Muscular gay hunks fucking for their facial

Muscular gay hunks fucking for their facial
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Chapter 5 I walked her to her car realizing we were leaving and how I would not wake up with her next to me the next morning. "You got everything," I said.

"Yup got everything except for you babe," she said. "Don't do that baby this is hard enough as it is," I protested. "Sorry," she pouted as her head fell in disappointment. I immediately wrapped her up in my arms and squeezed her tight.

I released her from my grip and let her enter her car. I leaned in the window, "call me when you get home so I know you're okay." "Yes," she said.

I leaned further into the window and gave her a long passionate tongue kiss filled with love before forcibly removing myself from her car window. As I walked to my own car the only thing I thought about was how perfect she was and how badly I wanted to be with her. When I got home I went up to my room. I got on my computer to find a new e-mail. It was from a production company in the city that had a possible internship available.

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It says I start in Chicago in 3 months. I immediately went to work looking for apartments in downtown Chicago near the building I would be working at and around.

I found a few possibilities of studio apartment but I couldn't afford them on my own. If only I had a roommate… 2 months pass and no luck.

No seeing Jaylen either. We still talked and held out relationship strong since we met for the first time. I called her up, "baby I cant find someone to live with next month," I said.

"I'm sorry sweetie" she said. "Its ok," I started, "(laughs) what if you move in with me?" "Sure," she blurted out. I dropped the phone, scrambling to pick it up I finally did and said into the phone, "WHAT!" She said, "I'll move to the city with you, you said you already found an apartment and ill get a job waitressing to help pay the rent." I sat there silent on the phone, skeptical.

"Don't fuck with me right now babe." She laughed "I'm not I am dead serious there is nothing I want more than to wake up next to you every morning and come home to your arms every night." I smiled on the other end of the phone and said; "I'll see you in three weeks." Still smiling I hung up. The next three weeks I spent packing and planning.

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Then the time came and I was on the road on my way to pick her up. The summer air filled my truck as I drove through the corn filled state of Iowa. Finally I am off the highway and pulling up to her house. Her drive way was filled with boxes and suitcases.

I pulled in and hopped out of my truck. She came wandering out of her house and when she saw me she ran into my arms.

I squeezed her tight, "baby I missed you," I said. She sighed, "I missed you more hunny." We hugged for a long time before members of her family came out the door. She politely introduced me to each member as I shook their hands. I loaded the truck with all her things and we were ready to hit the road.

She hugged her family and hopped in the truck, smiled and kissed me and we were off. She sat close to me on my bench seat and I had my arm around her now sleeping body. I pulled into a rest stop and she woke as I moved to exit the truck. "Morning sleeping beauty," I said.

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"Hey," she said groggily as she smiled. She got out and jumped on the hood of my truck to lie down as I went inside. I returned to her and I told her we should take a walk.

She jumped off the hood and snatched my hand with hers as we started to walk.

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There was a path behind the rest stop that led into the woods. We walked down the path until we pretty much couldn't see the highway anymore. My hand wandered around her wasn't as I pulled her closer to me. She smiled and bumped me with her hip and ran forward and turned around in front of me teasing me.

When I lunged at her she tried to run away but my grip over powered her and I pulled her back into me. She smiled over her shoulder at me and I kissed her long and hard. She turned around never breaking the kiss and put her arms around my neck.

I walk a little off the beaten path and lay her down on a bed of leaves. She smiles at me as she pulls at the bottom of my shirt and tugs it over my head. I return the favor by pulling her blouse over her head exposing her sexy lacy bra that is hold her beautiful juicy tits.

I dove into her cleavage and began kissing her all over, I did this as I worked at the clasp of her bra. When I finally got it her bra fell off her tits and I went in and kissed and sucked on them paying much attention to her nipples. She coo'ed in pleasure, which encouraged me to continue. I worked my way further down her body past her tits across her flat belly and to her waist at the start of her skintight black pants. I tugged on then a little so I could keep my line of moving kisses going.

I kept peeling the pants off of her body past her ass and down her legs the whole way. I pulled them all the way off and then I climbed all the way back up her body and kissed her while my hands where roaming her body. Her hands rubbed my bare back and chest as we kissed passionately on the ground. She tugged at my basketball shorts, which made them, and my boxers go down. Once they were down far enough for my cock to spring free she grabbed it with intensity.

"MMMM" she said when her hand got full hold of my cock, "I have dreamed about you since the last time a saw you." "Me too baby," I replied. She began to stroke my cock as I roamed her body until I found her pussy covered by her sexy lace panties. I rubbed her pussy on the outside of her panties. In reaction she squeezed my dick harder and stroked it faster.

She let go of my cock and rolled me over and shimmied down my body until she was straddling my legs.


She smiled at me before bringing her head to my penis and put it in her mouth. She took it all the way in her mouth until her throat was stuffed and her lips were touching my balls. She slid back up on my dick then back down repeating the same motion.

She was now bobbing her head on my cock. I laid my head back in ecstasy and moaned. She continued this for a while before stopping and bring her lips back to mine we kissed. I tried to pull her up by her ass so she could sit on my face but she refused. Instead she picked one knee up and slid her panty leg off and did the same with the other. I smiled and she smiled back and kissed me. She then reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and worked it into her pussy.

Once the head was in she sat completely swallowing my cock up in her pussy. She began bouncing on my cock, both of our breaths got short as I moved my hips to accentuate her movements. Now her hands were on my chest to give her balance as she slammed her pussy around my cock. I put my hand on her to stop and she did, still sitting on my cock.

I turned her around, with my cock still lodged in her pussy, so she was facing away from me. She leaned back bracing herself against my chest. I put my hands on her hips and assisted with her long deep strokes. She was fucking my cock and I could tell she was getting close. As she fucked me her breathes got shorter and heavier, then she started rapidly moving on my cock for a few seconds before her body seized all motion for a half second and her body began convulsing as a giant orgasm ripped through her.

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Wave after wave of pleasure consumed her body. The orgasms caused her body the shake and convulse which caused her to move on my cock. This combined with the muscular convulsions of her pussy sent me into a world of my own pleasure.


I shot my first two spurts of cum deep in her pussy then I pulled her body up and off my cock as I shot the rest of my load onto her stomach and tits.

I held her body that was lying on top of mine until our orgasms subsided. We laid there after for several moments until I leaned up getting close to her ear and whispered, "I love you." To Be Continued…

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