Ravishing hottie is showing her opened soft crack in close up

Ravishing hottie is showing her opened soft crack in close up
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This is a re-edit, re-post tighted up the story a tad and tried to improve the grammar but it isn't my strong suit. This story takes place back when I was 21 and in college, I think this will be a multiple part series due to the fact that our relationship took place over the course of two years. The first chapter of this is pretty basic we go into a lot more risky sex we got into some weird shit, that and we eventually made it our goal to bang in questionable area's of the campus.

They're will be lots of public sex to come in the following chapters. The college is a pseudo military academy, its mainly lax compared to something like West Point, but students are required to wear uniforms, go to formation and have room inspections but those all all things that become nothing after a time spent there. There is a regiment and an air of discipline compared to a big state school its the gulag but in reality all of the academy's bull shit is very manageable.

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In fact the more time you spend there the more you realize the "regement" is a big fat lie. The academy is mainly filled with angry, young, white men. There are some girls there maybe less than one hundred out a twelve hundred student body. So pickings are slim but to make matters worse most of the ladies are pigs, the girls that are fuckable maybe thirty and probably only a handful of hot ones and they are on the low end of the hot scale.

So my college experience was not like most of the rest of the country. My name is Chris and the girl's name is Maura, we met under somewhat weird conditions. There is a punishment discipline system for everything from drinking and fighting, it is a dry campus, to sleeping in or being unshaven. The punishment was called extra duty here after referred to as ED. I was on ED for some minor charge probably sleeping in.

I spent a solid amount of time in the penal system at school not because I was a trouble maker bad ass tough guy, I attest it to a combination of bad luck, forgetfulness, and my care free ways. On extra duty you and a group of people luckily for me some of my friends were in it with me walk around campus and pick up litter. I looked at is as a way to get outside get some fresh sea air and have a laugh with a friend or make a new friend.

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So on this day I noticed that this girl was lingering around me she didn't have a group of her own. We made small talk and she was one of the pretty ones. Red hair, pale skin freckles, light green eyes. She was a goody two shoes who was experiencing her first time getting in trouble and was shy. She had a little weight on her but it made her tits bigger and gave her that bounce, wiggle, and shake that never hurts a girl. At the time we were all wearing the work uniform a dark blue loose fitting coveralls that took everything away from what a woman's body had to offer.

We both had ED that next day which was to be my last, we lingered behind the main group talking joking. We were obviously flirting with each other I was just too dim witted at the time to realize.

From there we began to exchange pleasantries when passing in the hall, would make idle chit chat if we saw each other either at the gym, library or in the lunch line that sorta thing. She even grew so bold as to sit with me at lunch which her being a sophomore and me a junior was against protocol each grade had its own assigned dining area, depending on which regimental ass hole was in the cafeteria could choose to enforce and embarrass who ever was not in there designated section.

Regimental dick moves like that were rare but did happen. At this time I was a fool, we had been flirting for nearly three weeks and for the most part I was unaware, I had been really fat as a kid and that had taken myself esteem down a few pegs, by my junior year was was in somewhat good shape, nothing to brag about but nothing to be ashamed of. At the time I was happy just being friends with a girl, Maura wanted more but was too shy to ask.

Enter her friend Clarissa, she would grow into a very notorious whore around campus. She has a more sexy role much later into the story, but at this time she stopped me in the hall one day and the time of year is when fall goes from cool to cold.

She stopped me in the hall and asked "When are you going to date my friend?" I had this dumb confused smile on my face all I could get out was "What?" "Maura she really likes you, ask her out." "OK" I said stupidly, "Is she in the room?" They were roommates.

"Yea." Clarissa's belligerent tone changed for the better, looking back I was a complete jack ass.I think I had gotten laid once and blown twice none were proud experiences. I went straight to her room. She must have gone to the key hole because a nervous "Just a sec" was spoken then the door opened. My heart was beating so hard it could hear it.

She was wearing her uniform top and girl work out shorts. "Do you wanna go out with me?" I said like a buffoon.

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"Sure" was her answer for a second I thought she was going to follow it up with "what ever" but her eyes were very excited. The door closed behind us on its own. I don't know what made me think to do what I did next but, I reached in to peck her on the cheek she shoved her tongue down my throat, I did my best to keep up.

Blood rushed to my dick and soon she was getting poked in the leg. Her hand shot down and started rubbing my cock. Like a corpse my hands stayed where they were one had held my books the other I was just to bewildered to use.

After seconds that felt like hours my free hand was underneath her panties and when my finger rubbed across her clit I felt this bolt of energy. Then I panicked and stopped everything.

Stuttering hard with excitement I managed to tell her I had to go to class, then I yelled "tomorrow 7pm". So tomorrow was Friday, I avoided going out of my room and took random back paths to class I felt like I shouldn't see her before the date. I was very awkward then. I felt euphoric and terrified. Like I said earlier I had a very low opinion of myself at this time, and Maura was the hottest girl by a massive degree that had ever shown interest in me.

