MILF eats Cum off Toes

MILF eats Cum off Toes
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I've had a thing for Tracy for years. It started on the very first day of my sons pre-school, where she was also dropping her son off at the same time. She was this adorable petite brunette, dressed comfortably in a sundress and cute sandals showing adorable toes, and we smiled at one another. And that was it. Except for one thing. Because the first little-known fact about hot moms and dropping kids off at pre-school, is that they are preoccupied with hugging their kids goodbye.

And pre-school kids are short. And hot moms have to either crouch to kiss their kids, or lean way forward. Meaning there are often delightful sights to be had, and on that fateful first day of school, I got a glimpse all the way up Tracy's sundress, to the most delightfully hairless sight I think I had ever seen.


Upskirt and down-blouse views of moms hot and cold are a great perk to dropping your kids off at pre-school, if you're a slightly twisted individual. I fit that description. And that was it. Over the following years, my son and hers became friends, and I'd hear about Timmy from time to time.

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They weren't necessarily inseparable best friends, and not in the same class, they just bonded a little and I'd hear about him from time to time. Which leads to the second little known fact about being a parent: you'll often have no idea what the kids last name is. Sure, some of time you know, but if for example the kids are in different classes or if there isn't a birthday party where you see the last name written down, you frequently only know kids by their first name, which is all the kids care about anyway.

In Tracy's case, it was one of those times.

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At first I didn't know her name at all, and later on, I sent a few more years not knowing her last name either. After a couple years of waving, nods, and casual hellos and smiles, I finally talked to Timmy's hot mom in the parking lot while our boys played by the swing sets.

"I'm Tracy, by the way. All these years, we've never actually had the chance to talk. I hear so much about your son!" "Jack. And very nice to meet you! I feel like I know you and Timmy already!" I smiled, and we continued small talk while our kids played. Eventually, it was time to leave. The boys came over, and wanted to go to the movies this Saturday.

It seemed like a good idea, and Tracy and I exchanged numbers. And as I mentioned, you don't always bother with last names, and I plugged her number into my cell phone, and she plugged mine into hers.

We were busy talking, so I just saved the name as "Tracy" in my phone's contact list and we agreed to meet at the theater by the mall for the 10:00 a.m. kid's matinee. Again, all perfectly innocent, and the day went by without a hitch. I will add that I have a bit of a sense of humor, so I save contacts in my phone with sometimes amusing names, such as "Joe Car Mechanic", "Bob Plumber", "Sonya Dentist" and so on.

So one day shortly thereafter, I edited Tracy's contact entry to "Tracy Timmy's Hot Mom", just to be funny. At least in my own mind it was funny, and nobody would ever see, so it was my own inside joke to myself. On another occasion, I saw her in the parking lot after a school play, talking to another mom.

Keep in mind, she's incredibly attractive and nice to look at, so I usually would remember whenever I saw her. On this day, she was talking to another mom (also hot, a voluptuous blonde) I had seen around, except they were standing unusually close to one another, and in addition, gazing deep into one another's eyes and having a very intimate conversation.

I didn't think too much of it, other than wishing they'd make out and let me watch. I am, after all, still a typical male, and hot moms making out is sexy. At this stage of the game, I still didn't really know her that well, but she was attractive and sexy enough, that she was a frequent visitor to my daydreams. Fast forward even a few more years: At about age ten, the boys had gotten to be even better friends, and there were many times I dropped my son off to visit Timmy.

I discovered that Tracy lived with a woman, actually the same woman I had seen her talking to before, and that Tracy and the woman were a couple, quietly living their life together, not drawing unusual attention to themselves, but not hiding their lifestyle either. "More power to them." I thought to myself. Don't get me wrong. I may be all grown up and enlightened, but Tracy was still beautiful, her roommate was also beautiful, and even if I realized there probably wasn't much hope, I still fantasized about Tracy, and now the roommate too.

