Real young gay boy before splooging out one of the most epic spunk

Real young gay boy before splooging out one of the most epic spunk
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Gina is a 16 yr old girl from the rich side of town she isnt one of those anorexic girls who think a size six is normal she is a size 12 with a nice round ass and tits on the large side of the scale for her age. Gina was always curious about the guys from the poorer side of town they seemed to have so much fun always drinking and hanging out in large groups partying at the skate parks and sports parks She decided to sneak out one night and see if she coud fit in she wasnt wearing what most of the girls that those guys where used to she was still a virgin and rather shy so she decided to cover up a little so that the men didnt get the wrong idea from her.


Walking to the loval skate park she was glad she decided to wear her tight jeans and low cut yet preety top and jacket because it was actually quite cold she felt her nipples harden as the wind hit. The guys all stared at her and the girls didnt like the look of her because they werent getting the attention from the guys like always.

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the night went on and gina and a big 23 yr old named warrick were talking alot she was a bit drunk because he kept giving her more alcohol all night. she was starting to drift off laying on his lap when she noticed his cock harden against her head she looked up at him curious and he whispered in her ear "wana go some where quiet for a bit " she was so shocked although she was an attractive girl men never took too much notice of her well that she realised.

he took her hand and walked her up behind a building and pushed her against the wall gina was shocked and started to struggle he was a large man and over powered her easily she slapped his face and tried to run but he tripped her "slut where do you think you are going ", gina turned over her face scratched from hitting the ground. Before gina could even react warrick was on top of her kissing her neck and fondling her pussy through her jeans gina was so shocked all she could do was stay still the smell of rum hit her nose and the heat of his breath against her was making her sick.


warrick continued kissing her tearing her jacket from her body and breaking the button on her jeans so she was laying in her shirt and small lacy underpants. gina was getting slightly exited agaianst her own will she snapped to and started struggling again just as she arched up trying to push him away warrick grabbed her by the hair and forced her to roll onto her stomach taking his belt and tieing her hands.


he then took his knife from his pocket and began cutting her shirt from her body he admired her curvacious body and reached round to feel her large breats feeling her hard nipples and with his other hand pulling her underwear from her body.

she had a small tuft of pussy hair but he didnt mind he drewled and moaned at the site of her body. he lowered his head to her ass and started to lick in circles gina couldnt resist she hated her body for reacting to his touch he mind said no but her body wanted more she let out a small moan and this exited warrick he sucked his finger and inserted it into her ass slowly and then started licking her pussy inserting his tongue as he thrusted his finger in and out.

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gina started to shake she didnt understand she was hurting so much but it felt so good she let out a loud moan and warrick laughed "see slut i knew youd love this mmm you are so tight in the ass i wonder how it would feel wrapped around my cock " gina screamed terrified of what was to come. and warrick hit her ass so hard it bruised almost instanly.

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warrick spat on her ass hole positioning himself and pushed against her little button he wasnt getting any where so he reached round rubbing ginas clit and pushing against her ass warrick was getting bored with this and rammed his cock as hard as he could inside her gina screamed so warrick stuffed her underwear in her mouth to muffel the sounds worried that some one may hear them .he elt so much friction against his cock hed never felt a virgin ass before or a virgin pussy so he was trying to thrust slower so he could hold off coming as long as possible this was a rare occurance a new clean untouched girl so preety warrick.

started thrusting slower yet stil hard thrusts into her he was so turned on by the sound of her screaming he reached for her hair and pulled it taking some out as he looked at his huge cock in her ass he noticed blood on his rock solid cock he pulled out and rubbed his dick up and down her slithe loved fuckig girls doggy it was the best view and so much tighter when it comes to his normal sluts.

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He pressed his dick against ginas pussy hole feeling her hymen she was so wet it was running onto her clit so he rubbed her clit with his cock some more to relax her she was crying and moaning at the same time.

warrick pushed the head of his cock into ginas tight pussy feeling her hymen break and blood lubricate her even more then before he now thrusted hard in and out his cock covered in her juices he felt her start to come and couldnt hold back any more he thrust hard up into her feeling her virgin cunt tighten as hard as ever around him milking him. gina wasnt sad now she was relaxed and just laid down beside him her torn ass and her leaking pussy exposed he kissed her cheek he actually liked this girl and was glad she didnt despise him for her raping.


warrick cupped her breast and licked her nipple then issed down her body to her furry pussy and licked it softly to fix the pain for her. she moaned quietly as he sensually mended her wounds

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