Yummy girl licks huge jock

Yummy girl licks huge jock
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Jenny moans loudly as she bounces herself up and down on me, her breasts bouncing with her movements. I watch in fascination as her soaked pussy glide up and down my hard cock. Her muscles clamps down on my cock each time she raises herself up and relaxes slightly at the tip and clamp down again as she thrusts downwards, I'm holding on to her waist, she instructed me not to do anything and I'm not a guy who is going to argue with her.

Today signals the last day I'm here in Miami, what was supposed to be a 4 day sightseeing turned into an almost two weeks of carnal pleasures and introduction to the private life of a woman I always admired for her passion and love of the people around her. I never thought that I could have so much fun in a strange place with a bunch of strangers, but Jenny somehow coaxed the party animal out of me and I had a blast, it seems like she did too.

So far it seems like her advice on taking the new building is paying off, according to the technicians and the office staff the new space is situated in a very portion of town. A particular load squeal from Jenny brings me back to my surroundings, her pussy clenches down on my throbbing shaft as she sits down heavily, she leans forward, gasping for breath and moaning loudly as her pussy convulse over my cock and shudders of pleasure courses through her body.

I try to hold out, but the sensation of her walls squeezing my shaft becomes to much to bear and having lost my train of thoughts to suppress my orgasm leaves me even more vulnerable to her ministrations. I grab her hips and push upwards, releasing my pent up cum inside of her, I close my eyes in pleasure, groaning out her name as I empty myself inside her. I feel her soft body lay down on top of me and her hair tickling my chest, as my orgasm finally start to subside, I open my eyes and look down at her, breathing deeply to catch my breath.

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She props herself up on her arms, places her arms across my chest and rest her head on my arms, she smiles one of those dreamy smiles of her and I can feel my heart melting already "Do you really have to go?" I run my fingers through her hair "Yes my dear I really got to go, I still have a lot of things to see and places to go" She sighs softly and looks at me with absolute sadness in her eyes "I won't see you again will I?" I chuckle softly "Well if there is a special request I will try and organize to fly back from Miami" She shoots me and accusing look "You damn well know I'll want that, why are you so mean to me?" I run my fingers through her hair "Awwww is Jens upset with me?" She closes her eyes and rests her head back on her arms "I never should have told you about my hair, you are just using it against me" I pull her up towards me and kiss her lovingly, she embraces me and kisses me back, we hold the kiss and then she settles her head on my shoulder, sighing softly "I'm going to miss you Greg" I kiss her forehead and smile at her "I know I'm going to miss you too Jen" We lie in relative quiet for a long time before she starts to fidget "I'm going to go take a shower, I'm leaking cum all over you" I grin at her "That just means I need a shower as well" She chuckles and gets up, pulling me up as well.

Moments later we are in the bathroom, the shower steaming up the stall's windows and my revived cock buried deep inside of her hot pussy. Following the GPS' voice, I navigate into Battle Creek, Michigan, it's been almost another two weeks and I can say for sure that I'm now tired of driving.

But the memories and photos makes it definitely worth it all, this must have been one of the best vacations I ever had in my entire life.

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I get out of my car and stretches out, yawning and rubbing my eyes, looking around at the darkening camping ground. The small river that runs past, reflects the last bit of light from the sky, the leaves on the trees rustling softly as a slight breeze moves across the area.

I close the door and heads for the registration office, a figure clad in black catches my eye, she is leaning over a bench, staring intently at something, there is a camera strapped to her neck and even from here I can see that she must be quite a professional by the way she holds it.

Smiling to myself I enter the building, registering and getting keys to one of the cabins, getting my stuff from the car I head for the bungalow. I unlock the door and go inside, I dump my bags on the bed and lock the door behind me, I quickly unpack and head for the shower, after my shower I slip into boxers and fall down on the bed, thinking that I'd eat something later on.

A light knock on my door wakes me up, I get up, yawning and opens the door, sobering up immediately. It's the lady I saw earlier, a glance at the light outside, makes me realise that was yesterday.

Turning my attention back to her, I can't help but admire her brown eyes, raven black hair and sultry looking face. "I'm sorry for waking you, I heard that you came in late yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to know if maybe you would be interested to go for a hike?" I smile at her "Do you make a habit of asking strangers to go walk with you through what seems to be a rather secluded trail?" She blushes slightly "Uhm no not really, but they refuse to let me leave the grounds alone and I desperately want to go take photos" Oh great a photographer with a need to take photos, I chuckle softly to myself "OK tell you what, let me get dressed and then I'll go with you.

