Super heiß und schön Anikka Albrite wird hart von hinten gefickt

Super heiß und schön Anikka Albrite wird hart von hinten gefickt
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This is a particularly difficult situation I have found myself in… To be fair, I am a stupid male who has the most excruciating time thinking with my larger head. Back in April I started something that has definitely spun out of control and every day I cringe that my wife (or authorities for that matter) will learn of my indiscretions and life will cease to exist. It all started the weekend before Easter.

We had moved into our first home about three months ago and life in a rural community has been a difficult adjustment for my family. I took a job in rural eastern Colorado and if you have ever been there then you know there really isn't anything but flat nothingness for hundreds of miles.

I took this job because it paid well and the cost of living was small. We bought a moderate size home about eight miles from what we call our town (population of less than 5000)… Our closest neighbor is over two miles away and we reside on a dead end county road. The scenery is really nice here and there are plenty of streams to fish and swim out of on our property.

Overall this is what I would consider the perfect location for my small family. I live her with my wife Stacey and her daughter Renee. Stacey works at a home improvement store in another town about 30 miles away. She has crappy hours and her income doesn't pay much more than the gas she uses to drive there and back. Most evenings it's just Renee and I at the house until Stacey get home really late. Renee is a smart kid that has yet to obtain really close friends in this new town.

Her age is truly irrelevant but I will say that she has begun to notice boys. I often hear her giggle with Stacey about the boys that are in the area. I met Stacey when Renee was four and Stacey was 22. Basically Renee's real father was a deadbeat POS that we last heard lives in Mississippi working on tug boats. Either way, I have never met him and Renee hasn't seen him since she was 18 months old. Renee is going through an awkward phase developmentally.

I know she is turning into a young woman based on the trash in her bathroom that I burn every other day or so. I am rather uneasy speaking about women's monthly habits but I'm sure you catch my drift. Renee has long brunette hair that has multiple highlights much like her mothers.

She hasn't begun to develop much in her chest, but her hips and her backside mimic that of a woman in her 20's. She's only about 4'10" tall but I know someday she will be a real looker. She is long and thin just like her mother. I don't know how I snagged a fox like Stacey but it happened so many years ago. She is taller than most girls (5'10'') but she is super thin with a mind blowing ass.

It's astounding how someone like me has a hot chick like her but we get along great and we work well together. She always talks about how she likes the fact that I'm tall but that's truly the only positive feature of me.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I'm a stunning looking man but the truth is, I'm 6'4'' tall and I weigh about 240 pounds. I'm chubby and at best my dick is 5.5 inches long. For someone my size, it appears smaller than it is but I'm always reassured that it is normal/average size. With all the basics out of the way I should probably tell you why I'm even bringing this stuff to your attention.

It all started when I purchased Renee a laptop for her birthday back in March. It wasn't anything fancy but I'd much rather her use her own from now on versus my laptop. I have a cache on my computer of crazy naked pictures of her mother and the more she learned how to use a computer the higher likelihood she would discover my hidden folders.

I set her computer up in her room which was the only room upstairs besides a bathroom. She more or less spent the majority of her time home in her room. She wasn't a shut in, but she wasn't the outdoorsy type so we really didn't spend a ton of time together after she is dropped off by the bus. One day in early April she asked me to take her to the town Stacey works in to do some shopping. They have a mall and all your typical clothing stores.

I thought this was odd because she usually does all her shopping with her mother but I really wanted to buy some things for my mower anyways so I agreed. We loaded into my jeep and headed to town. We got to the mall and Renee asked me for some money to go buy some new clothes.

I offered to go with her, but she insisted that I wouldn't want to be there with her and I caught her drift so to speak. I really wanted to do some serious shopping myself so I gave her a hundred dollar bill and told her to call my cell if she needed more. I told her what stores I planned on going to and we split. After about an hour and a half Renee called and wanted to know when I was going to be ready to go.

