Hot Bush fuck me hard

Hot Bush fuck me hard
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Being naughty I had married young and we had a little girl. My wife and I loved to party and had loads of friends that loved the same thing. We would get drunk and smoke weed at parties when we could get Mom to look after our kid.

Well after returning from my work one day I found the note. Dear John. I need to explore my inner self. By. Love Shelly. Months went by without any contact. I had heard rumors that she had hooked up with a big black 'read BBC' guy from a band and was interstate somewhere.

I got in contact with all the right people and now have full custody.

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At 10 she missed her Mom terribly. She would sit in my lap and cry until she fell asleep. My mom was very good and helped a lot. She loved being a grandmother and spoiled her a constantly, taking her during the day and sometimes when I had a date, overnight. Life moves on and it did for us. We went through puberty. I showed her how to use a shaver on her legs. She showed me how to go about the fitting for a bra.

I noticed guys checking her out. She went on the pill. Four years after her Mom left I bumped into an old girlfriend. Donna and I had met when I was still in high school I was a Senior and she was the little girl that lived across the street me. We fell in love with and went steady, then became engaged and she moved in to my apartment with us. The age gap for us was 10 years but only 9 years between my daughter and her. At 14 Mandy thought she was all grown up would hold my left hand while Donna held my right on dates.

This became the norm and we did everything together. Well nearly everything.

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Donna of cause shared my bed and Mandy didn't really want to share her Daddy and made all manner of excuses to interrupt us at the wrong time or she would come running in and jump on the bed when she was scared of the Boogy man.

Every morning she would bring some coffee in for us and sit cross legged on the end of the bed. We would sit up and have our coffee and chat. I could see everything she had on offer. Her tight panties were stretched across her pussy mound and pubic hairs were poking out around the edges. This happened nearly every morning and I got hard every time. When I got a hard on, and tried to hide it at the start. Then Donna started grabbing my shaft and wanking it or holding it upright tenting the sheet and bringing everyone's eyes to my bulge under the sheet.

The girls giggled and Mandy said, "Your naughty Daddy. I know what that is." and she poked it with a finger. Donna and me would kiss and cuddle and Mandy would stay and watch until I couldn't stand it any longer and would seemed to spoon behind Donna when I was in fact balls deep in her teasing cunt.

Mandy would sometimes stay an I would slowly push in and out until I came. Once Mandy was cold and made her way under under the covers behind me draping her upper leg over my hip and dropping her hand on my waist.

I'm sure she felt my hips moving but didn't say anything. When I finished I rolled onto my back, panting and both girls rested their heads on my chest. Donna had her hand resting on my chest and Mandy still had hers around my waist. Donna and I kissed and I could feel her slowly pushing Mandy's hand lower until her little fingers was touching my pubes.

Donna smiled and said. " Is she touching it yet?" It wasn't until then that Mandy thought of exploring my body. She had seen me and Donna naked on a number of occasions, showering together getting dressed to go out etc.


Her finger gently raked through my pubic hair and moved lower until she touched my Chubby of a cock still wet from my fucking of Donna's cunt. She held it in her little hand and waggled it about like Donna does. "Daddy's being naughty." she said. Just then my tummy rumbled and we all laughed.

"I'm hungry and need a shower." I said. "I'll make breakfast for everyone." Said Donna and walked naked out to the kitchen. I got up to go to the shower but had to have a piss first. I stood there and started when I realized that Mandy was beside me. "Can I watch?" she asked. "Um. I guess that's OK." She stood there as I finished then moved to the shower and started the water running, as soon as the temp was right she striped off and got in. "Come on Daddy.

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We can shower together." I laughed and stepped into the shower. She was cute in every way. The way she looked standing there in bare feet with water running down her shoulders and across her flat tummy through the small amount of pubic hair she had and down her long legs. We washed our selves but she kept looking at my cock and touching it.

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"It's getting bigger Daddy. Your being naughty again." Just then Donna came into the bath room and asked if Mandy would keep an eye on the eggs while she had a quick shower. "OK" said Mandy and taking one last look at my cock she left.

"She want's you you know."Said Donna." "I know and your not helping any. I'm afraid I'll cross the line with her if I'm not careful." I had to cum. I was so hard I could feel the skin stretch across my cock head. I turned Donna till she was facing the shower wall and slipped my hadr cock into her wet, warm channel. I was going slowly so as to prolong the feeling.

Pulling almost all the way out then plunging back in. I swiveled my hips making her moan and tug down on her nipples. I noticed she was looking toward the door way so I looked and there stood Mandy, naked and fingering her self. We were to far along to stop now and with an audience doubly so. I drove in deep and filled her pussy.

