Gay twink shaved juicy bubble butt movie first time As Anthony was

Gay twink shaved juicy bubble butt movie first time As Anthony was
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I was thinking about some fun me and my pals had last Sunday evening at the park. Pete and Sam had gone back to the car to fetch some baseball bats and rope.

It was getting late, dusk would be arriving shortly, and people had started to clear out of the park, so we figured this would be a good time to get ready. We would pick out some immigrant straggler, chase them into the backwoods and beat the crap out of them. Call it our Sunday evening entertainment, boys night out, whatever. My job was to wait on the park bench and scope out potential victims.

Actually I had my eyes closed and was daydreaming about screwing my girlfriend. I was feeling really horny. Unfortunately, she was off on a two week vacation with her husband and kids, probably getting banged by her husband every night.

My dreams were rudely interrupted by a voice. "Excuse me sir." The voice had a funny accent. I opened my eyes. I saw: a bare belly button, brown. Nice tummy. My eyes drifted upward. Compact tits covered by foreign clothing. Looking further up I saw a smiling brown face; Indian bitch, maybe 18, 19, 20 years old. I was just about to tell her to fuck off when she asked, "Could you tell us the way to the exit? We're a bit confused." We?

I turned my head slightly; another bare brown belly button with more padding on the tummy. Looking up I noticed this one had bigger knockers and a red dot on the forehead. The face looked older, maybe 35-40 yrs old.

Hmmm. Mother and daughter? On the other side of the path, just behind them, a sign said "Exit" and pointed west into the setting sun. I smiled, thought a bit, realized that tonight's entertainment had just arrived and helpfully told her, "Sure. Fastest way out of the park is due east along that path." I pointed behind me to a rarely used trail that ended, after a 20 minute walk, in a ravine with no exit.

Then I added, "It twists and turns a bit but it's the fastest route to where you're going." This was the absolute truth given that my idea of where they were going was right into our clutches.

"Thank you sir." They both headed directly for the old trail. Luckily they didn't look back or they would have seen the official Exit sign. The younger one wore green with gold trimmings.

The older one wore blue with silver trimmings. As an added bonus I noticed that both wore a number of bangles on their arms. Gold maybe? I mused on the price of gold as I called Pete and Sam on my cell phone.

"Hey Pete you guys better get a move on, there's a perfect pair heading toward the ravine." Pete replied, "Hi John. We're almost back. Whatcha got? Couple old Jap men? Arabs?" "Better, a curry mom and daughter. They're even wearing those things, you know, Sars or Sarahs or something." I said.

Pete said, "Sars is a disease, Sarah is a name. You probably mean saris. Are we going to beat the shit out of them?" I rolled my eyes. Pete was a good pal but not too smart. I explained, "These two are for fucking." "Oh, I get you. Uh…what if they don't want to fuck?" "I hadn't planned to ask their permission. They're getting fucked whether they like it or not. That's why you're bringing the baseball bats and rope, remember?" That's about when Pete and Sam came around the corner.

So we all headed off down the trail after our prey. What with the sun going down and the trail leading through a thickly forested area, the light was getting quite dim.


Lack of light wasn't going to be a problem though. Our equipment included a couple of heavy duty lanterns. We kept quiet and stayed about 50 yards behind our prey. They were chattering in some foreign language so we could always tell exactly where they were.

No danger of bumping into them before they got to the clearing at the ravine. I was so horny I was having trouble walking. When we reached the clearing, our prey was busily inspecting the steep rock walls of the ravine trying to find the non-existent exit. We needed to catch them before they had a chance to scream; no sense letting them sound an alarm.

We didn't want any pesky cops ruining our fun. I headed left around the clearing keeping in the shadows, stalking the younger woman. Pete and Sam crept through the trees in the other direction intent on overpowering the older woman. The clearing was quite small so it only took a few seconds. When I was just behind the unsuspecting young woman I glanced over to make sure Sam and Pete were close to the older woman.

