Juicy teen opens her tight pussy for a big violent weenie

Juicy teen opens her tight pussy for a big violent weenie
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I started babysitting an 11-year old kid named Craig when I was 16-years old. I was still a virgin in the technical sense of the meaning, and my only experience with a girl was limited to having my boner rubbed through my pants.

One girl actually made me cum in my pants when I was 14, but I don't think that she realized what she had done. I had done more with other boys in the neighborhood when I was around Craig's age, but that seemed to stop just before, or shortly after puberty. Some of them began to realize that it was sort gay to do things like comparing the size of our boners, or play games of truth-or-dare that always lead to the removal of clothing.

We should have just called the game "dare" because I don't recall any of my little playmates selecting "truth." It was always somthing along the lines of: "I dare you to pull your weenie out and rub it with my G.I. Joe." -or- "I dare to pull your pants down and hump my leg for 2 whole minutes." It wasn't even until I started babysitting Craig that I realized that I mostly masturbated to memories of the naked little games I used to play with my friends when we where little.

I missed that feeling of shear excitement as we said all of the things to let the other know that we wanted to play those secret games.

I don't think that we knew what "horny" meant. We just knew that it was something that we both wanted to do, and that there was a scripted dialog that we'd have to go through to get there. It was like a pre-game that we played in order to get to the game we really wanted to play. I fondly refer to this pre-game as: "Wadda-U- Wanna -Do?" because those are the very words that where like the starter pistol at a relay race.

Once they where spoken, we where off and running! Medophorically of course. Craig was the spitting image of my friend Danny when he was 11-years old. He was one of my best and longest lasting playmates. We carried on with our naked little games long after pubic hair arrived, and our dicks started squirting semen all over one or the other's bedroom. But after Danny was halfway to his 15th birthday, he delivered the news that I had hoped wouldn't come. "I got a girlfriend now dude!

- I don't need to do that stuff anymore." Was the jist of what he was trying to tell me. I have to give him credit because he wasn't mean about it, and I'm pretty sure that he sensed my sadness over it. But I kept my chin up and even made up stories about a girl who lived next door to my cousin. I was always careful to make them sound believable, but at the very same moment that I was telling him these tails, I would be wondering how much his dick had grown since the last time I had seen it.

I had mental images of who much more pubic hair he might have sprouted, and how much lower his nuts must be hanging by now Then I'd run home and masturbate myself into a frothy mess of creamy cum. I would coat my body from down around my belly button, to well passed my nipples. I'd just lay there and rest without bothering to wipe up my mess.

I'd just go at it all over again, and drop the second load all over the first. And on a rare ocassion, I'd drop a third load all over the first and second. Without any real interest in girls, and no male friends who cared for the naked games of youth, I became a chronic masturbator. I don't mean that I jacked-off a few times a week, or even daily like some teenage boys. I was out of control, and if my dick couldn have dial a telephone, it would have called the cop's on me for sure.

When I would babysit Craig, he was only allowed to have one particular friends over that his mom thought was a nice boy.

His name was Kevin, and he was a little closer to 12 then Craig was, and he was also not fooling me like we was Craig's mom. He was a total "Eddied Haskell" to Craig's mom's face, but when it was just he and Craig alone, I could hear his foul language even with Craig's bedroom door closed.

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"Come on you fucker! - stop cheating asshole or I'll go home!" He'd shout. I wondered how Craig and Kevin would respond if I started cussing like they did.

So up the stairs I went, and I could hear cuss words all the way from down the hall. I walked right through the door. "Okay you little fuckers! Listen up! - I don't give a fuck if you cuss and call each other dicks, pricks, and asshole all day long.

Just do me a little fucking favor and do it more quietly. I'm trying to do my fucking homework and I can't concentrate with you two little dick heads up here trying to outcuss each other. Now repeat after me - We fucking promise to be a little fucking quiter!

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"We'll be quiter." They both nearly whispered with eyes as wide as saucers. "No! Come on now. You like to cuss, so let me hear it!" I said. "We will be more fucking quiet." They both said with a smile. "That's much fucking better! - Okay then! you little shitheads have a great fucking time doing whatever the fuck it is that your doing.