I told her that I was already finished with what I needed and I was waiting at the food court eating a pretzel. Renee said she was at the other end of the mall so she would just meet me at our vehicle and leave from there. When I met her at the Jeep I noticed a small skip in her step. She was upbeat and definitely in a good mood. She thanked me for giving her money and we were off to the house.

When we got home she ran upstairs and I didn't see her for the rest of the evening. I spent some quality time in my room as well. I was bored and it was rainy so I watched some much needed porn and squeezed out a decent load. I hadn't had sex with Stacey for about three weeks because of our differencing work schedules. I cleaned up my mess and passed out.

Stacey woke me at around 11:15 when she crawled in bed after a night at work. I tried to spoon with her and initiate some sex but she declined my offer citing she was tired and she just wanted to sleep. I was restless so I took my laptop to the living room and decided to browse some more porn from the couch. It took hearing the sound about four times before I realized what it was. I kept hearing a shutter sound which I identified the sound as the same that my phone makes when it takes a photo.

I got up from the couch and wondered around trying to find the source of the sound. It didn't take long before It was obvious that it was coming from Renee's room. I walked up the steps to her room and put my ear to the door. I heard the sound again and again and I wondered what the hell she could have been photographing so late at night. I knocked on the door and I heard Renee say "shit" in more of a whisper than anything. I asked Renee what she was doing and she of course said "nothing"… I could tell she was fumbling with stuff and I could hear the click of the mouse on her computer.

I tried the door which was locked and I told Renee to let me in. She said "just a minute" and about twenty seconds later the door opened. Renee was standing there in her fluffy robe that she had gotten for Christmas.

Her hair was in pig tails and she had makeup (poorly done) on her face. I asked her what she had been doing and she said "just trying on the new clothes I got today." Obviously there was more to this story but I really didn't want to pry too hard into her room. I wanted to respect her space and not cause any animosity between us. I glanced over to her computer and her hello kitty wallpaper was up. I wanted to know what she was hiding but I also didn't want to charge in there and accuse her of something that I couldn't prove.

I told her that I thought it was time to go to bed and without hesitation she said "alright daddy…" and gave me a firm hug. I don't know why, but it seemed as if this hug was more than just a hug. Her arms went around my waste and she buried her face into my stomach and pressed her whole body as close to me as possible. As she began to loosen, she turned her body in a way that brushed my crotch with her chest, shoulder, and then her back before she slowly stepped away.

She looked over her shoulder at me with a smile and said softly "goodnight daddy…" I closed her door and slowly started walking down the steps dumbfounded. A million thoughts were running through my mind and I couldn't understand why she just brushed against me that way.

I looked down as I stepped and the obvious hit me like a ton of bricks. Blatantly trough my white mesh gym shorts stood my dick at full attention. Did she see it…? Did she feel it…? Was it like that before I walked in…? What am I going to do…? I went downstairs and sat in the silent dark for about an hour before turning in for bed.

I was awakened by Stacey at about 9:30 in the morning and she told me her and Renee were heading to the grocery store and wanted to know if I needed anything. I suggested some charcoal and buns to make burgers tomorrow night and moments later I heard the door shut. I gathered my thoughts and went up to Renee's room and sat at her computer. I pulled up the browser and noticed that all the internet history was gone.

She had it setup so the browser history is deleted every time the browser is closed. This is no doubt something she learned from me. I told her once that I set it up my computer that way because it helped prevent viruses.


The truth is, I just didn't want her stumbling onto the porn sites I visit most often. I continued digging into her laptop when I about hit the floor when I found a hidden file named "what daddy likes"… I opened the folder and I about shit a brick right there on the spot.

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Inside the folder were all the photos I had of Stacey unclothed and doing naughty things. They were categorized into three separate folders that were unnamed. They are not sectioned on my laptop.

I opened the first folder and they were all selfshot pictures of my wife that she has sent me over the past few years. The second folder was photos I had taken of her while modeling sexy clothing or just totally naked. I knew what would be the in the last folder before I opened it. It was all the photos I had taken while we were having sex. These photos were different than the others though because several of them had labels and captions.

