Nude frat hairy sportsmen and small boys with big hairy dick movies

Nude frat hairy sportsmen and small boys with big hairy dick movies
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Lips, soft and parted slight, ready for hot, passionate kisses, her naturally darker Latina skin glowing with heat as she blushed. Her warm, chocolate brown eyes were half closed, covered by thin, long lashes and the visible parts glazed over with lust. Our breath mingled as my hands fisted in her long, luxurious dark brown hair, thin yet strong arms wrapped around my neck, trying to tug me closer to her, to make me kiss her.

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"Ashley," I whispered, voice ragged and husky, keeping my lips a scant inch from reach. "Daniel," she moaned, "stop teasing me, damn it." At five-three, I was a scant inch taller, but I used that inch to its advantage, a kiss aimed for the area just above her upper lip, which caused her to groan in frustration.

I loved to do this: to tease her. It made the end result wild, untamed, to the point of being nigh-on animalistic. Her fingers clenched in my hair and I watched her, my dark green eyes meeting hers through gold-rimmed glasses. When our lips finally met, it was explosive. My body went rigid for a split second before I let out a low growl into her mouth and felt her moan in return to the ragged, hungry sound.

I grabbed her firm, supple ass, made so by years of running: one of her favorite things to do. Our eyes closed and Ashley wrapped her legs around my waist. She started to move, grinding the softest part of her body against the hardest part of mine, which was currently pumped so full of blood, it hurt.

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Her hands came between us and rubbed over my chest, then my stomach, before she rubbed the bulge formed in the crotch of my jeans. I groaned, already sensitized, wanting her touch on my bare skin. Her kisses played over my cheek before dancing down my neck, my head having gone back, eyelids fluttering as sheer pleasure overwhelmed every other sense. Her hand, quickly and surely, dove straight into my jeans and briefs, fingers encircling the long, hardened muscle that was my cock.

I thrust at her hand and let out a long breath, hissing between my teeth as her fingers teased along me, sparks shooting before my vision. "Ashley," I groaned, "st…stop. Let me in first." "Now, why would I do that?" she whispered in my ear, the tables now turned in her favor. "Because; you and I both know your hand isn't where you want that particular muscle," I growled in her ear. "If I do, promise not to tease me?" she bargained, squeezing her thin fingers around my hard cock.

"Yes… gods, yes," I groaned, "just get on with it." "Okay," Ashley grinned playfully. She moved down to her knees, grabbing my extensive length in one hand and jamming her hot, soft mouth down to kiss the tip of my manhood.

My head fell back and I gently ran my fingers through her soft hair, her lips moving to encompass the mushroom-shaped head of my cock.


I growled low in my throat and thrust my hips, pushing the entirety of my gorged length deeper between her parted lips. Her lips puckered slightly as Ashley began to suck, giving me no room to maneuver. Her mouth moved back and forth down the length of my hard, down to the base. She gagged slightly on the sheer length that was forced into her throat, but didn't complain, groaning around the throbbing skin-encased muscle.

My eyes closed as her tongue made circles around the head of my hard length. I moved her head along me, pushing her down a bit further, thrusting my hips into her face. She moaned around my length, and I came, suddenly, violently, listening to and feeling Ashley gag on the huge load of cum that coated the back of her throat.

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I stood her up and spun, pushing her against the wall and giving her a hard, savagely passionate kiss, her shoulders pressed tight to the drywalling. My hands cupped her soft, perky breasts before they roved lower over flat, toned abs, taking her shirt in my hands. Our kiss broke, and her shirt was torn apart, buttons from the blouse flying. My teeth grazed her skin as I pulled the cups of her bra away with my teeth. She unclasped it and I pulled it away by the small string that separated the cups.

I took hold of her breasts and, in response, Ashley arched into my hands, her nipples perking nearly instantly against my warm, calloused palms. My hands moved in circles, causing friction, which elicited a low moan from Ashley as her body quivered under my expert touch.

I turned her again, pressing her to the wall chest-first, growling in her ear, "You ready, babe?" "Yes," she hissed, the wall cold against her breasts, back arched to accentuate her firm ass, long legs and lovely curves, all toned from her love of running.

"Good," I grinned, pushing her skort down, panties balled up inside My lips found her neck, the soft skin receiving kisses, nibbles and rough bites. My left hand cupped one of her firm breasts, and the right moved low, thumb grazing against her clit.

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Ashley moaned and pressed back at me, whimpering, all but needing me inside her. I grinned, not willing to olblige that request just yet. Instead, I pushed my middle finger into her.

Her insides began to pulsate, to pump out a clear liquid, slow but steady, making her much wetter. I nibbled her neck as my right hand pumped a stiff, long pair of fingers into her, the fingers of my left hand stiff as they moved up and down, her nipple catching at the grooves between them.

Ashley trembled, grabbing her other breast and squeezing, left hand having moved to help me toy with her now dripping-wet vag. I let a growl loose in her ear, which eked a moan from her, pulling the finger out and slowly but surely pushing my length into her tight hole.

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The girl seemed to all but melt in my arms after that, her hot cunt squeezing and milking my length as it throbbed, blood pumping through just below the skin, veins standing out and grazing against her walls. "Danny…" Ashley moaned loudly, reaching back and digging the nails of her right hand into my right thigh. "Yes?" I growled again, knowing her moan was in response to the primal, sexual sound.


"Fuck me until I can't move," she pleaded, then cried out as I pulled back and jammed the entirety of my throbbing cock into her. "I think I can do that," I said with a mischievous grin.

She was going to say something, but a rough thrust caused her to cry out my name as pleasure assaulted her in a raging tidal wave.

I drew out slowly before I shoved right back into her. Ashley moaned, her body moving to press more securely against the wall, her ass arched higher, welcoming me, embracing my hips. When she was done re-adjusting, the safety came off.

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Rather than a slow draw-back, it became a fast, furious session of me pounding the crap out of her with my hard cock. Her vag seemed to split wider, her moans growing louder as she reached between her legs and rubbed her aching clit. Her moans grew to high, pleasured screams as each powerful thrust ploughed into her tight, dripping hole, pushing her a bit into the wall every time. She rested her forehead against the wall, her body becoming rigid before going limp, clear liquid shooting out in a flood.

She would have fallen, had my arm not wrapped around her waist and held her up. "Done already?" I asked her teasingly. "Yes…" she moaned. "Too bad," I laughed, "I'm not." It was hours before we stopped. Somehow, we'd made it down the hall and into the bedroom, where Ashley lay atop me, her head against my chest. My arm encircled her waist as she dozed off against my warm body. I felt myself begin to drift off as well, knowing there wasn't too much time left before I fell into a deep slumber.

Before that, though, I managed to whisper out, "I love you." I swear I heard, "I love you too" before the blackness of sleep encompassed me.

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