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Sexy cora sex
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Even as a young single digit age male, I've always been curious of a womans body. the way they smelled, the way they looked.even at the age 8-9 i was aroused by natural sized woman. I was sniffing panties of sister's or thier friends when I had the chance. thier smell and the feel of the panties stir something inside me to go relieve myself everytime.

I wasn't really a nieve child I've seen a woman pussy, not first hand but by my dad's magazine. which i was glued to those things every time i got those in my hands. i would steal a panty from someone didn't really matter and one of my dad's magazine and go to a place quite.

some would consider me a pervert, even tho I wouldn't hurt a soul. just wanted to touch a womans body. even in school i would stay around late to watch the girls baseball team or even the cheerleaders in the're active form.

just sitting there thinking of how wet they maybe be or the musk I could just imagine, as I've known what some of them may smelled like. as i would sometimes sneak into the're locker area and take a good sniff cause they been thru them all day and thru physical ed and gave me wiff of natural scent.

and boy was i in heaven. Now since my age my body was in a hormone stage (12). so when i finally had a girl touch my penis it felt real good and better than i imagined,but. well it happened one day when in my average day mojo, of staying over and viewing the ladies doing the're daily atractive routine. so i'll be on my then, heading towards the locker rooms and dodging a couple of coaches. i thought i heard someone behind me.

naturaly looking back no one. and moved on to my destination. enter the locker room. smell of perfume and some musk that smelled nice to the nose. i love the smell of younger teen or my age panties, just one thing is that they use to much perfume,powder or something else to cover thier natural scent.

now a older woman (guessing back then) got wetter and more discharge of some sort, so i've that what turned me on. after i couple of those teenies panties i thought i heard the door open. i froze not knowing what to do. i've always plained things for this occasion but i was to weak in the legs to move.but i listen and nothing.

must been the air in the breeze way, i thought. peaked around the lockers and looked around even over the lady coach office,nothing. coach laura is what they called her, so i was convinced it was the air, so i went toward the laura office and went toward her locker.

which she always had it locked. knowing me been in there several times i knew where the key was at. got it and opened her locker. reached in and looked for her you know what.

found it and tilted it towards my nose. awww the smell of a real woman and i'm starting to get a reaction down south. i closed my eyes and about to take another wiff, kevin!!!! yelled a familiar voice. gulped my pride and barely started to open my eyes.

At the same time i was opening my eyes i heard what you think your doing in a nice but comfort voice.

feeling shame and scared i focused my eyes and notice it was nina, laura's daughter. nina was a young teen (14 about to turn 15) that worked out with her mom for fun at school. she was petty with those cat eyes of green. baby fat slim trim body. brunette hair to the middle of her well developed back.

a little bigger than hand sized bust.

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and i well bubble sized booty that fit her. now standing in front a godess, embarressed.just when i was about to lie the obviuos. she said, i know what you're doing i've watched you do this for almost a year, and liked your explorer mind. but I didn't know how to confront you. me here, confused to what has been said. at first i thought you was a lil pervert, at the time of saying this she came closer toward me.

then i notice between my legs in th act of seeing you do this, i was getting moist and felt a itching urge that needed attention. now about a foot away from face to face seeing here hand slide into her sweats, looking into those hypnotic eyes.

and seeing her wicked smile, i got stage fright, and started to look down and shake towards the door. i felt her warm hand grab my arm. asking, where you going. don't you like me. not looking at her i said very much and that i was nervous. she said, me too you don't know how much, but it just seemed right. as she slowly reached down and grabed my aching hard on.

feeling tension shoot thru me with that single touch. With the newly found friend, and the touch of confedent. i proceded to take my hand rub it across her back right leg and inched my hand up and cupped her round and firm lil soft ass. i hope uncle bob don't mind me touching his daughter ass. and i hope he never finds out about me in aunts locker. she said, don't worry i covered you plenty of times so you wouldn't get caught.

father will never find out. again with a wicked smile she gripped my hard on tighter and told me she needed something to get rid of this urge I gave her.


with my free right hand i slid a finger front of her sweats.trying to remember how it goes.from what i seen in video's and magazine.i gently rubbed her bald pussy and searched for a place to insert the finger into i did i must hit the clit she shaked hard and the lust in her green eyes, then she kissed me hard and darted her tongue in out my mouth for a couple of minutes.

