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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Violet's Reunion Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Notes: This takes place during Chapter 52. Tuesday, November 26th, 2015 Cindy Mayflower The Mansion, South Hill <p>Things were hectic in the mansion.

Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, carrying documents and plans to and from the Matmown in the basement where my Lord and Lady had been ensconced since they had woken up. They were planning the invasion of England. The Legion would need a toehold on the island nation to launch the offensive into the Western Europe and defeat the demon Astarte.

I was also stressed, and I only had my wedding to plan. The happy day where Violet and would be joined was only a week away. It seemed almost selfish to be planning such a happy occasion while most of the world were under the oppression of the demons, but you had to keep living even if the world seemed to be ending.

Life was precious. So many of those that lived in the mansion had died the last year, most of them were bodyguards. But two maids were killed when demons slipped behind the lines last February in the campaign against Chemosh in South America. "Cindy," Marcy, a maid with saucy, blue eyes said, running down the hall. "There's a Deidre Matheson asking to see you." I froze. "Me?" She nodded.

I swallowed, and wondered what my future mother-in-law was doing here. As far as I knew, she hadn't made the effort to see Violet since Mark had first claimed Violet as his slut over two years ago. "What does that bitch want?" I demanded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Violet Matheson "No, they have to look like this!" I snapped at Tomoyo, and the Japanese maid gave a start at my sudden outburst.


I pushed her to the side and arranged all the beautiful plates, cups, and utensils just right. "Like this." "Sorry, miss," quailed Tomoyo. Lillian snickered. "What bee's crawled up your cunt, Violet?" I froze, then blushed. "Oh, Gods, I'm sorry, Tomoyo.

I didn't mean to snap. I can't believe it, I'm turning into bridezilla." "A bit," Lillian said, holding her fingers apart. She sat on one of the tables, naked, her black hair done up in pigtails like me, but her hair was pure black. She had stopped highlighting her hair with blue and purple streaks after Lucifer's light beams had dissolved one of her pigtails while she cowered on the ground. A half-inch closer and she'd be hanging out with Chasity and the other ghosts in Hell.

That had been the scariest day of my life. But Master and Mistress had proven just how amazing they were by outwitting the greatest demon alive—Lucifer. The very entity they had made their Pact with. Of course, we weren't supposed to talk about their Pact, but all the sluts knew the truth.


April's Gospel sanitized any mention of the truth behind Master's and Mistress's abilities. Not even Cindy knew. She would though. Once we were married, she'd become a the newest slut, elevated to that august position, and privy to all the secrets. She was eagerly awaiting that day. And so was I. On our wedding night, Master had already promised that he and Mistress would spend it with us, fucking us the whole night through. "Violet!" I whirled and smile to see my lovely bride-to-be briskly walking to me in her maid's outfit.

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She was twenty now, but would forever look like immature and eighteen, never aging like the rest of us thanks to the Zimmah bond. "What?" I smiled, holding out my arms and sweeping my fiancee up into my embrace and kissing her cute face. My tongue ran across her braces—not needed, but Master loved them—as her hands slid down and squeezed my ass. "No, wait!" she gasped, pushing away. "We need to talk." "Oh, about what?" "In private." "Oh, we don't need privacy for that," I giggled.

"I'm sure Tomoyo and Lillian won't mind watching us fuck like two cute minxes." "Nope!" Lillian giggled. "I would enjoy that," Tomoyo added. "It's not that. Just c'mon, Violet." I let my cute fiancee drag me out of the dining hall where our wedding reception would be held.

It was the largest hall in the mansion, used for important events. It was going to be a grand affair. High Priestess Rose was officiating, Master and Mistress would bless us, and Bishop Kevin Mattock's stable of sexy girls would be the entertainment with his wife, Jessie, as the centerpiece.

"So what is it?" I asked, stroking her blonde tresses. She took a deep breath. "Your mother is here." I went cold. "No. She can't be here." Cindy grabbed my hand and brought it up to her lips, kissing my knuckles.

"She spoke to me.

And she wants to apologize for what's she did to you." "It's a trick," I gasped. "She wants to put me in the room again!" "Shh, my love. We're in the mansion. The heart of the Theocracy's power. What could your mother possibly do to you here?

You're one of the Holy Sluts. Only the Living Gods wield more power than you." "I am a Holy Slut," I whispered. I took a deep breath. I had witnessed the Miracle. I had been with Master during Brandon's treacherous attack, and I had survived Armageddon in Bradley Park. I had survived the best the Devil could throw at Master. I could handle my mother.

