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Chubby camwhore shakes her ass
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Eric had told me Christmas was a big deal for family, his dad's side always flew in from out of state to just to visit, they drove up to their family cabin and they would all celebrate together.

It was different for his mom. She was an only child and her parents skipped out of visiting for Christmas, but always came for New Years instead.

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On our way to the cabin, he told me a little bit about his dad's family. There was a total of three boys and one girl, they were all pretty close in age and got along well. The oldest was Eric's uncle Matthew. "I wonder if he'll actually bring a girlfriend this time." Apparently Matthew had never settled down. He would take photos with various women throughout the year, but none were really serious enough to bring home to the family.

The second oldest was Eric's dad, Dillon.

He and Eric's mom, Stephanie had been together since they were in high school, and his mom had Eric when she was only 16. After that, they played it safe for a while, before having his sister Natalie, who was sixteen. Nine years younger than Eric and I.

The third, was his uncle Theo (short for Theodore.) He had just recently gotten married to his wife Jessie. Christmas was her favorite holiday, according to Eric. "She fits in well with our family, they all really like her." He said putting his hand on my lap as he drove.

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"I think you'll fit in too, babe." I smiled at him the best I could, trying to hide my nervousness. As we pulled up onto the long cobblestone driveway a woman glanced back at our approaching car and gave an excited wave. "My Aunt Lori." He said waving back just as excitedly as we walked the rest of the way up to the house. Eric told me, his aunt has had to miss the last two Christmas' due to heavy snow cancelling her flights. Eric adored her, they were only ten years apart, and she had always been around while he was growing up, she was like a big sister to him.

After a short marriage and an ugly divorce, she had recently moved back into the state. Lori was a slender, brunette, with curvy hips and a near perfectly sized peach shaped butt, from what I could see when she bent over to put her bags on the floor.

She didn't look too top heavy, but she seemed fairly close to a D, that or she had an amazing bra. She opened her arms widely as Eric and I walked the rest of the way up the driveway. "Hiiii," she excitedly exclaimed.

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He big brown eyes, seemed to widen more and gleamed as she looked at me ."You must be Hanna." She quickly closed the gap between us and hugged me tightly, her large breast pressing up against me. She definitely just had big boobs. "Go ahead and take your things inside Hanna." She told me as she broke our hug.

I hauled my duffel bag on to my shoulder and headed inside. I stopped briefly and turned back to Eric. I couldn't help but stare at them. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck,their faces hidden.The way she was pressing her body up against him, with his hands resting on the top of her hips,his fingertips grazing her plump butt. I could've mistook them for a couple locked in an embrace. As if sensing my gaze, I saw him starting to turn his attention towards my direction, and I quickly turned back around leaving my disillusions outside before stepping into the house.

"Theeeeeeeyre heeeeeere." Lori chimed loudly, entering the house a few seconds behind me, Eric in tow, his bag and hers (I assumed) hooked in each arm. Eric's parents stepped out of the kitchen both smiling widely. "Welcome Hanna, so happy you could join us this year." His mom pulled off her apron and hung it on the coat rack by the door before walking over and hugging us both.

"Thank you for having me." I said politely. Eric's dad wasn't really the hugging type from what I knew,so he gave me a nod and a quick wave, before tucking his hand into his pockets. "Well damn Eric," I heard a voice say. "You really did get yourself a girlfriend, and such a cute one at that." I looked past his mom to see a tall, bearded man standing at the end of the hall. A handsome one in fact. He wore a tight fitting black t-shirt under a loose fitting green plaid shirt and some dark denim jeans.

His emerald eyes gave me a once over before he looked back at my eyes. I felt a shard pain between my legs, and shifted uncomfortably. I'm sure, unlike everyone else, he noticed. The smug look on his face said it all. Matthew was use to girls getting all hot and bothered over his appearance. I broke eye contact with him.

"My girlfriend is actually cute enough to bring around, since you haven't brought one yet, I guess you cant say the same, Uncle Matt." Matthew flashed a broad smile at Eric. "Guess you have a point there, kid." He looked back at me.