I be downstairs doing my fucking math if you need anything. Okay?" I said. "Okay you big shithead!" Kevin said. I couldn't help laughing when he said that, and they started laughing too. I wasn't even downstairs 5 minutes before they came down to hang out with the coolest guy that they knew. I could see that the cussing game was our new secret thing, and it reminded me of my younger years in a way. Kevin was more bold then Craig, but it didn't take him long to catch up. Kevin was the first to speak once they hit the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey asshole! we're hungry!" Kevin said. "Well then open the fridge and fucking eat something you little dickweed?" "You're the dickweed.what's a dickweed?" Kevin said looking over his shoulder at Craig. "How the fuck should I know?" Craig replied. "Maybe it's that little twig between your legs." Kevin said to Craig. "Fuck you! - Mines bigger then yours, and I'm 3 months younger then you." Craig said. "Bullshit! My dick is bigger then yours!" Kevin said.

"Hey!- Mine is bigger then both of your's - So shut the fuck up and eat while I go take a shower." "Take a shower!

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- Why are you going to take a shower?" Craig asked. "Because it's hot and you little dickweeds are still too loud." I said as I got up and walked upstairs towards the hallway bathroom.

I didn't hear a peep out of either one of them, just some soft whispers as I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I got undressed and stepped into the tub, and closed the shower curtin behind me. It was no accident that I didn't lock the bathroom door. I wondered how adventurous they where, and I didn't have to wonder very long when I noticed the shower curtin push away from the tub towards me.

A clear sign that someone had just opened the bathroom door. The shower curtin flew completely open as I stood there naked with both hands shampooing my hair. I saw the look of shock in their eyes when I didn't react, or try to cover up my private parts. I just made casual conversation as if it was a common occurance for young boys to watch me shower. "You little fuckers are already done eating?

Fuck that was fast!" I said. Both of them just stood there frozen with their eyes glued to the hairy, 16-year old cock that was hanging between my legs. I had a pretty good idea that it might just be the biggest one they've ever seen. Kevin looked at Craig, and then back at my dick which was now being soaped up by my right hand. Like all of the other times before, Kevin was the first to speak. "Man-O-Man!

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- You really do have a big one!" He said. "No shit Sherlock! I'm almost 17. What did you think it would look like?" I said. "Not like that! - Holy Crap! That's a big, hairy monster!" Kevin said. "Yeah well. you'll both have one just like it in a few years." I said. As I casually soaped up my cock and balls, I could feel my meat growing thicker and longer and it was clear that they noticed it too. Kevin leaned over and whispered something to Craig, and they went back and forth a few times with: "Ask him." - "No!

you ask him." - "He's your babysitter! You ask him" Yet again, it was Kevin who would do all of the talking. "You're popping a boner, aren't you?" He said.

"Yep! and when it gets hard, I'm gonna start jacking off. You guy's can stay and watch, or leave. I don't really give a fuck, but if your gonna stay, close the door because it's getting cold in here." I said.

Craig reached behind himself and closed the door without even budging his eyes away from my growing cock. With the door closed, both boy's stepped up with their toes to the side of the tub and watched as I manipulated my penis into a full on erection.

Kevin was rubbing at lump in the front of his shorts, and Craig looked down and watched him make an outline of his boner with the thin nylon material of his shorts. "Fuck Kevin! your dick is gonna be bigger then mine when you're my age." I said.

"Really! - how do you know?" He asked. "Because your cock is way bigger then mine was when I was your age." I said. "I'll be 12 in 3 months" He said nervously rubbing his hardness under the nylon material.

"Your thing is all the way hard. How come your not jacking-off yet?" Craig said. "How come me and Kevin are the only ones playing with our dicks?" I said. "Yeah! - Let's all play with our dicks!" Kevin said as he lowered his shorts and briefs to his feet and stepped out of them. I didn't expect to see any pubic hair on either of them, but Kevin clearly had 30 or 40 curly black hairs sprouting directly over his 4-inch dick.

