Vaginal Care Must Be Observed

Vaginal Care Must Be Observed
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When Ryan had driven off with my new friends after our hike, I went inside. Grandpa had a stack of papers spread over the dining table and was making a list of his own. "What's this?" I leaned over the table to see the pages. "Your marriage prospects.

I'm making a list of all of their common desires and modifications. Easier to get started on alterations if we know what all of them are looking for." "Can I read them?" "Of course.

Have a seat." He gestured toward my chair. I took off my shorts and lowered myself onto the dildo to start reading. Grandpa sat back and watched me. "Go ahead and make your own yes and no pile. I'm curious." "Okay." I looked at their pictures first. They were all very handsome; there was only one that I knew I couldn't look at for the rest of my life. "He's a no." I handed it to Grandpa.

"I would ask why, but it doesn't matter. You'll get no argument on that one from me." "Really? Why?" "His father sleeps with his daughters. I just can't consider that alright." I didn't say anything, but it surprised me to hear my Grandpa express old fashioned values in the town where he lived.

Next I looked at their family profiles, since Grandpa made a good point. Did I really want to marry a man and have beautiful baby girls knowing he would someday violate them? And how young would he start?

The thought made me cringe. I handed him two more. "So the incest boys are out. Good." "Fifteen prospects?" "You're a novelty in this town now. New blood. And your tits help." I blushed and started reading about the boys' education.

One had flunked out of highchool … no. One had an associate's degree from the local community college. No. Next I looked at their jobs and salaries … some of which were blank since they had just finished college. Grandpa interrupted me, "You might want to look at their family values and … sexual desires" I was confused by some of what I read there and Grandpa had to translate for me. I quickly found that the word 'scat' was a deal breaker, as was 'torture'.

Grandpa had better insight to the local boys and clarified a few points for me. Soon we were down to five. "Now there are two that have some interesting alteration requests that you might want to consider. Do you understand what dental means?" "No, what's that? An alteration?" "Yes, it means they want a number of, if not all of the teeth removed and replaced with dentures.

Makes a blowjob quite a different experience." "Absolutely not! Jesus!" I couldn't imagine anyone doing such a thing for such a ridiculous reason!

"Okay, then that one on top there is a 'no'." He took the paper from me and left me with four. "These two say breast augmentation? Does that apply to me?" "No, I've spoken to all of them about that and they're very satisfied with your breasts as they are." "Okay&hellip.nose ring?" "Let me see that." Grandpa looked closely and nodded, "That one likes a bull ring in the nose. No idea why. But his mom has one." "No." I handed it back to him.

And then there were three. "Tell me about these three." Grandpa went into as much detail as he could about the remaining three boys.

He told me about their childhoods, their families, their siblings and their reputation around town. One of them was rumored to torture and kill animals. We removed his application. Two were left. I waved the one with the least modifications listed and asked Grandpa his opinion. "He's a good boy, on his way to being a good man.

But so is the other one." "He has more alterations listed, seems like more work. Plus, I hate dying my hair." "Well, the salon would do that, you'd hardly notice." "Okay, which do you think? I'm okay with either." I was being very cooperative and I could tell it pleased him.

"I really think you and this Kyle would be a perfect match. Chance is a good kid, but he's a little arrogant and I don't think that will go over well." "Kyle it is. So does that mean I'm engaged?" Grandpa laughed, "I'll call his parents.

Now the ball will be in his court. He'll go over the profiles of the women who have approved him and he'll choose one. I'll set Chance aside as your number two if Kyle falls through." I felt disappointed. Now I had to wait and see if I was rejected?

This was horrible. "Don't look so worried, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about." "Okay. Oh, I met two girls today. Tasha and Naomi?" "Yes, I know who went with you today." Grandpa folded his arms across his chest, waiting. "Tasha wants to come over in the next few days for some time in the pool and some girl talk. Would that be okay?" "I'll call her parents and arrange it.

It's husband choosing time, families tend to get into small feuds over these pieces of paper when they disagree." "Okay. Naomi also promised to call and set something up. They're really nice." "I'll keep my eye out. Get out to the pool and get some sun while I call Kyle's family." "Yes, Sir." I grabbed my ipod from the counter and went outside to strip and lay in the sun.

