Hottie grabs a toy for her solo

Hottie grabs a toy for her solo
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She took a long look and the man next to her. He lay on his back, his chest slowly moving up and down as his eyes remained closed.

She studied him with great attention, looking at his neck and a small freckle that sat at the base of his throat, the way his muscular chest met in a valley and sprung up and came to an apex at two well formed pectoral muscles, his slightly formed abs with a small line of thin hair leading south past his belly button, and finally she became fixated on the massive cock that lay limp on his thigh. He had no hair around the base of his dick.

She could not see his balls, but she couldn't take her eyes off the way the head of his cock gently flowed over and revealed a slightly pinkish hue, and the hint of veins. She tried to look away, but she couldn't. Then it hit her. She shouldn't be looking at a penis, shouldn't be looking at a man next to her, didn't know who she was or where she was. She didn't know this man.

Panic hit her. She snapped the covers off of her and threw her legs off the side of the bed. In one motion, she stood, but found her balance off. As she came upright, the body stirred behind her and heard, "babe, you ok?" She looked back, but the voice had already trailed off, and he was turning over and grabbing her pillow.

Her attention came back to her body quickly. She righted herself against the wall, and even though for a minute she knew wasn't drunk, getting her mind straight was difficult. She took steps around the bed as if she knew where she was. Her heart was racing, a cold sweat broke out over her.

She walked into the bathroom as if she knew where she was going, but once inside, and the lights were found without effort, she came face to face with herself, and discovered the horror. In front of her stood the reflection of a young 20 something female.

A confused look dominated her face, but that drew little of her attention. Her eyes fixated on her chest, the massive breasts that hung off her body.

She reached up toward her chest to find them on her body. But she shouldn't have breasts. This body shouldn't be her. The weight of them were amazing and the disorientation when she got out of bed suddenly became understandable.

When she lifted them, she felt the relief, if it could be called that, from her upper chest and back.

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When she released them, they fell immediately, making a barely audible slap against her abdomen and a slight giggle up the length of her breast. She grabbed her hardened nipple with two fingers, pulling it out and pulling her breast from her body.


They elongated until her breast began to be removed from her abdomen and the weight of the tissue began to provide a bit of pain. She released it quickly. She stood there for a minute and the confusion took over.

Who was she? She asked herself if she really was this person, but then again, searching her memory, no alternative came. She didn't feel that she was another person trapped in this body, but this body struck her as so alien that she felt she was violating someone else by standing there shirtless in the bathroom. There were no answers, and then she thought about the man in the other room.

Was he her husband? Boyfriend? She couldn't bear the possibility of anything else, but it was then that there was a small knock on the door and the voice came to her through the door. "Babe, you ok? I gotta pee something crazy." Panic came over her once again.

She felt like she should cover herself, but then again, there was a need for answers. She opened the door and didn't say anything. He walked in and past her and stood over the toilet, raised the seat, and began peeing. The stream shocked her with its force, and as it wound down he seemed to do this slight wiggle with his body. She watched him intently, examining his muscular ass, dimpled in at the sides with the effort, and releasing to a perfectly rounded butt once finished.

He turned to her and smiled, slightly bumped her out of the way, and washed his hands. Once done, he brushed his wet palms on the towel on the wall, and without a word, grabbed my chest, palms down. His large hands didn't fit completely around each breast, but with a slight squeeze and some force toward me, he lifted them slightly and then squeezed tighter.

His cold hands instantly caused goose bumps with rise on my chest and arms. "Damn you got some great fucking tits. Can't get over those things." …………… He released them as quickly as he took them in his possession. I stood shocked and fixated on the feeling of my breasts in his hands. I looked down at his penis dangling and he caught my eyes. "Yeah babe, he likes them too." He laughed and brushed past me once again, turned around with a smile, and began to speak again.

As he stepped into his pants, underwear free, he said, "same as always I'm guessing." He continued the look he was giving me for a few seconds, and then continued to get dressed. After he had buttoned his pants and thrown his shirt on, unbuttoned, he pulled his wallet out and removed a stack of bills and placed them on the corner of the bed.