"Let's get along well this weekend, huh?" I nodded and turned my attention back to his parents, my eyes occasionally drifting back to him as he watched me steadily from the end of the hall. I met with his other uncle, Theodore, and his wife later that day. His sister Natalie, also finally decided to come out of her room and join us. She spent every moment she could, clinging to me. We spent Christmas Eve afternoon playing board games and sharing stories. After a long dinner, Eric's uncle Theo and aunt Lori broke out the alcohol.


Bottle after bottle line the counter. They mixed and matched their drinks and soon became even more lively. "What's your poison?" Matthew asked as he set another bottle on the counter. "Uhh." I wasn't much of a drinker, but didn't want to ruin the mood. "I like whatever, pick for me." From across the counter, Eric stifled a laugh and sipped from his beer. "Errriiic," Lori whined. "Come outside and see the snow with meeee." She tugged on his arm and it nestled between her large breast.

"Fine, fine." He groaned and let her pull him outside. I was more of a lightweight than I thought Id be. Two beer and three shots in, I could feel my buzz was in full force, and I was bordering on tipsy. Eric had stepped outside with Lori, his parents and Natalie, had left as soon as the drinking started,but said they'd be back, and his uncle Theo and aunt Jessie, were completely immersed in an, incorrectly played, game of monopoly on the living room floor.

I dragged my eyes over to Matthew.

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He leaned against the counter, downing another beer with ease. My eyes lingered longer than they should've and our gaze met.

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"You okay, or you gonna tap out already?" My cheeks burned as they flushed red. "I'm just fine, thank you." He laughed and stepped around the counter. "Okay then Ms. Hanna, why don't you try walking over to me then, straight as you can." He stood towards the entrance of the hall, with his arms folded over his chest. "What are you, a cop now?" He chuckled. "Only if you're looking to get handcuffed tonight." I felt a light heat rise up in my body.

"As if, let's get this over with." I slowly walked towards him, trying to keep myself as steady as possible as i neared closer. I wobbled a bit, but quickly caught myself each time I felt myself leaning too far.

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"See, I'm fine." I said, reassuring myself. "You are indeed." He said looking over my body again. He reached out and grabbed my waist. I stumbled forward and caught myself against him. He smiled down at me briefly then raised his attention towards the ceiling.

I followed his gaze and realized he had led me underneath mistletoe. " Wait." I moaned breathlessly. He pulled me up against his broad chest as he kisses me over and over.

His lips were warm and soft as he roughly bit down on my bottom lip. I weakly pushed against his chest, as i felt the heat between my legs growing as quickly as my buzz had. He pulled me into the darkness of the hallway wall and ran his fingers along my waist. "Nnnn, wai-" He kissed me again, pressing his mouth roughly to mine as he forces his hot tongue into my mouth.

The alcohol was drowning out my judgement and overwhelming me with pure lust. He ran his lips down my neck as his fingers sunk into my hips. I started to give in to Matthew, I tilted my head, giving him better access to my neck. My skin seemed to burn hotter where his lips would touch, and i shuddered involuntarily in pleasure. My hands roamed up his chest and i sank my nails in a bit as i gripped his T-shirt.

He growled excitedly and ground himself against me, the bulge in his pants rubbing up against the crotch of my leggings. Matthew reached under my shirt and squeezed one of my 38 Cs through my black, lacey bra. I opened my mouth slightly to speak, and a moan escaped my lips, just as Matthew began rubbing my pussy through the front of my leggings.

He traced the outlines of my outer lips with his index and middle finger, slowly working them closer together until he pinned my clit between them. I worked myself against his hand and began teasing my clit between his fingers.

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I gripped his shoulders roughly and held back a deep moan. "Ah Er." I had almost called out my boyfriends name out of habit.

I hadn't given into my lust completely and tried to shake the alcohols hold on me. "Eric." I mumbled as he continued rubbing my clit between his fingers, the material of my leggings rubbing up against it and teasing me more. Matthew kissed his way up to my ear. "Tell me you want it." He whispered as he pushed a finger between my lips and rubbed it back and forth with the materiel against my entrance.

" I-I can't. " I said trying to get myself to keep it from going further, despite honestly wanting to continue. "Fine." "Huh?"He pulled his hands back so sudden, I could barely register that he was moving away from me already. He gave me a smile. "I'll stop." I hadn't actually expected him to just stop so easily. "Come on, everyone will be coming back in soon." He said turning back towards the hall. I couldn't take it, the teasing had been too much and I was sure I wouldn't get too much time with Eric this weekend for things like this.