They were not more than 3 yards from her so I made my move. I clamped my hand over the girl's mouth, slammed her against the rock wall and twisted one of her arms behind her back. She only managed to make one loud "Mmmf" sound. I had her pressed so hard against the rock that she couldn't even squirm. She was between a rock and a hard place the hard place being my hard cock straining against my jeans and pressed up against her.

Her "Mmmf" made the mother turn around suddenly but Sam and Pete were on her before she could cry out. They knocked her to the ground landing on top of her and knocking the wind out of her.

I hauled my prey over and flung her to the ground beside the other woman. Both of them looked up in shock and fear at the three men standing over them with baseball bats. The older one managed to gasp, "What do you want? Please don't hurt us." The younger one added, "You can have all our money, here, take it." She held out her purse to me.

Of course I took the purse. Before the evening was over I intended to relieve her of her gold bangles as well as something much more personal.

Sam yanked the older woman's purse out of her hand and dumped the contents on the ground. The usual purse junk. Looking through the purses we found a lousy $35.

The driver's licences said the old bitch was Chandra (38) and the young bitch was Indra (19). Same last name: Patel. Same address. Yep, mother and daughter. My cock kept telling me that it wanted Indra but I figured she could be dessert. Chandra had the bigger tits so we would fuck her first. Hauling Indra to her feet, I stuffed a wad of her sari into her mouth so she wouldn't make too much noise.

We tied her long braided hair to a heavy tree branch above her head and then tied her arms to a couple saplings on either side. She was spread-eagled standing up, her toes not touching the ground. Her breasts and bare tummy heaved in fear and panic; cute tummy. Just for fun I whacked Indra's ass hard with my bat, it bounced off her ass very nicely. She said, "Mmmf" again. She would enjoy watching as we banged Chandra. Chandra knelt on the ground staring wide-eyed at our bats.

She was mumbling, "Please, no, please." Pete took a fistful of Chandra's mid-length hair and pulled her to her feet for our inspection. Her blue sari seemed to just wrap around her.

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I'd never looked closely at a sari before. It looked real easy to remove. Probably wouldn't even have to rip the material. She was wearing some kind of close fitting yellow blouse that came down to just above her belly button. Indra wore a similar yellow blouse. I asked Chandra what it was called. She gulped and said, "Choli" before adding in a trembling voice, "Please, let us go.


Please." The three of us ran our eyes up and down Chandra's body. Full tits, full lips; not skinny, her belly was a bit fleshy. It was getting dark so we turned on the lanterns and aimed their bright light beams at our prize.

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I said, "Strip". She said, "NO!" Pete whacked her in the stomach with his bat. She folded up and knelt on the ground looking sick. Pete hauled her back to her feet. I repeated, "Drop your clothes, bitch." Warily eyeing Pete's bat she pleaded, "Please. Please don't do this. Let us go." Pete's arm went back as if to swing the bat again. Chandra gulped loudly and started fumbling with her sari at the shoulder.

Her hands were shaking to hard so I kindly helped by grabbing the cloth at her shoulder and yanking it so hard I could hear it tear. Whatever had been holding it in place was history. The sari started sliding to the ground. Bit of a disappointment. The choli still hid her body from the belly button up. A black sheer slip covered her body from the waist to her knees. Easy to fix. Sam grabbed the back of the slip and ripped it off. Nice. Her brown legs were in great shape no flab.

Her skin shone in the light of our lanterns. Black lacy panties still covered her ass and pussy. Her hands nervously tried to cover what they could. My cock ached so much I pulled my jeans off so Chandra could see my stiff ramrod. She expressed her pleasure by once again saying in a quavering voice, "No.

Please no. Don't do this. Please." Her attention was diverted by the sound of two more zippers as Sam and Pete dropped their pants also. Their cocks made it clear that Chandra's pleas were falling on deaf ears. Pete seized the front of her tight, yellow choli and tore it down the front so it hung in two halves from her shoulders.