I started a slideshow of the photos to read the captions that were on them. The first photo was of Stacey looking up at my while sucking on my dick. The caption read "do you like?" The second photo was of Stacey sucking on my right shaved testicle while looking up at the camera. The caption read "mmmmm." The next was of Stacey's back side with my dick half way in her pussy.

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The caption read "lucky bitch." The next photo was of similar to the last but I had just inched the head of my dick into Stacey's asshole. The caption read "I wanna try." The next several photo's were of Stacey sucking my dick again. The captains were different but all suggested that it tasted good.

It was the last two photos that overwhelmed me. One was of my wife on her back with my dick buried in her pussy. The caption read "shave you pussy like mine." The next was of my wife smiling at the camera with cum dripping out of her mouth. The caption read "swallow it, don't waste any!" What came over me was the insane urge to jack off. I was raging hard and I needed to release my cum and nothing else mattered at that moment. I pulled my dick out and started to jerk it right at her computer.

I knew I would be cumming in just a moment so I scanned the area looking for something to shoot my load in. I scooted the chair back and noticed a piece of cloth on the floor under the desk. I reached down and retrieved it with my free hand and pulled it to my lap. It was then I realized what it was. I had picked up a tiny thong from the floor under the desk. They were white with pink waist straps.

They were too small to be Stacey's so I knew they had to belong to Renee. I could tell they were brand new and I couldn't tell if they had even been worn yet. Before I could debate any further my balls curled up and I began blasting my load into them. The first rope completely missed the underwear and splattered onto the front of the desk. The rest was dumped into my hand that the thong barely held. My hand was cupped and full of cum with the thong acting more like noodles in a soup.

I could not believe how big of a load I just dumped into my hand. I was sure it was the largest I had ever done. As soon as I lay back in the chair to collect my thoughts, I heard the car pull into the drive… They are back! In a panic I used whatever dry skin left to wipe up what was on the top of the desk. I frantically clicked the mouse and closed the folders. I don't know why I did what I did next but it was in a panic I threw the cum soaked thong back onto the floor under the desk and I ran out of there as fast as I could.

I made it downstairs and into the kitchen the moment the front door opened. I immediately turned on the sink and began washing my hands. The girls walked in and immediately set the groceries on the table and counter before unpacking them. A million thoughts were running through my mind.

How in the hell did she get these photos? Why would she want them and why did she name the folder that way…? What was with the captions?. While I was preoccupied with my thoughts Renee spoke up first and said "I think your hands are clean now dad." I realized I had been washing my hands for a long time. I turned off the water and dried them off. I looked at Renee who was leaned against the counter with a smile.

I don't think I could ever look at her the same again. I looked at her with a sense of suspicion and I could tell by the look on her face that she noticed. She asked "what's wrong daddy?" I couldn't bare to say right now what I had just done. I thought for a moment and answered "my computer is acting up and I have some important work to do today… I might use yours later if you don't mind." After a short pause Renee said "sure, but I want to check my e-mail first." Nothing else was said about it during brunch.

After the table was cleaned up, Stacey said she had to head to work early this evening. She is a manager and needed to have a meeting before her shift started so she left shortly after breakfast.

Renee went up to her room at the same time Stacey walked out the door. I heard the radio in her room turn on. All I could think about was her not finding her soiled panties under her desk.

I sat on the couch watching the upstairs door with a panic in my stomach. Oh god what would I do if she found them? How could I explain what happened? I sat there in pure terror for about 20 minutes until the door to her room opened. Renee had a puzzled look on her face as she stepped in her doorway and looked at me on the couch. We looked at each other for several seconds without sound.

I looked in her right hand and although I wasn't completely sure what she had, I believed it was the soiled panties I threw under her desk. My whole body began to quiver in fear.

What the hell was she going to say or do about it… She could see the sheer terror in my face and she slowly but surely developed a smile on her face. Without saying a word she stepped back into her room and closed the door.