I imagined what they would look like together, and of course, I imagined what all three of us would look like together too. Deep down inside, I realized this was just a fantasy, and I just behaved normally and appropriately, and we were all happy that our kids had some nice friends for one another.

So all this leads up to this summer. The end of school arrived, the kids still played together, and one day, I got a text from Tracy about a summer Fourth of July pool party at her house, except it was actually happening on July 1st. She also made it clear parents were invited too. I accepted, and told her I would bring my famous Strawberry Shortcake, which I made by hand, all by myself. Realistically, the Strawberry Shortcake was quite good, but it probably wasn't really all that famous.

I name my Strawberry Shortcakes the same way I name contacts in my phone, with a generous bit of creative license. I arrive at the party with my son and my famous Strawberry Shortcake, and ring the doorbell. They have an ornate front door with a glass mosaic, where you can see a little bit through the glass, but not too much. I see a shape I recognize as Tracy coming to the door, and she opens the door and welcomes us in.

I tried not to look too obvious as I gasped, because Tracy was in an adorable little bikini, nothing inappropriate, except for how magnificent she looked. It turned out she isn't just petite and adorable, she is also fit and firm.

And the bikini top wasn't heavily padded, so there were nipple outlines to be seen through the fabric. She looked amazing. I come in, and there is the roommate, also gorgeous, except she was (as usual) overdressed.

She was a girly-girl type, long blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs, always made up wonderfully, hair perfect, make-up perfect, and a seemingly always a little overdressed for whatever the occasion. Today for example, it is a summer pool party, but she is in impeccably pressed linen shorts, an expensive top, and cute strappy sandals. She looked marvelous of course, just a bit out of place and overdressed for the occasion. We have a great fun day.

There were about ten kids, two or three other parents, and Tracy and her roommate. There were hot dogs, kids jumping in pools, a game of back-yard volleyball, ice cream cones, a good time all around.

During the volleyball game, I was actually a little surprised that the roommate joined us, since she might get sweaty, but as I would soon learn, she was full of surprises. She was actually very athletic, a former collegiate athlete, and better at volleyball than all the rest of us combined.

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It was still just back-yard volleyball though, more time chasing the ball than actually making any proper hits over the net (other than the roommate). Tracy and her roommate looked absolutely magnificent, and only got sexier as they built up a layer of glistening sweat. Tracy with beads of sweat visible on her abdomen, the roommate with sweat in her ample and tastefully visible cleavage.

I also had to try to distract myself to avoid getting aroused, because they were quite affectionate as they played, occasionally bumping hips or patting one another on the back for good plays. The game ended when one of the kids hit the ball way off into the distance. I trotted down to the end of the yard to get the ball, and by the time I turned around, everyone was heading back to the house, Tracy and her roommate bringing up the rear of the crowd, and had probably forgotten that I was behind them, because they stole a kiss on the lips while they thought no-one was looking.

This was obviously arousing to my simple man's mind, two beautiful women kissing, but I had to also admit, it was really sweet. They clearly were very happy together, and it wasn't just hot and sexy, it was touching and romantic. Obviously, I still wanted to watch them having hot sweaty sex then get to join them, but still, it was sweet to see their relationship.

More urgent, however: I needed this erection to go down. I held the volleyball in front of me, as hopefully a distraction, and thankfully, things settled down a bit. The pool party proceeded.

At one point, I got my phone out, and started taking lots of pictures. My phone has a decent camera, and some of the pictures came out extremely well, including lots of hilarious candid shots.

I also confess, there were times where I timed my snapshots to include Tracy or her roommate in the background, so I would secretly still have some photos of them to look at later. I got one while she was in the pool, and her nipples were even more pronounced in that picture. I couldn't wait to get home to zoom in on it.

