Sweet gal came to a doctors office and got fucked real hard

Sweet gal came to a doctors office and got fucked real hard
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I had lived on the same street all my life. The neighbourhood was quiet, the sort of area where nothing particularly exciting ever happens and where everyone knows your business.

My parents moved to America when I was 24 and so I decided to buy the house when they moved. I liked the area and the neighbours. One neighbour in particular I had always been very fond of.

Her name was Libby. Coming up to my 27th birthday I felt I had accomplished a lot of what I wanted to do with my life, I was running a successful business, nice car, all that jazz but there was still one thing I was desperate for and that was Libby. Libby was a childhood friend. We had been neighbours since she moved into the area with her mum when she was 11. Her mother died and libby inherited the house. She wasaround 5'4" and a perfect size 10 before being impregnated. I had seen her sunbathing topless in her garden, she had perfect round heavy tits, dark nipples.

I'd say she was about a 34C but now she is around 7 months pregnant they look much heavier. Maybe a D cup. I have fantasised about sucking those hard nipples and tasting her breast milk so many times. She has bright emerald eyes and long, dark wavy hair. She is breath taking. We went through school together.


Apart from the occasional kiss and grope behind the bike sheds we never took things any further than just friends. I couldn't be any different from her husband really. He's blonde, blue eyes, tanned, buff sort of surfer guy. I am the tall, dark and handsome type but I know she has always had a thing for me. She's unbelievably shy, which makes her all the more appealing. If she knew I had wanked whilst watching her rub sun lotion into those beautiful tits she would probably leave the country.

I was taking the rubbish out one night when I saw Libby getting out of her car. She flashed me a dazzling smile and walked over holding her swollen belly. "Hey Daniel" she said as she threw her arms around me pushing her belly against my body. I felt my cock instantly stiffen. I love pregnant women I don't think there is a time when a women could look any more beautiful. I kissed her cheek and went to put my hands on her belly. "can I?" I asked "of course" she replied "she's got the hiccups" She took my hands and held them to her belly.

I looked her in the eyes and smiled. Secretly wishing it was my baby inside of her. She shivered. "come inside" I suggest "you look cold.

I was only thinking the other day how long it's been since we had a proper catch up" It was mid October, the nights were getting dark and chilly. " ermm. " she hesitated "come on pleeease" "you know how jealous Chris gets Daniel, I'm not sure" "it's only a cup of tea Libbs, he's got no reason to be jealous" "come on" I gesture her inside whilst taking her bag "and besides I thought Chris had gone away for the rest of the week?" She nodded. "then this tea, will be our little secret." We both smile.

She sits down on the sofa and rubs her large bump. I can't help it, I let out a gasp and feel my cock stiffen again. Why do I have such a 'thing' for pregnant women. She looks up from her swollen belly quickly and blushes. Our eyes meet but neither of us knows what to say. She gently smirks and I rush off to put the kettle on. She must know how I feel I think as i remove the tea bags from the cups. I enter the lounge holding two cups.

Libby has lifted her top up over bump revealing the ivory skin of her naked belly. She is leaning back on the sofa her leggings resting below her bump. My heart stops. "sorry" she smirks but makes no effort to cover up. " she's doing somersaults, come and feel? She wakes every night at this time. I never get any sleep" I know that, I think to myself.

I hear Libbyand Chris fucking most nights. It's like my porn. I sit next to her on the sofa and press my hands to her belly.

I'm so turned on by just one part of this beautiful woman.

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I can't help myself, I lean forward and press a kiss to her swelling tummy. "Daniel!" she gasps, sits up and pulls her top down. I look her in the eyes and reach for her top. I slowly lift her top back over her bump as Ikeep my eyes set on hers. Her breathing changes, I know she is turned on.

Then all of a sudden she pushes me aside and jumps to her feet. " I have to leave Daniel, I can't do this" _______________________________________________ I don't hear from or see Libby for a few weeks, I hear her though.

Every night I hear both of them, fucking.

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I do wonder if she is so loud on purpose, she knows I can hear. It is driving me crazy. She teased me, she has always known I want her and I know she wants me. Now she's pregnant I just have to have her. I need to feel my cock inside her swollen pussy. _______________________________________________ I know her routine. I know Chris is away this week. So I make my plan. Tuesday evenings she has her antenatal class. It finishes at around 7pm, she usually walks as its only a 20 min stroll through the park across from our street.


It's a very safe neighbourhood and so walking through the park in total darkness is not a concern for most women in the area. 19:05 A silhouette of a beautiful pregnant women is walking towards me, the moonlight reflecting off her dark silky hair. I crouch down further behind the bushes and pull on my balaclava.