She shook and came on my cock. The whole time we watched Mandy. She had her eyes closed and was cumming hard. She slumped to the floor breathing heavy.

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Donna got out and helped Mandy back to her room. I dyed off and went to finish Breakfast. The girls were taking a long time, but eventually they came out and we all had a bite to eat. When ever we were watching the TV Donna and I would often get into a kissing and groping session on the couch with Mandy lying on the floor in front of us.

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Mandy would say. "Daddy's getting naughty again see," and pat my stiff cock over my shorts and laugh. Donna and I would then kiss and cuddle till we could sneak off to the bedroom leaving Mandy with the TV.

I'm sure she sneaked a peek around the door often enough to know what we were doing. One Sunday morning I was watching TV with Mandy sitting on my lap still dressed in her thin cotton nightie, her back to my front and her legs spread around mine.

Donna came in also in her night cloths, a T shirt and panties showing a bare mid rift. When a tune came on that Mandy liked to dance to, she hopped up and the two of them danced there in front of me. They laughed and had a good time. When the song ended Mandy took up her position again on my lap and Donna continued to dance but this time she danced more like a stripper, lifting up her T shirt until I could see the underside of her boobs and showing her long legs.


I got a hard on that pressed into Mandy's small bottom. It grew down my pants leg and Mandy wriggled back on my tummy and pointed it out to Donna. "Look Daddy's being naughty again." And she patted my bulge. Donna and Mandy both went into hysterics. Donna then pulled her top off and giggled her rack in front of us. My cock poked out the end of my shorts leg, now in full view.

Mandy still had her hand resting on my length and looking down at my cock head. Donna dropped to her knees in front and blew hot air on my knob and licked it. Mandy moved further back up so she could see better and was now sitting on my chest. I couldn't see but I felt Donna take the head into her mouth and suck. Donna pulled on Mandy's hips and tugged down her little panties.

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Her face was as close to her snatch as it was to my cock head. Mandy moaned and I new that she was getting licked. She then said to Mandy ."Lift up." And she the tugged on my shorts until they were off and my 7 inch cock sprang up between my daughters spread legs and bare pussy.

I felt Donna hold Mandy's hand and wrap it around my cock and stroke it. She sucked my cock and fondled my balls while Mandy with both hands jacked me off. I brought my right hand around and felt for Mandy's little slit and rubbed her clit. My other hand reached out and pulled the back of my girlfriend's head down further on my cock. She shuddered and I think I just gave my daughter her first male induced cum.

She gushed all over my hand and balls. I felt Donna pull Mandy's hip further down my legs until my cock was painfully straight and she had Mandy's pussy lying on top of my stiff cock so she could lick both of us. Mandy came again all over my wet my cock head. I groaned and pulled Mandy up till I could feast on her juices from the source.

Holding her arse above my head brought her face down to my cock and Donna said. "Lick it." And she did. It was my turn to groan.

I came in my daughters mouth. She coughed and Donna took the head into her mouth and swallowed the rest. I kept licking after I recovered and brought my little girl to another cum. Mandy was nearly out of it and slid down my front to lie on her back again. As my cock began to shrink Donna forced the now smaller head into Mandy's pussy and scraped her nails along my scrotum making me twitch and my hips to rise up and force an inch or two into my little girls vagina.

The heat coming from her there was enough to start my cock growing, this time inside her cunt. She moaned and pressed down taking more of me inside until I felt her hymen. Donna was not idle and started to lick and nibble Mandy's clit as she came. She pushed down and broke her Hymen and my dick soared further inside her tight channel. I felt my cock starting to stiffen to it's full width inside her.

She held herself there for a long time getting used to my length and then slowly took the rest inside herself. Panting she sat up and she and Donna shared a sweet kiss and a loving hug. "Thank you for helping.

I knew when we planned this it would feel good, but this was the best and I couldn't have done it without you." They kissed some more while Donna ran her hands up the down the sides of my little girl and then held both of her cute arse cheeks and helped her to rise up and down.

They had planed the deflowering of my daughter together. I should have seen this coming as they were so close.

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I humped my hips up and pushed my cock as deep as it would go. Mandy rocked her hips back and forth getting into a rhythm. Donna came and sat on the lounge beside us. We kissed. "I can see you don't dislike the idea of having your cock in her a tight pussy." All I could do is grunt as my daughter squeezed her pussy muscles and I filled her up with my cum. I was sooo naughty.