At dusk, people were getting tired, so the arrival of the mosquitoes was just the excuse everyone was looking for to call the party over. All the other families left, leaving me and my son as the last guests present. During the extended goodbye session, I mentioned that I had gotten some great pictures, and got out my phone to show the particularly funny ones. "Oh my god, that's hilarious! Send them to me!" Tracy said. She was standing right next to me in order to see the pictures, leaning over and peering at my phone.

"Definitely." I said. Then I remembered that if I sent them right then, Tracy would see the "Tracy Timmy's Hot Mom" name I had assigned to her in the phone book. I tried to delay, and said, "OK, I'll collect them all together, and send them all over in a bit." Tracy had no idea why I was delaying. "OK, but send that one of them jumping in the pool right now, I have to send that to my family, they will die laughing." "Umm.

Ok." I said. This was going to be awkward, because she was still standing right next to me, and seemingly had no intention of looking away or letting me off the hook. I started typing in her phone number, instead of navigating through the contact list, in hopes that she would stop looking at my phone, but instead, she started reading off her phone number.

"That's five-five-five, six-seven-nine." and she proceeded to read off her number. The problem is that I knew that once I typed in the full number, the phone would automatically recognize the number, and display the contact list entry. I intentionally made a typo, still holding out hope Tracy would stop looking at my screen as I typed.

"No, no, no, you typed it in wrong. It's six-seven-nine." she corrected me. Finally I gave up. I wasn't getting off the hook, she wasn't looking away, and I had no choice but to type in the number. As I typed in the final digit, the display changed from the phone number to "Tracy Timmy's Hot Mom". I was embarrassed of course, but Tracy chuckled as she saw it.

"Sorry." I said with a laugh. Even after all these years, I still don't actually know your last name!" "Well, I'm flattered." she said. "It's Smith-Davis, by the way. But you can leave it the way it is." Tracy seemed genuinely flattered. She had a grin she just couldn't contain.

Like an erection, for the facial muscles, I chuckled to myself, since my erection wasn't exactly under my control either. "Well, OK." I said, and sent the picture. She was still standing next to me, and I suddenly became aware that my forearm and hers were touching. She was standing so close. "Tell ya what, let me fix it." I said, and went to my contact list, edited her entry, and changed the name to 'Tracy Smith-Jones Timmy's Hot Mom'.

"Better?" I joked, and she nodded. She seemed genuinely flattered that I had noticed. Even though to my sophisticated and observant eye, I knew she was a stunningly beautiful woman, I also realized that simpler men probably checked out her big-boobed blonde-haired roommate more than they did her.

Keep in mind, I'm not criticizing her roommate at all, I just was smart enough to notice how beautiful Tracy was, more so than her roommate. Still, the party was over, it was late, and it was time to go. We said our goodbyes, and I took my son and dropped him off at my ex-wife's house.


I thought the evening was more or less over, when a text from Tracy arrived. "Hey, the kids are all gone. We're having a couple drinks, if you happen to be free?" and ended with a smiley face.

"That sounds great! Be right there!" I replied, also with a smiley face. "Can I bring anything?" "Just yourself, come on over! We're by the pool, so just walk around the side of the house; we might not hear the doorbell." "OK, be there in about ten minutes!" I replied. The drive took about five minutes instead of ten; all the traffic lights along the way seemed to be on my side. I arrived and parked out front. No other cars were there, which made my happy.

Even though I was keeping my hopes and daydreams in check, I still couldn't help but hope. I walked around the side of the house and turned the corner, when I had to stop dead in my tracks.

The roommate was squatting in front of Tracy, Tracy's left leg was raised and resting on the roommates shoulder and the roommate had pulled the fabric of Tracy's bikini off to the side, and was hungrily tonguing Tracy's pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes, and couldn't help but watch for a moment.

I realized I had said ten minutes, but gotten there early, so I couldn't be sure if they were putting on a show for me, or if they were just stealing a moment before I got there. I decided to be cautious and considerate, so I backtracked carefully, went back to my car, opened the door, and then slammed it shut loudly. I walked back around the side of the house, and before I turned the corner, I said in a moderately loud voice, "I'm he-eere!", so that they would know I was arriving.