Oh god I'm busted. All I could think about was how in the hell I was going to explain this to Stacey. I threw my face into my hands and just sat on the couch almost ready to scream. I sat there listening to the radio in her room for almost an hour. Slowly and quietly Renee opened the door to her room again and stood in the doorway. I noticed she was wearing jean shorts now. Earlier I had noted that she was wearing tan shorts. Why did she change just now?

What is going on? Her facial expression was confusing. Her expression was a mixture of a smile and fear. The closest thing I could relate it to was balance. The face a person makes while walking across ice. She said in an uneasy voice "My computer is ready for you to use…" She then slowly stepped down the steps towards the living room.

The way she stepped was odd… The way she looked and walked made me think she was walking on ice. I couldn't figure her out and I was getting very uneasy.

She made it to the bottom of the steps and walked towards the TV without breaking her look from me. She slowly squatted onto the floor and relaxed a moment. She looked at me with the biggest smile I have seen on her since we moved here. She picked up the video game controller and turned it on as well as the TV. She slowly licked her bottom lip and said "I'm going to sit here and… play by myself while you're working in my room." She had a grin on her face that I could only interpret as a person about to pull a prank on someone.

"Hurry up daddy…" she said with a sweet smile. I got up from the couch and slowly started walking towards the stairs. At that very moment, Renee turned towards the TV and slowly arched her back and slid her upper body towards the floor and laid down flat.

She was looking at the TV while doing so, but she had a huge smile on her face as she did. As she made her movement, I saw her tank top pull up her lower back. This exposed pink straps that went about three inches above her pant line. The small triangle on the lower back was white with the baby pink outline.

They were just like the panties I soiled earlier and tossed under her desk. Is it possible she found them? Is it possible she put them on without knowing they were soaked in cum?. I could barely breathe as I walked up the stairs to her room. As soon as I was out of sight I pushed the door closed and ran over to her computer. I moved the chair and searched for the panties which were nowhere to be found. The harsh reality hit me hard. I think Renee is downstairs wearing panties that I soaked in cum only a few hours earlier.

That would explain why she put on jean shorts that would not show the wet mess as much. I was so ashamed of myself at that moment. I clouded my thoughts with the reality of what I had done. It was then I realized my cock was at full attention again. Regardless of what the reality was, I was incredibly turned on by what I thought Renee was doing.

I looked at the computer and noticed a new folder on the desktop as well as an internet browser that had minimized onto the task bar. The folder was named "naughty daddy." I cringed and I opened the browser first. It was on a popular porn site.

The video that said "play again" was given away by the title. It was titled "sexy girl swallows a big load." Is this a joke? Was Renee up here watching this video before I came up here to get on her computer? She knew I was going to get on here so why didn't she close it?. I clicked the "play again" button and watched as a guy with a huge cock face fucked a young lady before blowing his load in her mouth.

He made her show it to him before she swallowed hard and licked his head clean again. My cock was on the verge of exploding. I returned to the desktop and I swallowed hard while I opened the folder. I started a slideshow like the last time and I couldn't believe my eyes. The first photo was of the soiled panties spread out on the desk. The caption read "daddy made a mess in my panties." The globs of cum were obvious.

The next threw me back in my chair. It was a photo of Renee holding her cum filled panties up to her face with her tongue touching them. It was titled "it looks yummy." The next was of her open mouth with an obvious glob of cum puddled on her tongue.


This was titled "delicious." The next series of photos did not have captions but they were of her naked body. I could see the make up on her face and believed these were taken last night. My dick was jumping out of my shorts as each photo came into view. After about six photos, one of her hairless pussy was on display.

It was shaved with a small erect clit. Her fingers were spreading it wide. If I hadn't already beaten off earlier today, I would have certainly come in my shorts at that very moment. The next several photos were her using a sharpie marker at the opening of her small pussy. The next she has the marker buried half way in her sweet tight pussy lips.

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I could barely control myself as I stared intently as each photo cycled across the screen. I watched one by one as the photos popped up.

Renee put the marker in her mouth, her pussy again, and even in her ass. The next photos were of Renee wearing the soiled thong.

