Videos of trailer trash gay boys I told the boys that it was clear

Videos of trailer trash gay boys I told the boys that it was clear
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As I said, most of the sex me and Kennedy had was vanilla. It was still freaking awesome. Though now we'd worked out our turn ons, she felt free to be her dominant self. It was her who decided what sex we'd have, and also the mood. We had plenty of straight vanilla sex, then there were those episodes where Kennedy was more dominant or humiliated me. What with my proclivities, that would be somewhere between a big turn on and totally awesome.

The sex would follow her mood in the rest of the world. If she got into an argument with someone, I'd get turned on because I knew she'd take that out on me later. Then there was her work in the porn industry. That was both a source of horniness and frustration for her. It was a big source of frustration for her as it was a male dominated world, where the girl's opinions are neither solicited or heard.

The girls are just assets to be used as the men want. As Kiki she went along with that, but the frustration would boil over and Kennedy would "take her work home" and then vent those frustrations on me. That could be gratifying, and a big turn on, as well as very painful and/or humiliating. It suited me, but isn't the point of this story. On the other hand, we could have some really awesome sex when she was horny.

It seems most porn performers, when "off duty," are really vanilla. They just want to have sex and mean it, not perform. We were working together for about two years, and "friends with benefits" for about 18 months of that. About 500 days, so I'd guess around a thousand fucks or other sex. How do you select just one or two to write about? -- One memorable encounter is one time when I was working out in the evening.

I've always worked out, just to be healthy, but once I took up with Kennedy, it became training, so I could keep up. I got a typical text from Kennedy: "Come here - Kennedy." I was all sweaty, so I texted back, "I'm in the gym." To which she replied, "Shower first." That's Kennedy, fastidious.

Of course, showering was now difficult. I now had a raging hard on, because whatever Kennedy wanted I was going to enjoy, at least in some way. Now, I had to shower in the guy's locker room without anyone seeing the hard on. But anyway, I managed it and went to Kennedy's place. The door was unlocked as usual, I knocked and heard her call out, "Yeah?" So I came on into her studio apartment. Kennedy was sitting at her desk, working I assume. It's a straight shot from her front door through her kitchen to the desk.

As I'm walking the twenty paces to her, she turns her chair round to face me, then raises the hem of her skirt. She's dressed in the usual, plaid shirt and dark grey long skirt. I note she's not wearing the usual sensible shoes, any hose or panties, she'd got ready for me. I'm guessing she wants me to go down on her, pretty typical. She confirms that by nodding in the direction of her pussy. But first, she wants me to strip off, she nods in the direction of my crotch, which is her signal for that.


She likes me doing her bidding, it turns her on (as well as me, of course). She likes it even more that she can make me do it with such subtle commands. So I pause as I exit the kitchen and take off all my stuff, it ends up on the breakfast bar. I stand naked, and blushing, before her for her inspection.

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Totally hard of course. I still get embarrassed by this; I should be used to it. Of course, that just turns me on more.


She smiles, I passed her inspection, I liked that, I like pleasing Kennedy. So I drop to my knees in front of her ready to get to work. That kind of work, I really do love.

But, she has an alternate plan, she waves me back on my feet, then to advance to her, and she went down on me instead. That was a surprise, I love that, Kennedy is the absolute best cocksucker. I know, I have plenty to compare her to. If I'd been thinking, I might have wondered what her plot was. Sometimes she was just nice to me, sometimes but not often. But whatever, I'm standing there having my dick sucked, not worrying about anything, that was until my knees started giving way.

I didn't want to disturb Kennedy, she wasn't going to like that, and I didn't want the blowjob to stop. I slowly moved to sit on the desk, while Kennedy kept blowing me. It didn't take her long to finish me off though, I hadn't had any sex yet that day. While I'm sitting there, trying to recover from that, I hear Kennedy clearing her throat. She's raised her skirt again, making it obvious what she wanted. I sank to my knees again, and this time I got to actually go down on Kennedy. She's obviously already turned on and wet.

I'm still a bit foggy from the blowjob, but even in this condition, I still really like licking pussy; it's very sensual. It's also going to turn me back on in a hurry. I want to enjoy myself, so I try not to get her off too quickly. This time, that agrees with Kennedy, sometimes she's more impatient and has a variety of more or less painful ways to tell me to speed things up.

She's writhing around in her chair, I can't see what she's doing as she's dropped the skirt back over my head, but that and the moans are good signs. I'm enjoying this, and I'm getting turned on again, licking a pussy does that to me.

I'm getting turned on enough, I want something to happen, so I speed things up and go for the coupe de grace and she comes, very noisily, shuddering. I keep my position between her legs and wait for her to move. Eventually, she lifts the skirt off me.

Her shirt is now undone, no bra, I guess she'd been playing with her boobs. I'd like to get me some of that as well. She looks at the sofa behind her, the desk in front of her and the bed the other side of the desk. We've done a variety of sex acts on each of those pieces of furniture. Not to mention the floor, the breakfast bar, and the bath.

