MILF Aaliya and teen Naveen in their hot and sexy after shower sex

MILF Aaliya and teen Naveen in their hot and sexy after shower sex
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Alice and I had holidayed together for several years, twice a year we would go to Europe somewhere for a week to catch the sun as neither of our partners enjoyed the heat. We both had hectic jobs and appreciated the relaxation that a girlie holiday could offer. I was a tall brunette, good bones, large bust, I guess you'd call me Amazonian in body structure. Alice was petite, very fair, with a lovely set of boobs but very fine and dainty.

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We always had a laugh together, relaxed in our own skins and comfortable to be together, often sleeping in the same room sharing the bathroom, we were both in our mid thirties been around in the world long enough to be comfortable with ourselves. We normally sought a European style self-catering apartment, the usual lounge area, combined toilet/bathroom with a large bedroom with twin beds.

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Holidaying, particularly favouring Greece, the apartments were basic and clean, our normal routine was breakfast, topless sunbathing on the beach all day, an evening meal at a local eatery, back to the apartment to read our books and then to bed to start the routine the next day as before. This year we decided to try a different island, this one seemed less commercial, I had read somewhere that it was renowned for its nudist beaches, at the time I had mused to myself that that might be fun to try.

I picked her up from her home and we chatted and babbled together all the way to the airport, the flight and the taxi to the resort. We had a very easy friendship and enjoyed each other's company.The heat hit us as we came off the plane, that wonderful balmy temperature which was a refreshing change from the early damp summer of the England we had left behind. We arrived at our apartment late in the evening, a nice clean apartment with a large open plan wetroom/bathroom and a large bedroom complete with two double beds.

We unpacked our suitcases, ventured out to the nearest restaurant to eat a quick meal and then back to the apartment to strip off and lay under the cover of cool cotton sheets looking forward to our full first day of our holiday and soon dropped off to sleep.The next morning I was raring to go and as Alice still seemed to be asleep, I dived into the bathroom to shower and shave all my bits as I hadn't had time to have the full wax treatment prior to leaving due to work commitments.

I was busy in the shower area shaving the small amount of hair stubble which had grown over my pussy when Alice walked in chattering away. I continued to slide the razor up, over my high inner thighs, labia and pubic bone area with my leg alternately up on the shower stool to get better access to those hard to reach places.

Alice's banter I noticed seemed to come to a sliding stop so I looked up to see why and found her staring intently at my pussy which was now stubble free.

She suddenly realised I had caught her looking, blushed and then quietly asked me, 'Why do you shave down there?' I explained, 'Normally I wax but I hadn't had time so was shaving.' 'I don't mean that, I wondered why you actually liked to be bald down there.' I had always been a direct kind of girl so told her, 'I like it hairless and it is more sensitive.' She cast her eyes back down to my pussy and I couldn't resist asking or perhaps I meant to dare her, 'Do you wanted to feel it?' She stepped forward and softly touched my pubic area with her fingertips, it took all my concentration not to gasp at the electric shock that went through me when her fingers came in contact with my skin.

With my leg still up on the stool, she shocked me further by sliding her finger tips between my legs touching the skin on the outside of my labia. Crikey I nearly came on the spot with the delicious feelings her actions created!nShe drew her hand away then said in a whisper, 'I'd like to shave mine.' Straightaway I laughed wanting to steer away from the intensity of the situation and said, 'Why not?

Help yourself to my razor and gel, I'm happy to share.' Biting her bottom lip she told me. 'I want you to do it.' My skin instantly prickled into goose bumps. Although happily married, I had had many girl on girl fantasies, found myself easily turned on by lesbian porn and could not deny that I had masturbated on more than one occasion imagining Alice being the one to bring me to orgasm.

Well every girl needs some off the wall fantasies sometimes don't they? I nodded that I would do it for her, not wanting to frighten her by appearing too keen, 'Strip off your robe.' She stripped off, placing her robe on the vanity unit and came to stand about a foot in front of me. Oh god, she was so close, I flexed my fingers by my sides nearly overcome with the need to stroke her tits, my own boobs tightened and pebbled into hard knots screaming at me to pinch and twist them in my fingers.

Quickly dropping to one knee as I said, 'Let's have a look.' Desperately avoiding eye contact, I was then faced with her pussy covered in a light dusting of fair hair, I couldn't resist stroking it with the back of my fingers and softly murmuring, 'You don't have much to shave off but if it's what you want&hellip.' I reached for the shave gel and explained, 'This is a clear non foaming gel I prefer to use, as it enables me to see where I am shaving but allows the razor to glide over such sensitive areas without any aggravation to the skin.' Squirting some into my hand, I smoothed it first onto her pubic area then applied some more between her legs letting my fingers slide between her pussy lips.