I still didn't speak. "All right beautiful, same time same place." He came over and kissed me on the cheek and before I could even understood what had just happened, he was gone. I don't know how long I stood there in shock, but it seemed like a lifetime. When I began to come back to reality, I sat on the corner of the bed, pink and blue silk panties, and nothing else, and took the wad of bills in my hand.

Fifteen hundred dollars. Who in their right mind gave someone that much money and then leaves. Was I really a whore? I couldn't be. I mean I saw the body in the mirror. It was the sexist thing I had ever seen in my life (did that mean I was really a man?—no clue), but still. Who would pay that much money to sleep with someone? No one in their right mind, or at least someone with a ton of money. I couldn't imagine being a "kept" woman, someone that is at the beck and call of someone else.

I didn't know who he was, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. I walked into the living room and looked around. There were pictures of me with other people, some older, some younger.

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There were a few where the same people kept reappearing, others that looked like occasional pictures with people that I knew but were not close to (it appears to me at least to be completely obvious the difference between the two). I studied the woman, me, that appeared in most of the pictures. She seemed happy, normal—beautiful, but normal.

She, me, was hugging close friends, doing things (camping, amusement parks, cook outs, etc.) that were perfectly normal, and now it seemed that I was her. Looking at the pictures, there seemed to be some truth to the entire situations within the picture. It was like through an interior fog I knew them to be true, that that was really me, but as hard as I could, I could not place who they were, their names, or anything about them. I started thinking about me. What did I know about me.

I knew I existed. I knew I had a mind and a general perception of reality and how the world worked, but I didn't know who I was. How could I know what a whore was if I didn't know who I was?

How could I be attracted to myself? Was there some general notion of beauty that I was aware of, and now that I wasn't connected to "myself" I had some knowledge of? I didn't know anything really other than I was naked in a strange place and the body I was in felt completely foreign. I decided that I had to at least put some clothes on.

I walked back to the bedroom and made my way to the closet. Once there, I found drawers that, once opened, provided me with at least something to wear. Everything was complicated, but after a few moments of starring at underwear, bras, and lingerie (there were three full drawers of lingerie), I simply threw on a tee shirt to cover myself and a pair of socks (I know it doesn't make much sense). I walked out to the bedroom and realized that the entire room reeked of sex.

I had to get he sheets out of there, that at least I knew. It was already a bit disturbing that some strange man paid me a lot of money for what appeared to be sex, but to have the smell constantly remind me of it was too much. I traveled the way back to the living room and then to the kitchen where I found a stack washer/dryer.

I stripped the bed and put the sheets in the washer and started it. It scared me a bit how I knew how to do all these things, that they made sense, but I don't remember ever learning them or anything. I was so confused it hurt, so I decided to try and end the confusion.

There had to be some indication within these walls of where I was, who I was, and everything about my life. This place held the answers, and it didn't appear that I had anything to do. I decide to look for a wallet or purse. I looked in the bedroom, but there was nothing there, and the living room provided little help, but by the front door, on this oblong table a small purse lay on the surface.

I opened it and spilled the contents on the coffee table. Inside was a small leather fold with credit cards and finally, a drivers license. My name is Emily. I'm 25. Its something. Further investigation tells me that I am also a member of a local gym, appear to like to carry around a lot of cash, and seem to have several bank accounts with a significant amount of money in them.

Back in the bedroom, I started going through the drawers to find out more about myself. It took me no time to find out what I needed. In the bedside table were two journals. One was larger and thinner, the other was much thicker and looked like more of a personal journal. I sat on the bed and put the thinner notebook beside me, opened the other, and turned to the last page that was written on. It gave the date as June 10. There was a long entry about going shopping with some friends, buying some lingerie, and having drinks, but what dominated the entry concerned the work.

It appeared that she, or I, loved her work but was concerned about how others viewed her. She didn't want other people thinking she was a whore, so she operated in such a way as to keep even her closest friends clueless. There were hints at some sort of recording through her computer, but it wasn't really clear. I put the book down and opened the one I threw on the bed.

