Brother helps sister fuck dad

Brother helps sister fuck dad
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Step-daughter, Mendy's and my First Time This is my first story, so please bear with me. None of this story is true so please keep that in mind. The wife, Jennifer and I met five years ago at a swingers party and we've been together ever since then. We even got married one year to the day after we met and things really could not be any better than they were then and now between the two of us. When we met she has a son (Ken) that will have to live with her till she dies and I took him in as if he were my own along with her daughter (Mendy) that was living with her boyfriend at the time.

Mendy is younger than Ken by two years but she is good at helping us out with Ken when we need the help with him. Ken can take care of himself if he does not have to cook for himself, but has to be told what to do at the time it needs done or he will space it off. Seven months after Jennifer and I got married Mendy and her boyfriend got into a bad argument that led to them going their separate ways and with her not having any other place to go, I told Jennifer to let her come and live here with us, which made my wife very happy that I am willing to take her kids in as I would my own.

Mendy stands five feet four inches, weighing about 120lbs, with real dark brown hair that almost looks black down to the middle of her back, big beautiful brown eyes, perky c cup size tits that sit on her chest that no man can keep his eyes off from, and a sexy round ass that has this nice wiggle when she walks just like her mother has. The way that Mendy's ass shakes and wiggles when she walks makes a man's dick go rock hard in an instant, at least it does me any way, the same way her mom, Jennifer does to me.

Jennifer will let me have sex with any woman that is not related to us, the same as I will let her have sex with any man she wants to have it with, but she draws the line when it comes to family members. She thinks it is just grouse for people to have sex with another family member, but I do not think that way as long as they are two consenting adults that love each other and needing that sexual tension release that most of us need throughout life. I have several family members in my family that I would love to have sex with on my side as well as on Jennifer's side of the family, and right now Mendy is at the top of that list, the way she wiggles and sways that ass of hers, and the short shorts she wears in the summer time around here and the low cut tank tops she wears with them.

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By the way, my name is Mike; I stand Five feet five inches, weighing around 150lbs, with red hair, brown eyes, and I have a thick six inches long dick when hard. I was fifty two years old at the time this all happened, Jennifer was fifty years old, and Mendy was twenty years old.


One and one half years after Jennifer and I married one of her younger sisters ended up in the hospital and we didn't know if she was going to make it or not, so we left Mendy and Ken at home, for her to see that Ken had plenty to eat since we had no time to fix things ahead for him, and didn't know how long we would have to be gone for and too, Mendy had to work as well.

Mendy worked the swing shift at a plant in another town that was between a 45 minutes to a one hour drive depending on the weather and since she is not able to drive she managed to find someone to take her back and forth that worked the same shift but in a different department than she did.

The second week that Jennifer and I were up north at her sister's and brother-in-law's place, Mendy called and said that she had started dating some guy for the past week she thought really loved her, but took her pay check, cell phone, and left her stranded at work with no ride home, and she hadn't been able to get any food for the house and there was not any there for her and Ken to eat, till she got paid again from her job. Jennifer's sister was still in the hospital doing a bit better but not good enough to be able to go home and the brother-in-law was at his wits end with his wife in the hospital and his wife did not want Jennifer to leave to go home till she was home and doing a lot better.

Jennifer knew that if she left to go home, her sister would be hurt and depressed enough that she may have a relapse, so Jennifer did not know what to do.

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"I will go home and take care of Ken and Mendy, and get them some groceries for the house while you stay here to help around here and to help tend to your sister till she can do for herself, then I will come back up here and pick you up and take you home at that time." I told Jennifer after she told me what the phone call was about.

"Are you sure about that?" "Yes I'm sure." Jennifer took her clothes out of our duffle bag and made sure all my clothes were clean and put into the duffle bag, and gathered up some things that was either given to us or we had gone to the store and bought for ourselves. With the pickup loaded with my clothes and other things that Jennifer had gathered up, "Please be careful driving home dear." "I will and I'll call you when I get there." "I feel bad that you're going to go take care of the kids for me, because it is more my job than yours, since they are my kids from before you and I ever met." "They were yours till I asked you to marry me at which time they became our kids in my book." Jennifer and I kissed and hugged each other good bye then I got into the pickup and backed out of the drive and made the three hour trip home.

