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Lecken orgasmus porno
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It was my turn next. The only thing was that I had no idea when. A week ago I 'd got back home first and had been through Cathy's things and laid out on the foot of the bed, a pair of barely black nylons, a white lace suspender belt with matching knickers and bra, a white top, black leather shortish skirt and black high heeled shoes. I was on the sofa watching TV when I heard the front door open and looked up as she walked into the room.

'Five Minutes' I said, this being the accepted trigger, and looked at my watch as she raced upstairs. The five minutes came and went without Cathy re-appearing. When she came down, showered and dressed in the chosen clothing she was a full five minutes late. I indicated that she should place herself across my knee and reaching under the sofa pulled out a leather soled slipper and hit her hard across the bottom with it.

Over the next five minutes I hit her another eleven times.

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I told her to stand up and undid the front of my trousers and indicated that she should kneel in front of me and take my throbbing cock into her mouth. Before things got out too far advanced down there, I stood up and told her to raise her skirt and touch her toes.

At my leisure, I took off my trousers and placed them over a chair back.

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They were closely followed by socks, tie and shirt. Only my underpants to conceal my modesty and not very well concealed at that! I examined the white knickers stretched so tightly over Cathy's ample 36 year old bottom and also the flushed scarlet patches where the slipper had impacted over her hitherto leather cased buttocks. I stroked her bottom cheeks and straightened her knickers before reaching under the sofa again and withdrawing a crook handled cane some 40 inches in length which I swished through the air causing her to flinch and clench her cheeks under the white knickers.

'Open your legs' I ordered, 'Wider'. 'WIDER' . 'and grasp your ankles' I hooked the cane handle into her waitband and pulled her knickers down to the middle of her thighs.

I lined the cane up across her flinching buttocks and raising my arm high brought it cracking down across her bottom which dimpled and shook like jelly on impact. I stood back and watched the angry red welt appear and listened to her heavy breathing. Two more such strokes and with the sharp intakes of breath came a slight moan.

I knew Cathy; this was not a moan of pain, it was caused by quite another emotion and this was proved by the glistening moisture which I could see between her cunt lips. She took a full dozen in this position after which her cunt lips were not only soaked; they were swollen and open! I ignored her and sat down. 'Fetch me a coffee' was my only comment. I enjoyed that coffee, but I could tell that she didn't really enjoy hers. She didn't sit down with it until I ordered her to and then I could tell it wouldn't have been her first choice!

Eventually, of course, I took her the way she likes after these episodes. hard and rough; but anyway that was a week ago. It was my turn next. A few weeks ago on another of ' Cathy's turns ' she had presented herself in front of me dressed in a 1960s schoolgirl uniform.

Dark blue pleated skirt, white knee length socks, white top with a two tone blue striped tie. I had made her stand in the middle of the room while I walked round her several times with a two tailed leather tawse in my hand. Eventually I had given her the order she was dreading. 'Hold out your left hand' Reluctantly, she had obeyed, presenting the arm at full stretch away from her body with the palm held open and facing upwards.

I stood to one side and holding the tawse in my right hand, raised it over my shoulder. She flinched and looked away as I brought it down across her palm. An instant later she was squeezing it under her right armpit and breathing hard.

I reminded her of the rules, 'That will cost you extra punishment', I intoned pleasantly, 'now hold it ouit again and this time keep it out until I tell you differently'. The second stroke caught her across the finger tips as she moved her hand at the last second and the third after a warning look from me caught her across the centre of the fingers.


Three strokes followed on the right palm, all more or less on the middle of the fleshy part of the palm. I had my eye in by this time.

Both her hands were red and swollen and when I told her to stand in the corner she went with both hands in the opposite armpit, squeezing hard. I let her stand there for ten minutes. 'Come out here' I said after this time, 'touch your toes' 'Oh no Sir, please No!' she said entering into the spirit of the 'game' 'Don't argue with me girl, TOUCH YOUR TOES!' She touched them and I took up my position behind her, picking up the cane I had taken from under the sofa first.

I placed my hand on the hem of her skirt and pulled it slowly over her back, revealing the uniform dark blue knickers worn as instructed underneath.

I lined the cane up across the centre of her bum and tapped it several times, taking careful aim, 'This is your extra punishment for moving your hand when I was strapping you' I told her. I gave her three hard strokes across her knickers and one final one across the back of her thighs which took her completely by surprise as I knew it would.

