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Cara walks into the apartment where I've been waiting patiently for her to get back. "Oh hey." She says as she sets her keys on the counter and walks towards our bedroom. I follow her in and we start talking as she changes out of her work clothes. "How was your day?" I ask with limited interest. I'm trying my best to mask the anger boiling inside of me. "It was horrible, I had to go through all the inventory and re-stock everything because Josh didn't do it right yesterday.

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That's why I'm so late." I knew the real reason she was late though. She had been on the phone with her boyfriend from back home. Having phone sex and talking about a future together as soon as she could get me to fuck up and give her an excuse to leave. Description on "Cara".


She is about 5'4 has blonde hair down past her shoulder a little bit and aside from that is completely hairless. Beautiful blue eyes and her tits are a B cup maybe a small C and her nipples are perfect.even though she doesn't think so. The areola's are the perfect color and her nipples are soft and puffy until she's aroused then they get nice and hard. Her body is thin and tight but not that nasty anorexic type of body and her ass is just fucking amazing.

She is, at least in my opinion, the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I have also traveled all over the world to Spain, Japan, Europe, etc. so I f eel this is a pretty bold statement but true.

Cara's phone chimes to announce she has a text message but she is pulling her shirt over her head so I glance over at it. Rage overcomes me.


"Dillon says he loves you and misses you." I say surprisingly calm. "'s not what you think." She stammers. Thousands of thoughts rush through my mind all at once including and strangely.I'm never going to get to fuck her again. Or am I? She is all of 105 lbs soaking wet which is no match at all for my 210 pounds, certainly not a match at all with my adrenaline running.

I pick her up and body slam her to the floor and decide that all the kinky things I always wanted to do but she wouldn't let me.I was about to do. Immediately Cara starts begging and whimpering but I pulled her panties off, balled them up and shoved them into her mouth.

"Shut up bitch! I'm done listening to anything coming out of your fucking mouth!" I push her face into the carpet and pull her ass up and start to lick her perfect little pussy lips and suck on them. She continues to cry as I eat her tasty pussy and finger it. I remember she would never allow anything with her cute little asshole so I decided that would be a good place to start.

I keep fingering her pussy and start to lick her tight little ass. "Oh yeah, just wait until I shove my hard cock into your little virgin ass." She starts begging through her panties but I just slap her ass as hard as I can bringing it to an instant red swell.

She cries out in pain and it makes me smile. I pull out the padded handcuffs that we keep in our nightstand and cuff her hands behind her back. Cara is still crying and too scared to move so I pull my clothes off.

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My hard 9 inches spring out as I pull my boxer briefs down and I can't wait to shove it into her pussy and ass. I smile as I ram the whole length of my hard dick into her pussy.


She squirms a bit but seems to calm down and maybe enjoy it as I start pumping my dick in and out of her tight pussy as hard as I can. "Yeah you like your pussy being fucked hard don't you? You never liked the word pussy but you could be a huge whore and let whoever you wanted into it huh?" Her face didn't change as I kept fucking her hard. Without stopping I reached up and pinched one of Cara's nipples as hard as I could.

It was strange that the abuse I was administering to the woman I used to love so much was giving me so much pleasure.

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She moaned in pain or maybe ecstasy and I slapped her ass hard again. "NO WHORE! YOU DON"T GET TO ENJOY THIS!!!" I yell then pull out of her pussy and shove my cock hard into her incredibly tight ass.

She screams again into her panties and I pull up on her cuffed hands for extra discomfort. "Fuck you bitch! This is only a sliver of the pain you have caused me." I yell at her. I pull out of her ass and go back to licking her pussy. God her pussy always tasted so good. She always kept it nice and shaved and clean. Probably had to since she had multiple cocks in it whenever she was home. I keep licking and sucking on her clit and despite her not wanting what I was giving her I noticed her body tighten then tasted her girl cum as it flowed into my mouth.

I push Cara's ass down so that her body is flat on the carpet and shove my dick back into her ass so I can continue to fuck her it hard. Soon I feel like I'm going to cum so I grab her blonde hair in both hands and pull as hard as I can while as I reach my climax.

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She's screaming and begging as I pump load after load of my hot cum into her ass. When I'm done I slap her ass one more time after I pull out of her then get an idea.

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I get a handful of my cum that is leaking out of her ass and smear it all over her face. "There you go bitch!" I say then grab my phone and start taking pictures.

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"I'll be posting these on the web you stupid slut." Ok, this is definitely not my best. But I really wanted to post my first sex story on xnxx. I do write a lot of sex stories and if I can find them on my computer somewhere I'll post them but for now here is a short crappy one to get the party started. I hope at least some of you enjoy this story.