He turned back toward the kitchen and I tugged hard on the back of his shirt. My pussy was aching to be touched again, and I needed him to satisfy it. "Wait." I said quietly. Matthew looked back at me curiously. "More," I said hesitantly. "I want it.more." I saw the switch behind his eyes go off and his expression lit up again. "Turn around." He ordered sternly. I turned around and stood facing the wall.

"Now put your arms against the wall, and spread your legs for me." I followed his directs and placed my arms against the wall on either side of my head then spread my legs for him. His words had me on edge, I was getting more turned on than I was just a few minutes ago. He stepped up behind me and rubbed my ass,slowly working his way up to my hips. He grabbed them and pulled them towards him, forcing me to stick my ass out to him.

His fingers gripped the top of my leggings and forced them down around my thighs. I stood facing the wall as he ran his fingers back up the backs of my thighs and up over my ass cheeks. His hands played with my black thong for a moment, tracing the thin lace strap down from the base of my ass to the center, before he pulled it roughly to the side. "Mmm." He moaned approvingly at the site of my freshly shaved pussy.

He pressed his index finger against my slit and slowly rubbed it up and down. "If your this wet from just my fingers, i cant wait to feel how wet you get with my cock inside you." I arched up against the wall as his index and middle finger dove into my tight hole again and again, sending chills down my spine as he teased me.

" Say 'ah'." He ordered as he pulled his slick fingers out of my pussy. I did what he said and he forced his thick fingers into my mouth. I sucked and licked my juices off his fingers, eagerly tasting myself, watching his smirk as he rammed them into the back of my throat and made me gag.

He held his fingers there for a moment then pulled them out. " You want me to fuck you now, don't you?" I nodded, my mind clouded completely by my lust, I needed to feel his cock inside me.

He walked back behind me and I heard him undo his zipper. I eagerly waited, and he forced me to savor every second of waiting before I felt the tip of his cock press against the entrance of my pussy. He rubbed himself steadily around the entrance occasionally pressing against it before pulling back. "I want it." I moaned impatiently. He leaned against my back and whispered in my ear, just as he thrust forward and shoved his cock deep into my pussy. "Happy to see your in the giving spirit, babe." Terror and pleasure sent a shock throughout my body as Eric's voice echoed in my ear and his cock slammed in and out of my pussy.

He moved more roughly than he ever had and I held myself back with my hands to keep his force from knocking me against the wall. He grunted roughly. "You're so tight Hanna." I groaned and panted in response, I could barely catch my breath as his thick cock rammed deeper inside. I turned my head to the side to see Matthew stroking his long hard cock, watching as his nephews cock noisily slid in and out of me. He locked eyes with me, and smiled triumphantly, satisfied by his trick.

Eric slowed a bit and grabbed my arms. He held them tightly behind my back, keeping me steady as he pulled himself deep inside my pussy. Matthew walked over and took my hair in his hand. "Open." he ordered, his cock aimed at my mouth. When i took too much time to reply, he yanked my hair, and i yelped a bit in pain.

As i did he pushed forward and pressed his cock into my mouth. Eric thrust his hips harder and forced me forward onto Matthew's cock, making it slide along my tongue, edging close to the back of my throat. Matthew groaned in pleasure and bucked himself hard against my face, making me gag on his cock as he moved. Back and forth, they moved rhythmically with each other, forcing themselves as far and as hard as they could inside me.

"Fuck," Eric groan. His cock was swelling more, and it hit roughly against my G- spot. "I'm gonna cum, Hanna." He warned. I could barely focus on his words, his cock was rubbing hard and and Matthew wasn't letting up on choking me on his cock, I was at the peak of my orgasm. He thrust into me long and hard as he grunted, filling my pussy with load after load of his hot cum. Matthew was soon after, holding my head forcefully against the base of his cock, filling my throat with his cum.

"Told you, she'd fit it in perfectly." Eric boasted as he pulled out and let my arms go. Matthew pulled me up by my hair and looked at me with a smile. "She certainly can. " He let go of my hair and wiped a bit of cum off my lips.

" Now then Hanna, its about time we show you the main event."