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Young Beautiful Wife In Homemade Video Wifebucket)
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Staining the pure The lights were dimmed, the overly heavy music turned up to the fullest. I sat on a stool at the busy bar of the downtown club, not yet reaching the climax hour when the real party people showed up. With their overdone makeup, too short, too cheap clothes and screaming like they were wild about the place as if it were a palace.

Of course it isn't too early either, the people who wanted a drink and deafening music to drown their thoughts out left as soon as more teens and barely legal adults arrive. I sat on the bar stool, body feigning a relaxed casual look. I was wearing a low cut shirt under an unbuttoned blazer rolled up and paired with slacks. I had gelled back dark hair and trimmed beard with Rolex on my wrist, drink in my hand swirling elegantly. I had the typical young sugar daddy look. Fortunately my late 30s were being kind to me and my green eyes and veiny arms and toned body.

I was not ready to let go of so many years of football for a pot belly.

I had my eyes hooded slowly looking over the crowd for anyone that stood out to me. I had caught many eyes outright staring at me, college girls desperate for a good fuck from a stranger or a for a sugar daddy to pay off their massive college debts.

I wasn't looking for those type of girls, the ones that readily do whatever I want, the ones that are already stained with the world of party, alcohol and sex. I was looking for the types of girls or boys that hung behind the crowd or dance nervously on the floor sticking close to her friends deathly afraid of getting lost. The type that had not yet sold their soul to the life of partying, that still had a gleam of innocence in their eyes.

Make up hastily put on by their friends and dragged down here into this dirty place. Although the club was still on the higher end of the market, with bouncers and standards, it wasn't the fancy kind that only let exclusive people in with strong connections. In which, this club attracted the brats that wanted to drink their night away despite probably having an 8am lecture the next day, and the few high schoolers that somehow got in with their obviously fake IDs.

On nights like these, it was hard to find someone that caught my interest. There were a few times when none of the girls appealed to me at all, all having those same glazed over eyes as they let the alcohol fuel their body. Once I caught the eyes of a cute doe eyed boy. Black hair, lightly sun kissed skin with leather jeans so tight I wondered if the seams would rip.

He hung with his group of friends, most of their hair dyed to colours on the spectrum of a rainbow. Judging by his dance skills as he wooed the crowd with his 2 of many friends, one would think that he'd be a regular here. But if you looked close enough you could see that he jerked away from the groping touches of girls, on could probably guess that he was gay, or still innocent. Looking at the baby fat still on his face, it was probably the latter.

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The boy looked barely legal! After an hour of eye contact and my gesturing towards the bathroom, the then tipsy boy followed me there. I locked us into a cubicle and fucked him raw watching his eyebrows scrunch up and listening to his voice shakily scream, "Daddy!" Over and over again until he came. I've only seen him here twice since those many months ago, but that night still played in my mind every now and then. There was something about him that for once left me wanting a second round.

It was the first time in a long time; and now I'm looking for another one that gave me that same feeling of euphoria everything they scream my name as I thrusted into them. My eyes scanned the room once again, many more people have showed up; mostly college kids. Giving a tired sigh, I signalled for the bartender to make me another drink, blatantly ignoring the down right flirty looks I'm receiving from the platinum-blonde-near-anorexic girl standing a couple feet away from me.

I sipped my third drink of the night scanning the crowd, eyes squinting past the flashing lights to actually find someone. And I do. A girl with milky pale skin and dark brunette hair in large curles that I nearly mistook for black.

Grey eyes done up in a smokey way with the classic deep red lipstick that really grabbed my attention. She wore black bodycon dress paired with red stilettos almost awkwardly dancing at the edge of the floor with her friends. I raised my eyebrow at her when she turned to look right back at me and sent a shy smile.

I ended up downing the rest of the drink in one shot. Throughout the night I sent her suggestive looks while always making sure there was always a drink in her hands. By the end of the night, she was more than tipsy and giggly as I followed her out the door.