My heart is pounding, I cannot believe I am going to do this. As she approaches, I allow her to pass by. I then silently come out from my hiding place. I grab her gently from behind covering her mouth with my hand. "do not scream and I will not hurt you" I say, trying to disguise my voice. I have no intention of hurting her but I needed her submit to me. She struggled, trying to free herself from me but I was too strong for her.

I pulled her into the spot where I had been hiding and then dragged her through some bushes to a small clearing. " p-please" she stuttered "I'm pregnant, don't hurt me or my baby" "I know your pregnant, that's why I chose you.

Do as I say and we will both get exactly what we want" I pull out some old rope from my pocket and order her to put her hands behind her back.

She obeys and I tie her tightly. I unbutton her jacket and push her top up over her belly. I stare at her. I cannot believe I am going to finally fill this woman with my cum. I take out my cock and I hear her gasp at my erect 9". I step towards her and rub my cock up and around her belly making her skin glisten slightly with my pre cum. " listen now bitch! You are going to suck my cock.

I am going to fuck your mouth till you choke,do you understand?" She noded ever so slightly. Fear evident in her eyes. "get on your knees" I ordered. You will pay for being such a fucking cock tease I think to myself. She obeyed. I grabbed her hair hard enough to take control of her and I pushed my cock forward into her mouth.

The feeling of her hot mouth around my throbbing cock is unbearable. I fuck her mouth as though I am fucking her pussy. Hard and relentless, making her choke and gag.

She is dripping with saliva and tears are in her eyes. I momentarily feel guilty but the feeling of climax makes the guilt disappear. "shall I come in your mouth you dirty little whore? Feed some of my hot cum to that baby of yours?" She shakes her head. I slap her across her face.

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"I didn't want an answer, where I cum is my decision bitch" I push her gently to the ground, aware she is pregnant. I didn't really want to cause any harm. I push my jeans over my ankles and step towards Libby. She is lay in total fear on the ground. I pull her leggings off and kick her pumps to the side. I lift her and drape her body over a tree trunk.


She lays still and whimpering. From this position I have the perfect view of her pert little ass and her beautiful waxed pussy, glistening with wetness. I knew she was turned on. Her lips all puffy and delicious looking. I crawl down behind her and inhale her beautiful sent before having a little taste. I push 2 fingers inside her. Her pussy juices almost burning my fingers she is that hot.

"so you're turned on by me are you miss? I see you are ready to take my cock" She let out a little cry. She remained mostly quiet with very little struggle. I positioned myself behind her. This was one moment I was not going to be gently with.

I lined my cock with her delicious hole and with one hard thrust I pushed my entire 9" into her. Stretching her pussy wide and deep.

She screamed. "if you scream like that again I will gag you, understand?" She silenced I pounded myself into her faster and harder with each thrust. I reached around and rubbed her belly whilst I fucked her from behind. All my dreams were coming true, she felt even better than what I had imagined.

Her pussy was so tight and i was glad to be fucking her before she had given birth. "if you weren't already pregnant I would be impregnating you right now" I said whilst slapping her arse.

"maybe I could give you your next baby you dirty slut!" I continued pounding her, my balls slapping against her clit and I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock.

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I was gonna make her climax, even against her will. "you wanna cum don't you baby?" I asked stroking her hair, gently this time.

She turned her head to look at my eyes through the balaclava. She took my thumb in her mouth and began to suck fiercely. I quickened my pace and she began to thrust her ass backwards.

Meeting me thrust for thrust. We were both close now. As much as I wanted to cum on her belly I desperately wanted to fill her pussy.

I reached forward and held her swollen belly with both hands. I thrust into her deeper, ensuring the head of my cock was banging on her cervix. I wanted my cum in her womb. I felt my balls tighten and I shot load after load of hot sticky cum deep into her as she released her climax. The walls of her pussy contracting around my length, squeezing out every last drop of cum.

Reluctantly I pulled out. Slowly, watching our mixed juices trickle out of her. She lay still, not moving, waiting for my order. I helped her to her feet and kissed her gently on the lips.

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I dressed and handed Libby her leggings and pumps. I then ran as fast as I could through the park to ensure I was home before she was. Knowing Libby would probably come to me for help as Chris was away. I got in, threw all my clothes in the washing machine and put on my bath robe. I sat on the sofa and thought about what had just happened, my cock stiffened. Sure enough 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to see a beautiful tear stained face.

"Libby?" I gasp But before she can explain anything I notice her eyes dart to my groin. My 9" erection is poking out of my gown and she gasps. She looks up into my eyes as realisation sets in. "Lib-" i try to explain but shecuts me off. "don't you say a word.Now it's my turn."