Although I had always had girlie fantasies, I had never actually felt another woman's pussy, it was so soft, the gel letting my fingers slide backwards and forwards over her folds. Even though I had been caressing her for a short time, my fingers felt her clit tighten up in response to my fingers, I looked up briefly and Alice had her eyes closed biting her bottom lip, her chest rising and falling as she took deep breaths.

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I so wanted to continue stroking her but I still wasn't sure if I dare go further with her, she was such a good friend, I didn't want to lose that friendship.

So I stopped and grabbed the razor and started to shave, using my other hand to manoeuvre her folds to remove the hair. Once finished I turned the shower head on and using my hands rather than a wash-cloth (any excuse I know!) I washed the gel and shaved hair her off of her pussy relishing in the opportunity to touch her again. I needed to be sure none of the gel had got pushed up into her cunt, so I explained to her as I opened her folds with one hand and directed the shower head directly to her pussy what I was doing.

At one point I couldn't help myself and slipped one finger a little way into her cunt. She was certainly slippery up there and I am certain the shave gel didn't get in that far and I was sure I heard a soft moan from her, excitedly I wondered to myself whether my fantasies could become realities.

I had to stop myself before I got carried away, my own pussy was thrumming away and screaming to be stroked, talk about feeling like a sex starved woman! I turned off the water and brightly said 'All finished!' I reached for a towel for myself and passed one to Alice, escaping the bathroom before I went too far.

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I hastily rubbed myself dry and couldn't resist giving my pussy a vigorous rub with the towel in a feeble attempt to satisfy its silent shouts for my fingers to bring myself to a quick orgasm.

I couldn't even slip into the bathroom with my vibrator which was stashed in my bag, I always brought it with me and used to slip away in the night when she was asleep and bring myself off biting a towel to silence my moans of satisfaction, I would have to wait until that night. We had breakfast and went to the beach, oiled up and sunbathed and slept for the rest of the day not saying much to one another.

This was not beyond the norm anyway, as the first few days of our holidays we both slept virtually all the time, occasionally waking up to apply more sunscreen or to drink, we always took a while to wind down from our jobs. That evening we had an enjoyable meal, chatting away to ourselves and the waiting staff, fortunately nothing seemed to be any different despite what had happened in the bathroom, so I began to think my fantasy was one sided and tried to put it to the back of my mind.

We walked back to our apartment and retired to our beds to read and eventually fall to sleep. I awoke early in the morning in a frazzled state. I had had a very erotic dream about Alice and had awoken just as she was about to suck and finger me to what would have been a mind blowing climax I am certain. The sheets had been kicked off, my skin was covered in a sheen of sweat and my fingers were stroking my very wet pussy.

Desperately in need to bring myself off, hoping Alice was still asleep, I quickly glanced over to find her facing me propped up on one arm watching me.

Mortified I hastily removed my hand and scrabbled to cover myself with the sheet. I mumbled, 'Sorry.' and said no more. She then asked, 'Were you having a good dream?' I sighed and said. 'Yes.' There was no point denying it. She then went on to explain, 'It's clear to me you were talking in your sleep, that it was very erotic and I watched you pull and squeeze on your nipples and then move one of your hands down to your pussy to stroke you clit.

You were moaning in ecstasy and I found it very arousing. What were you dreaming about?' By this time she was sitting on the side of the bed, naked and facing me. She again asked me, 'What were you dreaming about?' I figured shit or bust by this time, so I told her, 'I was dreaming I was in bed with another woman, that she kissed, licked and sucked her way down my body, drawing each of my nipples into her mouth, licking them with her tongue and raking her teeth over the flesh.

Moving down to lay between my legs and suck my clit, fingering me with two fingers curling up and massaging my g spot and I had been about to explode as I frustratingly woke up.' She didn't say anything in response, so I looked over at her and what a sight I saw.

She sat with her legs apart, one foot on the floor the other propped up on the mattress, completely exposing her pink pussy to me, stroking herself with her fingers, her pink lips and fingers covered in her juices.

She opened her eyes and looking at me directly, asking me, 'Who was the dream about?' So I told her, 'It was about you and since I shaved your pussy for you yesterday morning, I haven't been able to think about anything else! I've been left in a constant state of arousal and not had the opportunity to do anything about it.' She mumbled something, I was sure she said along the lines of, well do something about it now, but I guess because I didn't expect her to say such a thing.

I claimed, 'I didn't hear you, what did you say?' To which she said exactly what I thought she did which was, 'Well do something about it now&hellip.' I was in such a state, I didn't know what to do, how to react, should I just lay there and masturbate stroking my swollen clit to orgasm in front of her while she watched or should I tell her to come lay beside me and make my fantasy a reality.