This fourth one was very hard and sounded like a pistol shot across her naked flesh. I told her to stand up and pull her skirt up and keep it there. I reached to her waist and pulled her knickers down to her knees and took a step back looking at the welts across her bum.

I slowly fondled them, before moving my hand between her thighs from the back pressing the edge of my hand beween her labia which parted easily and stickily under the slight pressure. I cupped her cunt in my palm, feeling the the soft hairless mound of her shaven haven part with my fingers' pressure.

Later, in bed we had soaked ourselves stickily with each others bodily fluids. But before I could think about doing anything like this again, it would be my turn to be on the receiving end. Cathy and I had been together for a couple of years. We had met at an exclusive club in London's West End. Well, Soho to be more precise. In this establishment, members of both sexes pay a fee (not cheap; usually over £100) to spend an afternoon being wined and dined in one of the private function rooms and then dependant on one's preference 'members' can be beaten or beat others.

Several ladies, whose preference is to be beaten, are hired to attend because there are always more chaps at these 'do's' and the dominant preference is to beat lady's bottoms.

Of course there are some ladiues who prefer to administer 'some stck' to members of their own sex or the opposite gender and there are some men who like to be on the receiving end at least SOME of the time. (I have to include myself in this group!) The only problem with such an erotic event is that no sexual activity is permitted, well at least not at the venue.

What might happen elsewhere, later is of course a matter for private negotiation and is nobody's concern except the participants!

On this particular afternoon, I had booked my visit, and had met Cathy who was one of those hired for the afternoon.

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After I had hand spanked her over my knee and over the course of the afternoon and evening, strapped and caned her bare bottom several times and then invited her to supper at my hotel afterwards, we found that our tastes were very similar.

We both liked to give and to receive and we also both liked to control situations. In the fullness of time it was natural that we should become an item and that she should move in to my place.

This evening, I came home from the office to find Cathy sitting in front of a blazing log fire, sipping a g & t.


She turned as I entered the room and said, 'Two Minutes, Darling' 'Christ', I thought, that's not nearly long enough, but I dropped my brief case and bolted for the stairs. I raced into the bedroom and at first thought there was nothing on the bed, but closer examination showed me a pair of barely black hold ups, a cock ring and a pair of handcuffs.

I was all 'fingers and thumbs as I struggled out of my suit, shirt and tie and so on, down to my skin. I was already five minutes ate by the time I got out of the shower and another two minutes had passed by the time I had dried myself and was sitting on the end of the bed, pulling the stockings on.

I realised that I should have to put the cock ring in place quickly before I developed the full and massively throbbing erection that wearing nylons always gives me. I was almost a quarter of an hour outside the alloted time when I arrived in front of the fire with my swollen cock, by now a throbbing, pounding, eight inch blood gorged pole, dark purple red in colour protruding at a forty five degree angle upwards out of my pubic forest in front of my belly.

My hands, shackled in steel handcuffs rested on my cock as I gently squeezed it in a hopeless attempt to give myself some relief! Cathy looked up at me from her armchair and then glanced at her watch.

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'You're late', she informed me, 'you will have to be punished' and so saying, she stood up and taking me by the cain between the cuffs led me over to the centre of the room. It was at this point that I noticed that into one of the four oak beams which span the sitting room ceiling, she had fixed a steel ring bolt of the type usually fixed to stable walls to tether horses to.

Pulling my arms up, she produced a short length of chain and passing it through the ring shackled it to the cuffs. I was thus standing stark bollock naked (apart from a pair of black nylon hold ups and a cock ring which was already attempting to cut off my circulation) in the middle of my own sitting room with my arms chained above my head. Cathy vanished from my view and I looked round somewhat apprehensively to see what was coming next.

I didn't have long to wait. She appeared in front of me carrying various devices which she placed on the floor. She then, very slowly unbuttoned her top, took it off and placed it on a chair.

This was followed by her dark charcoal grey business skirt, revealing that underneath this formal outerwear she was wearing an black leather basque with a plunging neckline over which her breasts were spilling. Black fishnet stockings were attached to the suspender straps. She stepped back into her black stilletto shoes, the heels of which were some four inches long.

She pulled on a pair of elbow length black silk gloves, took hold of my cock and squeezed fiurst the shaft (gently) and then the bulbous glans (hard). One of the instruments on the floor was a device resembling a black horse's tail on a black leather handle about ten inches in length. A flogger. She picked this up and walked around me several times, finally standing behind me and just to my left.

The first lash across my buttocks was almost gentle, the second was harder and the third really made me gasp. I really wanted to rub my arse but that was out of the question.