I obviously hoped they were still fooling around, but this way, I was being a good courteous houseguest.

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I walked a little extra slowly, so they had maybe three seconds to stop, if that's what they were going to do. I turned the corner, and they were standing right next to one another, with embarrassed grins on their faces. They had indeed stopped, but obviously, had to do it in a hurry. "Hey there, come on in! There are tons of leftovers, and we are going to hop in the pool." "Excellent idea!" I said. I hadn't changed; I was still in my swim trunks and a T-Shirt.

Tracy was still in her bikini, but with a T-shirt over it, and the roommate said she would go change. Tracy and I stepped in the pool, which felt marvelous.

It was warm and quiet, without the voices of screaming and shouting boys all around. We were in the shallow end of the pool, facing the sliding glass doors to the house, and had a few moments to talk about how much fun the boys had, what a great day it was, how nice the night was.

The roommate finally came back, this time in her swimsuit. She was tall and voluptuous, in contrast to Tracy's very buff petite body, but she was equally spectacular, just in a different way.

She was in an expensive looking one-piece swimsuit, but with very high leg openings that went up above her hip bone and a plunging neck line down to her navel, with her cleavage in full view. She was of course still overdressed, with a different pair of expensive heeled sandals and a silk robe (unsashed), and something in her hand. She walked over to the pool, and went through an elaborate process of taking off the silk robe, taking off her shoes, and now using what was in her hands, started pinning up her hair.

"Just get in the damn pool!" Tracy said in a joking voice. "Geez, fine! I'm just pinning up my hair!" the roommate said. "Now!" Tracy said. "You're such a girl!" she joked. "You like me being a girl!" the roommate replied with a little sass.

By now, she was gracefully walking toward the pool, and gingerly stepping in and down the steps into the pool. "Well, that's true. You're all woman!" Tracy said. By now, the roommate was in the pool, and Tracy welcomed her with an embrace, and instinctively they kissed, right in front of me. They both sighed a little, and Tracy broke off the kiss and said, "Sorry, hope you don't mind." "Oh, no, not at all!" I was thankful we were a little more than waist deep, because seeing them kiss made me instantly hard.

"Again, again!" I joked. "Ok then!" they both said, and embraced even more passionately and kissed passionately, this time for about ten seconds, including the roommate sliding her hand into the bottom of Tracy's bikini and copping a feel.

"Ok, sorry. We won't torture you any more." Tracy said, and we proceeded to just reflect on what a great day it had been for the kids. I was doing quite a good job retaining my composure, but still, two incredibly gorgeous lesbian women had just kissed, right in front of me. The two of them were not only gorgeous though, they had a really nice relationship, filled with back and forth joking with one another and fake insults to one another, all in a very friendly and affectionate way.

They were obviously very happy together, but still, they obviously had an interesting history, since both of them clearly had been with men in earlier chapters of their lives. Nonetheless, I seemed to blend in well with them, and I joined in the banter, and we were all enjoying one another's company. "Let's go inside, get something to eat." the roommate suggested. We all agreed, and went inside.

The banter continued, as we grazed on the myriad of leftover pool party food. There were plates with several hot dogs left over, about half of my famous strawberry shortcake, fourth-of-July themed star shaped cookies, plus potato salad, chips, salsa, and other pool party appropriate food.

They complimented me on my famous strawberry shortcake, to which I replied that it was one of my special talents. They were both impressed, and the roommate said something about needing to hear more about my talents. I wasn't sure if that was innuendo or not, so I decided to pretend I didn't see the possibility that it was. The pleasant banter continued, both of them teasing one another about various things.

