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Black straight guy sucks gay white cock
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When Johnson arrived on the scene, most of the perpetrators were already cloaked in blankets and sitting in the vans. He nodded to the uniform, ducked under the police tape and opened the large glass door.

Stepping inside the mall he spotted several detectives milling around the north end of the ice rink. The shops that surrounded the large rink were now all closed and locked up tight. "You missed quite a show here Lieutenant, this one had over fifty people involved," Estaria, the tall, dark haired detective said as he rubbed the dark stubble on his face. "What's that?" Johnson asked, nodding at a skirmish between a police officer and three people linked in a sweaty daisy chain.

"Ah, just rounding up the last of the perps," Miller, the short, round female detective replied. "I guess these last three were the most inspired of the bunch." "Out on the ice rink?" Johnson queried, looking over the rink. There was clothing strewn everywhere, all soaking in about an inch or two of water. "Yes, according to some witnesses, one of the skaters made a triple lutz in practice and pulled soccer stunt, sliding on her knees and pulling off her top.

Not as well built as the now famous soccer player, this one didn't wear a sports bra, just a set of 32 A-s hovering in the light," "And that started it all?" "Apparently that was all it took," Miller replied.

"So it's just another case of a spontaneous orgy?" "Look's that way boss," she answered.

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"A pretty hot one, all those skaters, just look at how much ice they melted," Estaria interjected. "We had to call the ambulances, seems some of the perps got frostbite in some pretty interesting places." "I just don't get it, I understand the bar last week and even in the Victoria Secrets store, but at an ice rink?

What is doing all this?" "The psychologists say it's a new phenomenon, they're calling it hysterical mass encouraged nude sexuality, or HYMENS for short," Miller responded. "Fucking Hymens? Are they nuts?" "They seem to think it's some kind of Fucking joke or something." "Hell, let this break out in some church or something and we're all gonna have hell to pay, not to mention the health issues," Johnson fumed.

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"Tell me, have you seen any condoms at any of the sites?" "Not a one sir," Estaria replied. "The crime scene investigators love it; they seem to live to find the spray of sperm with those black lights of theirs." "Imagine the primordial soup those guys are wading in now," Miller said nodding to the CSI crew taking water samples from the melted ice.


"Think of the fluids secreted, ejaculated and excreted into that mess." "So boss, why did they call us in, isn't this just a big indecent exposure case?" Estaria asked, still scratching his stubble. "They want us to look into all this to see what the connection is; we are to report directly to Homeland Security." "Homeland Fucking Security? They think this is some terrorist thing?" "Think about it Juan, imagine the disruption they could create say dropping this on the Superbowl.

Hell that little boob incident at last year's halftime will seem like Sunday School compared to this." "Talk about an orgy, eighty thousand naked fans copulating on network TV!" Miller replied. "Not to mention if it sets off some secondary events, they'll be fucking and sucking in thousands of bars and houses across the country," Estaria replied.

"Imagine all the unplanned pregnancies and damn, the STDs, we could face an epidemic." "Wow, where do we start boss?" Miller asked. "I see we have some video cameras here, have you." "Security has the tape ready to view in their office." "Where's that?" "Follow me," Miller said waddling off toward a service corridor. After a short walk, they arrived at an unmarked steel door. "This is the back entrance to their office, goes directly into the control room," Miller said, turning the knob.

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"Locked, I told them to leave it open for us. Juan, you still have that pass key they gave us?" "Sure," he said, unlocking the door. Stepping into the dark room, the first thing they saw was a large screen showing the action that took place in the ice rink. It appeared that between eighty and a hundred people were involved in a massive orgy.

Stepping further into the room, they stumbled over two of the security guards still locked in a coital embrace. "What the." At the sight of the detectives, the couple quickly disengaged and ducked into the nearest room. Almost immediately the detectives heard the noise of the couple finishing their act.

"Christine, do you know how to operate this equipment?" Johnson asked. Miller replied, "Oh yeah, easy stuff." The large screen suddenly went black and they heard the whirring of the tape rewinding.

Several smaller monitors showed real-time shots throughout the mall, including a shot of the couple fucking in the other room. Watching them, Johnson felt his cock begin to harden, and looking at his two fellow detectives he noticed them staring at the action. Reaching out to turn off the monitor, he heard the video tape stop and he shifted his attention to the large screen. "Okay boss, here is where it all started," Miller said, nodding at the screen.