Needless to say I bottled out on the latter and sat up, moving to the edge of the bed to copy her pose, exposing my wet aroused self to her. She continued to touch herself but gazed at my wet core, her breaths becoming faster and faster. So turned on was I by our confrontation and the sexy sight of her wetness, that I moved my hand to the top of my thighs and slid my fingers over my pussy, mirroring what she was doing to herself.

By now I was positively panting myself, as she started to rub herself harder, her fingers stroking her wet lips less and less and starting to massage her clit in small circular strokes. I mimicked her, starting to feel the pressure build, the tingling more intense and my toes started to curl. Watching Alice, her cunt secreting oozing white cream, I could smell her sex and desperately wanted to taste her but I so didn't want to ruin the moment and frighten her off.

Her moans became louder and louder, she clutched each of her nipples in her fingers, twisting and pulling at each of them harder as her fingers danced over her tight button of sensitive flesh. I realised she was getting close too and increased the friction and pressure on my clit desperate to come as the same time. She closed her eyes as she came and threw her head back, groaning as her orgasm coursed through her, copious juices pushing out of her and ran down between her arse cheeks.

My own orgasm shocked me, I had orgasms aplenty with my partner but not like this, my vision clouded and the spasms wracked my body over and over again, leaving me woozy and sated.

I got up on wobbly legs and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, then ducked into the bathroom to wash my hands, by the time I returned Alice had covered herself over and gone back to sleep. I wanted to hold her and caress her body but wistfully I realised that that wasn't to be. I so hoped our interlude had not been a one off, only time would tell.


We slept through a little late into the morning, Alice seemed to be fine with me and we breakfasted and went off to the beach to laze the day away. As per our normal routine in the afternoon we returned to the apartment, showered, changed and ventured out into the balmy evening for something to eat.

Alice continued to be her normal bubbly self, no mention was made of the early morning incident and I began to feel like I had dreamed the whole thing, even though I so wanted more!

During the night, I was dreaming again about Alice, she was in my bed laying beside me, leaning over me sucking my breasts alternately. It was divine, drawing my aching tight nipples of flesh into her mouth, sucking and raking her teeth making me moan.

Her lips left my tits leaving me bereft until she proceeded to lick and nibble down my ribs, across my belly and over my pubic bone. She licked the start of my slit, her tongue probing the groove of my lips, I automatically opened my legs craving her tongue to venture further. Still leaning across my hips, she pushed her tongue against my clit, lapping at it, the sensation was so mind blowing that I subconsciously must have moved my hand down to touch myself to mimic the visions in my dream.

I nearly wet myself as my subconscious turned into reality as I realised that my hand was not touching my pussy but a head of very soft hair, Alice's hair! Not wanting to disturb her or stop the glorious electric shocks of feelings radiating out from my pussy, I started to gently run my fingers through her hair, putting gentle pressure on the back of her head as my hips pushed up to greet her exploring mouth. I kept my moans very soft, wanting to scream my head off though, my breaths increased as I felt her hand creep across my thigh and start to probe my opening further.

I could not control the loudness of my moan as she slid one of her slim fingers into my cunt, it slid in with no resistance but that was no surprise as I was so wet. Not satisfied with one finger feeling my silky depths, she pushed a second digit in and then a third, starting to pump and circle her wrist, whilst sucking my clit harder. By now I was panting erratically and pushing her head into my clit as hard as I could, bucking my hips into her mouth as I edged closer and closer to climax.

Another mind blowing orgasm stuttered through my body, judders of shocks radiating out to my toes and my head, it seemed to go on and on. I screeched as she continued to draw my clit into her mouth even after the orgasm subsided, my clit became so sensitive and I tried to push her head away, finding the pressure unbearable. She refused to budge and continued to suck and pump her fingers into me, as the unbearable sensitivity seemed to subside, I felt myself building to a second orgasm, something which I had experienced only once before using my trusty vibrator.

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As the next climax hit me, she continued her onslaught, still drawing my clit between her teeth and pushed her fingers into my cunt, again I attempted to pull away but I was so drained, I struggled to find the strength.

She teased me higher then backed off, then higher again until my body started to tighten up for a further orgasm, I was seeing stars and panting through the sensations. Again I orgasmed but this time I felt fluid squirt from me, not thick cum but water textured liquid, I could see it splashing onto her face, Alice gulped hungrily and mopped it up, slurping her mouth over me sucking up every trace.

At last her voracious sucking of my clit ceased and she softly lapped at my pussy soothing my extremely sensitive flesh. Once my breathing had calmed down, she crept up the bed and lay on her back beside me saying, 'My God!

You have no idea what a turn on it is to find someone who could squirt during orgasm!' I replied, 'I didn't know I could! But it was awesome all the same.' I rolled onto my side facing her, leant on her shoulder and kissed her softly, then more confidently probing my tongue into her mouth as she opened her lips.