Right? Oh, why couldn't I have Alison's heedless courage? "You don't have to see the bitch," Cindy hissed. "It's your choice." My mother had been horrible, particularly after she caught me naked in bed with Summer, my mouth licking my girlfriend's pussy, her mouth licking mine. That day had been terrible, but there were times, many of them, where she had been a loving mother to me. "Okay," I whispered. "You'll be there, right?" "Of course. I'll make sure she won't hurt you." I smiled, and kissed my fiancee.

Mother awaited us in our bedroom. I was trembling when we reached our apartments. A pair of bodyguards stood outside my door—they were everywhere in the mansion these days—and that reassured me. The bodyguards would die to protect me.

She stiffly sat on a chair, staring down at her hands clutched on her lap. She looked up, hope blossoming in her face framed by brown, shoulder-length hair. We looked a lot alike, though her nose was a little bigger. She dressed the same as always—conservatively.

That was surprising. Had she missed Master's conditioning somehow? Was she one of the Denialist that had fled to the countryside to live in communes free of technology and Master's commands? If the war wasn't going on, Master would not have tolerated those compounds existence for so long. "Violet," she said. "I.It's good to see you." "It's good to see me?" I shrieked, surprised at the sudden anger that rose inside me.

This was the woman that locked me in the room with all the heat lamps to try and sweat the homosexuality out of me. "That's all you have to say?" She flinched, shrinking in the chair like a scared, lost child. How had I ever been afraid of this woman?

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"I just.wanted to wish you happiness on your upcoming nuptials," she whispered. My jaw dropped. "You want to wish me happiness for marrying Cindy? You do know she's a woman, right?


I thought you hated lesbians?" "I.I don't hate you," she said. "I just want to be your mother again. I love you, Violet." "So you locked me in that room? That's how you show me your love?" Her face broke; a sob escaped her lips, and tears gushed from her eyes. "I'm so sorry, baby-girl. I was confused. I thought I was helping you be normal." "I was normal. What you did was abnormal." She nodded.

"It was. I'd do anything to make it right." She fell to her knees on the floor. "I've been living with regret ever since you went with him. This is all my fault. I didn't love you right. I let my own prejudices twist my love into something hateful." "You'll do anything?" "Yes." I grabbed my fiancee, pulling her towards my kneeling mother.

Then I lifted her maid's skirt. Her pussy was bare, no maid wore panties, and I ran a finger through her shaved lips; Cindy moaned in delight. "I love to eat this pussy, Mother," I said. My mother looked at the floor, her face reddening. "Look at it, Mother!" She flinched and hesitantly looked up. "That's it, Mother. Stare at her pussy. Isn't it beautiful? So tight," I stroked along her girlish slit, her labia didn't peak out at all.

"And look at her little clitoris. Isn't that cute." "It's a pussy," Mother said. "And they weren't meant to be displayed like this." "Breathe in deeply," I said, ignoring her comments. "You can smell her arousal.

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I love that musk. I love to bury my face in there and breathe in deeply before I lick her pussy until she cums." "I understand," Mother sighed.

"I accept that your a lesbian. I don't care about that. I just want to be your mother again. I just.I just want your forgiveness." "You think it will come easy!" I demanded. "If you want my forgiveness, then show that you accept my bisexuality! Because I love cock just as much as cunt, mother!" "I do accept it.

Cindy is a lovely girl. I'll call her my daughter and be happy for the two of you." "That's not good enough!

Lick her pussy, Mother." She blinked up at me, her face twisting with revulsion. "See!" I accused. "You're disgusted by it!" "I." she swallowed, then looked up at Cindy's pussy. "I've never done that." "Start licking or get out!" She swallowed, took a deep breath, then gingerly stuck her tongue out and took a brief swipe, just grazing Cindy's pussy.

She blanched. Anger seized me, and I grabbed her head and shoved her face into my fiancee's cunt. "Lick it! Make her cum!" Cindy gasped. "Oh, yes! Just like that! Don't be shy! Really work that tongue inside me." "Eat my fiancee," I purred. "Just like that. Be a good, lesbo mother!" I held my mother's head tight as I leaned in and kissed Cindy. Our tongues danced; a moan built in Cindy's throat, muffled by my lips.

Cindy's kiss grew more direct, more forceful, as her lust built. Her hips shook, and then she was writhing on my mother's lips. I broke the kiss. "That's it! Eat that pussy, Mother! Love her!" "Oh, fuck! She's learning fast! Wiggle that tongue deep inside me! Oh, yes!" "Make my fiancee cum, Mother!" I moaned. "Be a good, lesbian whore and worship her cunt!