On the property that I owned before Jennifer and I married, is a house on one side and ten feet to the other side is a trailer that Jennifer, Mendy, and I, live in and Ken sleeps in a bed room in the house. Pulling up in the drive in front of the house where I a ways park the pickup, Ken stepped out of the house to meet me and tell me what all has happened during the two weeks I've been gone, then a few minutes later Mendy came out of the trailer as Ken went to helping me get the things and my bag out of the pickup and carry them in for me.

Mendy gave me a hug and said, "I'm glad that you came home, but I'm sorry for making you leave mom behind." "Do not be sorry dear, things happen." Mendy went to telling me what all happened between the guy and her and that they even talked about her moving in with him at his house, plus what all the two of them had talked about and how he seemed to care for her by the way he talked and he was the one that started the talk about her moving in with him at his house.

"Sounds like you best let me and you mom meet these guys before you get to serous about them and trusting them with your belongings from now on, so that you do not get taken like this jerk did to you. Your run of luck with men is batting a hundred on finding the jerks that's out in this world. I'm not meaning to put you down by saying that; I'm trying to protect you from more heartache in the future if you will let me." "I will be glad to let you screen them for me so that I do not cost you and mom any more money than I already have and do." "Speaking of money, have you and Ken ate any supper yet this evening?" "Ken had the last two hamburger patties that I cooked up last night for us, but I haven't had anything but really we do not have anything for me to cook up for you and me both." "In that case, you and I will go out and eat since it is a bit late to try and fix something here by the time we go to the store, which we will go tomorrow to stock up on groceries." Mendy and I had a decent meal at the restaurant that is just ten blocks up and eleven blocks over from the house, while her and I talked some more about the things that the guy said to her and about how he treated her till he left her stranded at her job the day after she got her week's pay.

Once back at home, I went in the bed room where Jennifer and I usually sleep in the back end of the trailer house and set about putting my clothes away and getting ready to relax for bed a little bit later and make sure that Mendy had everything out of her system so that she could maybe get some good sleep without thinking about the jerk that stole from her. As I was hanging my last clean shirt up in the closet, Mendy came into the bed room, since I had left the door open, "Mike, I'm truly sorry to be such a burden to you and mom, and being stupid enough to trust that guy with my money and cell phone." I turned from the closet, picked up the duffle bag, and put it in the closet, then turned to Mendy, "Here, have a seat on the bed here with me." as I sat down on the foot of the full size bed.

Mendy sat down next to me on my left side, and went to tearing up in her eyes. "It's okay dear, you're not a burden at all." as I put my left arm around her shoulders and slightly pulled her toward me and brought my other hand and arm up to hold her left shoulder to embrace her with a hug and gave her a kiss right behind her right eye.

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"It's just a bit of a setback is all it is, which you will find will happen from time to time throughout our lives, but it is nothing that we cannot handle. I've had bigger setbacks than this in my life, believe me. Everything will work out one way or another, so do not worry your pretty little self about it." "You sure you do not mind me living here with you and mom, because I know you and mom are not all ways getting to go to your parties like you two used to do before Brad and I broke up and I had to move in here with you two.

I will try to find a place to move to as soon as I can get back on my feet." "Mendy dear, you do not need to talk like that. You are welcome here for as long as you want to be, but yet at the same time I do not think you could live out on your own, because you do have trouble saving your money for the bills you would have to pay to live out on your own, and I'm not saying this to make you look bad or feel bad, but you do need to think about what I said.

I think of you as my daughter and not my step-daughter, so therefore I will not just put you out there for the wolves to devour you the way they seem to do, even when your mom and I have to take off on an emergency run, like we had to with your aunt." "Why can't I find a guy to treat me the way you treat mom, and not someone that treated mom like our real dad did?" "I love your mom enough to try and treat her like a queen because I want her to stay here with me, because I love her so much.