Kyle. Seemed like a nice name. He was certainly handsome. I had been laying in the sun for only five minutes when Grandpa opened the sliding door and yelled, "Well, you're engaged!" And shut the door before I could say anything.

That fast? I couldn't stop obsessing over it. That fast. One phone call. Did he have no other prospects? Had everyone else rejected him? Was it his choice or his parents'? I took a cool swim to clear my head and wrap my head around all that was happening. In one summer, I would be molded into Kyle's fantasy girl and sent to finishing school to become his perfect wife. What was he going to do for me? That was my question. When I dried off and came inside, Grandpa was making appointments and cooking dinner.

He hung up the phone and turned to me, "Last appointment! You're getting off easy. Your friend Naomi is having butt implants! That poor skinny girl." "What? Wait.

What alterations are there again?" I picked up the profile sheet. Platinum hair, tan skin, large clit, labia reduction, nipple enhancement, lips enlarged. "What does all of this mean?" Grandpa took the sheet from me, "You'll have some surgeries in the morning. They're all pretty minor. You'll be recovering for a few weeks. They'll do the most work between your legs it seems. Your labia are very full, they'll have to be reduced." "Like, cut away?" I hadn't realized it would be so invasive.

"Don't worry, once you're healed, you'll love it." He went back to making dinner as if none of it was a big deal.

"In the morning&hellip.I don't get much time to think about this, do I?" "There's nothing to think about, Ruby. You've chosen a husband and now you will make yourself pleasing to him." I was now someone's property for real.

"Do I get to meet this Kyle any time soon? Doesn't he want to meet me before he agrees to marry me?" "Maybe, maybe not.

I'm sure before school begins he'll be taking you on dates." In the morning, Grandpa drove me to the surgeon's office and went over the alterations carefully. He had already been contacted by Kyle, my future husband, and had his notes as well.

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The doctor was a handsome older man and made me feel very comfortable, "Now Ruby, we're going to put you under while we do this. My team is expert at this; you have nothing to worry about. When you wake up, you'll be very sore. I suggest not trying to talk or move too much." "Yes, Sir." I was terrified and completely shocked that I had agreed to do this.

What if I decided not to stay in this lifestyle? What then? Or had I already made up my mind? "I'm going to count down from 10 to 1 …" Sleep overtook me by the number 8. When I woke up, it was just as the surgeon had warned me. I hurt everywhere. I felt myself moan and a sweet nurse came to my side, "Hello, honey. You did beautifully. Let me get the doctor. Sit tight." The doctor was there in no time, explaining my healing process and what to expect.

I could hear my grandfather's voice somewhere in the room as well. I was slowly sat up and moved into a wheel chair. Once I was in the car, Grandpa made sure he drove slowly and avoided anything that would jar me. I was thankful. The pain medication was taking the edge off, but everything still hurt.

At home, Grandpa had hired a nurse to keep an eye on my surgeries and change my dressings as needed. It took weeks to heal. The nurse used essential oils and home remedies that speeded things up and I progressed much more quickly than we all expected. I had been under constant supervision since the surgeries and was not allowed to look in any mirrors or, as usual, touch myself. During my recovery, I had spoken with Tasha and Naomi and we shared our horror stories.

We had all gone through so many changes we were wondering if we would recognize one another when we could finally all get out and be together. My training for school during my recovery was limited to say the least. The nurse was worried about bacterial infection, so even my anal training had been on hold.

Grandpa had worked on more mental conditioning while we had the down time. While I did my toning exercises, he and I would have talks about the lifestyle and he would play meditation and subliminal tapes while I slept restrained. I felt as if my mind had gone through a huge transformation along with my body.

I couldn't wait to be out among people to see just how changed my whole perception of this life was. One morning, I woke up to my grandfather taking off my restraints and telling me that I would be able to spend some time in front of the mirror before breakfast. "You're nearly completely healed, you might as well get to know the new You." He left the room and I noticed that my mirror had been brought back into my room.

I got out of bed, nude as usual, and walked to the mirror. Nothing was freakishly different, I didn't gasp in horror at myself. I started by inspecting my lips. They had healed long ago, but I hadn't seen them. They felt fuller and in the mirror I noticed that they were still my own lips, just swollen and larger. It would take a little getting used to.