Tracy joked about the roommates cleavage, the roommate joked about Tracy's nipples poking an eye out, and I pretended to need a drink, but in fact, I needed to go and stand on the other side of the kitchen's large center island, to conceal my erection at their increasingly innuendo filled conversation. The roommate, had of course, put her silk robe and fancy sandals back on. Tracy joked, "God, you're so uptight! You always overdress!" "You like it that way, remember?" the roommate retorted.

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"Plus, you love me for my many talents too." "Fair enough." Tracy replied. Then a sly grin came across her face. "Ok, since we were talking about special talents. Show Jack YOUR special talent." and she took a hot dog wiener out of a bun, and handed it to the roommate. The roommate feigned reluctance, but clearly, she wanted to play along. After a hem and two haws, she complied. "Fine. We'll ask HIM if I'm uptight, after he sees this. We'll let him be the judge, I'll show you!" the roommate said as she took the sausage, held it by the very end, and inserted the entire thing into her mouth and deep throated the entire hot dog.

She wasn't done, though; she took the hot dog and pulled it out of her mouth, sealing her lips around it so it was sliding seductively out of her mouth, then back all the way into her mouth and out, ending with inserting even her fingers into her mouth to take the hot dog all the way into her throat.

"See? Definitely NOT uptight." "No, no, I'm going with not uptight!" I said, with an appreciative chuckle. "That's talent. Pure talent!" I said. "Well, I have talents too!" Tracy said. And with a prance, she turned her back to the counter behind her, hoisted herself up on the counter, and in a graceful move, put her right ankle then her left behind her neck. Then to top it off, she placed her palms on the countertop, and in a gymnastic move, actually lifted her entire body up off the counter.

The sight was amazing, not just from her gymnastic prowess, but also because the stretching and flexibility also tugged her swimsuit fabric into the slit of her vagina, and additionally, exposed her outer lips entirely as she did it. "Wow!" was all I could manage to say. "Show-off!" the roommate joked. "And put your privates back in your pants!" as she reached right in to Tracy's bikini bottoms, and guided the fabric back out, obviously touching Tracy's pussy as she did.

Wow, that was hot. "So how about you, Jack? Do you have any special talents?" Tracy asked, as she got down from the countertop. "Well. I do have this one talent. It maybe isn't in the same league as yours, but." "Show us!" they both interrupted, enthusiastically drowning me out.

"Well, Ok." I said. Alongside the strawberry shortcake, was a can of whipped cream, the kind with the long nozzle that you press off to one side to dispense the whipped cream. I took two of the star shaped cookies, and carefully laid them out on a paper plate, in a position where both were aligned, one tip of the star up top on both of them, in a way that suggested they were people's bodies, head, two arms, and two legs. I took the can of whipped cream and a third start shaped cookie, and positioned the nozzle of the can between the two tips of the cookie representing the legs, and I made a thrusting motion of the cookie plus the can with the nozzle sticking through the legs.

I positioned the nozzle over the cookie on the plate on the right, and pressed down on the nozzle to cause some whipped cream to spurt out of the nozzle. Then a second, then a third little dispensal of whipped cream on the first cookie. Then I repeated the action, this time over the second cookie, fake thrusting and pumping for a bit, then spurting a little whipped cream on the representative crotch and stomach of the second cookie.

"Twice." I said. "My special talent is being able to, uhh. you know. Twice." The ladies nodded, impressed. "Really?" said the roommate. "Really." I replied. "Look at the mess you made!" Tracy said in a scolding but joking voice. "Which one is me, the one on the right or the left?" By chance, one cookie had more white icing on it than the other, whereas the other had more red.

Tracy's bikini was red, so I pointed at the red one and said, "That one." Tracy picked up the cookie representing herself, and took the part representing her head, and positioned it over the cookie representing her roommate, and took the head part of her cookie and mimicking licking, got all the whipped cream off of the roommate cookie's crotch area.

"There. All cleaned up now. I always have to keep things clean." "Hold on now, you're still all messy!" the roommate said. She took the Tracy cookie and held it in her palm. She then picked up her cookie, positioned it over the Tracy cookie, but this time in a sixty-nine type position. She also took the head portion of her cookie, as Tracy had done earlier, and symbolically licked off all the whipped cream, as if she had licked it all up. "Now we're both all cleaned up.