When I opened it, a sheet of paper fell out. It was typed, with times of the day on one column and at the top the days of the week. I tried to figure out what today was, but I had no clue and didn't know where to do to find out. Then I remembered (remembered—so exciting) that the weather channel had the date on the screen.

I rushed to the living room, learning too late how much it hurt to run with big boobs. They flopped and slapped against me so hard I had to grab them and hold them up for a second to stop the rush of pain. It was Monday. (A really shitty case of the Mondays). I rushed back into the bedroom, this time holding my tits so they wouldn't fly around (I should so find my bras), and looked at the schedule. Down the column for Monday it had three listings. One at 10 one at 1 and one at 4:30.

The first had "Mark" next to the time and "BJ250." The second had "Jerry—BJx2300." The last said "Ben—FF350." I snapped my neck to look at the clock beside the bed. "9:57." Shit. I didn't know what to do. The idea of sucking a dick scared me to death, but I didn't know why. I threw down the books and put them back in the bedside table. I stood up and noticed first that all I had on was a tee shirt and panties, and second that I didn't have much time. About the time the adrenaline started pumping, there was a knock at the door.

I panicked. What could I do. I had to answer it. I opened the door and a man about 6 foot walked in the door. There were no words spoken. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into my bedroom. He almost threw me down on the bed and said, "I hope you saved all that nice man cum for me." Before I knew it, he had my panties off and his face nestled into my crotch. At first I was scared, and then a raging heat and pleasure came from his face.

He stuck a finger in me, and moved it around in a circle a few times, stretching me a bit and making me aware for the first time of my vagina. To feel something pressing inside you was startling. He licked my pussy and then, when apparently done, he pushed my legs up and started licking my ass hole. Without warning, his tongue invaded my ass and his fingers started rubbing just above my opening.

It didn't take long. I came with violence, and when I did a stream of fluid shot out of me and just passed through his hair line. It continued for a minute and then he stood.

I was already exhausted. "God almight, his cum tastes good coming out of you." And with that, he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them and his boxers to the floor. He crawled up on the bed beside me and placed his butt right beside my face. His semi erect dick hanging on his thigh just to the right of my face.

I knew what I had to do. All indications pointed to the face that I had to now suck thus guys dick. He wasn't huge, but he had a good sized dick. I could tell that (how I don't know) by looking at the thing on his leg. After a short pause of deliberation, I rolled over and without a word just put his semi hard dick in my mouth.

I wasn't ready for how the thing filled my mouth. As he got harder, the size seemed impossible to take, but it seemed no matter how hard I pushed down on his dick, it entered my mouth easily. At first I was uncomfortable, but after only a short time, I could think of nothing else better in the world. The feel of my lips around his shaft, the length as it entered my mouth, the head as it brushed past my tongue, the pressure against the back of my throat when he reached it and then the release of the pressure when he pulled out, all seemed like the most amazing feelings in the world.

I sucked him with passion and vigor. I wanted it all in my mouth. I wanted to try and squeeze his dick with my lips so hard that I could take it with me. In no time it came. A huge rush of his cum erupted in my mouth. I was caught completely off guard, but once the rush came, instincts pushed my head all the way down on his cock so my lips were firmly against him.

I opened my mouth and felt the length of his cock in my throat. I felt him twitch and buck, all the time keeping him deep, and when I could take it no more, I pulled off him, only to catch the last two small surges of his cum on my tongue. I savored the taste, the feel of this thickness on my tongue, how it clung together and then slowly watered down with my saliva. I held it there, content.

When I swallowed it, the feeling remained on my tongue, it coated as it slid down into my stomach, and even after I swallowed again, moved up to face him, I still tasted the strong flavor of what I now knew was cum. He got up off the bed and got dressed. I stayed there laying on the bed in my state of bliss looking at him.

"Next week is the big week huh?" I think he could tell I was completely oblivious to what he was saying. "You know the group on Sunday night. I freakin' cant wait. You gotta make sure you get like five or six or something and just have them all cum in you over and over.