She gave me another three after which my bottom was itching with pain. She lowered her aim and lashed me twice across the backs of my thighs and then in a series of measured lashes over about a minute, from my bottom to my ankles. God! I was in agony, but I knew that it had only just started. She slammed the flogger down four times from shoulders to buttocks and the the moment I had been dreading; she came round to the front.

She whipped the fronts of my thighs, two on each side and lifted my cock with the handle of the flogger before letting it flop down again. Taking it between fingers and thumb, she manipulated it back to an erection, once again causing me the pain of interrupted circulation before brushing the flogger over it and then swinging the tips of the device with great energy across my erect member and balls.

I gasped and writhed furiously on my chain as she lined up for another one. This caught me full force across the lower belly but some stray strands lashed over my penis. She held it up with forefinger and thumb and flashed the 'tail' across my upper thighs and balls causing them to bounce and me to cry out. She lashed me twice across my nipples before dropping the fearsome thing on the carpet.

If I thought it was all over, my expectations were short lived! She reached down to the floor and picked up the cane I have already described earlier in this narrative whern I used it on her. She stood behind me, out of my line of vision, slicing it through the air. I felt the cold touch of bamboo on my naked, tortured buttocks.

Involuntarily, I tried to twitch my bottom out of the way. But of course there was nothing I could do. The first of one dozen strokes cut into my flesh right across the centre of both cheeks. The second was MUCH harder and bit into my backside about half an inch lower and drew blood as I later discovered.

The third crossed the first two downwards left to right and the fourth in the opposite direction. The pain was so intense it brought tears to my eyes and the desire to rub my bottom was beyond belief but there was nothing I could do about it then either. She aimed five and six across the back of my thighs and seven at the overhang of buttocks over thighs.

Her aim was excellent. She moved round to the front for eight and nine. The front of each thigh and ten caught me across my cock . OH MY GOD. I warned her through my pain that if she did that again, she could forget getting anything else later on and so she went round the back for the finale which consisted of two full bloodied strokes across my upper back!

By now I was writhing and bleeding from several of the strokes and all of them later raised welts and ridges where they landed.

She appeared in front of me again but this time dropped to her knees after unfastening the crotch strap on the basque and pulling down the top so that her breasts could escape from the containing leather.

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With infinite care and gentleness, she took hold of my rapidly re-stiffening cock and with her silk clad hands lifted it up to her lips. She took the whole erection into her mouth and fondled my balls. Her teeth rasped against the sensitive glans and the tip of her tongue circled round and inside the single eye. She stood up and pulled the garment away from her cunt and guided my cock towards it, rubbing the head against the soaking wet organ.

With finger and thumb, having first deposited some saliva on my aching member, she worked the cock ring round and round and gradually eased it along the shaft until it dropped off onto the carpet.

She pushed herself towards me so that the head of my penis slid just inside the lips of her vagina and then reached down and grasping the shaft stirred it round and round inside the soft, wet, pink flesh folds.

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Back on her knees again, she took it once moren into her mouth and looking up at me, from time to time, but mainly concentrating on wanking my cock up and down, slowly at first but with increasing urgency with her tongue rubbing and licking over that part inside her mouth, gently biting the end and squeezing my balls with her free hand until she felt my urgency reach the point of no return, she brought me to a shuddering climax.

Just before I spurted she opened her mouth and let me shoot in from outside so to speak. Most of it hit her tongue and the back of her throat but the first jet splashed off her right cheek and shot into her hair! The rest she swallowed. She unfastened my chain and led me gently upstairs to the bed where she had put a clean white sheet over the duvet.

So cool to lie on. She wiped the blood from the thrashing and knowing my preferences, kept the clothing on in which she had beaten me and having propped me up against several pillows, knelt over me and pushed her splayed open thighs against my face. While I lperformed cunnilingus on her she performed felatio on me in the classic soixante neuf position. I was ready to fuck her within half an hour. In fact, but we tortured ourselves with delays for another hour after which I straddled her and she clasped her thighs around my back (causing me a little discomfort as you can imagine) and slid my cock inside her cunt.

After such foreplay orgasm was fast for both of us but she was ahead of me and had one of those climaxes which occur rarely for women.

she spurted her juices over my belly . she just had time to warn me .and I just had time to pull out so for the second time that evening she had a jets of cum splashing on her body.

this time over her belly and breasts. I licked her clean and she licked me! LOVELY JUBBLY!