She fixates on the bed, and tells me, "Help me to the bed and fuck me." Simple, easy, perfect for me. She gets up a bit unsteadily, and I help her. She discards the skirt and shirt and is naked as she flops onto her back on the bed, her legs open. She's smoking hot, I love fucking Kennedy; she seems to like it as well.

So I get between her legs and start fucking her, perfect. We'd both come recently, so I take this slow and build up to a new orgasm for both of us, I guess that was her plan with the blowjob, slow me down. Kennedy warms up quickly, and starts squirming and moaning again. This time I can see her playing with her boobs. That's hot, I'd still love to get me some of that. It doesn't take her long to come; she must have been wound up.

I'm still aways from coming, after having come not so long ago. I pause to let her come down, and she growls at me, "Don't stop!" OK, that's different, but I don't argue and take up fucking her again. She hardly seems to have stopped coming before she's coming again. That's fucking hot, hot enough I don't think I'm going to be long before I join her.

This time I don't pause, I carry on, upping the tempo, rapidly getting to my orgasm. She hardly calms down at all before she's coming, and so am I. Wow! That's some trip, coming together. I'm lying on Kennedy, and have a face full of boob. That's good.

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That's when I think, almost panicking, 'I'M LYING ON KENNEDY.' I didn't think she'd be amused, so I hurry to get off of her, but a hand pats me gently on the head, she doesn't seem annoyed, that's lucky. She hugs me, that's nice. She sighs very contentedly, and we lie there quietly. Eventually she asks, "You wanna stay?" She'd never asked me to stay the night before, usually she'll just kick me out. I found I loved sleeping with Kennedy, its nice waking up next to her, and she'll usually want more later.

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That's good for me. "Yeah." I reply, trying to sound cool, but I'm really happy about that. "You can do that again. … when I've recovered." That was something to look forward to.


I did get to fuck her again before we went to sleep, and then she had me go down on her when we woke up. Then she sent me home, still horny. — One weird one was when I woke up to realize there was a hand on my dick, jacking me off. As the fog of sleep cleared, I could feel her behind me, pressing her boobs into my back.

I assumed that was Kennedy, I don't know anyone else who'd break into my room in the morning just to jack me off. I was also close to coming, and did. Then she pulls me round to face her, and drags my hand down to her pussy. She makes it obvious she wants me to jill her, so I did.

She's really wet and ready. I finger her, and she comes in record time. Then she gets up, puts on her clothes and leaves. I'm hardly even awake yet, still recovering from coming, and just stunned.

I never did work out what that was about. A "drive by" fuck in the morning wasn't unusual, but that was weird. — Then there was the time I got a text late at night, "Fuck me then go - Kennedy." I wasn't going to argue, but sprinted over to her place. I hesitated before knocking, but couldn't bring myself just to bust in on her. So I knocked, and a faint voice replied, "Yeah." So I walked into her studio.

She wasn't immediately visible, but as I came through the kitchen I saw her. She was lying on the bed, face down with her ass in the air, her legs open. I unzipped myself and knelt behind her, and entered her. She was ready for this, I was ready for this, so I went at it hard.

I wasn't going to take long, but Kennedy was even quicker. She was shuddering and then tensed up, obviously coming. That pushed me into coming. Then, Kennedy slowly rolled onto her side, as I sat back on my heels. She'd made it obvious what she wanted, so I zipped up and left. It just seemed so erotic being so impersonal.

I relived that one a lot. That would be the sort of memory I'd jack off to, but Kennedy had me in use so much I needed to rest when she didn't call, so no jacking off. — One morning I was still half-asleep when I felt Kennedy pushing down on top of my head. That was a pretty standard way of saying she wanted me to go down on her, so I did.

I could tell she was turned on, and I quickly became turned on myself. That's good because slightly stale morning pussy is better when you're turned on, then it's actually very tasty. Kennedy came rather quickly, then got up, a bit unsteadily, to go shower, and told me, "Stay there." So I wasn't being kicked out immediately that looked good for me.

The happy realization that I'd, unusually, stayed over last night filtered through to my brain, along with the taste of Kennedy's pussy, and the fact that she'd left me horny wasn't so far behind either. I was hoping as, more often than not, she'd take care of that before I was dismissed.

She comes out of the bathroom looking smoking hot as always, I'm lying on the bed, kind of day dreaming about what I hope is going to happen. Mainly I just hope I'm going to get off, but whatever plans Kennedy had would be good with me. So I'm really hard, and just lying there uncovered. She looks at me and smiles, I get self-conscious and blush, but don't cover myself up. She does like ogling me. She seems to think I'm hot, I have no opinion on this, I don't fancy men, so I've no idea what makes them hot.

She's looking at me hungrily, either I'm breakfast or she's horny, she's focusing on my dick, so I guess horny. Then, she comes over to the bed and without a word, lifts her leg, straddles my head, and gets on top of me in the sixty-nine position. If I hadn't had a pussy in my face, there would have been a big smile there, that's one of my favorites (though, really, anything Kennedy wants me to do is a favorite). This time it seems to be for her benefit, I'm supposed to get her off.

