Muscley horny studs blow their loads

Muscley horny studs blow their loads
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"Welcome to the fundraiser!" a voice called out, cutting through the clamor that filled the living room of the house. Rush week always brought out a wide away of characters and this year was no different. "After we are done here today some of you will get to join our noble organization, and we will have raised a lot of money for the house!" Margret had been the head of the sorority's chapter since last year and she was bound and determined to beat her predecessor's record for most money raised in a single event.

She had amazed even herself when she had come up with this years fundraising idea. Every year girls flocked to the sorority house, eating their food and drinking their beer.

Money was ever in short supply. She still remembered where she had been when the idea had come to her. She was sitting on the couch watching TV when a "girls gone wild" commercial and come on the air. She felt like she had been hit by a ton of bricks, the idea was so obvious. But she would have to do something to take it up a notch, after all college girls where more than willing to show their tits for beer alone, that wouldn't make them any money.

Public masturbation on the other hand. that had some promise. "Now when I call your name you will strip down, be sure and give the audience a little show before you take your place, this is for charity after all." Margaret said A row of young hopeful girls stood in front of her, eagerly waiting their turn for a chance to join the sorority.

A long wooden bench held a place of honor in the center of the room, a row of dildos, each of varying sizes, had been attached to the bare planks. "Allison, Brittney, Laura, Jenny, Lori, Bree, Mia!


You are up, strip down!" Margaret called. She had worked through the list of hopefuls this year and had picked the first round carefully.

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She had wanted girls who she was fairly sure would go along with her plan, a successful first round would encourage the others to comply. She watched the young hopefuls stip down, removing shirt and pants before stripping away their underwear and standing bare before the room full of students. There were some whistles and cat calls as they lined up, and while some of them blushed none moved to cover themselves, something Margret considered to be a good omen.

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"On the bench in front of you is a line of dildos. I want each of you to pick one and show us what you can do! If you need to pretend that its your boyfriend thats fine but I want to see some top notch oral skills today girls!" Margaret called out, she could feel herself getting aroused at the sight of the full breasts and exposed pussies of the younger girls, she wondered if she could convince any of them to eat her out after this round was done.

The girls lined up obediently in front of the bench before dropping to their knees. Each girl picked one of the dildos and began to suck. The range of skill evident was surprising. Some of the girls were hesitant, sliding the tip of the brightly colored sex toy into their mouth, while others eagerly threw themselves into the task. One girl earned a number of cheers for sliding the entirety of the silicone member all the way into the back of her throat without gagging, even Margret had to admit she was impressed at that display.

"Alright ladies that is enough!" Margaret called, "Now that you have lubed up your cocks, it's time for the main event! I want you to give all these nice donors a show! I mean this with all the love that a potential sister can have, I want you to go fuck yourself!" The audience laughed at her joke, the mood in the room shifted into one of high anticipation. Margaret noticed that a couple was making out over in the corner as the mood of lust permeated that atmosphere.

A few of the sisters had hands either up their shirts playing with their tits, or down their pants fingering their clits. One had a hand on each.

The girls again lined up obediently, each taking time to carefully line of the heads of their artificial cocks with the opening of their pussies. One by one they slid down, taking the length of the dildo inside of them before rising back up again.

As they bobbed and bounced on their makeshift cocks their moans and cries started to fill the air. A couple of the audience had taken out cell phones and were gleefully recording the show. A brunette in the middle, Margret never was good with names, started to shake and convulse in the throes of an orgasm, eliciting some cheers from the watchers.

The audience began to get in on the fun, several couples paired off and began to engage in what her mother would have called "heavy petting", fingers and hands disappearing under clothing and soon the sounds of pleasure were not limited to the line of girls fucking themselves at the front of the room. Margaret herself slipped a hand down the front of her pants. She was not surprised to discover how wet her pussy was, although she considered herself to be bisexual she had always had more of a thing for women than for men and the show in front of her was more than enough to turn her on.

She slid her fingers along the length of her aroused pussy before finding and isolating her clit.


Trapping the sensitive organ between her thumb and middle finger she began to rub her index finger back and forth. Her moans joined the general chorus as she brought herself quickly to orgasm.

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Several of the girls had rotated on their dildos to embrace their neighbor, while still managing to keep the rhythm of their thrusts they caressed and fondled each other, breasts and clit open to the exploration that the audience desired.

As each girl worked herself to orgasm, adding their cries to the room, the pace started to slow down. Margaret took this as a hint to move on to the next phase of her plan. "Alright! Who is ready to take the dildo challenge?" She called Another bench was brought out from another room. Similar to the first, in that it had a row of dildos attached to it, it differed in that each dildo was of a different size. Starting with something so small that any man would be embarrassed to lay claim to an organ so small it ended with a cock the size of a fist, with everything in between.

The audience cat called and cheered as the new bench was lined up. "Ill try." said a timid voice from the back of the group of hopefuls. Margaret recognized her as the sister of one of the girls who had graduated the previous year, a legacy. She also realized that she was one of the girls who had started to play with her neighbor during the previous event. "Alright! Let's cheer her on people!" Margaret cheered.

The audience exploded, clapping and cat calls filling the room. The young girl blushed in embarrassment at all of the attention, but firmed herself and continued towards the bench She lined herself up on the first cock, which disappeared inside her pussy with ease, barely eliciting a reaction.

The next several entered her with similar difficulty, sliding into her wet pussy without trouble.

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She gave each cock several thrusts before moving on to the next in line. About halfway through she started to elicit more of a reaction with each penetration. It was not until she got to the second to the last that she started to have trouble.

"oh god it is so big!" she cried. Her face flushed and slowly she slid down the length of the thick cock.

Unlike her previous attempts she continued to ride after her few initial thrusts. She slid up and down along the length of the bright purple cock, taking its length fully inside of her before rising back up, the tip almost escaping each time. She started to buck wildly, riding the cock with a level of abandon that the room hadn't seen before, she was so much in the zone that she had forgotten there was a room full of people watching her.

One hand snaked up to her breasts, pulling and twisting at her nipples as she rode the artificial cock. She threw her head back and cried as an orgasm ravaged her body. Her legs gave out from under her, slamming the length of the cock inside her aching hole.

After a moment she appeared to come back to herself, realizing again where she was and what she was doing. She raised herself up off the cock, looking almost disappointed when it exited her pussy.

She moved on to the last one, looking at it with concern and a healthy mix of skepticism.

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She positioned herself over the monstrous dildo and slowly started trying to fit it inside her tight hole. If she had not just cum, thus providing her with ample lubrication for the task, there would have been no way that the enormous dildo could have penetrated her. Slowly she worked her way down until her bare ass hit the bench. The room exploded into cheers. Margaret herself joined the cheering, she had been sure that none of the girls would have been able to take that monster.

"Welcome to the sisterhood!" She cried eliciting another round of cheering from the audience. Walking over Margaret embraced the girl as she stumbled from the bench, her legs still weak from cumming so recently.

Margret slipped a hand between the girls legs, sliding her finger along the length of her pussy. "We are going to have a lot of fun." Margaret whispered into her ear before slipping her finger into her mouth, savoring the taste of the other woman's cum.