Hot hottie slides panties a side and gets sweet pussy toyed

Hot hottie slides panties a side and gets sweet pussy toyed
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The situation I find myself in is not completely of my own doing, nor is it something I originally wanted. My name is Josh Tannis, most of my friends call me J.T for short. I am 18 and a high school senior at Hueco high. My story for many of you will be hard to believe or even understand but it is real and happening to me everyday. I live with my mom Stephanie Tannis, my dad Joshua Tannis and my twin sisters Kaci and Laci Tannis.

We are your average family, dad has a good job working as a plant manager at the local Natural gas plant about 15 miles outside of town. He does really well for himself, we are not left wanting for much. My mom is the average housewife and my two sisters attend Hueco high with me and are seniors as well. No we aren't triplets as I was held back in 1st grade and they haven't let me hear the end of it since.


Growing up I always knew who wore the pants in the family (mom) of course, not that dad was a push over.

He worked a lot so mom naturally took charge of everything. She was always busy running the three of us around somewhere, my football games, Laci's cheerleading practice and Kaci's piano lessons. Now I'm going to begin to try and explain what has happened to my once average family. It all kind of started a few months ago on my sister's birthday. It was September 2nd my sisters were having their 18th birthday party and mom was getting everything ready.

Dad had been called in for a plant shutdown and that left me and mom to take care of things. I woke up around 7:30 that morning which sucked for me, we had just lost last night to our arch rivals badly 56 to 13 and I was beat all to hell.

I knew I needed to suck it up for dad or he'd never hear the end of it from mom. As I got up I slipped on a pair of basketball shorts,tank top and went to the bathroom to take a piss and brushed my teeth before heading down stairs. As I got downstairs and approached the kitchen I could hear my mom singing to the radio while already cooking for my sisters party tonight.

When I came around the corner my breath caught in my throat. I dont think mom was expecting any one up so early. She was bent over with her head in the fridge wearing a pair of black lace boy shorts with hot written across her ass in hot pink.

The black tank top covered nothing giving me an unobstructed view of her firm derriere. I guess I must have been to loud because she jumped when I finally took a deep breath. "Damn it J.T! Dont sneak up on me like that." mom said after turning around. "Sorry mom." I responded.

I couldn't believe it she obviously didn't have a bra on either cause her nipples were showing through the thin top she had on. Now I don't normally stare at my mom, I mean I know she's pretty and most my male friends call her a milf. But for some reason I couldnt take my eyes off of her.

"Earth to Josh." I finally heard her say as I slowly snapped out of it. "Is something wrong dear? You look flushed are you feeling alright?" she said as she walked up to me and put her hand on my forehead. "Yeah mom I'm fine." I said as I spun around and headed out of the kitchen. I so needed to leave her presence. I couldn't believe it I had a full blown stiffy from looking at my moms ass.

I rushed up the stairs headed for my room so I could jack off and get rid of it. Right as I hit the top of the stairs I ran straight into Laci knocking her down with me falling right on top of her. "Oh my god Laci are you okay?" I asked as I tried to get off.

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I looked down and noticed my shorts had completely fallen down. It took a moment before I realized I was laying directly between Laci's legs.

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I pushed up on my arms as I did I looked into her face. She had a wide eyed look and her mouth was open. She was breathing rather quickly, so I raised up more and thats when I felt my dick catch on something and Laci gasped "ahhhh!" "Stop J.T." "Laci I got to get up." "I know that but you are pushing into me." I froze as I looked down, I couldn't believe it my 8 inch dick was sticking out.

The only thing keeping me from being completely inbedded inside my sisters pussy was a pair of pink panties. I also noticed that the head of my dick was starting to get wet and I suddenly felt funny.

I no longer wanted to get up, I wanted to stay my need for release growing. Feeling her wetness spreading on my dick quickly pushed me over the top. "J.t what are you doing? OOHH my god J.T you have to stop!" my sister gasped. "I'm sorry Laci but you feel so good I can't control myself." I replied as I started pushing into her more.

I pulled back a little and pushed in again this time slipping past her silky panties. About 2 inches of my hardened dick slipped in her. The feeling was almost euphoric, hot, wet and slippery all at the same time. I could feel her vaginal muscles squeeze me as I started to pick up the pace and go deeper.