And like just sit on your back until I get here. Fucking hot." He paused uncomfortably, "So you excited about it?" I paused. I realized I had never heard my own voice. "Scared." "Really? It's the same guys as last time right?" He paused.

"Oh ok yeah I know you can't talk about other clients, but damn big dicks like you described. Wow, I'd be scared too.

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But I guess you like it or you wouldn't want to do it again." He walked to the door and when the door closed I caught a brief look at the three hundred fifty dollars on the bedside table before I slowly drifted off.

I woke with a knock on the door. I jumped up in shock and threw on my panties. I couldn't get sucking him out of my mind. I mean I don't know if this body or I had ever sucked before, but at that moment I had never done anything, and I kept thinking about it. The feel, the taste, everything. And all that when I was panicking.

I knew what was at the door. I figured out the code, I thought, but I only had these panties on and this stupid tee shirt. I ran around looking for shorts I think, but I don't know. Panic is a funny thing. When the second knock happened, I couldn't wait. I ran to the door and opened it before I thought about it. "Thought you weren't going to answer." They walked in past me (it must be a habit) and sat on the couch.

The one guy talking must know me or had been here before, obviously, but the other guy seemed scared, like he had never done this. Both were attractive, younger, and totally out of their element.

Jerry, I would come to know, looks at me, stands back up, unzips his pants, and simply says, "in here or in the bedroom. Where do ya think?" like it was nothing.

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"Here is fine." I answered half heartedly. He unbuttoned and dropped his pants, with his boxers shortly following. He was already semi hard, but his friend didn't move. He looked at me and smiled. I took it as a cue. I walked towards him and pushed him on the couch.


I jumped down on his semi-erect cock and took it all the way in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the base hard and flicked at his dick in my mouth making it sway back and forth. I brought my mouth around him fully and pulled it out of my mouth slowly, inching my way up with a suck in between. By the time I pulled him out of my mouth, he was hard, but as soon as he left my lips, I felt him pull me up.

He stood as I stood, and with his two hands he grabbed my sides and lifted my shirt over my head. He threw my shirt on the floor and grabbed my boobs with both of his hands. He lifted them and then cupped them, shaking them and watching them ripple and move. He moved them around till my nipples were hard, pinched them, and then put his hands on the top of my head and pushed me down. I took the cue and put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking. In no time the action brought his friend over, and when I opened my eyes, his friends hand was grabbing my tit and his dick was out and hard.

It was an impressive dick, much bigger than his friends with a large bulbous head, and when I saw it, I had to have it.

I switched dicks quickly, pulled his friend to my mouth so fast it caught him off guard. He released my tit and as soon as I had the head of his dick in my mouth, Jerry had my tits in his hands.

I pushed him as far back in my mouth as I could, but he was much too thick to take all of him. I got violent sucking him. I wanted it. I wanted him to cum. I was so turned on all I could think about were these two guys cumming in me and on me. He didn't last. In only five minutes of sucking he let lose a grunt and then the rush of cum came. It wasn't a massive amount, but it squirted in my mouth.

I didn't swallow it. I felt it on my tongue, lifted off him and cupped my mouth shut so it wouldn't leak out and then pushed Jerry's dick into my mouth with complete suction so I could feel his dick in my mouth with all his friends cum.

He pumped into my head a few times, grabbing the back of my head and pulling it towards him violently for about thirty seconds and then he blew. This time the cum blasted out. It filled my mouth in no time, and I almost choked.

I swallowed a few times, but the shock came to fast, and cum leaked out the side of my mouth and on to my boobs. He kept cumming and I sucked him until he got soft. "That was amazing as always.

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Thanks for letting my boy come along. Next week just you and me?" "Sure." I said as I scooped the cum off my boob and put it in my mouth, lost in the moment and completely forgetting that they were actually there.

"See, that's why you are fucking amazing. That and those tits. Holy Jesus, Ted, didn't I tell you she had the best set of tits alive." He pulled up his pants and on the way out, he put an envelop on the table beside the door. I sat there on my knees in the living room, shirtless and soaking wet. My panties were soaked, and my body was on fire.