"Take off your shirt and get in here Kevin so we can close the curtin. If Craig's not going to jack-off with us, he shouldn't get to watch." I said. "Yeah! you're right!" Kevin said as he pulled off his shirt and stepped into the tub with me. I handed him the bar of soap and he started to soap himself up as I closed the curtin on Craig.

"Come on in anytime you want Craig." I said from behind the closed curtain. It took all of 20 seconds before the corner of the curtin slid back, and in stepped a fully naked, and fully erect Craig.

He only had the first dozen or so sprouts of pubic hair, but it was much lighter in color and not as easy to see as Kevin's was. But one thing was for sure, Craig was younger, and he did have a noticably larger cock then Kevin It was longer and thicker, but his balls werent' nearly as large as Kevin's beautiful nuggets.

Kevin stood there watching Craig masturbate his larger cock. He hadn't even bothered to hand him the soap, so I stepped up along side of Kevin holding my hard cock at the base. I raised it up and then slapped it down right against his wrist, knocking the bar of soap out of his hand.


He shot a look back at me but it was sort of hard to read, so I smiled and told him that he should have offered his buddy some soap so he could make his cock all nice and slippery like our where. "Oh yeah! sorry." Kevin said as he bent over and picked up the soap. He handed it to Criag and when I thought that he had enough, I reached around Kevin and plastered my hard dick right up against the side of his body.

"Hey! your dick is touching me!" Kevin said. "Sorry! I can't help it if I have a giant cock." I said. "Well.how'd you like it if I rubbed my boner all over your leg." He said.

"Go ahead! hump my leg like a dog would and tell me if it feels good." I said. Kevin leaned forward so far that he put his arms around my waist and went to town fucking my leg.

He never did say if it felt good or not, he didn't have to. While he humped my leg, I started to massage his back with my soapy hands. Kevin want at it like a jackrabbit for a full two minutes, and then stopped very suddenly.

He shot that look up me and I knew what was weighing on his mind. "You almost spermed, didn't you?" I said. Kevin didn't verbally answer, but he did nod his head up and down to confim my question.

Craig just stood there at the other end of the shower and had watched his friend hump my leg. Kevin still had his cock and balls plastered against my leg, but he wasn't moving a muscle.

"I don't mind if you sperm on my leg." I said. Kevin didn't say anything, but he slowly resumed gyrating his hips until he was right back at jackhammer speed. It only took him a minute to get back to that point where he'd stopped earlier.

I reached way down over his soapy back and pushed his soft buttcheeks down onto my leg. That was more then he could take amd he wasn't shy about announcing his rapidly approaching orgasm.

"Yeah! - I'm gonna shoot! - I'm gonna shoot! - Oh fuck! I'm shooting off! - I'm squirting!" Kevin said loud enough for it to echo off of the tiles walls. I'm certain that Kevin did ejaculate because I caught a faint whiff of young spunk, but when he dismounted my leg, it was difficult to detect the amout of ejaculate that he'd released. It was basically a few pearly sized droplets surrounded by thinner, clear semen. I couldn't wait for them to get a eyefull of the load that I was going to blow.

"Can I do it" Craig asked politely. "Sure buddy! - climb aboard." I said. Craig did just that, and probably didn't realize that he was smearing Kevin's cum all over my leg with his larger cock and balls.

Kevin stepped to the side to watch his buddy fuck my leg., and I boldly reached out and took Kevin's hand and guided it towards my cock. He grasped onto my meat pole and started to slowly stroke me. Unlike Kevin, Craig didn't say a word until he was already cumming.

I should have known that he was getting close by how fast he was humping. But I was too involved in the sight of Kevin's hand slowly stroking my cock. It was Craig's sudden outburst that drew my attention back towards him. "It's squirting! - I'm squirting!" He exclaimed as I definately felt his warm ejaculate pulsing out onto the surface of my leg. He jerked and convulsed for a few more seconds as he came down from that peek that only a new cummer can reach.