I love you very much too and I do not want anything bad to happen to you and it hurts me, that you got hurt this time so much that I want to go and show the guy just how much of a dirt bag he is, by getting your pay check back from his hide." Mendy sat there looking at the floor with her head resting on my shoulder the whole time that we talked while I rubbed my left hand up and down her back and across her shoulders just below the base of her neck and up on her neck and back down to the small of her back.

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"You do treat mom like a queen, that's for sure. You even treat Ken and me better than our real dad ever did, that is for sure too." "I'm glad to hear that. To me you are my little princes and I do try to treat you like one." "You do a good job at that for sure." While I kept holding her close to me with my right arm across in front of her, I could see down into her cleavage behind the sports bra she had on underneath the tank top shirt she wore and down at her beautiful legs that stuck out from those short shorts she had on down to her bare feet.

She could not bear to wear any type of shoe while she was in the house, so she was all ways bear footed in the house. While Mendy and I talked, she relaxed some and the reason I knew she was relaxing was because she had moved her right hand had slowly over to my left thigh, half way between my knee and my hip joint.

Shortly after letting it sit there for a bit, she started slowly rubbing my thigh in a small circular direction.

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As our talking slowed down, Mendy slowly raised her head up off of my shoulder and turned to look into my eyes, keeping her head close to my face, and kept the circular rubbing on my thigh going as well, "When you say that you love me, you really, seriously, mean it don't you?" "Yes I do. I wish I could show you just how much I love you, but I can't show you the way that I know how to show my love for you, because I know it's not the way a dad is to show his daughter how much he does love his daughter." "I know you love me and I love you too." Then she kissed me full on the mouth like she has never done before, even a real quick kiss on the lips like she just did.

Mendy just paused for a second after she quickly kissed me on the lips to look at me then quickly turned and looked down at the floor. I reached around to the left cheek with my right hand and gently turned her head up and toward me to look into her eyes, "Do not be embarrassed about kissing me like that dear." "I want to show you how much I love you too, but I do not know how, since you are like a dad to me.

I've never had a dad to love me and teach me things like you have, as I was growing up." "A kiss on the lips is one way to show love I guess as long as it's just a peck on the lips like when you kiss someone on the cheek or cheeks, or is there another way you want to show me your love?" "I think I want to show you in a way that dads and daughters are not supposed to show toward each other." "Like how dear?" having an idea what she was getting at, but wanting her to tell me or show me what she meant by what she said.

"I really want to do more than just a quick kiss on the lips." "I think you know how I feel about you and will not do anything to you in the way of forcing myself on to you in any way as I've told you before, that it would have to be you to let me know one way or another and I will not stop you from showing me what you want to do or telling me what you want to do." "You know and I know that if mom finds out what I show you that I want to do to show my love for you, there will be hell to pay." "What you and I talk about or do does not have to be told to anyone, it stays here between just the two of us." Mendy hesitated a moment while looking into my eyes still rubbing my thigh with a bit bigger circular motion but still slowly, then she leaned in toward me and kissed me with some passion and I kissed her back in the same way.

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When I felt her tongue on my lips I opened my mouth and met her tongue with my tongue as we kept kissing each other. Looking at Mendy's cleavage and sexy legs had gotten me hard and a bit uncomfortable with my hard on in my jeans, like I wear every day. As we kissed each other, I felt her hand slide up and over to feel of my hard cock that is inside of my tight jeans, then she went to rubbing my hard cock over the jeans.

When her hand first touched my already hard cock, it seemed to get even harder if that is even possible to happen. I moved my right hand slowly down her cheek, to her neck, down on her chest to her left tit, and then stopped to massage, squeeze, and rub, her tit.

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I felt her nipple get hard and try to poke through the sports bra and tank top she wore as I played with her tit, and then I moved to the other tit and did the same thing to it as I had done to her left tit, and got the same response from the right one as I did from the left one.

After a couple of minutes of kissing and feeling each other, we brock away to catch our breath and look into each other's eyes, and then Mendy unsnapped my shirt and pulled it out of my waist band of my jeans and took it off of my shoulders and tossed it onto the floor beside her. Then she went to my belt and unhooked it, unbuttoned the button on my jeans, and then pulled the zipper down, then got up in front of me and bent over and went to tugging on one of my boots to get it off.