Her breathing started to become heavier and she began to moan while I thrusted in and out. Her eyes were closed and I felt her legs wrap around my waist as I had finally worked about 6 inches into her tight pussy. "Ahhh J.t we shouldn't be doing this." she moaned. "Oh god Laci your so tight." I replied while thrusting harder. I could feel my climax approaching so my pace quickened. "Slow down J.t your to big. I've never had anything so big in me." she claimed as I pushed harder no longer caring about what happens when this is over.

I mashed my lips to hers seeking her tongue and she responded with it. We kissed passionately as we layed just out of sight of anyones view from down stairs. Unknown to us we weren't out of sight of everyone, Kaci my other sister was standing in her room just behind the slightly opened door. She was in shock by what she saw, her sister and brother fucking.

She was also in shock by her bodies reaction to it, she could feel her wetness leaking down her inner thighs. I was sliping in and out of Laci so much easier now.

I felt her stiffen and her legs tightened around me almost to the point of it hurting. The sensations of her pussy squeezing my dick felt like she was milking my ejaculation right out of me. "Ahhhhh god J.T." she squeaked as her eyes rolled back in her head. "I'm cumming too Laci!" I exclaimed as my semen burst from my dick and flooded her uterus.

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"Yes, yes, yes J.t that feels so good and its so hot inside me." Laci purred in my ear. I laid there for a moment before gaining my senses I pulled back feeling my dick slip out of her.

Looking down I saw my cum running out of her and soaking her panties and the carpet along with them. As I got to my feet I pulled my shorts back up and took off to my room only saying sorry as I left.

"I'm not." Laci replied to me still laying there basking in the glow of her orgasm.

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She finally pulled herself together and walked to the bathroom to clean herself up. I flopped myself onto my bed in disbelief of what just happened. As wrong as I knew fucking my sister was, I also knew I would want to do it again.

I must have dozed off after the incident with Laci earlier. I looked up at the ceiling trying to get my thoughts back together. I know what happened was wrong but the thought of not feeling my sisters pussy wrapped around my cock again was heart breaking.

I had to figure out a way to fuck her again and soon my dick was already getting hard just thinking about her.


Suddenly there was a knock at my door which made me jump up snapping me out of the daydream. "JT mom wants you to help her with something." I heard Laci's voice from the other side f my door.

"Ok Laci thanks." I jumped out of bed and opened the door to go see what mom wants. There stood Laci in a pair of white short shorts and just her blue bikini top. As I looked her up and down I could feel my dick getting harder, God was she hot. I didn't describe my sister last time, she's about average height has blue eyes and a brunette.

I don't know what size her breast are but they were a good handful at least. She has nice long toned legs that could make any man's mouth water. "Mmmmm getting hard again I see.

You know JT that was really hot what happened earlier. I can't believe my brother fucked me in the hall way." she said smiling. I was dumbfounded, I couldn't believe she was acting like this. I expected her to be angry or disappointed in me, but I was expecting her to be this highly aroused sex kitten that was standing before me. "Sorry Laci I got to go." I stammered pushing past her.

"You can't run from me forever big brother." she remarked I ran down the stairs quickly, I had to get away from her before I just took her in the hall way again. I called for my mother but got no reply, she must be outside I thought so I headed that way.

When I came outside there she was, at least this time she was dressed but damn what is with the women in my family today. She was in a nice yellow summer dress that only covered her ass by a few inches, she was beautiful. There was a slight breeze that was blowing the skirt of her dress around just showing me a hint of her panties.

"Hey there son, are you feeling better now after that little nap." "Yeah I am thanks for asking." She walked over to me and gave me a nice hug and kiss on the cheek. I pulled my hips away not wanting her to feel the bulge that had awakened once again. "So you ready to give your mom some help, I could really use it to get everything ready for tonight's party?

You know I'm going to need you since your dad was called back in to work." "Of course mom you know you can count on me." "Good you can get started by mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool for later. Then come get me I might have some other manly stuff for you to do." Now I know she didn't mean anything by it.

But my brain was basically in a constant excited state so I took her statement to mean more than it should. I went to the garage got out the mower and started to cut the yard.

Boy was it hot only 10am and already the sun was beating down on me. After about 45 minutes I was finished and thirsty as hell.

I walked in to the kitchen through the back door to get a drink. That's when I noticed my mother kneeling on the cabinet trying to reach something on the top shelf. "Hey mom you need some help?" She turned around and as she did she lost her balance and began to fall. I reached out just in time to catch her before she completely fell.