She waved her two friends off and proceeded to call a taxi when I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her middle gently massaging the underside of her breasts while I slowly kissed the side of her head. She let out a breathy moan before turning around to face me, faced flushed and head tilted down; looking at me through her false lashes. The taxi pulled up next to the curb and I pulled her in, directing the driver to the nearest motel. She didn't complain.

Throughout the ride, I continued slowly massaging her body, sometimes travelling to her thighs and dangerously close to her heat and moving away to watch her disappointed face at the reflection of the window. She didn't look at me throughout the ride, legs folded over, hands gripped at their sides tightly and lip between her teeth.

In any other scenario we would've looked like the dream couple. If you ignored the over 10 year age gap. As the taxi pulled over to the motel, I being the gentleman I am, paid for the bill and checked us into a room.

As I locked the door and started stripping off my clothes, she stood at the door biting her lip looking at me as if she were a child. "Do you not want this?" I finally ask. She nodded her head slightly as if she was Ariel and lost her voice to Ursula.

I walked up to her, chest bare and belt unbuckled. I gently tilted her head up to look me in the eyes. "Use your words baby girl." I chided her and kissed her forehead, then nose, then cheeks and finally her plush lips.

"Y-yes, I want it." She managed to stammer out through my kisses. Eyes scrunched closed and hands lightly gripping my slacks. "Yes who, sweet heart? Who am I?" I whispered into her ear as I placed a series of butterfly kisses all throughout her collar bones, sucking at her sweet spots as she lets out a quite mewl. "Yes, d-daddy." She breathed out as I travelled down to the valley of her breasts, hands lightly pinching her nipples as I reached down her tight velvet dress.

Her arms scratched behind her back whining a bit trying to reach for the zip to undo the piece of fabric separating her from euphoria.

I smirked against her skin and reached back to undo her dress and expertly unclip her bra, freeing her breasts from its constraints. The dress fell down and pooled around her red stilettos. I pushed her against the wall shoving my legs between hers to prevent herself from getting any sort of friction between her legs.

She let out a cute whine again, fisted hands onto my shoulders not really knowing what to do with them. My lips moved back upwards, capturing her full lips into a chaste kiss, I could still smell the strong alcohol lingering in her breathe. My tongue smoothly pushed past her lips with little effort to dance with her own.

My hands roamed down to the curve of her ass, toying with the string of her thong. I reluctantly pulled apart from her. Both of us slightly panting with her lipstick smudged, no doubt onto my own lips. I grabbed one of her hands to palm it against my erection causing her eyes to bulge and the tips of her ears to flush red. "Angel do you want to help daddy with his problem?" I asked, sending more kisses to her forehead. She slowly nodded and began to undo the rest of my belt and pull down my pants and boxers.

She stares at my half erected dick curiously as if it were her first time seeing one in real life. Finally she started pumping my cock, albeit rather slowly. I felt heat start to pool down to my erection as it hardens. She sunk down to her knees while stroking and levelled her face with it, and as if she were a kitten, she poked her tongue out to give the head a lick.

"Come one baby, you're doing really well." I encouraged, resisting urge to ram my dick down her throat. She parted her lips and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I couldn't help but release a low groan at the contact as she started bobbing her head up and down my shaft, fisting the rest with her hand. I lightly gripped her curled hair with my hands and breathed out praises as she worked her way down to the base of my 7 inch cock.

My pubic hair tickled her nose as she continued to swirl her tongue around my shaft. She continued swirling and sucking down on me, and as I felt my load coming, I pulled out. Furiously, I rubbed my cock as she stared up at me with wide eyes panting. I spurted my load all over her chest getting some on her hair.

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I stood her up and led her to the bed laying her down onto the middle of it. I continued to kiss down her body, reaching her protected pussy. I broke of the flimsy string of the laced thong which revealed a short trimmed heat dripping with juices.

"D-Daddy please-," she was cut short with a loud moan as I plunged 2 fingers in easily, slick from her juices. I set a steady pace and brought my face down to suck on her clit bringing a loud whine from her red lips.