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My nipples were definitely larger and when I touched one, I noticed they were more sensitive as well. They seemed to stand at attention without any stimulation whatsoever. I put a leg up on the side of the bed so I could see between my legs better. My clit was the first thing I saw. It wasn't obscene but it looked swollen and I noticed that when I put my leg down, my labia didn't cover it. My labia were so reduced that they didn't cover much at all. All of my sensitive parts were exposed. Grandpa showed up in the doorway as if he were reading my thoughts, "I know it's tempting, but if you make yourself cum, I'm going to have to punish you." "I know, I &hellip.

I was just &hellip." "Kyle will be pleased. The surgeries turned out beautifully and your body is just as he wanted it. He did ask for bigger boobs but I think once he sees you, he will decide it isn't necessary." "Bigger?

I'm a DD." "He likes an E or an F. But you're so petite that I think he'll realize that was a ridiculous request. If not, you'll be in for that surgery later on." He threw a thin, white cotton sundress at me and told me breakfast was ready.

I noticed that I didn't even have any comments ready on what a douchebag bimbo-lover Kyle sounded like. I put on the dress and noticed that the hanging fabric clung to my now large and sensitive nipples and I shuddered.

"Everything is going to feel different to you now, my dear. You'll have to get used to it and learn to control your urges." After breakfast, Grandpa wanted to get me back to the track but just walking a few miles to start. I made it through fine and told him I thought I could start running again with no problem. The trip to the salon to dye my hair for my future husband was uneventful. It felt nice to be around women and have some girl talk.

When everything was done and I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe it was me. Platinum blonde with lightened eyebrows to match. I looked sexy and with my new pouty lips, ready to fuck. The transformation was complete. I got to know my stylist, Karen, very well in a short amount of time. She told me she would be seeing me often to have my roots done.

I was looking forward to regular girl time. The trip to the store for the day was awkward with Ryan at the register. I smiled, he told me how amazing I looked and was very polite.

I congratulated him on his engagement to Naomi and he handed me my slip. THREE HOURS TAVERN DUTY. Not too bad, at least I knew what I was in for this time. The car rides were more intense now. The dildo stretched me and filled me and the vibrations from the ride made my clit feel like it was going to explode.


I took deep breaths and thought about the things Grandpa had helped me come up with to keep my mind off of what my body was feeling. I had some pool time before dinner, listening to my ipod in the sun was becoming one of my favorite things. The music was beginning to speak to me. Submissive, dark and sexy. My skin was adjusting to the sun again, but it was still golden brown.

I found myself hoping Kyle would be pleased. When dinner was finished and the kitchen was clean, Grandpa helped me get ready for work. He put in one of the metal plugs from the training kit and praised me for taking the same size as I had before my surgery. "You've learned to relax and open up, that's good." He told me to put my hair in a bun and handed me a mid-thigh trench coat when I'd finished.

"All you need is a pair of black heels tonight." I panicked a little. Now that I was Kyle's property, had my limits changed? What was I in for now? I exercised my submissive side and didn't question it, though my mind was racing. The car ride to the tavern was hard. Having both holes filled on the bumpy road to town was almost more than I could handle.

Grandpa talked me through it, helped me with my breathing and directed my thoughts away from my body. The learning process was frustrating but I was determined I could do it. At the club, I didn't recognize anyone. I was led into the back room by the owner and I hung my coat on a hook where he told me to. I was nude in black heels. I wasn't given a collar, I was simply led to a flight of stairs. I walked up slowly, wondering what my fate was.

At the top, there was a small hallway with curtains on one side. A beautiful girl was waiting half way down the hall with a bottle. She smiled at me and filled her hands with the oil from the bottle and began rubbing it on my neck and chest.

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"Hold your arms out, sweetie." She slathered my entire body with the oil, every inch. When she grazed my clit with her hand and I flinched, she made eye contact, "My, my. The alterations on you are spectacular." She giggled and kept rubbing me with the oil until I was slick from head to toe.

She led me to a part in the curtains and reached between them. An iron cage door swung through and I was told to step in. I was going to be in a cage!? "It's the easiest job in the world, honey. Just touch yourself, enjoy this new body of yours and show it off for the customers. Don't stop moving and make sure you show them all of your new assets the best you can.

I'll come get you for your breaks." I stepped into the cage and found that it was secure and didn't swing at all. A solid platform. She shut the cage door behind me and I turned around to see the view. All the other cages were filled with gyrating, oily girls as well. The tavern looked smaller from there somehow. I looked down to the tables and saw that they were all filled with customers. Men were enjoying their cocktails and all staring up at the cages.