She seemed to welcome my tongue, duelling her own with mine, exploring my mouth with more and more urgency, allowing me to taste myself. I placed my hand on her belly, softly rubbing in circles, higher and higher until I stroked the underside of her breasts, lightly caressing my fingers until I felt her nipple. It tightened under my ministrations, so I pinched it between my finger and thumb, rubbing the tight flesh back and forth. She moaned into my mouth, so feeling encouraged I transferred to the other one, pinching and screwing the flesh giving her pleasure with a little pain.

She again moaned, arching her back, pushing her breast into my hand. I broke away from our kiss, nibbling and licking down her neck, to her collarbone, tasting her flesh over the mound of her breast until I reached her nipple.

Drawing the tight knot into my mouth, raking my teeth over the puckered flesh, distending the nipple before releasing it as it popped from my mouth. I repeated the process several times before moving to the other one, making the flesh red and shiny with my saliva.Drifting further down her petite body, licking over her rib cage, taking small bites at the tight skin over her hips, moving across towards her now bare and smooth mound.

I teased the crease of her pussy, sucking each outer lip of flesh into my mouth, she placed her hand on the back of my neck, applying pressure and pushing her hips up to me, moaning, 'Please……please.' Feeling emboldened, I asked her, 'What do you want?' Continuing to lightly tease her pussy lips with my mouth and tongue, she again replied, 'Please.' I moved my mouth away and firmly asked her, 'Alice, tell me, what do you want?' 'Please do me!' Was her desperate reply, 'Do what?' I asked her forcefully, 'Spell it out to me!' 'Please make me come!' She wailed, 'How do you want me to make you come?' I pushed again, 'Tell me, spell it out to me and demand what you want!' I pushed her further.

'I-I-I-I need you to suck my clit, h-h-hard, f-f-f-fuck my aching cunt with your long fingers, hard, I need you to make me come soooo badly!' At last she had managed to cry out what she needed.

I moved between her legs, pushed them wide apart, shoving her knees towards her chest, lifting her bottom higher and grabbing a pillow and placing it under her arse so she was fully exposed. Her pussy was so wet, white juices oozing from her cunt.


I crouched over her opening and flattened my tongue, licking from the bottom all the way up to her clit in long, sweeping movements, tasting her cream and realising an unbelievable fantasy. I pushed her labia further apart and inserted my longest finger into her, her cunt walls felt so soft and velvety, clamping against my finger as I twisted it round to enable my finger tip to find her g spot.

'Oh fuck!' She breathed, 'More……more, push more fingers into me!' I inserted my index finger, pushing the two fingers apart inside her stretching her wider. Adding a further finger I started to slide in and out, feeling no resistance from her silky wetness, pumping my fist and screwing my fingers left and right as hard as I could as she bucked her hips up to meet my thrusts.

I placed my mouth over her clit and sucked the little nub as far into my mouth as I could, clamping my front teeth over the extended flesh and flicking my tongue over the bud. As my fingers pumped faster and faster into her cunt, my tongue rubbed over her clit harder and harder until I felt her moans turn to quick pants, her hips curled up to my mouth and her muscles tightened.

The pants turned to cries as her cunt muscles clamped down on my fingers over and over again as she spasmed into her climax. Once her vaginal walls stopped grabbing at my fingers, I slowed down my finger fucking and gently released her clit from my teeth.

Looking up at her, her face was a picture of satisfied bliss and both hands were clutching her nipples and pulling on them as she lay in sated repose. I laid back up beside her and we both drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I woke to find myself spooned behind her, one arm under the crook of her neck and my other hand holding her breast. I tried not to disturb her as I eased my arm free and left the bed to go to the bathroom.

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I sat on the loo, deep in thought recalling the early morning's events. I wiped myself and flushed, washing my hands and splashing water over my face, leaning over the basin staring into the mirror, the memories again distracting me. Alice walked into the bathroom, naked, leaned over my back, kissing my back and shoulders as her hands snaked round and cupped my breasts. Her nipples pebbled against my back as she gently rubbed her soft skin against mine causing my pussy to instantly tingle in response.


I straightened up and turned to face her, placing my hands on her shoulders, caressing her neck until my hands held her face and I kissed her lovingly on her lips. She pushed up on her toes to meet me, her hard nipples rubbing against mine as she pushed the gentle kiss into a more urgent one. We eventually broke apart and ventured under the shower together, washing one another's hair, massaging soap and slippery fingers into all our intimate places, bringing each other off to brief but satisfying orgasms.

During breakfast, Alice suggested we try one of the nudist beaches, I had no idea where her new found confidence had come from but did not hesitate and we agreed to go and explore. Part 2 to follow.