"Umm son can you let go of my boob please?" I couldn't believe it I actually had my moms breast in my hand and instead of releasing it I squeezed it. Moms looked at me confused but I didn't let go. "JT!" mom yelled "What has gotten into you today?" "Sorry mom I didn't mean to honest." "Yeah right, if that's the case why are you still squeezing my boob then?" This was so strange here I am telling her I didn't mean to but I'm still fondling her tit. Not only that but I was starting to pinch her nipple and press my dick against her ass too.


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Jt you've got to stop this I'm your mother." she moaned "I know mom but for some reason I can't control myself your body is sexy." "You have to honey, you can't grope your mother like this" As she said this I noticed her face and neck where flushed and her breathing had become heavy.

Also she had started to push her ass into my once again fully erect dick.

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I leaned down taking her neck between my lips and kissed her which I caused her moan. I dropped my other hand from her hip to the bottom of her dress and slid it under and around cupping her sex. I was a little shocked to find her panties soaked with her juices, but after this morning with Laci it wasn't that far fetched, in my mind at least.

"No J.T you have to stop this now we can't do this." Even though she was saying we had to stop, her hips had started to rotate.

I was now rubbing her little hard clit with my thumb as my fingers had found there way into to her dripping pussy. "Mom your so wet, I can tell that you want it just as bad as me." "What I want and what is right are to different things son.

Oh god stop it ahhhhhhhhh!! Oh god please stop your going to make me cum!" It was decided the second she started to cum, I was going to have my mother right here right now in the kitchen. I pushed her up against the counter took my hand from her breast and pushed down my shorts. Once they where down I flipped her dress up tugged her panties down below her ass.

God was it beautiful, her ass just made me m drool like I was some kind of beast in a B rated horror movie or something. I grabbed my dick and slid easily about 6 inches into her. "Mmmmmmmmmm baby ohhhh your so hmmmmmmm big. I can't believe your fucking your own mother baby." At this point all I wanted to do was fuck her hard and deep nothing else mattered. So I began thrusting my hips violently into her, on the 3rd stroke I was fully planted inside her and taking what I wanted.

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"Oh mom your so tight, I can't believe that I'm actually fucking you." "Baby how could I not be you are so big. I think you may be bigger than your father. Oh fuck I know you are." Now was that not a sudden splash of cold water to the face. My father, fuck what was I doing? I'm fucking my mother my dads wife. Still I couldn't stop what I was doing. I continued to fuck her with long hard strokes, you could hear are bodies slapping against each other.

"Ohhhhh son I'm cumming again, fuck baby don't stop keep fucking me." Suddenly I remembered my sisters where still home, looking behind me I saw Laci smiling at me while pinching her nipples with both hands. She put her finger to her lips letting me know she wanted to watch. So I turned back around and continued fucking my beautiful mother.

In a matter of moments I felt my release nearing and begun to thrust uncontrollably into her. I grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy like she'd never had done before. Then it happened I felt my semen rush up from my balls and explode into her. "Yes oh god yes mother I'm cumming. I'm cumming in your wonderful pussy ohhh you are so good.

Fuck your milking my dick mom, you really did enjoy this didn't you?" "Yes JT, I did you were great but this can't happen again do you understand me?" I pulled out of her not really wanting to but thought it might be best to leave before she gets mad. I bent over gave her a kiss on the check.

"Love ya mom" I said leaving her with my cum running down the inside of her legs. "I can't believe it my son just fucked me, what was I thinking letting him do that?

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How am I ever going to look his father in the face again? God the worst part is I know it's going to happen again and soon." I heard her say to herself as I left.

As I got to the garage Laci jumped in my arms kissing me hard. Our tongues dueling with each other for superiority.

"Oh my god JT that was so fucking hot. First you fuck me this morning then I catch you fucking mom from behind like some kind of slut. Hell she was so fucking loud I'm surprised the neighbors aren't over asking what's going on." "Yeah uh I don't really understand it myself, it's like I can't control myself today.

I know it's wrong but ya'll are just so fucking hot and it's not like either of you really wanted me to stop anyways." "Who would want someone to stop with a dick like yours plowing away at their pussy. Now give me some more." She said dropping to her knees while pulling my shorts down and putting my pussy soaked dick in her mouth. Fuck this was unbelievable my sister is sucking my dick after I just fucked our mother.

Can my day get any better than this?