"Look!" I heard a man yell, "Fresh meat! Newly altered and here for our viewing pleasure, fellas!?" He pointed at me and the whole bar turned their eyes on my cage.

My heart was racing. Before anyone could laugh at me, I started moving. I swayed my hips, touched and squeezed my big tits for them, making sure to pull on my nipples. It made me wet and the more I touched myself while the whole tavern watched, the more I got into it.

I got lost in my thoughts. I closed my eyes and touched my new body, explored every oiled-up inch of myself and imagined how beautiful it looked to watch me. I was turned on by … myself! I could feel the change happening inside to match the changes made on the outside. It was working. I was falling into it. Before long, a hand tapped my shoulder and I turned around to see the beautiful girl motioning toward me.

I stepped out of the cage into the hallway and saw another young girl waiting to take my place. She looked about my age and much more terrified that I had been. Her alterations were a sight to behold. Her large, fake breasts stood at attention and looked far too large for her little body. If my lips were pouty, hers were inflated. And she had obviously had butt implants, because the firm mounds stood out much further than her body could have supported naturally.

Her pussy lips were full, though. Everything neatly tucked inside. I found myself thinking I was glad mine were gone. When had my thoughts changed on that? The poor girl was shoved into the cage and I heard the crowd erupt again as they had when I stepped in. "It's newly altered girl night.

They go crazy for it." The oil girl was waiting for me to come back to reality. "You've been dancing for an hour, you get a half hour break.

Though break … just means you step out of the cage. The view has to constantly change or the men get bored." "Oh. Makes sense, I guess." I followed her down the stairs and she took me behind the bar. "Am I serving drinks now?" "Sort of." She winked at me and grabbed a collar from under the counter and put it around my neck.

The heart dangling from it was a pale pink. "This means they can touch and they can ask for a blow job. Nothing else." She led me to a room that I hadn't noticed before. There were black couches lining a wall and small tables for cocktails every 5 feet or so. As I walked through the room, I noticed I was being led to a handsome man in the corner. He looked me up and down and smiled.

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When the oil girl left, she whispered in my ear, "Do as he asks, I'll be back in a half hour to get you." The man gestured toward his lap and I walked closer and perched on one knee, with my arm around his neck to keep myself steady. He ran a finger along the outer edge of my breast, then cupped it from below and massaged it, lifting it to feel its weight. He twirled one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and I threw my head back and moaned.

Then he slowly parted my legs and ran his hand up my inner thigh, reaching out with one finger to flick my clit. I yelped and jerked upright. When we made eye contact, I was terrified he would be angry, so I giggled. He smiled and kept exploring my body with his hands. It didn't take long for him to tell me to get on my knees. He unzipped his pants and I could see he wasn't wearing any underwear.

His cock was hard and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It was thick and smooth and my first guess was 9 inches long. It was the kind of cock they modeled dildos after. His balls were tight and big and juicy and cleanly shaven. I had no idea what the mental conditioning Grandpa had put me through had done to me, but my mouth was watering.

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I lowered myself toward the work of art between his legs and licked those beautiful balls. They were so smooth and tight&hellip.I took one into my mouth and swirled it around with my tongue, nibbling ever-so-gently on his scrotum. I did the same with the other before running my wet tongue up the backside of his shaft, pressing down on that vein just like I'd seen girls do in the porn I'd been watching.

I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock and sucked the head lightly. I pressed my tongue into the hole in the tip and made small, slow circles as if I was massaging it. I pressed the shaft into my mouth and lowered myself down, taking as much of it into my throat as I could. My new lips made for much more cushion on his shaft, I noticed.

I came back up and went down, hungry for more. My mouth was watering and every time I pressed him further into my throat, stretching it, my pussy would start begging. I hadn't been fucked in so long. After several long, slow dips into my throat, the man grabbed my ponytail and pressed me down until my nose was pressed into his stomach. His cock had broken through the barrier and shoved down my throat. I tried to breath through my nose and relax my throat.

He pulled me up and shoved me back down over and over until I couldn't focus anymore and started to gag a little. He took no notice and kept fucking my face. When I didn't think his rod could shove into my throat any faster, he pressed me down hard and held me there. I counted to ten and breathed through my nose.