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Her two ripe brown melons swayed. No bra. Her hands moved to hide her tits but not very successfully. I figured it was my turn now so I stuck my fingers in the top of her panties and ripped them off revealing a bushy brown pussy. Nice ass too. As she tried to cover her pussy I slapped her ass. It jiggled nicely. One hand covered her pussy. One hand vainly tried to cover her tits. That didn't last long.

Sam and Pete each seized one arm and held them away from her body so we could get a proper look at her hairy pussy and bouncy breasts with the large brown areolas. Sam and Pete forced Chandra to her knees while I inserted my hot rod between her brown melons. I hadn't had a good tit fuck in a long time so I started sliding my hard cock between her tits up and down until the leakage made her tits sticky.

Then I told her to open her mouth. She didn't. Pete backhanded her across the face. Her mouth opened. I jammed my juicy cock into her mouth, held her head firmly and proceeded to fuck her mouth fast and hard. I didn't care if she sucked or not. I was in and she had no say in the matter.

The feel of my balls slapping her chin each time I thrust made me even hotter. Since I was already so cranked up, I shot my load into her throat in less than a minute. As I pulled out of her mouth some drops of milky white cum splattered on her brown breasts.

She made some gagging sounds. I hoped Indra had a good view. I sat down on a log to rest my pecker before trying out Indra. Sam shoved Chandra forward so she landed on all fours. Nice doggy.

Pete held her in position as Sam slapped her ass a few times. He obviously liked the way her ass jiggled.


Personally I thought a bat striking her ass would have been more fun or maybe a bat sticking up her ass. But this was Sam's turn. He could do it any way he wanted. I adjusted the lanterns so that Indra could get a better view of how we used her mom.

Kneeling behind her, Sam pushed Chandra's legs apart, took his stiff ramrod and started rubbing it up and down her ass before finally stopping at the waiting hole and pushing. He has a big cock so it took a fair bit of pushing before he was able to get all the way into her ass. Chandra made some mewling sounds. You'd almost think she didn't appreciate getting a proper ass fuck from a white cock. To get a proper grip while fucking her ass, Sam took one tit in each hand and squeezed her hard.

He squeezed each time he rammed his rod forward. Chandra gasped each time he rammed his rod into her ass.

Tears squeezed from her eyes. A steady stream of begging sounds came from her mouth. At one point it looked like Sam was trying to milk her like a cow while fucking her ass. When he yelled like a bull I knew her ass was full of his juice. He slowed down and pulled out looking very satisfied. Pete flipped Chandra over, pushed her legs apart and squatted between them intending to sample her curry pussy.

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Sam held her arms down while resting his wet cock on her face. I watched Pete slowly push his pecker into Chandra's hairy pussy.

When fully inserted, Pete turned his attention to her boobs. He kneaded them like he was making dough. I was sure that would leave bruises. I thought a bat would leave bigger bruises but if Pete wanted to pinch and pull her tits instead of simply whacking them with a bat that was his choice.

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I didn't really care. When he finished kneading and bruising her tits, Pete started some serious pumping ramming her cunt with great force. That made her tits swing in a circular motion. Nice to watch. Too bad her mewling sounds were getting louder.

Each time he rammed into her she made a grunting sound, cried out and seemed to beg him to stop. He ignored the begging of course and rammed for all he was worth. That Indian cunt was not going to forget the feel of a hard white cock for a long time to come. Chandra's face was wet. I wasn't sure if that was from tears or having Sam's wet cock resting on her face. I swear Pete rammed and slammed into her for 10 minutes without stop. How he does it I don't know.

Myself I prefer a simple wham bam thank you ma'am. When Pete pulled out, Chandra just lay on the ground, sobbing, chest heaving. I kicked her ass a couple times and told her to shut up. Before binding her arms to the nearest tree so we could turn our attention to Indra, I pulled the bracelets off her arms.

Six bracelets and they all looked like gold. Indra still dangled between the two saplings, her braided hair still tied to the branch overhead.