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Can't let a lady suffer like that" She smiles brightly "Oh thank you! How can I repay you?" I shake my head slightly and smile at her "Don't worry about it, I need the exercise" She smiles even broader at me, revealing perfect pearly whites "I'm over in the cabin there" I lean out to see where she points "OK I'll be there as soon as I'm done" She leaves and I start to get ready, after my shower I slip into a loose fitting polo neck, black jeans and my black boots.

After a brief thought I head for the main buildings and start browsing around until I get a shop. Purchasing a backpack, cool drinks, water and some freshly made sandwiches, after paying for everything and packing the back pack, I head for her cabin. The door opens barely a few seconds after I knocked, she is dressed in black boots, beige shorts that shows off a lot of her bare legs, a shirt tied under her breasts exposing her taut belly and her hair is tied back in a ponytail, she has a hip bag slung across her hips and her camera nestles against her breasts.

I slip on my sunglasses and grin at her "Well you seem ready to go, let's hit your trail and see what we can see" She closes and lock the door behind her, then heads towards the office, I follow her and listens to her telling the camp owner that she got somebody to go with her on the trails. The owner gives her forms to fill in and looks over at me, grinning "Hope you can keep up, this here young lady have already hiked quite a few guys into submission" I chuckle "Well at least I have my own vehicle so I can run away" He laughs at my remark, checks through the paper and stamps it with a rubber stamp "OK you are good to go" We head outside and she is almost running by the time we reach one of the trail markers "Whoa, whoa there missy, I'm not running this trail and I know that you can't take pictures while running, now slow down, the trail isn't going anywhere" She stops and turn to look at me with a frown "I didn't tell you what my name is?" I shake my head and she actually blushes "Oh my word, I'm Aideen" I stick out my head "Greg, good to meet you" She shakes my head and chuckles "It seems that I get carried away at times" We start walking along the trail as her eyes darts around for photographic images "Where are you from Greg?

Your accent intrigues me" "I'm from South Africa" "Oh I always wanted to go there, the pictures I see of it is so beautiful" We start talking about wildlife, game parks and the best places to get good pictures from.

Every now and again I have to stop as she rushes off to go take photos, later we stop for breakfast, a sandwich and a cool drink.


As we talk I gather that she is from Spain, recently divorced and travelling the world, taking photos for her photography exhibitions.

I wonder to myself how a guy could let go of a person like this, she is beautiful, dark eyes, black hair and sultry features, a great figure and long legs.

Her sparkling personality and openness is quite attractive and I find myself enjoying her company a lot, she also is very energetic and quick witted. Shrugging off other guys' stupidity, I continue to follow the trail with her, we come to a place where the trail leads up a rocky hillside.

Making a quick mental calculation, I turn to her "If we start now, we should make it to the top in about an hour and a half" She brushes hair that have come loose out of her face and looks up the hill side, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand "That would make it just around lunch time, sure why not?" "Just make sure to put that camera in it's pouch, it seems like quite a climb, you will use both hands" She pulls a funny face at me "Yes father" I chuckle at her and start to climb, making sure that she follows closely, when she stops to look at a certain flower I laugh softly "You can take pictures when we come back down" She looks up at me with her dark brown eyes "You mean to tell me that we are going back the same way?" I grin and shake my head "Only coming down this way, come on, the summit calls" She grimace at me and we continue climbing, when we get to the top, I hold my hand out to help her onto the flat rock right at the top.

She immediately takes out her camera and starts to take pictures, I hunker down and admire the surface of the rock, although geology never was a huge interest of mine, natural phenomenon always interests me.

The rock seems to have been sanded down to it's flat state, I look up at Aideen and start to grin, I know what Jenny would have thought when she saw this flat rock. I slip my backpack off and start to take out the rest of the sandwiches and cooldrinks for lunch, taking off my polo shirt I lay out the meal on it and recline against the back pack and watch Aideen taking her pictures.

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Smiling I close my eyes and relaxes, after a while I hear her footsteps approach, she stops close to me and suddenly there is a snap of a shutter. I sit upright and find her getting up from a crouch about two feet from me "Hey!" She just grins at me "Just couldn't resist, you should think of doing modelling with a body like that" I burst out laughing "Me? Model?" I go on laughing and lie back down against the back pack "Eat your lunch, we will cut it close to sunset if we dawdle much longer" She sits down and starts to eat, looking at me "Why did you take off your shirt?" I shrug "Didn't bring something to put the food on" I reach out, taking a sandwich and starts to eat it, we finish our meal in silence, brushing off my shirt, I slip it back on and pick up the half empty back pack "OK let's get going" She bounces to her feet and a short while later we climb down the hill, the going much slower as her camera works almost over time.

