Sucking a biggest male penis

Sucking a biggest male penis
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My step-daughters - I work from home by telecommuting, and my wife builds web sites as sort of a side business. So, we're nearly always home together. However, my wife gets real absorbed in her projects and can sit at her computer until the sun comes up.

The house could be crumbling around her and she wouldn't notice. A little explaining is in order. My wife is 6 years older than I, and had 2 daughters from her previous marriage. We also had our own daughter together. At the time, they were 16, 10, and 4. The two oldest being step-daughters. Michelle, the 16 year old had been physically and mentally abused by her natural father, and hadn't seen him in a few years. Even though much of her mental scars had been treated by a therapist, she still had low self-esteem.

The fact that she was a little heavy didn't help much either.


She was still a pretty girl though. Just beginning to really blossom, with lots of curves in all the right places, and a pair of large round breasts. Personally, I like curvy women. I'm a pretty big guy myself, and I'm always afraid I'm gonna hurt thinner girls. Curvy women are seem to be more open to trying new things too.

I'm not trying to stereotype, but that has just been my experience. Around the time Michelle was 14, she started walking around the house in nighties, or bra and panties. She also seemed to find ways to let me see her budding breasts whenever possible. I told her a few times to cover herself up, but it didn't seem to do much good.

She would stop for a while, and then start up again a few weeks later. My wife never seemed to notice, or she just didn't say anything if she did. Then, just before she turned 16, Michelle started hanging around me whenever I was watching TV.

We had 2 TVs in the house. One in the family room (That was almost always in use by the younger two) and we had one up in our bedroom. So, when I wanted to watch a video or a show, I'd have to go upstairs and watch it. If she heard me go upstairs, Michelle would suddenly appear in the bedroom about 10 minutes later and sit down and watch with me. Because the TV was in our bedroom, that meant that the most comfortable place to watch from was the bed.

As time went on, Michelle would get bolder and bolder and get closer to me. She initially started sitting on the floor, then a few nights later, she'd sit on the edge of the bed. After a couple of weeks, she was laying on the bed with me. It's all so clear that she wanted this all along. I guess she was just trying to get me used to the idea. After a month of this, Michelle started showing up with very light clothing. Usually a nightie and panties. She would start watching TV and then fall asleep for a while.


Some times, while she was sleeping, she would move closer to me and try to get me to put my arm around her. I truly think she might have been getting frustrated, because while I'd have a raging hard on, I did not touch her.

I really did not relish the thought of spending several years in jail. That may have been what caused her to reach a breaking point. I was in what we used for a computer room. My wife was at her desk, working away at her latest project, completely oblivious to everyone. The youngest two were asleep, and I was at my desk working on a firewall and some scripts. It was probably about 1am when Michelle came to us and said that she was going upstairs to lay down and read, but she would appreciate it if someone would come up and check on her in about an hour because there was a show that was coming on that she didn't want to miss.

Her mother didn't hear, and I just nodded and told her I'd make sure she would be up in time. So, an hour goes by and I tell the wife I'm going to go up and check on Michelle like she asked, and then I'm going to lay down and get some sleep.

I get a only a nod in response, and head upstairs. I open the door to Michelle's room and notice immediately that soft music is on, her lights ar dimmed, and a few candles are burning.

And there, asleep on her bed, lay Michelle with no clothing at all. Nothing, nada. She was laying on her back with her legs spread wide open. I could see the pink folds of her slightly parted snatch. Her pussy lips were bright red, and she was very visibly wet. At that point, something inside me snapped.

I closed and locked her door, and very gently lowered my face toward her drooling petals. Her womanly aroma was so inviting, and it had a very serious effect on me.

My cock was straining to be set free, so I removed all of my clothing and continued my journey toward her. I tentatively licked the outer edges of her slit, and she seemed to relax and open her legs a little more. So, I moved forward and really started going to town on her slippery snatch. I started by running my tongue the full length and getting a mouthful of her savory juices. She almost immediately started gyrating her hips even though she still appeared to be completely asleep.