The three of them watched a skater complete a magnificent triple lutz then twirl, fall sliding onto her knees and rip her blouse off over her head.


The camera focused on her tiny breasts, clearly showing the dark nipples. Suddenly two hands began sliding back and forth over the nipples. The skater turned to the man behind her and, without a word or anything, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and wrapped her mouth around it. The camera then zoomed out to show a woman, sliding on her hands and knees propelled across the ice by the thrusting of the man behind her, trying desperately to hold onto her.

The camera then zoomed to a close up of a cock, pointing straight up as a wet pussy lowered itself onto it.

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Turning his head to ask who the hell was running the camera to film the video, Johnson saw Miller and Estaria naked below the waste. Miller was on her hands and knees moving her mouth up and down on Estaria's cock as he leaned back against the console. He immediately prepared to scream at them, but then felt a strange feeling roll over him and he unzipped his pants, tossed them aside and plunged his stiff cock deep into Miller's soaking pussy.

Thrusting into her, Johnson felt Miller's fingers tickle his balls as she diddled her clit. Without missing a beat driving his pole into her wanton hole, he pulled off the rest of his clothes, then grabbed her hips and slapped himself against her ass. He saw, from the edge of his vision, a door open and out stepped the two naked security guards. The male was obviously spent, but the woman was ready for some more action and quickly reached down and grabbed Miller's large breasts.


The thin female quickly coaxed Estaria to disengage from his overweight partner and Johnson watched him lift the woman up and plunge his cock into her already dripping pussy. The two athletic lovers then did some amazing things as she suspended herself on his cock. Johnson, more attracted to Miller's more abundant form, turned his attention back to her jiggling flesh as he drove himself into her.

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Feeling her pushing back to meet his cock he felt her cunt walls contract around his rod as she came, moaning loudly. Estaria came next, disappointing his athletic lover as he pumped her full of his sticky cum. Feeling him go soft inside her, she leaned back on a console and forced his head between her legs. Lost in the incredible sensation of Miller's rotund body, Johnson arched his back and came spurting his come deep into her pussy. Feeling Miller still contracting around his cock with her second orgasm, Johnson looked over to see Estaria slurp his cum out of his lover as she finally groaned, coming on Estaria's face.

Suddenly Johnson heard his radio, "Lieutenant Johnson, Lieutenant Johnson, please come in." With his cock still buried in Miller's pussy, he grabbed his radio and answered, "Johnson here." "Finally, I've been trying to reach you for ten minutes now. The chief is looking for you, said something about wanting to see the security tape." "Roger that," Johnson said, quickly pulling his cock out of Miller and reaching for his clothes.

The three detectives quickly dressed and were busy interrogating the security guard when the Chief of Detectives walked in bellowing, "Lieutenant Johnson, where have you been?" "Right here sir, I think I had some trouble with the radio surrounded by all this electronics." "Well, we looked over the video, but didn't find any leads.

We're gonna take a copy with us to study further." "You have it loaded?" the Chief asked. "Yes, but I don't." "Good, load it up. I want to see it." "But sir, I don't think you want to." "Load it up, I want to watch it," he ordered.

"Ah, sir, Estaria, Miller and I need to head back to the rink and clean up a few loose ends. Can you watch the tape here on your own?" Johnson asked.

"Who's gonna run the equipment?" "Perhaps the security guard here, ah." "I'm Margret, I'll be glad to show him the video," the security guard said, moving to the control board as she eyed the Chief hungrily. The three walked out of the control room and headed back to the ice rink. After only a few steps Miller asked, "What the hell happened in there?" Johnson, reaching his hand and squeezing her ample ass answered, "I don't know, but you and I will need to take a closer look at that video." "For sure," she replied, running her hand to his cock.

"Hey, what about me?" Estaria complained. Miller reached her other hand to his cock and said, "Hey boys, there's enough of me to go around." Squeezing her ass again Johnson, "That there is, that there is. I have a feeling were going to have to penetrate this case very deeply to solve it." "Yes," replied Miller, "Deep is good. Deep is very good." The three walked up to the ice rink, and looked for other possible witnesses to interview and perhaps view the video with.

All three suddenly enjoyed their jobs a lot more.

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