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I helped her get my boots off, then she reached up to my waist and went to tugging at my jeans to get them down, so I leaned back and raised my butt up a little for her to get my jeans down and off of me. With my jeans off and lying in a heap beside me on the floor, Mendy took off my socks, then she stood up straight, took off her tank top shirt up over her head and took her bra off at the same time with one motion, dropped them on the floor on top of my shirt, then she hooked her fingers into the waist band of her short shorts and pushed them down over her hips wiggling her butt as she pushed then down over her butt and hips, taking her tiny little black thong panties down with the shorts, then after getting her feet out over the top of them she dropped them down on top of my jeans, and socks.

Now with both of us without a stich of clothing on, I lay back on my elbows looking at her as she stood looking down at me from head to toe, and I looked at her from head to toe.

I had to just take in all of her beauty from her hair down and looking downward I stopped and looked at those two beautiful perky c size tits that were so perfect on her, I've been wanting to see in all of their glory for so long now, and now getting to, I noticed the big pink aria around the nipples, on her milky white tits and the little nipples, the size of an eraser sticking out three quarters of an inch, just begging for attention, and then I looked on down her flat stomach to her belly button and down to her smooth shaven pussy that she has, looking so tight and showing a bit of juice about ready to drip off the pussy lips, wanting to be pleasured by a hard cock.

My cock stood up proud, and rock hard, just waiting for what was to come. Mendy then got back on the bed with her knees, one on each side of me, then leaned in and went to kissing me again as I went to kissing her back with our tongues swabbing back and forth with each other, with the same passion that we had a moment ago.

As we kissed, Mendy went to playing with my rock hard cock and I played with her tits and I could feel her rubbing her pussy up and down my leg as well, stimulating her clit more than it was already, as she moaned from the pleasure she was getting.

One minute later, she brock the kiss and moved down and took my cock into her mouth and went to bobbing her head up and down on my rod.

I let Mendy suck on my cock for a little bit and then I said, "Turn around here and straddle my face while you suck my dick, that way I can lick your beautiful pussy to see just how sweet it taste. I know it sure looks sweet." Mendy rose up, turned around and straddled my face with a knee on each side of me, then when she got low enough to my face I lifted my head enough and to a lick at those beautiful lips that was dripping with her juices. When my tongue took the first lick on one of her lips, she brought her self-down to where I could lick her pussy without holding my head up, and she went back to sucking my cock too.

I lick each of her pussy lips and then licked on her clit two or three times then ran my tongue from her clit to her taint between her lips and back again to her clit. I kept licking her back and forth stopping to give her clit several licks and stopping to stick my tongue in to her love hole as far as my tongue would go from time to time as well tasting the sweetness of her juices and when she had an orgasm, her cum juices flowed out and I tried to catch every drop of it which wasn't easy as she would come down a little bit pinning my head down onto the mattress of the bed.

After about her third or fourth orgasm had subsided she rose up, "I can't take it anymore!


I've got to have this big cock in my pussy now!" Mendy just moved down closer to the foot of the bed and stopped with her pussy over the top of my rock hard cock, while holding it the whole time, and then lowered herself down onto my cock when she got her pussy over it.

I watched her lower herself down on to my cock to watch it disappear inside of her and felt how tight she was as she lowered herself down slowly adjusting to the thickness of my cock, listening to her moan as she slowly lowered herself down onto my cock. When I felt how tight she was I thought I would lose myself and shoot my cum out into her before she got it all the way in, but I managed to hold back from shooting off into her at this time.

When Mendy finally had me inside of her to the hilt, she just sat there adjusting to the thickness and moaning at the pleasure she was feeling from being so full, "I've never had any one fill me the way you are filling me now, and man does it feel so good, damn it feels so good!" A moment later, Mendy leaned back putting her hands on my chest, and I reached around and took her perfect tits into my hands and played with them as she started pumping up and down and rocking back and forth on my cock.

Her pussy walls felt so hot, wet, and silky, and oh so tight, as she rode my cock on top of me. I pumped in and out of her, keeping in time with her from a slow start to a little bit faster and faster till we were going at it just as hard as we could and slowing down after each orgasm she would have, and she was moaning all the way.