I lapped at her pussy for a while, and then all of a sudden I felt her hands reach around and start gently pushing me closer to her, even though she still appeared to be asleep. Well, I was past the point of no return, so I complied. I buried my face down in her crotch and went to work on her love button. I started paying close attention to the sides of her clit. That got her hips to start bucking. As I gently increased pressure, her hips would speed up more and more.

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By now, my cock was raging hard and beginning to drool pre cum at an incredible rate. I then tilted her hips up a little, and slid a finger into her slippery hole while continuing my assault on her clit. That provoked an even bigger reaction She was so visibly aroused at this point, I was sure that she had to be faking sleep. Then, I cupped her clit in my mouth and started sucking on it and licking at the same time. After a couple of minutes she started shuddering. With my finger inside her, I could feel the beginnings of a massive orgasm that continued on even after I pulled away from her.

She writhed on the bed for a couple of minutes, one hand twisting a nipple and two fingers from her other hand buried in her snatch, making squishing sloshing sounds. After her tremors subsided, she still appeared to be completely asleep. I quietly said "Michelle?

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Are you awake?". No response. My cock was in serious need of attention after her gyrations subsided. She was still laying there asleep with her knees up and her legs wide open. Her pussy was dripping juices, and a small wet spot was visible on her bed between her legs. Well, I wasn't about to let this moment go. I figured at this point that I had nothing to lose and Michelle didn't seem to mind.

I moved in slowly and lay my cock on her slit and moved it back and forth gently rubbing her outer lips and clit with the full length of my cock. Her mouth parted slightly and her hips started to move again. After a few strokes, I could take no more. I gently pushed the head of my cock into her and parted her dripping snatch.

I pushed slowly so that I could stop before breaking her virtue. She was incredibly tight, like a soft vise. I kept pushing into her. I quickly found out that her cherry had already been broken.

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And, she was still appearing to be asleep through all this. I slid all the way up to my balls into her warmth and sat there for a moment to revel in its pleasure. Then I started with slow strokes, to which she immediately responded by meeting my thrusts. As we moved together, I lowered my face down to her breasts and started kissing them, working my way to her nipples.

As I started licking and gently nibbling on them, Michelle wrapped her arms around me and pushed my waist closer into hers, and then wrapped her legs around me. We moved together, as one for a few minutes. I could feel that I was getting closer and closer to the edge of cumming. My cock had never been so hard before. It felt like it was made out of steel. I pumped harder, actually trying to make her wake up and look at me. She merely responded by thrusting her hips harder.

I could take no more. I was speeding towards an incredible orgasm, and had no intention of stopping or pulling out. At that moment, I was thankful for the vasectomy I had a couple of years earlier.

My balls suddenly tightened up, and sprayed her love hole with gobs of cum. I had never ever come like that ever in my entire life. As I started blowing my load, Michelle came also. Her pussy was clamping down on me more than I ever thought possible. Her muscles seemed to be milking my cock for every last drop of cum, and then at that point I could see that one of her eyes was cracked open and a slight smile on her face.

I could hardly believe that a 16 year old could do this to me. As I came, I tried to make my cock go deeper and deeper. Even though I was in to the hilt, It didn't seem deep enough. After our throes subsided, I slid out of her love canal and lay down next to her and stared straight into her face. She still was feigning sleep. I quietly got up, got dressed and went to the bathroom to wash up a bit.

I'm sure I reeked of sex, and I didn't really feel like going to jail that night. After some warm soap and water in the right places, I casually walked out of the bathroom and back into Michelle's bedroom. She still lay there totally naked and totally asleep. I shook her arm and told her to wake up. She was the perfect actress as she yawned and stretched and got up, appearing to not notice that her snatch was dripping cum. She walked into the bathroom, and a few minutes later re-appeared with panties and her nightie on.

I told her I was going to sleep and she bade me good night as she walked downstairs to watch TV without ever appearing to acknowledge what had happened just a few feet away. My mind was spinning for the next couple of days. I tried avoiding being alone with her as much as possible. I didn't go upstairs to watch TV for almost a week.