Her were wide and she was shaking like a leaf. I tried to untie her braid from the branch but it was knotted. I took out my knife and cut off the braid instead. That allowed her body to droop forward between the saplings.

I cut the ropes on her arms also. Her feet touched the ground. She tried to run only to be tripped by Sam. She landed face down on the ground. Sam hauled her to her feet and we turned the bright lanterns on our dessert. Cute face. Compact tits.

Sam's cock was hard again. Pete's was starting to stiffen again. Mine was still limp so I sat back down to watch the show.

Sam grabbed her green, silky sari and yanked on it causing her to spin around as he unravelled the material from her soft, brown skin.

The strip tease was very brief. The sari material fell to the ground leaving Indra in her tight yellow choli and white cotton panties. Her legs shook. Pete ripped the choli off revealing a pair of modest brown tits with pointy nipples. The nipples were hard, probably because the night air was getting cold. Her two hands tried to cover her tits, at least, until Sam tore her panties off at which time she copied her mother by trying to cover her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other.

Pete slapped her hands away so we could have a better look. The pussy had only a modest thatch of hair. Her ass was slim, not bouncy like her mom's. Her face looked decidedly sick. I thought she might faint but I was wrong. Sam picked her up and forced himself between her legs; the rest of her almost fell backwards but for Pete's support. Sam turned her so Chandra could get a proper view and proceeded to thrust his cock into Indra's cunt hole.

Pete ordered her to wrap her legs around Sam's waist so that Sam could push easier. Sam supported her by holding her ass cheeks and squeezing while he rammed his cock forward and then back again. His head bent down to suck her pointy tits; kind of awkward but he managed. This time Sam managed a full five minutes of thrusting before he finally exploded into the bitch's cunt.

She screeched continually until Pete slapped her face hard. That's when Chandra started her loud sobbing again. A good swift kick from my foot convinced her to shut up. When Sam pulled out I eagerly watched for blood to leak out of her Indra's pussy.

No blood not a virgin. Pete made her lay on the ground, squatted on her chest and stuck his cock into her tits. He tried to shove her small, hard nipples into the opening of his cock. Don't know if it worked but he seemed to be making quite a dent in the tits. Pushing into her tits caused her breasts to fold slightly around his cock. Fucking her tits this way for several minutes left her nipples covered in his leftover cum.

Pete stood up, seized her tits and pulled her to her knees so that he could jam his cock into her mouth. Her tits did quite a stretch when he pulled on them. He turned his and Indra's body to that Chandra could enjoy the view and proceeded to rapid fuck her mouth with powerful thrusts.

She was obviously gagging but Pete didn't seem to notice. Finally Pete let out a loud sigh.

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Whatever he had left after fucking Chandra now squirted into Indra's mouth. He withdrew letting us listen to Indra's choking and gagging sounds. Luckily she didn't puke because that would have been a turn off for me. It was my turn now. I looked down. My cock was halfway between limp and semi-limp.

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Not good. I forced Indra's mouth open again, fed her mouth with my cock and ordered her to suck. I had to hit her head against a tree a couple of times before she started sucking. A few good sucks got my cock hard again and it was about time. It was getting late and I was getting cold! When my cock was sufficiently hard I pulled out, pushed her to the ground, climbed on top and felt for her young pussy with my fingers.

Forcing her pussy lips open I stuck my hard cock in and jammed it as far in as I could. Her pussy was nice and hot. Slippery from Pete's cum. This was going to be an old fashioned pussy fuck, nothing fancy for me. One thrust, two thrusts, three, four. I got all the way to five thrusts, maybe ten seconds in all.

My cock exploded as my fertile juices shot into her immigrant pussy. All done, I got up, wiped my cock on her belly, gave her a kick in the ass and told Sam and Pete to tie her up again. They tied her up with her face jammed into her mom's pussy. Her mom's face was jammed into her pussy. We left them tied and naked enjoying the smell of each other's pussy leaking white man cum.

Just another fun Sunday at the park.