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One of the photos of her bent over wearing them read "daddys cum touching my pussy." Another of photo was of Renee pressing the outside of the panties into her pussy with her fingers. The caption read "I want daddy cum inside me." The final photo was of Renee facing the camera holding a piece of paper that had writing on it. The writing read "Daddy I want your cum right now" followed by "P.S.

Our little secret." I hadn't realized that I had removed my cock from my pants and I was slowly stroking it. I was speechless and in a trance when all of a sudden a familiar sound made me jump. My phone was ringing that was in my pocket. I pulled it from my shorts and answered it. It was Stacey. "Hey hunny what are you doing?" she said. "Nothing… Just working. What's up?" I said surprisingly calm.

"Well we are slow tonight and I'm going to head home early. Do you want me to pick up anything for dinner?" she asked. As I swiveled my chair around I said "Oh I don't kn…" I stopped making any sound. When I turned the chair around I saw Renee kneeling on the floor about two feet from the chair. Her eyes fixated on my erect dick that was out on display.

I was so preoccupied that I didn't hear her enter the room. "Hunny are you there? What's wrong?" Stacey said into the phone. "Uh…Uh… Ummm&hellip. Nothing baby… just get whatever you want." I mumbled while I could barely breathe. "I don't know what sounds good… What does Renee want to eat?" she asked.

I slowly rested the phone on my shoulder and looked at Renee. I stammered and barely formed words as I tried to speak. "Your um… mother wants… to know… what eat… I mean, what… what do you want to eat for dinner" I finally said. Renee on her knees moved up to my body and looked me in the eyes. With a soft whisper she said "I want to eat you cum." She immediately placed her mouth on the head of my dick taking at least two inches in her warm moist mouth.

I about dropped the phone as I slouched into a sigh of pure pleasure. Renee slowly bobbed her head around my dick for a few seconds before I could hear Stacey shouting my name on the phone. I put the phone back to my ear and said the only thing that made sense at the time.

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I said "She's eating right now. I bet she will be full before you get home." As the words exited my mouth, Renee smiled as big as she could with my cock in her mouth and she nodded in approval very slow. I don't know what else Stacey said on the phone but before I know it she said "Alright then, I'll see you guys in a few." And I finished the conversation with a "goodbye." I let my phone drop to the floor and I stared into Renee's eyes as she was blowing me.

She closed her eyes and tried to force as much of my dick in her mouth as she could. She gagged only after about three inches and pulled off. She then grabbed my dick with her right hand and lifted it up as she placed her mouth onto my balls. We both moaned in pleasure as she slowly sucked one of my testicles in her mouth and hummed on it. She has clearly been watching her fair share of porn to develop skills like this.

She started jerking me with her hand while she sucking on my other nut. Watching this happen pushed me over the edge. I felt my nuts start to climb as I was seconds away from blowing a big load. Instinctively I shouted "I'm gonna cummmmm…" Like a pro, Renee sat back on her legs and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out while she continued to jerk me off. I looked at her face and started to sling rope after of rope of cum towards her mouth. The first shot skipped off her tip teeth and hung from her nose.

The remaining cum dumped into her awaiting mouth. After she pulled every drop from my dick, she pooled the cum onto her tongue and lower gums to show me the load in her mouth. A second later she closed her mouth, swallowed, and opened an empty mouth for my inspection.

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Without a word, she placed her mouth back on my dick and sucked any remaining cum from my shaft before she backed away and stood up. She smiled at me with a big grin and said happily "it's much better directly from the source." I was in shock and unable to say a word. Renee giggled and handed me a piece of paper and left her bedroom and proceeded down the stairs.

I nervously opened the paper which read "Thank you for the cum daddy. I've wanted some for a long time. If you want to give me more, I want you to get me a few things from the adult store on Franklin Street. The list of items is enclosed…" I folded up the paper and placed it in my pocket. I think letting her have internet access for this long has created a monster. I sat in silent disbelief for about 20 minutes until I heard Stacey pull into the drive. Now what am I going to do?