I could see why someone did this, why they blew guy after guy. It was fucking crazy how turned on I was, and even when I tried to stand up and find in my mind what I had to do for the next few hours, all I could think about was the feel of his dick in my mouth and the heat of his cum as it shot out into my mouth. I threw myself on the couch and felt my tits slam back and forth and settle with my stillness, pancaked out and hard in the cold room. I wasn't going to let myself fall asleep again.

I had to learn more about this woman I was. I got up and got my shirt back on. My tits were beginning to seem normal. I prepared myself for their movement so it was no shock or surprise. I walked in the bedroom and all I could think about was fucking tonight, having one of those huge cocks inside me.

I sat down and read more about me. Most everything was about the guys, about clients. About what they liked, how they were, how the sessions went. I tried to count backwards to find Mondays to see what I was facing tonight. I started from the beginning to see if I could find a description of him, and not just a "great time." Here it was. "Bed is a treat. He's younger, I think in college, one of those daddy's boys spending daddy's money, but he's not a prick.

He's got a good dick, cums pretty heavy, and likes pretty traditional stuff in bed." I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. I got some food, took a shower and looked through my clothes. I decided that I should treat tonight more like a date than a quick thing, thinking that that was what was called for a bit more. If he was "traditional" I thought that maybe it would be more his speed.

I made sure I had some wine in the fridge and as the hour approached, I picked out a nice dress (everything I had showed a bit too much cleavage), and sat watching television until the knock on the door came. I greeted him unlike the others, and told him to take a seat on the couch. He sat down without words and I went to the kitchen to get us some wine. I sat down, handed him a glass and asked how his week was.

He looked shocked, but after a second, he took a sip, and settled in.

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He told me about his frustrations at work and evidently home life issues with his wife and kids. Then he broke the conversation. "So like you usually only let me have an hour." "Oh, don't worry.

I thought it would be nice to relax for a bit. I don't have any plans for the rest of the night, we're good." "Oh," he was shocked again, "that's awesome." "Another glass?" I took his glass and filled both, returned and we sat in silence for a few moments drinking. He started asking about me, which I didn't exactly have the qualifications for answering, so I changed the subject. "So, what does your wife not do that you really want to try." "You mean sexually?" I could tell the subject made him nervous.

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"Don't worry. Its me. No judgement." "Well, I've told you before, our sex consists of her on her back. That's it. She never sucks, never moves, just lays there and takes it. If I get aggressive at all she freaks out. Says I hurt her." "Oh, how do you hurt her." "I don't know. I'm not huge or anything. Who knows. Its always late at night in bed, she gives in. Any other time she pushes me away and tells me its not the right time." "I hear ya.

Well you got me." I smiled and took his glass once more. I went to the kitchen and filled the glasses, not hearing that he had come in the kitchen behind me. I opened the fridge once again to replace the wine, and as I bent over slightly to reach in, he pressed himself firmly behind my, his cock resting against my ass.

I set the wine in the fridge as his hands grabbed my hips, and as I closed the door and stood upright, he moved his hands up, tracing the sides of my body and moving around front to cup my breasts. My eyes shut with the feeling.

I could feel his hardness through his pants against me. His hands squeezed my tits and moved them up and down.

I tried to turn, but his power kept me in my place. Even that turned me on. He kissed my neck and then reached into my dress and cupped my left boob. With that speed increased. Without warning, he lifted my dress and I instinctively raised my arms to let him take it off.

Again I tried to turn, but he stopped me. His left hand grabbed my hip, his right felt my ass and swirled around it, finding my thong against my ass, pulling it slightly, and then lightly spanking me. My ass giggled with the contact, he kissed my back and then pulled my thong down. It all happened quickly. I could feel how wet I was, and as soon as my panties came down, and his fingers probed me, I could smell it. He dropped his pants, and as he stood he grabbed my tits to stand me upright from the counter, and with one movement, he pushed his dick into me.

