MILF Alexis have sex with babe Carter

MILF Alexis have sex with babe Carter
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Lila was distracted, which is why she didn't see the guy in the Red Sox hat stepping out into the street just as the light turned. The guy yelled, she hit the brakes, and she didn't hit him. He gave her a nasty stare as he crossed the street, but even that she didn't notice. She'd just lost her job and she wasn't noticing much.

Two blocks later, she did notice a bar on the corner, and in an impulsive moment she pulled into a spot in front. Fuck it. She was unemployed now, and that means if you want a drink at 3:00 in the afternoon, you can have one.

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And she needed a drink. She didn't pay attention to the name of the bar: O'Malleys or O'Sullivans or something.

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Just another dirty Irish dive bar like a million others in Boston. There were only two customers in the bar when she walked in, a couple of guys nursing beers at the far end of the counter and watching the TV.

The bartender was a big guy with a bald head and a single patch of facial hair that reminded Lila of a goat. The two guys looked up when she walked in and gazed at her for a moment--she clearly didn't fit in--but then they returned to watching the TV.

The bartender ambled over and Lila ordered a whiskey.

She didn't feel like messing around; a day like this called for a real drink. He brought it over without saying anything and she sat for a minute sipping, trying to understand what had happened with her job. She was half-way through her drink when the door banged open behind her. Turning to look, she recognized the guy she had almost hit earlier, and he clearly recognized her.

"Well," he said, "if it isn't the bitch who doesn't look where she's going." At this the other two guys in the bar looked over, and raised a hand to the guy.

They must know him; maybe they're all regulars. Lila wasn't in the mood for a conversation, but she wanted to defuse the situation, so she said "Hey, I'm sorry about that. I'm having a bad day and I wasn't paying enough attention. How about I buy you a drink?" "Hey, if you want to make it up to me, that's all right by me," the guy in the baseball cap replied. "But I can think of something better than a drink." And he leered at her. Suddenly Lila realized how dirty the bar was. She was also suddenly aware of her clothes in a way she hadn't been before: she was still in her work clothes, a pencil skirt and a button-down top with a blazer.

She glanced at the other two customers to see if they'd react to what he'd said, but they sat there calmly. "Heh, right. No, seriously, let me get you a drink. What do you drink?" She tried to hide the fear in her voice.

"Bitch, I'm completely serious," he said, and he reached behind him and locked the door. Lila was instantly terrified, and she got up out of her seat to run to the door.

But at the same time the two guys from the back rose from their seats and moved towards her, and one of them grabbed her shoulder and flipped her around. "You heard what he said," the man growled. "Why don't you be a good girl and make it up to him." Before she could scream, the man picked her up and sat her on the bar and the bartender, who had come up behind her, held her arms.

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"C'mon, lady, you said you had a bad day! Let's have some fun." The bartender started to shove the rag he'd been wiping the bar with in her mouth, but the Red Sox guy stopped him. "No, man, she's gonna need her mouth. Besides, you know no one can hear us in here." The bartender pulled her back so she was laying across the bar, with her legs dangling off the edge, and Red Sox positioned himself between her legs and started pushing up her black skirt.

She tried to fight but the two other men were each holding a leg down and she had no leverage.

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She screamed and the bartender slapped her, hard, across the face. "Shut it, cunt," he snapped. "No one can hear you but us." One of the guys holding her legs started pawing at her blouse.


He got impatient with the buttons and pulled it, and it ripped, exposing her cream lacy bra. He shoved his hand under her bra and started groping her breast. "Can't you get this thing off?" he said to the bartender, and tying her arms together with the rag, the bartender walked off to a back room and came back with a knife.


He slid the knife under the front of her bra, and Lila felt the cold steel against her skin as he sliced off her bra. At the same time Red Sox had successfully pulled off her skirt, and he had his hand over her pussy. She felt his large palm cupping her, and his thumb pushing at her through her panties.

"Please, no!" she gasped, but all she got was smacked again. She heard Red Sox unzip his jeans and terrified, she felt the tip of his penis pressing against her thigh. He kept groping with his hand, and he shoved her panties to the side and ran a finger along her. "Do you think she tastes as good as she looks?" he joking asked his friends, and before she knew it he had kneeled down and run his tongue up her slit.

"C'mon, man, fuck the bitch already! I'm about to come in my pants," said one of the guys holding her legs apart.

"Don't be in such a rush," Red Sox said. "We've got all day. Besides, I want her good and wet." She tried to struggle, but it only seemed to push her pussy up into him. His tongue plunged into her and she gasped. She was more scared than she'd ever been, but at the same time his tongue felt good.

He licked up and down and even sucked on her clit for a minute before deciding that was enough. He rose back up and positioned his cock at her opening.


"Hold her good," he said, and then pushed himself into her. She felt him push all the way in--he must have been huge. She realized she wasn't screaming because she was holding her breath. The guy to her right seemed to be unable to control himself any more, and as his friend fucked her he unzipped his fly and started jerking himself off while he grabbed her breasts.

She was pinned down as Red Sox fucked her, plowing into her over and over. She couldn't seem to stop the pain, and at the same time a seed of pleasure was building. Finally he started to speed up and she knew he was about to come inside her. "Uuuggggnnh!" he said, and she felt his cock contract inside her and spill out spurt after spurt of come. The guy who was jerking off started to come too, and he aimed his cock right at her breasts so that the come spilled over them, coating her nipples and chest.

As Red Sox pulled out, she allowed herself to hope for a moment it was over, but the guy on her left said, "My turn." With the help of his friends, he pulled her off the counter and pushed her to her knees on the dirty barroom floor.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out a huge, erect cock. He stood over her and she knew he was going to force her to blow him. "Now I don't wanna hurt you more than I have to," he said, "but if you bite me I'll kill you." He moved forward so that his cock was right in front of her face, and twitching his hips he hit her in the face with it, twice. "Let's see if you suck as good as you fuck," he said, and pushed his cock towards her mouth.

Lila has already lost all hope and just wanted it to be over. So she opened her mouth and let him insert his cock. She thought he'd face-fuck her and get it over with, but instead he growled, "Suck it!" She started sucking and she could taste his sweat. Thinking it might make it end faster, she started sucking hard and swirling her tongue around.

"That's right, bitch, damn, you're good at this, aren't you!" he groaned.


"You're a real cock-gobbler, aren't you! Suck me!" Unbeknownst to Lila, the bartender had come around from behind the bar, and now he grabbed her hips and pulled her up so she was on all fours. Without any preamble he pulled out his dick and began to fuck her.

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With her mouth full of cock, she couldn't even scream. The whole time the guy was yelling at her: "You're just a dumb slut! You're nothing but a come-bucket!" The cock in her mouth started pushing farther, and she began to gag, but he just pushed in and started face-fucking her. At the same time she could feel the bartender pounding into her from behind. Suddenly the guy at her front began to come. She tried to pull away but he grabbed her head and pushed her all the way onto his cock, with his come streaming down her throat.

"Good girls swallow," he said with a chuckle. The bartender behind her began to pound hard, and suddenly she felt him come too.

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She couldn't pull away without shoving herself farther onto the cock in her mouth, so she stayed still. Then, simultaneously, they both pulled out of her, dropping her to the ground.

"That'll teach you to think you're having a bad day," said Red Sox, as he unlocked the door. They all walked out and left her on the floor.