Hot lust of cheating couple couples amateur

Hot lust of cheating couple couples amateur
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Part 2 That Morning I woke to a raging hard on, Jessie was spooning with me and her arse was sticking back towards my cock. I wondered what she'd say if I stuck my cock into her and fucked while she slept.

My cock was still raging and I wanted more of that sweet pussy.

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So I moved in closer and placed my cock between her legs, pointing up towards her pussy and started see sawing my cock between those lushest creamy thighs. It didn't take long and soon I was bumping into the top of her pussy. So, manoeuvring my cock I was able to push into her, which by now was getting wetter by the minute.

I pushed in a little, seeing that I was okay, and Jessie was still asleep, I began to push my hips slowly, thrusting in and withdrawing, so to allow my cock to adjust to her pussy and be covered by her juices.

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It felt so good to be inside her again that I just wanted to sink my cock as far as I could go. Jessie hadn't stirred by this time and lay there with her arse pointing back towards me.

Her legs were together and the sensation of sliding between her sensitive walls was incredible. I was sinking deeper into her pussy, more than I expected, I could scarcely believe it.

Her pussy seemed to be tighter than our last fuck. It made all the pleasure I experienced earlier seem paltry in comparison to what I was feeling now. I wished I could keep my cock in her forever.

As I kept thrusting into her, I heard small little groans escaped her mouth. I took her hips in my hands and now I was ramming into her as best I could.

It seemed that Jessie was pushing back against me trying to get as much of my cock into her pussy. Now with her movements she started to groan, each time she pushed back onto me. It was at that moment that she had significant orgasm as her legs tightened together and she pushed back rather hard.

I didn't stop as she was well lubricated and I was able to keep on sliding. Jessie laid there and moaned as her orgasm hit her.

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I kept thrusting and it took me a lot longer this time but she was finally waking and again starting to push back against me, when I rammed into her and shot my load.

I lay there behind Jessie just panting, trying to gather my breath, leaving my cock inside her. It took several minutes but finally my cock wilted and slipped from her beautiful pussy.

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Jessie turned around and looked at me and said, "What a nice way to be woken up. I enjoyed that. I suppose I should make breakfast for us." I said, "No how about we both make breakfast together?" Jessie smiled at that and we both got up. As Jessie slipped my t shirt over her head I went into the bathroom and used the toilet.

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Then I went to the kitchen and started breakfast. Jessie came out a little later and we started making pancakes on her request.

As we sat and ate our pancakes I asked if she had plans today, she shook her head. I told her on a nice beach across from Palm Beach. So we started making plans of where we were going and what to take along with us. Jessie was sitting right beside me, when I started to slide my hand along her thigh.


Jessie did the same to me, but her hand movement was only rubbing the top of my thigh and getting quiet close to my cock. I leant over to kiss on the mouth. As I did so my arm brushed her nipple, which was already hard. I kissed Jessie on the mouth and let our tongues play with each other.

Then she bit my lower lip, pulling it into her mouth. We broke our kiss as Jessie was letting her hand wander over my cock, which was standing proud and tall. I was rolling her nipple, then squeezing it and finally pulling on it with my finger and thumb.

Jessie stood up broke contact with me and straddled my legs. I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties, which gave me a good eyeful of her shaven cunt. I leant back, pushing my feet forward, so she could get at my cock easier. Jessie sat down on my boxer covered cock and began rubbing her pussy against my hard on. I was getting hot by the minute and just wanted to stick my cock up that wonderful pussy.


After a little while, Jessie stood up and pulled my boxers down, holding my cock up, she sat down on it, letting herself take time to swallow my entire length with her velvet sheath. As she finally reach the end of my length, her pussy lips rubbed against the base of my cock. Jessie just sat there and I was wondering what she was going to do, when I started to feel her cunt grab and then release my cock. She didn't even raise herself up, but sat there using the muscles of her cunt to squeeze me and then release.

It was mind blowing this muscle technique and her juices were running out of her cunt and onto my groin. I could feel her juice running down ball and then onto the crack of my arse, which made it hard to concentrate. I reached around and grabbed Jesse's arse cheeks and held her even tighter against me. I went to get a better hold on her cheeks when my middle finger touched the rim of her arse hole and Jessie moaned at my touch.

So, I reached down and let my finger become coated with her juice.

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When I thought that it was coated enough, I placed my finger at the entrance of her arse and started to slide my finger in and out. Jessie was clamping down on my finger as she squeezed my cock. She was moaning deep and long within her throat and I could tell that she was enjoying this new sensation. I looked at Jessie and wondered if she was up for another new sensation. So, I said, "Honey, do you want to try anal.

You seemed to like my finger, so you may like my cock sliding in there?" Jessie stopped, stood up and moved away from me. At first I thought she was disgusted, but then she knelt on the lounge and lay over the back rest face down. She turned to me and smiled. I couldn't get up and over behind her fast enough. As I stood there I held her hips and aimed my cock for her pussy and slid into her. I felt her juices again coating my manhood and as soon as I thought my cock was covered enough I withdrew from her and placed my cock at the entrance of her arse hold.

I told Jessie to relax and try not tighten herslf up when she felt pain. She just said okay and so I started to push against her sphincter.

At first there was resistance, but soon I was able to pushed the head of my cock past it. Just the head of my cock slid in past the muscle and I felt it tighten straight away. Jessie was groaning in pain, so I slapped her cheek with my hand. I started to push again, but felt her arse tighten up once more, so I slapped the other cheek.

I pushed myself in further and Jessie tightened her arse up again, so I slapped the first arse. Now Jessie was moaning to my slaps and thrusts and by the sound of her groaning, she was enjoying it. Finally, I was able to get my cock all the way in, with her cheeks touching my groin. Now I began to slide out and then ram myself in, ending with me slapping one or the other arse cheek.

Jessie was moaning loud now and I could feel the tremble in her body. She was having mini orgasms whilst I fucked her. So, I reached around, found her pussy and slid my hand up until I touched her clitoris hood.

Now as I was ramming into her arse, I found that I could slid in a little easier, so I grabbed her clitoris hood and every time I bottomed out in her arse I'd pinch her clitoris.

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I was amazed at how Jessie was able to like this. I didn't know many girls who liked anal or giving head for that matter. But Jessie loved it and I could see that she would love everything about sex, and hopefully sex between us.

Soon her arse was gripping my cock, tightening more and more until I grabbed and squeezed her clitoris. At that point Jessie threw back her head and moaned loudly. I couldn't hold myself any longer, I had been feeling the cum ready to shoot from my cock for the last 30 seconds and when Jessie s arse grip me tightly, I shoot all my seed deep into her bowels.

I could not stop and stayed there for a while, until my cock again wilted and slipped from her back passage. I rolled off Jessie and sat down on the lounge. Jessie was laying over the back rest not moving and just waiting for something. I turned my head and Jessie smiled down at me and said, 'That was good wasn't it?" I just smiled and said, "Yes." we stayed liked that until Jessie had to move, going off to the bathroom. I just rested as best I could with a deep satisfied smile on my lips.

Jessie said, "Common have a shower with me and lets get ready." I just smiled got up and walked to the bathroom Part 3 Our Saturday trip