All clean and tidy." But she still wasn't done. There was a glob of whipped cream on her cookie's head, so she took that, and made a kissing action between the heads of the two cookies, passing my virtual whipped cream cum to Tracy. By now, there was no concealing my enormous erection, and thankfully, my swim trunks were flattering to its size. "Actually, I have to disagree.

I think that's actually a little dirty!" I joked. "Nothing wrong with that though, being a little dirty is a good thing." I said, as I reached for the roommates hands, and took the cookies out of them.

The incidental contact of my fingers on hers felt marvelous too, and I thought it was a nice moment, my finger holding hers for a second. I placed both cookies face up in my left palm, side by side, the head portion of the cookies upward. "Nothing wrong with being a little dirty at all." I repeated, and methodically, I turned the Tracy cookie over so it was face down, and the roommate cookie over the same way, now side by side, symbolically bottoms up.

I took my palm up to my face, and Tracy first, then the roommate, I took the top of my tongue and softly flicked my tongue where their asses would be, and licked both of them.

The roommate said "Oh my god!" in a happy sounding voice, and Tracy looked at her and smiled. "Did she tell you? You bitch!" she jokingly said to Tracy. "I didn't tell him anything! He just likes it too!" Tracy said.

Then Tracy looked at me and explained, 'She absolutely loves when I do that to her. My tongue spends half the night in her ass every night." "Oh god, that's so hot." The roommate said. By now though, I was beyond hard, and I took both of them by their hands and turned them to face the counter, right next to one another. "Lean forward." I said to them both, as I dropped to a squat right behind the roommate first.

Under the circumstances, doing the roommate first seemed like the thing to do, and I reached up with my left hand and pulled the fabric of her one-piece swimsuit off to the side, exposing her bottom, pulling her cheek open at the same time. I leaned in, and just as I had done to the cookie, took the top of my tongue and gave her spectacular little rosebud a soft affectionate dab.

I heard her moan, and did it again, this time a longer and broader stroke with the tip of my tongue. She moaned again, and I heard things like "Oh god" and "I love that" from the background. I still had my right hand free, and I was using that to pull Tracy's swimsuit bottom off. I had to pull just a bit on one side, then a bit on the other, then the middle, and it was somewhat slow going, but I didn't mind, I was licking her roommate's perfect ass as I did it.

Finally, I felt Tracy's bottoms give way, and I realized Tracy had decided to help me and had pushed it down. By the time I got their, it was halfway down her thighs, and ready to fall.

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I gave it one last little tug, and I felt Tracy wiggling her legs a bit to get them to fall all the way and kick them off. Reluctantly, although knowing another delight was on the way, I moved over to Tracy's ass. Hers was equally delightful, in a different way.

The roommate had a soft smooth voluptuous ass, something to die for, but Tracy was in a way even better. It was firm, her glutes were hard, and her ass was so tiny. Her little hole was small and firm and tight, whereas the tip of my tongue had somewhat easily found its way a little into her roommates asshole.

I gave Tracy an equal licking, enjoying the different feel to her ass. She was enjoying it as much as the roommate had, and by now, I realized the roommate had reached over in front of Tracy and was rubbing Tracy's clit as I licked her ass. I heard more conversing between them, including things like the roommate saying "You like that tongue in your ass?" and Tracy saying "God yes." and the sound of kissing. "Lets go upstairs." Tracy said, and she turned around, guided me up to my feet, and took me and her roommate by the hand.

She led us upstairs, and halfway up the stairs, the stairway took a U turn, which channeled us all into a smaller space. "Kiss one another again?" I asked. "That was so incredible when you kissed, do it again." The ladies complied, this time with intensity. The noises of their lips smacking, the humming noises they were making, the groping and tight embracing. Tracy was bottomless already, and the roommate was in her one piece swimsuit still.