Just before we reach the bottom I hear her saying my name, as I turn to look up at her, the camera's shutter click again "Hey stop that" She chuckles with obvious delight "I can always take pictures of your cute butt" I wave a hand at her and turn back to climb down the trail, at the bottom I wait for her and start down the trail, she follows reluctantly "But you said we are not going back the same way" "Patience my dear, patience" A few yards down the trial I turn from the trial and head on a trial horizontal with the hill, I can hear her camera's shutter clicking away.

I chuckle to myself, wondering how much photos her memory card can take, I find the trial leading back to the camp and start to walk down it, following the same recipe of stopping every now and then, waiting for her to take her photos. We talk about things that we like and dislike on our way back to the camping grounds, the sun is just starting to set when we walk into the camping grounds.

She thanks me and against if there is anything she can do to repay me, I just wave off the question and after saying good night I head back to my cabin. After a long refreshing shower, I head towards the small restaurant, having a small dinner I head back to my cabin and fall asleep. The next morning I get up and make myself some coffee, I open my cabin door and walk outside, sipping on my coffee.

I watch as the sun rises and slowly finish my coffee, just as I have finished rinsing out the cup there is a knock on my door, I open the door and Aideen is standing there with a smile on her face "It's your last day here isn't it Greg?" I nod at her "Well then, how about a walk along another trial and a barbeque tonight?" I chuckle "More photos?

I'm surprised that you still have room after the amount you took yesterday" She laughs "I have a lot of memory cards, now get dressed" I chuckle and go to my room, dressing into a grey t-shirt and black shorts, I put on my boots and pick up my back pack. We make a quick detour to pack a breakfast and lunch and we're off.

This trial runs along with the stream that runs past the camping ground, this time we hardly move as she is taking pictures almost every three steps. I entertain myself by watching her scuttling around, admiring her smooth legs and firm ass. More than once I catch myself thinking about ripping her top off and suckling on her firm breasts on more than one occasion, grinning to myself I start to look around for interesting pebbles to pick up, I'll probably have to throw them away when we go back, but it does prevent me from having to wander along the trial sporting a hard on.

A tug on my sleeve brings my attention back to Aideen "You have anything in that back pack of yours for hunger?" I chuckle and slip the backpack off, I hand her a sandwich and a juice, thinking about it and then takes out one of each for myself as well.

We talk about forests and how deforestation ruins the ground and also reduces our quality of clean air, we continue to talk about how wild animals lose their homes and become threatened wild life. After we are done eating, she zips off to go take more photos, I chuckle to myself as I continue to look for pebbles and stones, making sure to keep her in view as well.

Around lunch time she declares that it's time to head back, I look at the pebbles and stones in my hands and grin as I throw them away.

We start to walk back, the pace is much faster and when we have almost covered half the distance back, we stop to have a quick lunch, by the time we reach the camping grounds again there is still a lot of sunlight left, nudging me she grins and heads for her cabin. I dump the back pack in my cabin and go to the shop to get wood and meat, I head back to my cabin and set up the wood in the grill standing just outside the back of my cabin, after spicing the meat I start the fire and place the rest of the juice in the small refrigerator, I'm sitting outside, watching the sun set when I hear a movement in the door "You're late" She laughs softly "I had to put the wine in your fridge" I smile up at her, she has changed into a metallic blue minidress with spaghetti straps and high heels of the same colour, she sits down next to me and cross her legs, together we watch the sunset, me sipping on a juice and she drinking a red wine.

We start to talk about various topics of interest, I get up every now and then to check on the fire and to refill our glasses. By the time that I have added the last piece of wood, Aideen has worked her way through one and a half bottle of the two bottles she brought with her. I realise that Aideen is one of those girls who starts to lose their inhibitions when they drink a bit too much, she is much more talkative and doesn't hesitate to touch me and her touches linger longer than necessary.

After finishing the last glass I got her, she gets up to go pour herself some more, but the uneven ground, the high heels and the amount of alcohol she drank makes her wobble and fall, luckily right onto my lap.

I chuckle at her and when she brush her raven black hair out of her face she looks up at me with these unfathomable eyes, I grin at her "A bit of rough seas there?" She rests her head against my chest and smile warmly at me "Seems like I fell for your undeniable charms" I chuckle "You're drunk" She lifts up a finger "Correction, I'm slightly tipsy and very horny.