at the same time of kissing she was rubbing my dick harder and tugging it at a faster pace. the feeling was nothing i could express except pleasure all over my penis area.and rubbing her pussy with the same motion of hers.

then when she was thru kissing me she let go of my penis and grabbed my balls that shot tingles in the sides of my stomach. then wispered in my ears, do you know how to lick pussy.

i said sure in a not so sure tone. good she said.peeling the sweats off her firm body.and posed for me,is this what you like,panties you do you like them on a woman.

my jaw dropped as my mind was over working with the vision. god, i'm alive. Then she said thats not all. i know you like panties so much i stole these from my mom.


as she sat up on her moms desk spread her leg. there in front of me was the pussy i dreamed of all in a crotchless panties. my mind racing and heart pounding hard, i thought she didn't have any panties on. with me being nervous and her skin silky like the panty. i didn't notice but i sure do now. as i started to walk towards her she said, kevin please hurry, i need you.

hurried on my knees took a good wiff of my first pussy and dove my toungue into it. licked the outside lips to the inside sugar walls. my jaws was sore after 15 minutes or so, so i started to lick and suck on her clit and reached up to her firm bust and gently twisted her nipples underneath her loose shirt with no bra. and still on her clit with a suck and a twist of her tit she screamed out.oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gggooooodddddddd i'm i'm i'm cuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg.

while still in her shock waves i still sucked and licked as fast as i could on her clit. her back arched and legs where trembling she kicked her leg striaght and said.kevin please stop.oh oh oh let me suck you.

hard as ever after seeing her going thru that and it was I that made her. she was down on my hard on cupped my balls and licked my tip and lick the lenth and finally swallowed it. feeling her lips and tongue at the bottom of dick was to good to be true. my legs shook and i felt my dick in a warm mouth and feel the tip hit her throat was to much. my leg shook a little harder and my butt muscle began to tighten as i felt my balls start to tingle and tighten.she went a few more strokes and it was all i could take.i told her i was cumming she barely pulled out her mouth and looked up at me with those sexy green eyes and licked the bottem of my dick.

sending more fuel to the fire and my stomach folded a little and then tighten and then i shot straight on her pretty face and her mouth. with out another second to think, i felt her licking it all off her hand and my dick. hearing noise we hurried up and dress and the main door heard swung open.


Not knowing where to run there was someone coming are way. so nina said hide under those two desk.which there was two desk back to back.

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so i jumped in the one that laura didn't seat herself in. thinking it would be her.and was right.laura: nina what you doing. nina:nothing mom just sitting her thinking thats all. luara:are you ok and what is my locker doing open. i thought oh busted. nina: i'm ok was wanting a asprin thats all mom. luara: ok run home while i get ready,ok nina:ok as i heard her leave i seen my aunt sit in front of me in here desk legs wide open with her loose skirt and her panties showing.

after a few heavenly seconds i smelt a musky aroma in the air.

and knew it was auntie. which smelled good to the male hormones. quite as i could i seen the her get up and close the door to her office and heard her say it was hot and heard her moving around.

and to my suprise she turned to her desk with no panties showing her neatly trimmed pussy. getting hard again by the wonderfull veiw. i seen her pull her loose skirt up and rubbed her clit. little moans now and then not trying to be to loud. she kinda leaned back into her seat and rubbed here entire pussy gaping it some to show me some pink.

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really smelling her pussy and the sight i was needing attention also. I started rubbing my dick slow and hard. trying to be quite, but wanting to get wild and careless. but cannot, i keep thinking about nina good pussy and thinking how much i would liked it. if only i had the chance to put it inside of her.

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and now my aunt teasing me. with her fine trimmed good smelling pussy. as i seen her rubbing herself harder she started to shake and moan slightly louder. with my dick in my hand i busted at the same time of hearing my aunt moaning.she got up changed and left me turning off her office light.

I was never gonna forget this day is what i was thinking to myself. as i carefully was leaving nina caught up with me and told me this isn't over she wanted my dick inside her. told me to come over tommorow night she had another cousin thats been waiting for me. then she told me that if she caught me and i would fool around with her then i wouldn't mind another cousin to join. said they've been waiting all on nina to get the nerve to do what she did.

she even came up and wispered in my ear. your half sister been asking about you.said she notice you've been taking her panties and jacking off with them.

my sister whom grown me up since like two. and never thought of her as a half sister. even tho she is very atractive and built.with a sweet pussy said nina.with that wicked grin.

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