He was still panting as he dismounted my leg, and revealed the mess that he'd made. I was surprised to see such a volume of jizz come from such tiny balls, but the evidence was right there on my leg. It took Craig a few seconds to realize that Kevin was stroking my fat cock, and he made his thought over the matter very clear, very quickly. "Hey! How come he gets to play with your dick? - Let me try it!" Craig said pushing Kevin's hand off of my cock.

They began to fight over it with their slippery hands, and it felt really good. They quickly realized that they could both put a hand on my cock and stroke it together, and had me ready to blast off in no time at all.

I pushed them together like there where in a three-legged race and made sure that they paid close attention to the tip of my cock. I shouted that I was about to fucking cum, and then proceeded to let loose of 6 solid blasts of ropey cum missles. I shot the first one right on Kevin's cock, and the second on Craig's.


Shot numbers 3 & 4 splattered into each of their belly buttons, and they still didn't move. I let go of two more shots on their upper legs.


The rest just dripped out over then edge of my fist. "Dang! You sperm a lot!" Craig said. "Yeah!and you got it all over our dick's" Kevin said. "Oh! I'm sorry. Let me clean that up for you." I said as I dropped down to my knees and glided my mouth right down the length of Kevin's cummy cock.

"Fuck Kev! he's sucking your dick." Criag said as he watched closely. Kevin didn't say a word as he started to push the back of my head all the way down onto his little patch of curly hairs. I slowly reach around and let my thumb trace circles around his private opening. He was really liking that a lot, and didn't compliain as I added more pressure. I had him so hot that he didn't even squeek when my soapy thumb slid entirely into his ass. I was holding him like a bowling ball as I vacuumed my mouth over his cock.

"Okay! better stop now. Your gonna make me go off again!" Kevin said urgently. "Jerry! didn't you her him? He's gonna cum!" Criag said tapping my shoulder. I pushed my thumb so far up his ass, I had his prostate smashed between my thumb and the base of his cock. Kevin was howling, while Craig was trying to pry my mouth off of his little buddies cock. But I would not be denied. "Look out Jerry! - He's gonna cum in your mouth." Criag said in a final attempt. "Awwww Fuck!

Too Late! - I'm cumming! - I'm fuckin' squirting in his mouth!" Kevin shouted. Poor Kevin hadn't even come down from his second cum before Craig started pushing him to the side. He was doing everything in his power to get Kevin's cock out, and his cock in.

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"Do me now! - Come on please! - You sucked his, now suck mine!" Craig said. I moved so fast that less then a second passed before I replaced one cock in my mouth with another one that was somewhat longer and thicker.

Craig could deffinately hit my toncils and I had to open my throat to accomidate him. For the first time, Craig had lost all of the shyness that he showed earlier in the day. He was not about to be cheated out of anything. "Come on Jerry! Put your thumb in my butt like you did to Kevin!" He demanded. I did as I was told and Craig quickly learned the importance of playing with the opening first.

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He was trying to get up on his tippy toes to reduce the pressure that I was applying, but the higher he stood, the harder I pushed. If he would have been 15 pounds lighter, I would have lifted his feet off of the ground with my thumb up his ass. He asked me to pull it out exactly 6 times, and each time his request was weaker then the previous one.

He transitioned from trying to lift himself up off of my thumb, to pushing his hot little hole down onto it. Criag started to shake and convulse when I slammed the tip of my thumb directly into his prostate. I'll never forget the sound he made, or the flood of nut juice that he unloaded into my mouth. I had no idea where all of this cum was squirting from. I was sure that I had emptied his balls the first time, but I was wrong. He didn't nut with the same amount of pressure as he did before, but he sure did get a nice hot lava flow oozing out over the surface of my tongue.

I was tugging downward on his balls as he was nutting in my mouth and I hoped that there would be more. There was more, a lot more, I just had to wait 2 more days before the 3 of us could play again. On our next playdate, I lost my virginity at the age of 16, to a pair of the horny 11, almost 12-year olds.

The End