Schlampige latina bbw deepthroats bbc

Schlampige latina bbw deepthroats bbc
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Fbailey story number 558 Her Boyfriend Raped Her One Friday night Cindy came running into the house crying, she pushed me out of her way, and rushed up to the bathroom. Mom and Dad have their own bathroom and we share one that connects to both our bedrooms. Needless to say I went right up to my bedroom and walked through the bathroom like I always do. Cindy was standing in the shower with all of her clothes on crying and leaning against the shower wall.

I removed my clothes except for my underpants and got in with her. She hugged me tight to her body and just cried. I adjusted the water to a nice pleasant warmth and held her firmly. I had never held her like that before and she had certainly never let me.

She did not even mind my one hand on her ass cheek. I was prepared to tell her that the shower faucets prevented me from holding her higher, but she never objected. I rubbed her upper back and her lower butt until Cindy calmed down enough to say, "Ted raped me tonight." I was going to say something but I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just held her tighter and listened.

Cindy said, "We were making out when he tried to go further and I said no. I think I got him too excited because he couldn't stop.

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My jeans and panties were around my ankles while he ate my pussy, then I was trapped. I couldn't get away and I couldn't fend him off. He shoved his cock into me hard and it hurt. I was not wet enough inside yet and he dry fucked me. My hymen had been broken years ago and I had used one of Mom's dildos a lot lately but he still raped me. Technically I was a virgin until that.

I feel so dirty and his cum is still in me." I said, "We need to tell the police." Cindy said, "I can't do that, he's my boyfriend." I said, "Then I can.

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Leave your clothes on and stay right here. I'll be right back." I called 911 and reported the rape. I bundled Cindy up in two of my blankets and took her down to the living room. Then I called Mom at work and asked her to come home immediately. The police had Cindy taken to the hospital, Mom and I went to be with her, and Ted was arrested. He was eighteen years old and an adult in our state but Cindy was still under seventeen the age of legal consent in our state.

After several hours of staying in the hospital, being poked at, and questioned, we were finally allowed to take Cindy home. She was much calmer when we got there.

I help her take a real shower and neither one of us were wearing anything. Mom had given her a bottle of douche to use first but Cindy didn't feel clean inside. She allowed me to poke my fingers around in there to check. It sure felt clean to me.

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I certainly was not the only one that got to poke around in there that night. Cindy seemed to loose her modesty around me.


After our shower she was sure that she was still dirty down there so I put her on her bed and went down on her. At fourteen I had never tasted a girl, but somehow I just knew that Cindy tasted perfect.

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She begged me not to stop so I kept eating her pussy. I could not believe that I gave her an orgasm, she couldn't believe it either. Apparently Ted had never eaten her well enough to give her one. She admitted to giving him several blowjobs to keep him sort of satisfied in the past. After her second orgasm she offered me a blowjob as my reward.

I got up and she got a good look at my hard cock. That was when she asked if I would make love to her. I hesitated to answer her so she said that she did not want Ted to be the last guy to cum inside her. He would always be the first, but he didn't have to be the last one if I was willing. I was willing.

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I lay between her legs and she pulled my cock into her love hole. We made love that night until just before the sun came up. It was so romantic.

We could not do enough to please the other. When I cum inside her Cindy just smiled and thanked me. I slept in her bed that night. We spooned all night long with me in the front and her with her back up against the wall, her tits pressed into my back, and her hand on my cock. Mom found us like that in the morning. Cindy's door was locked but mine was not. She leaned down and kissed me.

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I opened my eyes and she whispered that she was proud of me to comfort my sister and make her feel protected. Little did she know. After Mom left Cindy whispered, "Want to protect me again?" We made love that morning and then went down to Mom.

She made us breakfast and asked us what we were up to for the day. Cindy said, "Mom we made love last night and again this morning. Last night was to get Ted's image out of my head but this morning was because I enjoyed it so much. I hope you don't mind if he keeps sleeping in my bed." Mom caught us both off guard when she asked, "Can I borrow him once in a while?

I could use some of his comfort and protection too." Cindy smiled and asked, "Have you ever heard of a threesome?" Mom spit out some of her coffee and replied, "Why yes I have, your father and I had a few with his secretary until the bastard fell in love with her and left me." Cindy said, "Well, he already loves us both and I don't think he will leave us until college." Mom asked, "Can we have a threesome today?