Michelle kept the pressure up on me though. She continued to make sure I knew that she was there, and with very little clothing on. Finally, a show came on that I absolutely wanted to watch, and the downstairs TV was occupied. I had no choice. I quietly crept upstairs and turned on the show. After about 1/2 hour, Michelle appeared in the doorway. She stopped, closed the door, then lifted the covers and slid into them. She begged me to get under the covers because she was cold and needed warming up.

I initially tried to ignore her pleas. Then, she said to me in a petulant voice "If you don't I'll go tell mommy you're being mean to me". I really wanted to see this show, and didn't want to provoke any sort of squabble.

Especially after last week's events. So, I complied. She smiled, and sighed, and then slid up next to me, spooning us together.

As she did this, she took my arm and draped it over her side. That was when I noticed that her nightie was gone. Outwardly, I pretended not to notice and focused on the TV. After about 10 minutes, I noticed that she was asleep again. I also noticed that my hand was touching her nipple, and it was completely erect.

Begging to be touched. So, I gently traced my finger around her areola slowly moving towards the center, then gently squeezing her nipple. Her only reaction was to push her rear towards my crotch and gyrate her hips.

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This time I didn't hesitate. I slid my shorts off and moved myself back spooning up against her.

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My cock came to rest right next to her slit, which was already dripping wet. It took next to no effort for me to slide my head straight into her fuck hole. It was almost effortless. I quickly buried myself all the way while she lay there still feigning sleep. I then raised her leg and draped it over my waist, reached down and pulled my pussy juice covered cock out and slid it up and down her slit, paying particular attention to her clit.

Then I quickly slammed my pole into her, reached up, and started playing with her love button while sliding my cock in and out. Michelle immediately started breathing heavy and moving to my ministrations. Her pussy was so wet that love juices were dripping out each time I thrust in. I found the tip of her clit and started rapidly flicking it lightly with my pussy soaked finger. Michelle came to a sudden halt, then she rolled over, pushed me on my back, straddled me, and lowered herself down.

When she was fully impaled on my throbbing pole, she started moving up and down with incredible force. I knew I wouldn't last long like this. She didn't either. When the first jets of cum blasted from my cock, her pussy clamped down again.

Michelle pushed her hips down as far as they would go, and she buried her face in my chest, groaning. Her orgasm lasted about twice as long as mine, but my cock was still harder than it had ever been. Michelle noticed this, lifted herself off my chest, and licked her way down to my rock hard tool.

She gently started licking the shaft. After cleaning the shaft, she gently swirled her tongue around the head, lapping at the juices that were on it. Then she took my cock entirely in and swallowed it almost down to the hilt.

My cock is only about 6-7 inches, but is very very thick. While still having her nose down at my belly button, I could feel her mouth massaging the shaft and head. She was talented, this one. I told her that If she kept this up, I wouldn't last long.

Her only response was to move her head up and down slowly milking my cock with all of her mouth. I had never had my cock sucked like that in my entire life. I asked Michelle where she learned to do that. No response. Again, my nuts contracted and pumped out a huge load of cum down her willing throat.

Not a single drop escaped her. I was totally spent. I couldn't even move for a few minutes. Michelle nonchalantly got up, picked up her nightie and panties, and went into her own bedroom.

Now I knew that this was no mistake. I was convinced that the police would be visiting me very shortly. Several days passed, and nothing happened. My wife didn't seem to notice either. But, that was no surprise. I tried talking to Michelle about what was going on, and all I could ever get out of her was a wry smile. She simply replied to me "I have no idea what you're talking about. I fell asleep on your bed last night, and got up just after your movie was over.

You must be mis-remembering" This went on for several months. I'd go upstairs to watch TV, she would follow shortly, and we'd have the most mind-blowing sex imaginable.

While the rest of the family was downstairs and completely oblivious. Some times, Michelle would crawl under the covers with me when I went to bed while my wife was downstairs, engrossed in her project.

The wife never knew, though, because Michelle would set an alarm and get up around 6am and move to her own bed. One time, my wife even came to bed before Michelle moved, and I ended up sandwiched in between them.

She never noticed, or never said anything. I still don't know to this day if she ever noticed anything.