Guy Caught Fucking Lady Kenya

Guy Caught Fucking Lady Kenya
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You have a job to do today, my Pet. Your job is to be in the right place at the right time for my pleasure. Your pleasure will be for my pleasure, as and when I say.

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Today is my day. You are nothing more than my Pet. To do to, and with, as I please; This is how your day will be today.


I want you in a house-dress that buttons all the way up the back, and no underwear. I am going to watch a game on the television, and you are going to sit, quietly, on the sofa next to me, watching me, playing with yourself do not cum, or I will be very displeased - until I slide the end of my belt out of the loop. When I do that, you will remove the belt from my jeans and unzip them. I will raise my hips so you can slide them down a little, and you will reach inside my shorts, take my soft cock out, and suck it until it's hard in your mouth.

Do not look at me. Do not speak to me. Your job is to suck me, wank me, and make me cum. Take no more than five minutes to get me to the point where I fill your hot mouth with my cum. Milk me dry.

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Swallow it all. Get every last drop you can.

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When I'm done, I will dismiss you. Simply push you off my cock and the sofa. I will not say a word to you. You have done what was required for now and now you will say, "Thank you, Master", and go to the kitchen to wait for me.

At half time, I will come for you. You know when it is, so you need to be ready. Your pussy needs to be hot, and wet, and swollen, waiting for me.

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Stand at the counter, your back to me, and brace yourself with your hands. I am going to unbutton your dress all the way, and slide it down over your arms, so it is off your body completely, but still on you. Do not look at me. Do not speak to me. Your job is to be fucked. I will stand behind you and admire you, for as long as I please.

DO not turn around. Keep your head bowed at all times. When I'm ready, you will hear me unzip my jeans, and you will stick your arse back more, and spread your legs wider. Because your hot cunt is ready for me, there will be no touching, no licking, nothing. Just my cock, sliding up inside you, until it is buried to the hilt. You turn me on so much, I could cum every time my cock-head parts your outer lips, but I need to fuck you now.

Hard. I am going to reach around you and squeeze your breasts, pinching the nipples hard but you mustn't cry out. Bite your lip if you have to, but make no sound. It turns me on so much, playing with you like my fuck-toy - it's time to fuck you, my Pet.

Hands on your hips, fingers digging into your flesh, I start to move back and forth. On the outstroke I move very slowly, drawing the shaft out of its hot sheath until only the tip is inside you. I'm going to hold it there, looking down at us my cock coated in your juices gripping you tightly, until I slam my cock back into you as hard and deep as I can. Your cunt feels so good around my cock baby, I need to cum soon. Two or three times long, deep and slow, and then I'm going to fuck you as fast and hard as I possibly can, not stopping, not pausing, my thighs smacking against the backs of yours.

My balls slapping your stomach as my cock pounds your cunt, and I fuck you through my orgasm, exploding inside you, filling your sweet pussy with my hot cum.

Keep fucking you until my cock starts to wilt, then withdraw, and watch the cum seeping out of your cunt. When you hear my zip again, you will say, "Thank you Master".

You do not move until you hear me leave the kitchen, when the game starts again, and you take your hands off the counter, dress yourself, get a cucumber from the vegetable rack, and wait. Listen carefully, because you need to hear me snap my fingers. When you hear it, you come into the living room, stand to the side of the television, and lift your dress up over your waist, and over your breasts. Do not look at me.

Do not speak to me. Your job is to cum for me. Lean back against the wall and spread your legs. Use the cucumber like a giant cock. Fuck it for me. Fuck it and play with your clit. Watch as you fuck yourself.

Keep your head bowed and do not look at me. I love watching your fingers fly over that hard little bud I love watching you finger fuck yourself too, but now you fuck yourself hard for me. You have two minutes, no more. Cum for me. Cum hard my Pet. Bite your lip to stifle your cries, but cum hard for me. When you leave the room, you will say, "Thank you, Master". Now go and take a shower. Dry yourself, lie down on the bed, spread your legs, and raise your knees.

You know when the game ends. You know when I am coming for you. Spread yourself open for me when you hear me enter the room. Do not look at me. Do not speak to me. Your job is to be pleasured. Let me see your beautiful cunt, open and wet, for me. Lift your legs high. I want to lick you. I want to worship you with my mouth.

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I want to lick your tight little hole. I want to lick it, play with it, and I want to tongue fuck it.

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I want to hold your arse, pull the cheeks apart, and fuck your arse with my tongue. Then I want to finger fuck it gently as I move to your dripping cunt, licking your lips, sucking them into my mouth, one at a time, and then together.

I want to tease your clit with my teeth, suck it hard into my mouth, and flick it with my tongue as I finger fuck your arse and your pussy together. Cum for me again, my Pet, cum on my mouth. Let me feel you cum, let me feel the contractions in your arse and your cunt when you cum, and let me taste your cum in my mouth. As I move up your body, over you, you will say, "Thank you, Master".


The game is over my Pet. You have done well. And now I want to make love to, and with, my love. I want to cherish you.

I want to feel your legs wrapped around me as I lie, with my cock buried inside you, your hands on my back scratch me baby our mouths together. Hot, wet, long kisses, tasting each other's mouth.

Bite my lip as I made you bite yours. Moving back from you to look down into your eyes as I move inside you, seeing in your eyes the pleasure of my body filling yours. Squeeze my cock with your pussy baby, squeeze it hard. Play with my hole as I fuck you, play with me, and never have your hands off me for a second. I want to kiss, "I love you", into your mouth, I want to touch every inch of you. And when it's time, I will to reach around and under you, place my hands on your bottom, pull you onto me as much as possible, as close as possible as we prepare to cum together.

Wrapped around each other, becoming one mass, one body, one orgasm, together. I want this with you.