It's been almost a year now you know" I raise an eyebrow at her "It seems like the wine really loosened your inhibitions" She grins suddenly at me "Actually the wine works slowly, I didn't want you to run away" A sneaky suspicion starts to build up in the back of my mind "You mean that you planned this?" She grin even more and I can swear that I can see the little devils dance around in her eyes "And if I did?" "Then I'd be very curious as to why" She sits up and straddles my lap, the hem of her skirt hiking up, exposing much more of her smooth legs.

She rests her hands on my chest, slowly digging her short nails into my skin through my t-shirt "You look like a man who could enjoy and give a good time, I may be wrong, but I'm willing to find out" I look at her a bit stunned "And you get like this with strange guys always?" She giggles softly and looks back at me with a slight blush "That is why I dragged you out on the trail, sure I stood the chance of getting raped, or even murdered, but I seem to be quite a good judge of people at times" I just shake my head slowly "Fuck this is strange" She shrugs "Strange…well maybe…" Another one of those devilish grins "Fuck?

Now that I aim to get done" Before I can reply she has her lips on mine, her lips tastes sweet and slightly fruity, she takes my hands and rests on her thighs, her skin is silky smooth and I slowly run my fingers higher as I start to kiss her back. My fingers slip under the material and shortly rests on her naked hips, I pull away from her and look at her shocked, she nods and captures my lips again, shoving her tongue into my mouth, I slip my hands further and cup her naked ass cheeks, she moan softly and pull away from me, sliding from my lap.

Her hands quite deftly undo my belt and pull down my jeans and boxers, I blink with surprise, that is by far the fastest I have ever lost my pants and underpants. I feel her soft hair brush my inner thighs and at that same moment her warm lips slide over my shaft, I watch in fascination as her lips slide over my semi erect shaft and back up again, her tongue working magic on my head and the bottom of my cock.

Her soft fingers start to fondle my balls as she suck my cock back into her mouth and pull backbefore sucking me back in. I rest my hands on her head as I feel my cock starting to grow harder, she bobs her head rhythmically up and down my hardening shaft, her tongue doing wild gyrations as she starts to swallow my thickening cock down her throat, I moan deeply.

Suddenly her head disappears from my now throbbing cock, I open my eyes and looks down, she gets up from her knees, she walks to the back of her chair and lean over the backrest, she winks at me and reach back to stroke her ass "Want to help a poor girl out Greg?" My throbbing cock seals the deal, I get up and move up behind her, in the semi darkness her firm ass looks like a teenager's fantasy, round, smooth and firm.

I push the hem of her dress up around her waist, I run my hands over her hips, marvelling at how smooth her skin is. She spreads her legs wider, her high heels pushing her ass up high as she bend over the chair, I reach down to run my fingers over her pussy lips, they are shaven clean, smooth and wet. She shudder and moan softly, my fingers encounter a thin strip of her trimmed pubic hair just above her clit, I let my hand brush over her wet pussy and she moans a bit louder.

Lifting my hand I take in her aroma, slowly guiding my cock to her pussy with my other hand, the head presses past her soft lips and she gasps. Holding on to her hips I push deeper into her, closing my eyes in the pleasure of her tight, wet pussy gliding over my cock.

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She pushes backwards, wanting more, I keep pushing slowly into her slick entrance, and reaching down with my one hand I slowly rub the pad of my finger over her clit. I thrust hard, sinking the last two inches inside her, we both gasp as my groin is pressed up against her ass, holding tightly onto her hip with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other hand I start to thrust inside her tight pussy, she is moaning loudly as she grip the arm rests of her chair.

I increase my pace with each hardher juices coating my cock, she rock back against my thrusts, moaning louder and louder. I start to wonder if there is other people in the cabins around us, but decide that it doesn't matter much as I continue to work my cock as hard and fast inside her as I can go, the pace and her tight confines coupled with her throaty moans becomes just too much to bear, I can feel my orgasm building up at the base of my cock, the pressure becoming a painful pleasure.

She starts to shudder violently, she bites her one hand, muffling what would have been an ear splitting scream, I groan softly as I let go off my pent up cum, I grip her hips as I explode hard inside her, her tight pussy milking my cock as each convulsion pumps more cum into her. As my cock twitches and force out the last bit of cum, I rest my hands on the back of her chair, she whimpers softly as I pull my cock from her "Hmmmm and what are you going to do now Greg?" I pull her dress back over her ass and kiss her behind her ear "I'm going to finish our meal and then invite you to stay over for the evening"