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I knew he was coming from the sounds he was making, but he was shooting it well below my swallow reflex and it must have just slid down into my stomach. I loved the way he sounded when he came in my mouth. It wasn't too aggressive and it wasn't too silent. It was the sound of pure pleasure and I felt proud that I'd given him that.

He finally pulled out of my throat and I licked the tip clean, sucking the shaft so that all of his semen and the mucus from my throat were cleaned off of him. He tasted amazing. There was nothing bitter about his cum, it was like swallowing butter. When I looked up at him, he seemed so relaxed and pleased. Calm.

He zipped his pants and pulled my face to him by grabbing hold of that pale pink heart. Then he kissed me. It was a soft kiss, on the lips, no tongue, no forcefulness. Just a soft, lingering kiss as he looked into my eyes. I had never enjoyed a blow job quite like that. It was rough and gentle at the same time, it made me gag and made me hungry for more all at once. I loved the smell of the man, the taste of him. And that kiss &hellip. Dear Lord. How was I going to be in this lifestyle, married to someone I knew nothing about and experience moments like these?

How did you stay faithful as a wife when things like this could happen at any time? The oil girl appeared to my left and gestured to me that my break was over. I smiled at the handsome man I'd just deep-throated and followed the oil girl.

I could feel my own wetness dripping down my inner thighs. I had to look back just once, to see his face again. He was watching my every move as I walked.

I'd never felt more sexy and desired by anyone in my life. After another hour in the cages, which I enjoyed immensely, I was taken back downstairs for my last break.

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The handsome man was nowhere in sight. This time, I was handed over to a short, chubby man with a short, chubby dick. He made sure it was out and I was playing with it while he clumsily fondled my body. He was nothing like the other man. I felt awkward in his hands, on his lap. My nipples and my clit and my pussy betrayed me, however. Even his odd attempts to pinch my nipples sent rushes of pleasure through my chest, down my stomach.

His short, stubby fingers massaged my clit in all the wrong places and I still had to redirect my thoughts so I wouldn't cum. My body had truly become something ready for sex at all times, no matter the circumstance. I suspected the changes in my mind had more to do with that than anything. When he pushed me to my knees and held his cock up for me, I tried to be sensual about it but he just held my shoulders and thrust up into my mouth. He barely reached my throat, let alone had to worry about pushing down into it.

I had to increase the pressure around his cock with my new, big lips and tongue so he would actually feel some friction. It was only a few minutes before he grunted like he was in pain and I felt my mouth flooded with his spunk. It tasted awful, but I gulped it down as best I could and cleaned him like a good girl. He patted my cheek and zipped up and left the room.

All I could think was, 'What an ass!' Who was his unlucky wife? My shift was over then and I was handed my coat. I walked through the bar, looking for that handsome face again, but he was gone. When I got into the car and lowered myself onto the dildo for the ride home, Grandpa asked how work had been. "Fine. I think I actually like the cages." "Good! That's a good sign that you're accepting the lifestyle without feeling like an object.

You're not offended as easily as you were when you first got here." "I know. It's so weird. I was giving a blowjob tonight and it was like … second nature. It was like it came naturally, all of it. And I didn't mind it at all. I just …" "Accepted it." "Yeah!" I was marveling at my transformation and the fact that I was okay with it.

"How did meeting Kyle go?" "Kyle? I never met Kyle." "Strange. The owner told me before your shift that your first break would be your future husband." My heart nearly stopped. "My first break?" I pictured the man's face in my mind again.


Perfect and sexy and calm and admiring. "Yes, Ruby. Didn't you recognize him from his photo?" "No I guess I didn't…" I thought of the photo on his profile and I made the connection finally. THAT was going to be my husband? But he was so sophisticated and … perfect.

Everything about him had called to me and stirred emotion in me. "He called just a bit ago, told me he was very pleased with his choice and complimented your alterations, your behavior, everything. He was very taken with you." "I was taken with him, too." "Ruby?

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Are you alright? You look like you're on another planet?" "I'm fine." I smiled and turned my eyes back to the road. Fine? Was I fine? Maybe I was on another planet. I had just met the man I was arranged to marry, nude and sucked him off in the back room of a bar and &hellip.

I felt like was in love! There was no adequate word for the transformation I had gone through. I was stunned.