That can go either way, it's difficult to try getting both of you off at once, so I'm trying not to be distracted by her mouth on my dick. While having your dick in Kennedy's mouth tends to the mind blowing, she wasn't very active so I could just about keep my mind on my task.

I was motivated, if I slacked off, she'd probably stop that. Its going well, I'm really enjoying myself, concentrating on getting Kennedy off. I take it as a good sign when she stops doing anything to me; my dick was still in her mouth so that was good.


She's tensing up and shaking, before she collapses her full weight on top of me. Kennedy is not that heavy, so I can stand that, but my submissive side really loves that, and it's really rather erotic being squashed by a naked Kennedy like that.

But, soon enough Kennedy starts working on me in earnest. She gives amazing blowjobs, and this was no exception. I think she was trying to get me off quickly; it was mind blowing. I'm really wound up already, and Kennedy was after something, and she's rubbing her pussy all over my face, in a rather dominant way, I didn't stand a chance.

I came speedily, and explosively, leaving me senseless. She briefly took to sitting on my face and wiggled her pussy on it, unfortunately, I was a bit far gone to fully appreciate that. Then she got up, and started putting on her clothes. She told me, "I'm going to want that later, so you stay here." Not only was she not kicking me out, she was keeping me as her personal sex toy. Even better.

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As she was leaving she added, "I want you naked and hard when I get back." At that I wondered if she'd been listening on my daydreams of being kept as a sex slave by her, then she added the practical instructions, "And clean yourself up, you reek." That was fair comment, so I showered and got a little breakfast and then waited for Kennedy.

I lay on the bed naked.

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I tried doing a little work, I had my laptop with me, that's about all I needed, but that took my mind off things and my hard on would wilt. So I watched a few of Kennedy's videos on the laptop.

That kept me hard, watching Kennedy get fucked in a multitude of different ways.

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I didn't jack off much though, Kennedy would be angry if I came without her, and I'm sure I could please her more if I lasted longer when she did come back to use me. It was mid morning when I heard the door open, and I hurriedly put the laptop down waited for Kennedy. She came into the room, kicked off her shoes, and reached under her skirt to pull her panties down.

Then, again without a word, climbed on the bed, and onto my face, this time facing the other way, so I got to concentrate on getting her off. I love that, but unfortunately, it didn't take her long to come.

She got off me, again somewhat unsteadily. She picked up her panties which were lying on the desk, said to me, "Present for you." And threw them at me. Then she made to leave, but paused, and asked, "Did you get any work done?" I shook my head and indicated to my stiff dick.

She laughed and said, "You should concentrate on work, but I'll be back." Then she left. The panties she left me with were quite damp.

I sniffed them, they smelled most erotically of Kennedy. I did try to do some work, lying on Kennedy's bed, naked, sniffing her panties at the same time. I did manage to work to some extent. I was shaken from my reverie by the door opening again.

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This time I'm lying there, her panties in one hand, and working one handed with the other. My dick wasn't particularly stiff, but it immediately started rectifying that on hearing the door. Kennedy saw me there and looked thoughtful. After some moments of contemplation, she said, "I feel like rewarding you." She wasn't specific about what I was being rewarded for, but I didn't particularly care.

This was looking good for me. "I could put on the mini," her white leather miniskirt was my favorite abbreviated outfit of hers. "Kneel before you and blow your mind through your dick." I had no doubt she could do exactly that, she had quite a few times. I moaned at the thought, I couldn't have thought of a better reward myself, but then she offered, "Or, you could put on those panties," that was new, she hadn't tried making me wear her lingerie as a humiliation before, I was mortified at the thought, and so turned on, I'm surprised I didn't come on the spot.

"Then you can make me lunch," that wouldn't be too unusual, I'm not a bad cook, Kennedy is. My submissive side likes doing things like that for her, "while I sit and laugh at you." I blushed as I realized how humiliating that would be and how much it would turn me on. She ended with, "Then you can serve me lunch, and serve me from under the counter." I liked that as well, I get to kneel, naked, under the counter, while Kennedy sat on the stool and ate her lunch, I got to go down on her.

Again, humiliating and exactly what I liked. Kennedy does know me very well. She's offering me the perfect fantasy, or exquisite humiliations. I didn't know what I wanted, I might have leaned towards the lunch and all it entailed, but I couldn't admit to that.

She looked questioning, "Well?" I couldn't say, so I said, "I like it when you decide." I do, but in this case I couldn't ask for what I really wanted. It may have been a bad move, she told me, "I feel like a blowjob, but no mini." If she was in charge, if she was Kennedy, she wasn't going for the outfit for my benefit.

But, a blowjob from a naked Kennedy is only infinitesimally less good than a blowjob from Kennedy wearing the skirt. Once she started, I really didn't care. After I finished, in a reasonable time, she hugged me and let me recover for once before getting me to go down on her. Then after that we got lunch, she did ask me if I liked the other idea and I protested vigorously that it was a horrible idea. I hoped she understood the subtext of my enthusiasm for it. She's pretty smart (as well as smart and pretty).