The feeling was amazing. I parted with the pressure, and as he moved more and more into me, the pressure increased, but increased around him, inside me. Instinct guided me to bend over slightly and spread my legs, and that was all it took for him to start fucking me. I felt the force of him in my stomach when he slammed in.

When he reached bottom I couldn't help but grunt, but what became overwhelming to me was the force of my tits bouncing back and forth as they hung. They crashed into the counter, and then as he pulled out of me they shot back against my stomach. What started to entered my mind was that I didn't want him to cum. This wasn't work, it was something I was enjoying. I took the step of pushing him away and grabbing his hand. I led him into the living room and sat down on the couch.

I pulled him in front of me and took his cock in my mouth. I tasted myself for the first time. It didn't bother me, but for a minute it made me hesitate a bit. Once my flavor was gone, I took it like an old pro.

I went slow, wanting it to prolong his hardon, but also, I wanted to feel every inch of him. It didn't last long. He pushed my head away, and looked at me. He smiled and got on his knees in front of me, taking my tits in his hands and moved them around in circles. He moaned with the movements, which matched my utterances exactly. It felt amazing to feel him squeeze my chest, rub my nipples, and pinch them almost to the point of pain.

When he took them into his mouth, the change in sensation almost was too much. The wetness on my nipples after he had pinched them hard was spectacular. He took one at a time in both his hands, gripping both sides tight so my nipple was the only thing showing and he devoured each, but that didn't last long.

Right about the time my head was spinning, he descended. He didn't kiss his way down to my opening. One second he had my nipple between his teeth, and almost before my tit hit my stomach he had my clit in his mouth. He licked furiously, and in no time, I felt it coming. The first thing that happened was my entire body tensed up, and then my head shot back and my pussy erupted. I stream of fluid shot out of my just above my opening and onto his face, but he wasn't phased.

He kept licking, and as long as he kept going, the feeling continued. When I couldn't take anymore, I pushed his head away panting. He pulled me up and instead of leading me, he picked me up entirely, and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down gently, and pulled my legs up in the air, rotated me around so he was standing on the edge and my ass was barely on the bed. He took a second to rub his dick up and down my clit, which sent a few shivers down my spine, and then in one push, he entered me.

I screamed when he came into full contact with my body, and after only a few full plunges into me, I came again. He started fucking me hard and deep, and at that moment nothing mattered.

I didn't care that I didn't know who I was, or that I came to in a body of a hooker. That feeling was the only thing I cared about in the world. My tits flew back and forth, slapping my shoulders and swaying back to my stomach. Pancaked out, they flowed like the ocean, waves and waves, and with each movment they promised his dick would flow back into me.

I thought I was about to cum again, when I felt him tense up and slam into me harder than before. The force was almost too much, causing me to grunt with each full penetration, and then it happened.

It didn't feel like it had felt in my mouth earlier. I couldn't feel the actually cum shooting into me, but I felt the surge of heat, and then a fullness along with an intense wetness. I could almost feel it because of the way he enjoyed it. He screamed and fucked harder and harder, to the point where it sounded like he was fucking in an ocean. He splashed out of me and as one hand rubbed his chest, the other was surrounding his dick feeling his cum bubble up from the motion.

He finally stopped, and when he pulled out, I felt his cum run out of me. He stood up and walked into the other room, where he got dressed, and when he was finished came back in and thanked me, dropped an envelope on the bedside table, and without warning turned and left.

When I heard the door slam, I stuck my finger in me and masterbated until I came. When I took my fingers from me and stuck them in my mouth, tasteing his cum and my juices, it was only then that I thought about the lack of a condom, the fear of disease or a baby. I went to the bathroom to pee, came back to bed and got under the covers, grabbed the small notebook in the bedside table and looked at Tuesday. Down the column for Tuesday it had five listings. One at 7, one at 8, one at noon, one at 5 and one at 9.

The first two had "BJ150." The third had "F350." The fourth said "BJ150," and the last said "A-F 450*." I didn't know what the "*" meant, and didn't care that it was 6, I was tired, and I laid back, with his cum still slightly leaking out of me, and passed out from the long days work.