Cum craving hoe gets tiny fuck hole smashed

Cum craving hoe gets tiny fuck hole smashed
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my friends and I finally got round to having our cottage holiday.

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There were 6 of us in total, 2 boys, Cameron and Buzz, and 4 girls, me, Dannii, Gaby and Samantha. There were no couples in the group, but there was a simmering tension between some of us. We were an odd group, the lads towered over us, and we were all girl next door / plain jane girls, not hot 'centerfold' wannabes.

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Cameron was the stereotypical bad lad, think luke perry in 90210. He was 6'4", had eyes you could drown in, beautiful blonde tipped hair, tattoos on his back and plenty of chat. i would say more about the rest of the group but they are more background noise in this. when we arrived at the cottage we quickly discovered the sleeping arrangements were going to be interesting. dannii and i took 1 room, gaby and samantha took another room, that left us with 1 single bed and the foldout sofa bed in the living room.

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since buzz behaves it was decided he should get the proper bed and cameron would be left to deal with the sofabed. he seemed happy enough with this plan as it meant he could stay up longer and get totally wasted. as you can probably tell, there was a sensible camp and a few leading each other astray.

i can happily admit i was in the latter camp, with dannii and cameron. but we agreed to behave on the holiday for the good of the group. during the days we would all go out on walking trips around the countryside and neighbouring villages, then at night we'd either go to the local pub and play pool, or stay in and watch 80s films, make cocktails and chat.

unfortunately old habits die hard, and things got a bit more interesting. as the days went by, cameron and i would always be the last ones standing. everyone would head to bed and we would have deep and meaningful drunken chats before going our separate ways. cameron would try to keep up with my drinking but always fell short, which was just as well since he had a sofabed to deal with. after a week, cameron started to mention to me that he was waking feeling a bit odd but couldnt put his finger on it.


i told him it was probably trying to keep up with me and it was just too much alcohol making him queasy. luckily he believed me.


. . well for the first few days. by maybe day 8, cameron was getting really confused, for 3 days straight he was waking up groggy and alone but the sensation in his cock was very much of the did i have sex or did i jerk off while drunk way.

the next day he woke feeling the same way but this time he vaguely remembered a sex dream and there was dried jizz on his boxers. he was starting to get a bit worried about this as he was in the shared living room area right next to the kitchen so anyone from the group could discover him drunk pleasuring himself.

day 10 arrived with a plan to avoid alcohol and his drunk wank sessions. he knew everyone would think it odd so he planned 1 vodka and then pretend vodka the rest of the night. we spent that evening making pizza and watching stand by me, people started to go to bed at 2ish, all in various drunken states, but cameron for once was sober and went straight to his sofabed.

he had just started to drift off when he realised that i was in the darkness. he didnt let on that he was awake, so i continued towards him. i watched him for a wee while, making sure he was asleep before doing my new nightly routine.

i moved down the blanket to find him just wearing his boxers (as usual). all the time i kept an eye on him, making sure he wasnt waking due to the sudden change in temperature. when i was happy he was still asleep i reached straight for his crotch and gently took out his flaccid cock. after another check i lowered my head and started to lick his cock before popping it fully into my mouth.

always paying attention to his movement while i bobbed up and down his 8" cock swirling my tongue over it and covering it in my saliva.

after a wee while i replaced my mouth with my hand so i could check he was still fast asleep. i could feel his cock pulsing in my hand so i placed him back in my mouth until the sweet release of his cum which i happily swallowed while rubbing my clit. once we had both climaxed i licked him clean and placed him gently back in his boxers and blanket before triumphantly heading back to bed satisfied for another night.

unfortunately unbeknownst to me he was fully aware of what id done, and been doing over the past few nights. this revelation took all his strength not to fully react to my brazen behaviour.

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the next day cameron decided to repeat his fake drunken behaviour but only after teasing me mercilously all day, saying inappropriate comments and brushing passed me when we were out sightseeing. i was in a constant state of arousal thanks to it.

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after all that contact i was desperate for another late night drink so after waiting on everyone to fall asleep i crept back down to the living room and watched cameron sleep while i teased my nipples in anticipation. after a wee while i moved closer to him and slowly moved the blanket so i could gain access to his cock. he stirred slightly and i froze until he resettled (i should have realised then that he was faking sleep).

i reached down and stroked his balls before lubing his cock with my saliva, i slowly started moving my hand up and down his shaft while rubbing my clit with my other hand, matching stroke by stroke.

after a while i could feel him tense so replaced my hand with my mouth in the hope the change would slow him down. thankfully it did as i had plans for a new trick this night. what i didnt know is he had a trick for me as well. once hed calmed down i became more engrossed in myself, id been rubbing my clit and sliding my fingers into my pussy all the while watching his semi twitch away in the cool air.

i was eager for an orgasm but knew my fingers were not enough. i slowly stood from the bed and started to undress, the exposure to the cool air only emphasising how turned on i was. still standing next to the bed i looked at him intensly, checking his movement and looking for anything odd. my hands were wandering over my body, tweaking my erect nipples and my pussy was aching for attention.

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i reached out for his cock and started stroking it, following the veins up and down while watching it grow. i bowed down and placed him in my mouth, lightly sucking the tip before standing back up again. my pussy was screaming for attention and i knew then i needed to listen to it.

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he was fully erect and i couldnt resist another taste even though my pussy was in agony, so i lowered my head again and started gently kissing his cock until i reached his balls, then giving each one in turn long wet kisses before working my way back up his cock.

all the while fingering myself, my sodden juices covering my hand. i released his cock and my hand and moved closer to the bed, slowly climbing onto the bed so i could straddle him, i gently lowered myself onto his eager twitching cock. slightly spreading my legs so i could slide his cock into my sodden pussy. i was just starting to guide him in when his hand grabbed my arm and i froze.


he was staring straight at me, i didnt know what to do, i was frozen like a statue, except my pussy was aching and willing the cock at its entrance to visit. no words were said, i couldnt look at him, he raised his other hand to my face and made me look directly at him, he then winked and gently eased himself into my eagerly awaiting pussy.

he slid in my dripping wet hole effortlessly until id taken his full length. very slowly we started moving our hips, my pussy gripping him tightly. i looked at him and he raised his head to mine and kissed me. i responded by grinding down, taking in as much as i could, this gave him easier access to my tits which were begging to be sucked, he didnt need any encouragement and started biting and sucking each breast while still keeping a slow hip rock going.

i was getting closer to climax and starred increasing my hip movement while trying to arch my back. he realised my change in pace and stopped sucking my tits to fully concentrate on our motion, allowing my soaking pussy to swallow his cock fully with each stroke, grinding harder and harder, we were finally in unison and it was glorious.

i kissed him and told him to take all of me, he said he planned to and kissed me again. id fallen completely into the moment and started talking, fuck me cameron i want to feel your cum in me, harder, harder, i need you, oh harder. all the time he thrust harder, his hands tweaking me nipples keeping up the pace and sensory overload.

we were in a bubble where only we existed and our only purpose was to slam into each other. we continued rocking until finally we both climaxed his cum spurting into my hungry pussy, spasm over spasm until we both lay there exhausted but satisfied with our work. after a moment he looked up to the staircase only to see some body outlines. our fellow holiday makers had been watching us, all of them in various states of undress and positions.

. the remains of the holiday are another story of course.