As they kissed, I gently eased the robe off her shoulder, then the straps of the one-piece off and down her body. I gave her ass cheek one more little kiss, because it was gorgeous, but also because I was enjoying the unusual sequence of events that was taking place here.

I still at this point hadn't kissed either of them on the lips, even though I had licked both of there adorable asses. A little unusual, and a nice naughty thought. I stood up, and it was time to take my swimsuit off. I had been erect for a long long time, and it felt good to be free. I walked behind Tracy, and in her case, her bikini top had a clasp, so all I had to do was undo it to get her completely naked too. They had also heard the noise of my swimsuit coming off, and had broken off their kiss to look.

What they were seeing, included a long glistening string of precum hanging off of my cock, from having been so hard for so long. "Oooh, I want it!" Tracy said. "No, me, me, I want it!" the roommate joked. "No, I called it first!" Tracy said, and reached down to collect the precum rope in her palm and on her fingers.

The roommate pouted jokingly. "Oh, fine! You know I can't resist your puppy dog eyes." and Tracy popped her index and middle finger into her roommates mouth. "Thank you!" she squealed, and leaned over to kiss Tracy on the lips with my precum on her lips.

"You're so welcome." Tracy said, as she reached over and rubbed her roommate's pussy with the same fingers that still had some cum on them. "Open." The roommate shifted a bit, parting her legs, and I could see that Tracy had worked her fingers with my precum into her roommate's pussy.

"My turn to suck those fingers." I said. With that, Tracy took her fingers, now wet with her roommates juices, and popped them into my mouth. It was heaven. I reached and embraced the two of them, Tracy's fingers still in my mouth, and we all three kissed, including licking Tracy's fingers between the kisses. I assumed it was Tracy's hand, but I wasn't quite sure.

All I could tell is that a hand was now pumping my cock too. I lowered my hand, so I had an ass cheek of each of them in my palms. This was amazing. "Do it!" Tracy said to her roommate. You've told me about it for years, and now I want to see." The roommate sighed, again feigning reluctance. "Fine, I'll do it. It may take me a few minutes to get warmed up though; it's been a lot of years since I've done it. And Mister Jack here is a little thicker than my ex." With that, the roommate dropped to her knees, and took me straight into her mouth.

And when I say straight, I mean straight and all the way in. In a split second, I was all the way inside her mouth, feeling not just the amazing sensation of her warm mouth, but also the coolness of her lower lip, all the way on the bottom of my balls. I had been deep throated a few times in my life, but this was by far the deepest my cock had ever been inside a mouth. Her throat made a few noises, but she was easily taking me. Tracy had dropped to her knees a moment after her roommate, and was watching intently.

"Oh my god!" she was saying. "How do you do that? That's amazing! God, suck that big cock, lick his balls while he's all the way down your throat! Take that cock!" If I had thought I was experiencing something for the first time already, it was clear that there was more to come. Because the next thing I felt, was a tongue, licking even further back on my balls.

This woman could suck. This woman knew how to take a cock. "Do it!" Tracy exclaimed. The roommate tried to reply, but with my cock so far in her mouth it was just some amusing muffled sounds coming out. She pulled away, and said, "Ok, he has to lie down; I can't do it with him standing. Lie down on the stairs there." she pointed. "You're so impatient! Geez!" she scolded Tracy. Clearly, they were talking about something specific, but I didn't know what.

What was this 'it' they were referring to? Whatever it was, I didn't need to be asked twice to comply. I lay down on the upper landing of the stairwell, my behind on the third stair up, my legs extended to where my heels were still on the landing. The roommate stood up, then crouched over me, resting her palms on the stair just below my butt. She took my cock all the way back into her mouth, and picked up where she left off.

Actually, that's not quite right, she first bobbed her head up and down three or four times, sucking deeply, pulling even more precum into her mouth. Then she settled back to taking me deep in her mouth.