I really do need that comforting." They both looked at me so I took their hands and walked them up to my bedroom. Mom stopped us at her bedroom door and explained that her bed was bigger than mine.

I took them inside. I undressed myself first, and then Cindy followed by Mom. Mom was twenty when Cindy was born making her thirty-seven years old. She was still very pretty and she had a rather nice body for a woman her age. Her breasts were bigger than Cindy's, her tummy was rounder, and her pussy was meatier. I got Mom up on the bed and started licking her pussy.

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She was wet. Our conversation had gotten her very excited. I gave her an orgasm then entered her with my cock.

Mom cooed and then kissed Cindy. As I fucked Mom she made love to my sister. They kissed, they played with each other's breasts, and Mom masturbated Cindy as I pumped cum into her.

I sat back and watched as Mom dove into Cindy's treasure and licked her to two orgasms. Cindy sucked me hard and then she pulled me right into her pussy, pushing Mom out of the way in the process. Mom watched as Cindy and I made love. It was romantic, it was passionate, and it was pure love. Our excess love generated an orgasm in Cindy, a climax in me, and tears in our mother's eyes. Mom told Cindy and I that she had never been loved like that, in all of her years.

Then she said, "I'll let you two sleep together but you can't tell anyone. They wouldn't understand and it's incest. Keep your things in your own rooms and continue to have your friends over to the house. Cindy you should still have a sleepover occasionally to keep up appearances." Cindy said, "I was just raped and my boyfriend is in jail. I don't think that I need to keep up any appearances at all." Mom said, "Maybe not now, but eventually." Cindy said, "I want to sleep with my brother.

If that means keeping some of my friends at arms reach, then so be it." Mom said, "Just be careful and don't call suspicion to yourself." Mom went into her bathroom to take a shower. Cindy said, "She's jealous because you gave me a better orgasm." We went to her bedroom and cuddled under the covers for the rest of the weekend only coming out to eat. On Monday we went to school. I was in the eighth grade and Cindy was in the tenth grade but we were both in the same building.

We got a chance to meet up for lunch. Cindy had a bad morning and was close to tears so I took her home. As we walked she said that the boys were mad at her for getting Ted into trouble and that the girls were mad her for leading him on. Even her best friend told her that she should have kept her mouth shut. Mom was surprised when we got home but comforted Cindy. She works three to eleven and was just getting ready for work when we got home.

About two-thirty Mom left for work. Then about three-thirty, Jo Ann her best friend arrived. Jo Ann said, "I was raped by Ted a year ago and I didn't tell anyone." Cindy shot back, "And you let him date me." Jo Ann said, "He told me that he would never rape another girl and I believed him." I said, "You have to tell the police." Jo Ann said, "I can't.

I let him fuck me a few times afterwards." Cindy said, "That doesn't mater, he still raped you." I called 911 again to report a second rape a year ago. The police arrived and talked to Jo Ann and then they called her parents. Eventually they took her statement and charged Ted with a second rape. As the week closed out at school three more girls came forward with similar stories about Ted. He had been having his way with girls for quite some time.

Apparently his first rape was when he was fifteen and the girl was eleven. That weekend, Jo Ann stayed for a sleepover. On Friday Cindy told her that she had slept with me to get Ted out of her head. Jo Ann asked her if it had worked.


Cindy told her that it had. Once again I was invited for a threesome. Jo Ann wanted to see my cock enter Cindy before she would let me enter her. I made love to Jo Ann but it was not as intense as it was when I made love to my own sister…but it was good and she really enjoyed it too. She had only had sex with Ted and no one else so I was a pleasant change. We made love later that night too and Jo Ann slept in my bed that night. Mom checked in on us when she got home at eleven-thirty. She smiled when she saw Jo Ann in my bed with me cuddled up to her holding a breast.

The next week at school Jo Ann made sure that every girl in our school knew that I was a much better lover than Ted had ever dreamed of being. She also told everyone that I was her boyfriend and for them to leave me alone. As word spread among the boys I was congratulated for having an tenth grade girlfriend and being good at sex. In short everyone in my school knew who I was. I slept with my sister during the week, with my girlfriend on weekends, and with Mom occasionally.

I had lots of opportunities to sleep with other girls, but I stayed loyal to my three girls. They also stayed loyal to me. The End Her Boyfriend Raped Her 558