, I felt that amazing twinge. I let her know that I was about to cum. She told me to put it deep into her. I announced my orgasm, "OH FUCK ME RONDA, I'VE MISSED YOUR SWEET BODY. HERE I CUM FOR YOU," as I felt my cock swell inside of her and dumping rope after rope of my sperm into her wanton and accepting pussy.

It took several minutes for both of us to settle down and began to uncouple. I kissed Ronda. Our tongues intertwined as she gently bit my lip, the same place as Diane did earlier causing me to wince just a bit.

I rolled onto my back as Ronda snuggled up to me putting her head on my chest, circling her finger through the hair on my chest, kissing me repeatedly.

I pulled her tightly to me throwing my leg over her thigh and just laid there in a wonderful post-coitus embrace. Jill got off the other play bed, where Dave and Marsha had already fallen asleep.

She crawled into bed with Ronda and me, saying to us how sexy we looked. She whispered in my ear that she didn't allow Dave or anyone to cum in her tonight. I just smiled, here is my Jill worried about our future.

To say that taking the job as a Chauffeur changed my life, would be the understatement of the century. I loved all my women.

From my gorgeous wife to Dakota, the rest of the ladies, to this beautiful woman who was resting her head on my chest after I just came into her hard. Yes, life for me was wonderful. I felt my eyes getting heavy.

I heard Ronda deeply breathing as well as Jill. I allowed myself to drift off for what I believed to be just a few minutes. Being a chauffeur was a great choice, I thought to myself before I headed into the land of slumber. IF YOU LIKED THIS CHAPTER, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT. PART 2 WILL BE ALONG SHORTLY, SO STAY TUNED&hellip.THANKS, PABLO.