Pinky hair Ass Masturbate webcam

Pinky hair Ass Masturbate webcam
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Part 1- Mr.

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Tutor Hey I'm Jason, and this is the story of how I found love. I think. First of all let me describe myself. I'm 6'5 inches, 250 pounds of muscle. I have southern roots, and you can tell from my Georgian accent and my deep dimples. I have curly blonde hair, and I refuse to be anything less than clean shaven. I heard I look like Matthew McConaughey on steroids.


Good; because I was on them, and people better had seen the difference or I was quitting that shit. I can recall my first real out-of-high-school conquest; her name was Stacy. Stacy was a pretty girl. A fucking knockout, but her lack of brain matter made her less pretty in my eyes. Bleach blonde hair down to her fat ass, nice C cup titties, and thick hips. She was failing math, and someone got it in their thick skulls that freshman Jason was a math whiz just because he stayed up in class.

Little do they know that I'm up because I'm high as shit! For some un-Godly reason, I decided to go along with it after she asked me to tutor her. I was lucky enough to have my own dorm room because my old roommate thought we had bed bugs and he refused to stay there. Note to self, thank science club for the fake display of bed bugs. We were actually getting through the lesson fairly well. I noticed that poor young Stacy was dumber than a bag of hammers.

Thank God for those tits, man! "Oh, I get it now! The pythagorean theorem is e=mc2!" She said. Trying not to laugh, I agreed. I told her I had to use the Loo, which was what we called the public bathroom in the hall. I just had to think of a way to fuck this bitch. I figured playing to her idiocy was best, so I marched back to my room, reciting my speech that two good looking people should fuck to make the world a better place. When I opened the door, Stacy was stark naked on my bed!

"Jason, thank you so much for showing me the tools I need to pass! I was just gonna pay you, but I decided to just fuck your brains out. Now doesn't that sound like a better plan?" Stacy asked, and I wholeheartedly agreed.

I took off my shirt, and started with my pants, but she stopped me. "Not in here, Mr.

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Tutor. The Loo. Now.

And lose the pants before we leave." The Loo is the only bathroom in my building with a co-ed shower. When they constructed the place they forgot about adding the second shower room. And only the people on our floor are allowed to use it. Now I live on the Eastern wing of my floor.

The Loo is smack dab on the western corner.

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So we'd have to streak down the entire floor just to get to the Loo, then we'd have to fuck knowing there's no locks on the door. Was I stupid for doing it? Yes.


Would I regret it? Well let's put it this way: would you??? Exactly. So she grabbed two towels, and we ran top speed to the Loo. We miraculously got there without being seen, and we both laughed and started making out hardcore.

She pushed me to the open showers and turned the water on. "Your pencil is huge, Mr. Tutor. Shall I sharpen it?" Stacy asked seductively as she dropped to her knees and covered my cock head with her warm, wet mouth.

She sucked in her cheeks and circled my cock with her tongue. By now we were both covered in water, and this girl must be related to Aquaman because with water in her face, she still looked up at me with those baby blues as she sucked deeper, maybe 4 or 5 inches more.

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She started stroking what wasn't in her mouth with her hand. It was then that I looked up and saw that there were two girls and a guy at the door, enjoying the show. I didn't know how else to get her attention, so I tapped the top of her head like it was a buzzer on Jeopardy. Looking back I still crack up thinking about that. She took me out of her mouth, but continued jacking me off. "What's wrong, Mr. Tutor?" She looked back at the people in the doorway, looked back at me & smiled.

"I love an audience; don't you Mr. Tutor?

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Think they'll like this?" Stacy stated as she spit on my cock, then out it in between her tits. Oh my God, if this is what tutors get, I should've paid more attention in school! I crouched a little to get deeper in between her tits, and every time my cock head stuck out of the to of her cleavage, she'd give me a little lick. "You taste so good, Mr. Tutor! And your cock feels so good in between my tits!

But I'm ready for the real thing! And I think they are too.Are you guys ready?" Stacy asked the group of voyeurs. I looked up, and there were at least ten people there! They cheered their approval, of course. Well, who was I to disappoint my fans? I laid Stacy on her back, and roughly entered her. She gasped, and I hammered into her wetness.

She wailed in approval; I knew the bitch liked it rough. I hooked my arms around her legs, and proceeded to piledrive her as hard as I could. "What's my name, bitch?" "Oh, shit!


Mr. Tutor!

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I'm cumming!" She screamed back as I felt her walls shudder. Now it was time to show off. I picked her up with me still inside her, and the women in the crowd screamed. I powered her down onto my dick. She bit, scratched and clawed my body as I pleasured her standing up. But, as much fun as I was having, I couldn't keep this up forever.

I felt my balls churning, so I let go of her legs and put my bitch on her knees. "You want this cum, bitch? Why should I give it to you and not one of these screaming bitches in the crowd?" I asked.

"NO!!! That's MY cum! I worked hard for it!" Stacy replied as she started sucking on my cock again. I couldn't hold it any longer, and I started pumping thick ropes of cum into her mouth. When I pulled out, she spit my cum out of her mouth onto her tits and rubbed it in.

I looked up to the applause of what looked like their entire fucking floor, and then some! How did this get so out of hand???

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Realizing if somebody told our resident what was going on I'd get kicked out of school, I came to my senses. I looked around for my towel. Stacy grabbed one and said "Sorry Mr. Tutor. I only grabbed one towel.

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I thought I got two! See ya around." And with that, she blew me a kiss and disappeared into the crowd. I laughed; guess that bitch wasn't as dumb as I figured.