I quickly rubbed against her sweet spot which sucking hard on her clit, watching as her back arched off the bed as she mewled loudly from the pleasure. Just as she was about to cum, I pulled my fingers out and stopped.

Her arms reached out to bring back the fullness, but I grabbed them and pulled them over her head and leaned my body over her own. "Daddy please, I-I want it." She whimpered to me. I kept her legs spread and began roughly sucking on her breasts. She moaned, legs wrapping around my and gently humped against me for any friction at all. I waited till she was nearly down from her high, still quietly whimpering against my ear as I placed kisses all over her neck and collar bone.

"You're doing really well baby, just a bit longer and daddy will give you what you want. You want it don't you sweet heart?" I sang praises against her ear as she nodded frantically at my question. Words seemed to have left her again. I slowly humped her again. My dick thrusted over her mound as she wrapped her legs tightly around my hips not wanting me to stop.

Her hands found it's way to my back, dragging her painted nails against my skin. "Please, please daddy. I want, I want it." She stuttered out, and I slip all the way into her. She sighed contently as I start moving inside her. I watched as her eyebrows scrunch up again, eyes closed tightly and lip between her teeth.

I bring my face down to kiss her full on the lips.

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It was faces like these, panting and utterly wrecked, that drives me to do this. To show her how good she would be able to feel with me hammering in and out of her pussy. "Eyes open baby. Daddy wants to see your pretty eyes." Her eyes flutter open as I move faster and deeper within her. My hips instinctively thrusted roughly into her which caused her body and breasts to bounce with my rhythm.

"Don't silence yourself angel, daddy wants to hear everything that comes out of your mouth." I said as I slam back in. My breathing started to quicken as I pull nearly all the way out and slam back in full force. By now her juices had dribbled all the way down past her ass and onto the sheets beneath.


I took this chance to push a finger into her hole. She let out a loud moan as I started moving my finger in and out of her ass, her being clearly not used to anal sex. I felt myself coming close as I thrust faster into her and added a second finger to her hole. "AHH- Daddy! Daddy please!" She screamed out, hands mercilessly scratching my back.

I slow my pace inside her. "Please what sweet heart?" I tease as she lets out a loud whine. Thrusting her own hips trying to get the friction back to finish herself off.

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"Come on baby girl, use your words." I soothe, my fingers still slowly thrusted into her ass. "Please daddy. let me come." She finally said as she so panted, eyes watering as she stared up at me with those big grey eyes.

I thrusted into her hard again, wanting to finish myself off also. She let out a loud moan at the sudden motion which set me off to hit harder and faster at her sweet spot. My fingers in her ass curling inside as she finally came. Her pussy clenched around my cock and ass around my fingers.

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I continued at an animalistic pace trying to finish myself off. I let out low growls as she screams at the overstimulation. Finally, I pulled out and blew my second load all over her body. Hands jerked my cock to get the last of it out. All of a sudden I felt drained and laid down next to her on the bed.

We laid there in silence for a while go recollect our thoughts and breathes. I pulled up he blankets to cover us as she curled her body against mine. We both fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the shower turning off and her walking out fully naked.

I was about to get up until she came over onto me, straddling my hips.

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She gave me a sultry look. "That was so good daddy." She says running her fingers over my chest. Water dripped from her newly washed hair.


Suddenly I felt my heart drop down and realisation came to me. "You-," she muffled my accusation with a kiss.

"That's right daddy, I'm not the innocent baby girl you thought I was." She says with a smirk. I replied with my own and pulled her back down for another kiss. Getting up, I took a quick shower and walked out to put my clothes on. I found her sitting in front of the vanity mirror re-applying her make up.

This time, without the smokey eye but she kept the red lipstick. I walked over to her to question, "how did you fool me?" I dared to ask. She packed away her cosmetics into her handbag and stood up facing me. She gave me an innocent smile before saying, "Im an acting major daddy. I've seen you a couple of times there and decided I wanted to test me luck." She gave me one last kiss on the cheek before heading out the door.

I followed her and signed out of the motel before we both parted ways. End.

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