Drink her juices! Learn to savor them. You're going to be licking a lot pussies!" "Oh, yes! That's it Mrs. Matheson! Tongue my twat! Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum! Hell, yeah! I'm gonna cum all over that juicy, sexy mouth of yours!" "Cum!" I purred into Cindy's ears.

"Flood her mouth. Make that lesbian-hating whore into a real dyke!" "Yes! Drink it! Drink it all down, Mrs. Matheson!" Cindy threw back her head, blonde hair flying about, and shuddered on my mom's face.

I held her, feeling my fiancee's muscles tremble as she came hard.

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She was so beautiful. Cindy gave one last shudder, then stumbled back, panting hard. Mother looked dazed, her face smeared with whitish juices. Her tongue licked out, gathering a smear. "Did you like that?" I asked. "No," she answered.

"But I hope it proves that I'm changing." I sat on the chair, and spread my legs. She could see right up the short skirt I wore to my bare twat. I crooked a finger at her. Mother's eyes widened and she stared at my pussy in horror, shaking her head. "You're my daughter!" "I know," Violet purred.

"Mistress loves fucking her mother, and Master and his mother are so sexy together, so I bet having your tongue my pussy will be heavenly. Besides, Cindy will return the favor." "I will," my fiancee purred, stroking my mother's head. "I'll tongue your little snatch and put a huge smile on your stuck up face." "Either lick my pussy, or get the fuck out!" I shouted. "It's wrong!" "Not any longer. The Gods have declared incest to be perfectly natural." "Go and lick her pussy like the good, little lesbian whore you are," Cindy purred, planting her foot on my mother's ass and pushing her towards me.

Mother crawled slowly, a look of shock on her face. Cindy kicked her ass lightly, nudging her to go faster. She reached the chair; her hands rested on my knees and electricity shot through me. My pussy ached to be licked; I grabbed her brown hair and pulled her face right against my twat. "Eat me, Mother!" Her tongue dug through my slit. "Oh, yes!" I moaned as her tongue licked through my petals and flicked my clit, sparks pulsing through me. "That's it.

Be my lesbian whore!" Cindy knelt down, hiking up her skirt and pulling down her panties. "Umm, what a great ass you have Mrs.

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Matheson." My mother gasped into my pussy as Cindy tongued her ass. My mother's tongue wiggled deep inside me, moving wildly as my fiancee worshiped her asshole.

Cindy's hand move, pumping fingers in and out of my mother's twat. She copied; my hips twitched as two of Mother's fingers penetrated my sopping pussy, burying deep inside me. She pumped them in and out, her tongue working on my clit, building the pressure inside me. "Oh, yes, Mother!

Eat me! Make me cum!" She moaned into my pussy, fingers pumping faster. Cindy's blue eyes flashed at me above my mother's ass, full of naughty mirth. I humped my pussy into my mother's licking mouth. So wonderful. I was going to cum pretty fast. "That's it! Just keep eating me! I love it! We could have been doing this for years, Mother! Every night we could have shared a bed and licked each other to heaven!" My pleasure built and built, worked by Mother's tongue.

I gave a loud shriek, pulling her face deep into my twat, and came. It was stupendous. Pleasure radiated out through me, spurred on my delightful mother's tongue. "Yes, yes!" I gasped. "You loved me so well, Mother! You're a dirty, lesbian slut now!" My mother moaned like a banshee into my cunt as she bucked back against Cindy's mouth and fingers. I savored her gasps and groans into my pussy as my mother came. Her tonguing slowed as she was overwhelmed by her first, lesbian cum. I let go of her hair and Cindy stopped tonguing her ass.

Mother sat on her knees, looking up at me, smeared with even more pussy juices. "I am so sorry, Violet," she cried. "I was a terrible mother." "I know," I told her, and leaned down and hugged her. "I forgive you." "Really?" she asked. "We can be a family again?" I pulled away. "I don't know." I said. "Today was a start, but you really hurt me, Mother." She nodded her head.

"Thank you for forgiving me." I stroked her face. "Well, I've mostly forgiven you." I stood up and took her hand, leading her to the door. I opened it and looked at the bodyguards on duty, reading the numbers engraved on their chokers.

"213, take my mother to the barracks. She's to pleasure every bodyguard that wants to use her." "Yes, miss," 213 saluted. "What?" Mother asked. "I want to make sure you've learned to accept homosexuality," I told her. "So spend a week in the barracks. At my wedding, I want you to be ready to show any woman just how much you love pussy." 213 grabbed my mother's arm with a tight grip. My mother slumped her shoulders and let herself be taken.

Cindy laughed, "She deserves more." "Yes," I nodded. "But she's my mother. And you can't help who you love." I glanced at Cindy and caressed her face. "Aww, you say the sweetest things, Violet."