Gay twink emo scene These guys were on each other immediately kissing

Gay twink emo scene These guys were on each other immediately kissing
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What Happens in Vegas - Round 2 Diane proceeded to remove a bunch of cards. "We don't need all the cards for round 2." Everyone took a bathroom break, topped up drinks and then moved back to the sitting area. Diane had changed into something more comfortable. She was wearing a long almost beach dress.

IT hugged her breasts, and flowed with every step. It looked like silk, so it had to be comfortable. IT hugged her hips just right too. That woman was pure sexy, thought Vince. Round 2 - card 1 - Vince - The Queen of Hearts Diane read, "The queen of hearts loves everyone. He or she who has drawn this card, must give everyone a kiss.Pucker up Stallion-boy." Laughter, as Vince walked around to give kisses.

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Veena took it on the cheek, as did Shreya, being shy with her boss. Kathy, fairly tipsy, jumped up, put her arms around Vince's neck and kissed him square on the lips.

Diane stood up, she looked absolutely regal in that dress. She was a little taller than Vince, so she bent down slightly to receive his kiss.

The kiss was gentle, and a bit longer than the rest, but no tongue. "I had to see if I could resist him," she explained. "I was half worried I would jump him right here in front of you all." "You're safe," concluded Kathy. "But my panties are completely drenched," Diane said unabashed. "I don't know how long I can survive this game." She said it like it was a joke, and everyone laughed and took it like a joke, but Vince wondered if it really was a joke.

Card 2 - kathy - a king. Diane read. "The kings makes the laws of the land. Make up a Law for everyone to follow.This law, will last until the next King is drawn." Cool," said Kathy.

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"Every time someone says the word the word." she thought, " 'turn', you have to kiss someone." Card 3 - Shreya - the 9 of spades "Everyone remove a piece of clothing." announced Diane. Vince removed his socks. While Veena and Shreya removed stockings. With a big production, Diane reached up her skirt, and came out with her panties, throwing them at Vince.

They were wet.

"This fucking sucks," protested Kathy as she stood up. She was standing in the middle of us all, and let her sexy dress fall. She had not been wearing any panties, nor a bra. She stood there naked for all to see, blushing slightly. "Girl, you have a beautiful body," commented Diane. "Stunning," added Veena. "Ya, especially for a thir." "Vince!' shouted Kathy.

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Vinced looked at her body. She was in her mid-thirties and HOT! Vince thought that had she gone out instead of come up to play, some lucky fucker would have hit the jack-pot to be balls-deep in her pussy. Her ex was an idiot. Vince also felt his own loins jump at the sight, as she sat down, trying to sit as ladylike as she could.

Card 4 - Veena, - The 8 of clubs. "The Challenge Card - for the youngest member. The person who drew this card must give a mental challenge to the youngest member of the game.

If unsuccessful, the youngster must drink a shot of the challenger's choice." Veena had a mischievous grin. "OK young lady," she sounded like a school teacher. "Describe how you get to work from your house." "That's easy. First I drive down my street to the lights. I turn left and drive through the next three lights.

I turn right and head straight down the main road for ten minutes to work. I do an illegal u-turn just before the corner because that saves me from having to make three more turns." "Why?" asked Veena coyly. "Well, otherwise I have to drive all around the block, before I can turn. oh shit.


How many was that?" said Shreya realizing she'd fallen into a trap. "Three," said Vince. "No, five. U-turn and turning count too." "Oh my god," shouted Kathy, who had been oblivious to the violation of the King's rule. "That's so sly." "And she failed to turn into work," included VInce. "So, she has to drink." "Kathy, and you have to kiss once, and you twice," she said first to me and then to Diane. "Ha," said Shreya, who walked over to the naked Kathy and kissed her four times on the cheek.

"That's only four," said Diane. She looked at Diane, and then walked over to Veena. "You get this one," she said, and kissed her on the lips. It was a beautiful kiss. Vince felt something was happening with Veena and Shreya. Card 5 - Diane - "Our first Ace of round 2" Card 6 - Vince - an Ace. End of round 2 Round 3 "Now this round can get quite uhm, Interesting," announced Diane. "I said it before, I haven't cheated on my husband.

So I am going to retire, and just announce, if that's OK with you all. Or should we end this here? By the way, the first card is always Nudity.

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Everyone has to be naked from here out." "I don't know," said Shreya. "I'm in," added Kathy quickly.

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She was ready for anything by the look of it. "Fuck, I'm married." Vince said starting to back out. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, said Veena. She wasn't the shy introvert that Vince thought she was. She was naked in a heartbeat and sitting in the couch. She had C or even D sized breasts, with big dark nipples and areolae.

She was actually quite fit, but had a curvy body of a mother who kept fit.

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She was shaved bald on her pussy. "Ok, I'm in to," added Shreya. She stripped to reveal that modelesque body.

Her skin was fair, and her belly was flat and sexy. Her pubic hair was shaved into an intricate pattern. "Viru loves to design." she said almost embarrassed as she noticed all of us starting. Vince was in shock, all of the women in the room were stunning. What could he do to make this work out for him.

"Ok, I'll play, but on one condition. Diane, you have to keep playing.


You are exempt from anything you feel would be cheating." "She stood up and dropped her dress to signify her agreement. My jaw dropped. In her 50s, she had the body of a 30 year old dancer.

Her breasts were large, but firm and needed no support. Her skin was smooth, right down to her pussy, which like Kathy and Veena, was shaved bald.

VInce's cock stood hard in his trousers. She walked over, tugged at Vince's belt, and dropped his pants. Then she removed his shirt, and as she pushed it down his arms, she leaned in and whispered, "See what you said no to. " "I do," Vince replied gulping. They were all ready for round 3.