I did what any self hating twenty one year old would do, I went to the liquor store and bought three forties. 7pm came around and I was buzzed, it helped.

I was a complete jackass asking her to drive us to dinner, I'm lucky I didn't panic though the booze helped and the dinner went great. I really started to like this girl, and I had a feeling she felt the same way about me. We found ourselves after dinner drinking by a beach. There was an awkward pause then I blurted out "Want to back to the dorms and hook up." She jumped off the hood of the car and very excitedly said yes.

My room was farther away so we went to hers. Before she got the door open my shirt was off. We shared this excited moment staring at each other as we undressed. She had me up against the door her hand hit the switch I turned it back on.

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She stopped kissing me and gave me a curious look. "I wanna be able to see you." She had a beautiful bubble butt and sold D cup and her milky smooth skin with the freckles turned me on. I started tweaking her nipples then began to suck on them, when she made the most beautiful sound a girl can make that soft moan. As my tongue played with her nipples she was jerking me off pulling up and using her saliva soaked palm to massage the tip.

My dick is a respectable six and a half seven inches on a good day rock hard, its nothing compared to those monsters you see on the internet but it does what ever its told. I rotated between nipples and her mouth my left hand held her close to me while the right played with her pussy. I got my fingers nice and wet the tips went in and out and I used my knuckle to massage her clit.

She grabbed my hand and I had a moment of panic thinking I fucked up but she moved to to her ass hole. I played around the rose bud. I shoved two fingers in her ass hole up to the first knuckle. She was furiously masturbating when she grabbed my cheeks and pinched them together.

"I want your cock in my mouth." She said with a sexy smile my cheeks still pinched. I sat down in her rolly chair and she went to town.

She started off just working the tip but soon deep throated me. I felt my dick get squeezed by her esophagus. When she came up for air a rig of mucus coated the base of my rod and she was coughing and spitting on my dick. I had never been so turned on in my life.

My cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst. Once she collected herself she went back at it just on the tip while her hands worked the balls and the base of my shaft. I felt that tinge and not wanting to blow my load it pulled her off of me. I stood her up and had her put her hands on the desk between my saliva and her juices it was a glorious sloppy mess down there.

I paid her asshole a lot of attention which she later told me drove her wild. I got her to a point she yelled make me cum. I spun her around and sat her on the chair soon she had her legs wrapped around my head. Her thighs pressed against my ears cutting out the sound of her moaning. Suddenly her legs tightened around my head so hard it hurt and she came my mouth was flooded with her cum it smelled and tasted amazing my face was covered and some of it ran on to my chest. We stood completely nude in front of each other her breasts were heaving up and down still trying to catch her breath.


My rod and balls started to ache I needed release. "Fuck me." She fell into my arms licking and kissing my chest tasting the mixture of her cum and my sweat. By this time we were both drenched in sweat and it made everything dirtier and sexier. I wanted to fuck her so bad but alas there were no condoms to be had. My dick started to deflate a little when I realized this. Her answer was that she was on the pill and "cum on me not in me." She giggled I laughed.

The beds are above the desk in the dorms. They are all one piece of creaky furniture.


She climbed the ladder ahead of me I slapped her ass as she went up. There wasn't much room up top but I positioned myself the best I could. Maura lay on her back and I got lined up. I though to myself "I can't wait to sink my dick into this bitch".

I guided it in slow and once I was all the way in held it there and just savored the moment. It didn't last long I began fucking her as hard and as fast as a could.

The bed started to creak real loud the harder I went it became a crashing. I tried to ignore the sound but it was loud, real loud. At school technically we were violating some law of fraternization or some such nonsense. More than that I really didn't need who ever was on watch to know what was going on and come a knocking.

I pulled out, "get down" "huh?" "were too loud get down." I crawled off her and she was severely puzzled until she got down next to me. I grabbed the mattress and threw it on the floor. She began to laugh, I took her kissed her and to her surprise pushed her down on the bed. I was on top of her in no time. I was railing so hard the mattress was skidding along the tiles. I had her left leg held up and out and I fucked like a wild man.

At this point it wasn't even about her anymore. I got into the powerful rhythm I glanced up at her face it switched between agony and ecstasy. It finally hit, the sneezy feeling and not a moment too soon.

I Pulled out and shot my load all over her inner thigh and pubis. I grunted like a neanderthal fell on top of her. Between all the sweat, cum, and saliva were were wondrously sticky. I kissed her neck a few times then nibbled on her ear before I rolled off of her. Laying face down, the mattress wasn't very big so some of me lay on the floor, our legs were still intertwined my right laying between hers.

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I passed out shortly here after I remember her kissing me on the forehead but that is it. So how was it? There is much more story to tell, if you guys like it and review it highly I'll keep going.