Tiny tits teen fucking an older man

Tiny tits teen fucking an older man
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Hey guys. Im 21 years, 22 in 2 weeks. I always wanted to tell my story on when i started learning about sex, porn, and all that crazy pleasurable wonderful things. So this is going to be embarassing since im going to be talking about my personal teenage life in the sex world to u the reader, man or woman (especially women). Let me start with a few details of my begininng, middle, and end of my body and daily life. I will post 3 chapters.

Im typing this thru my phone so it might be kinda edgy. Chap 1 is at the bottom. Born: June 3,1991 When i started 2 learn about sex: Age:13-14 Learned by: phone and computer. Daily Life: Middle School, average student, gamer, average scores,7th grader Height: 5ft.'4in. Weight: 247lbs. (I was a bit fat) Ethnicity: Hispanic (im bilingual, mexican bloodline in both parents & theres a bit of genes involved in my story) Penis size: i cant remember my size.

This was new to me at the time with no knowledge of size caring till 8th grade. I also learnedd about growt spurts and puberty in both 7th and 8th.

(1st chap Part1-2) At this point in High School i became knowledgeable after watching videos, masturbating, and learning a bit more of sex. Daily Life: Freshman year, average student, average scores, was able to lose weight during 8th and summer but im not an athlete, still a gamer Height: 5ft.' 10in.

Weight: 227lbs. (I was excited that i lost weight) Penis size: length: 3.2in girth: 1.7in (2nd chapter) Age: 15 Sophmore year: I became smarter during 9th & 10th Daily life:A/B student but had harder time with my english classes mostly in writing Height: 210lbs.-->223lbs. Lost more weight but had to gain cause it wasnt my average "height/weight" requirement for my age.


Penis size: length: 3.9in. girth: 1.9in.

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This is chap 3 cause this is where my life changed to who i am now. Thank you, the reader, for reading this. I will be posting Chap 1 Part 2 in a few days.


Ask if u want 2 know more detail but i will say nothing personal (phone#, location, etc.) Ask for what involves in the story. Tell me if i missed anything. I will post an extra chap of what happened after?? chap 3 if theres is a huge vote request for it. ________ Chap 1 Part 1 I was 13 when i learned about sex. A 7th grader with average scores and i was slowly changing bacause of puberty.

My Middle school was old and had a population of mostly Hispanics, African American, and a small percentage of Whites or other. But we were like gangster, rockers, gothic, emo and all that depressing stuff that happens in school.

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And theres nobody who doesnt know how to get drugs and knows about sex. I didnt till i learned about sex.I was a innocent child. Average scores, kind to all, respected, had friends, known by all, helpfull, shy, and didnt know crap about drugs till 8th grade. But i did know about sex.

I loved pokemon. A bit 2 much i should add in. Everybody knew what pokemon were. Go Pikachu!! Pikachu this!! pikachu that!! They only knew pikachu so they weren't that smart.


I knew more about pokemon cause im a nerd and thats whats nerds do. But i wasnt a smart ass. I was more of a hispanic rocker and i fitted perfectly without having trouble. Most of my friends were gamers also cause of xbox so no matter i was still a nerd. Who knew nothing about sex, but my games did help me learn what it was. I knew wat sex was.

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An interactions of 2 individuals having sexual intercourse, right? But i didnt know thatit was 2 sex craving individuals fucking each other like dogs (first video i saw i found out that there was romancee later on).

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But human interraction wasnt wat caught my attention, furrries did. I was attracted to furrries more than regular sex. Im not talking about those animals costume people (i thought it was a failed expirament at the time). I was more attracted to art and cartoons more. Thinking of fucking a hot humanoid pokemon sounds hot, but dream will always be dreams. I dont regret nothing. At least from here. I did went back to the normal human way after i learned what was a vagina, dick, tits, and masterbation.

I saw many videos and got horny, but what do i do? Well my of my 2 best friends helped me with that!! My hands! So i finally masterbaded and it felt good. It was my first time and i did not know what came out.

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I learned that it was semen and its a whitish liquid. Liquid? So it wont do nothing?

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Okay? But i didnt know what to do with it and i left it in my underwear cause it was like water. Many days later my underwear were stained.Mom washed clothes and stains were still there. I told her that it was urine cause i would hold it throughout th day because the bathroom at school were disgusting (its fucking true). She bought it. I had to find a solution.

And i did!! Thank you internet!!! I wasnt satisfied so i stopped masterbating and tried to learn more. I atcually like to think back and laugh at how lucky i am. _____ And thats how i started.Part 2 would be about 8th grade and i will post it in a few days.

Please give ur opinions and ask away anything. Thanks for reading!! This was embarasing.