With each of Mendy's orgasms I could feel her cum juices flow out around my cock and down onto my balls and drip off of my balls onto the bed. After she had a few orgasms, Mendy stopped, and then without lifting up off of me she did a turn around with my cock still up inside of her, leaned over and started kissing me again and rocking back and forth on me and pumping up and down as I held her close to me and met her thrusts with my own thrusts, up into her.

After a bit we broke off the kissing and she rose up to look into my eyes, "I wish we had done this a long time ago. We would have done this a long time ago had I known it would feel this good. I also want to say that I'm in love with you Mike, and I do not want to ever stop doing this." "I love you too, sexy Mendy.


I've been wanting to make love to you like this for a while now and I do not want to stop loving you like this either." Mendy went to pumping faster then and I followed suit, and she went to moaning again but a bit louder than before and saying, "FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARDER, I'M CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" Her body shook and I could feel her cum socking my cock and balls even more than before when she would have an orgasm.

We slowed the pace with our pumping in and out of her, but did not stop. When she recovered from her orgasm we went to picking up speed with our pumping in and out, "I want you to come with me this next time Mike please. I need your cum inside of me!" Mendy picked up speed again as she rode my cock and I followed suit with her to keep in time with her and I could feel myself building up to shooting my load, "I do not want to get you pregnant since you are my daughter and I'm about to cum here very quickly!" "I've had the shot that keeps me from getting pregnant.

NOW CUM IN ME DAD, I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" When Mendy called me 'dad' and I felt her juices flooding out around my cock on to my balls I gave a grunt of my own and jammed up into her pussy as far as I could and shot my load of cum up into her hot, wet, tight, pussy, as far in as I could get my cock to reach up into her. I stayed raised up into her till the last drop of my cum spit out of my cock, then a short time later Mendy laid down on top of me spent, mashing her tits into my chest and I loved the way they felt laying on top of me pressing into my chest and to help keep her from rolling off of me I reached up and took a hold of each ass cheek into my hands and give them a little massage felling the firmness of that beautiful round ass of hers, with my cock still up inside of her pussy as we both would spasm every little bit, her pussy walls and my cock as they seemed to be trying to get every last drop of cum out of the other.

The two of us just laid there with Mendy on top of me till the aftermath left us, then we kissed again with tongues, then she rose up, "I really am in love with you, and I really do not want to stop making love to you like this, whenever and where ever we can." "I feel the same way toward you too Mendy, but when I get your mom back home with us again, we will have to go somewhere else to show each other our love for the other, away from here, so that your mom does not find out about this." "I know and I'm okay with that myself, because I do not want you and mom to break up over this.

I also need a drink of tea or pop right now myself." "That does sound good to me too." We got up and went into the kitchen and got us some cold drinks, then sat down and watched some tv still in the nude, for about an hour, then we went in and took a bath together, then we went back to bed in mine and Jennifer's bed, since the one Mendy sleeps in is a twin bed.

Mendy and I made love to each other one more time before going to sleep that night and during the two months that Jennifer stayed up north with her sister and brother-in-law, Mendy and I slept together every night when she got home from work, and had sex at least once before going to sleep sometimes twice, and on her nights off, we would have sex when we woke up, as we usually did even on the nights she did have to work, and then sometimes throughout the day, when we knew that Ken would not come in and catch us in the act, we would have sex in whatever room we happen to be in at the time.

Somewhere along the time that Jennifer has been back, she has come around to where it does not bother her if one of us or the other has sex with a family member from time to time, but I'm not sure when and how it came about but it has made life a bit easier for Mendy and me to have some fun time together and sometimes Jennifer even joins us even though she is straight and will not have sex with another woman.

Mendy on the other hand is bi and she has a female friend that lives up north, that comes down to see her from time to time and the three of us will get a three way going. Jennifer and I still sleep together when we all go to bed at night, and If Jennifer does not join in the fun with Mendy and I, we will either go to her bed room, or to Jennifer's and my bed room. I hope you enjoyed the story, and I do welcome any comments that will maybe help me in the future, with any stories I may wright as I think of them.