"Ok, do it. I wanna see this!" Tracy said. Still, in my mind, I'm wondering, what is it she wants to see? My cock was deep in her roommate's mouth, her lips almost engulfing my balls, when she went even further down, and with a few tries, sucked my entire balls into her mouth too. I was amazed, in a daze with pleasure. "That's it, that's it!" I heard from Tracy enthusiastically.

"Jack, part your legs a little more." Again, I obeyed; I wasn't about to disagree with either of them on what was happening. "Ok, do it! Do it!" Tracy exclaimed. And yet again, one more time, these lovely and amazing women managed to amaze me.

Not only was my cock all the way to the back of the roommate's mouth and partway down her throat. Not only were my balls also inside her mouth.

And a new experience, not only was she licking the underside of my balls inside her mouth. No, she still wasn't done yet.

Because the next thing I felt, yet again, was the coolness of the tip of her tongue. She reached my asshole with the tip of her tongue, and proceeded to flick my ass with her tongue, while my cock and balls were in her mouth. This wasn't just pleasure and fun, this was absolutely mind blowing. "Oh my God, THAT's a special talent!" I managed to get out.

"Oh my god, that's so hot. I can't believe that. How do you do that?" Tracy was saying. Over and over, she said, "God, that's amazing. Do it some more, do it more!" And to my absolute pleasure, the roommate wasn't stopping.

This wasn't just a moment in time to remember, she wasn't going anywhere. She had me all the way inside, and she was very eagerly tonguing my ass.

And Tracy was so close, watching intently, I could feel the breaths from both of their mouths on my crotch area, and it was amazing. Finally, it had to come to an end, but there was so much more to look forward to. The roommate pulled away from my cock, but before giving Tracy her turn, she did delightfully give me a very passionate lick back there before leaving.

"Your turn!" she said to Tracy, who hopped to her feet, climbed up to the third stair, turned around to face away from me, and lowered herself onto my cock.

She grasped the banister with one hand, and propped herself up with her palm on the stair with her other hand, and started bouncing up and down on my cock. From my vantage point, I could see just her back of her lithe body, as she athletically pleased herself on my cock. If there's one lesson I'd learned over the years, it's that in addition to a time to laugh and a time to cry, there's also a time to thrust, and a time to keep still and let the woman please herself.

This seemed like one of those moments, so I mostly kept still, knowing that Tracy was in a way masturbating, she just happened to be using my hard cock in her pussy to do it. "Oh yes baby, you are so beautiful." the roommate said lovingly to Tracy. "Ride it. Cum for me, let me watch you cum, my sweetheart." Just like earlier, it was sexy to see their closeness, just as it was sexy to be having incredible hot sex too. The roommate was standing and watching, and had started rubbing her own pussy as she watched Tracy bouncing on my hard cock.

I grasped the railing above me also to make sure I didn't slide or lose my position, because I could sense a trembling rising in Tracy's body. She pumped herself onto me a few more times, then froze. She stayed there for several moments, and I could feel her pussy quivering and pulsating around my cock, and I could see in the roommates fixated gaze, Tracy was having herself a shuddering orgasm.

Eventually, Tracy came out of her daze, and the roommate helped her up to her feet. "Oh, you are so beautiful. Sit for a second." and she guided Tracy to sit on the first step.

"I'm just going to take my turn too. Relax for a bit, the join us however you please." And with that the roommate climbed on me too, but facing me. She planted her feet also on the same step as my behind, and lowered herself onto my cock.

She leaned forward toward me though, and given that I was laying on the staircase, therefore at a little angle to her, all she needed to do was lean forward just a bit so that her breasts were hanging right by my mouth. "Suck my left boob." and she offered her long nipple to me, as she started riding my cock too. I took her nipple in between my lips, which I kept stretched taut.

I hadn't involved my tongue or saliva yet, I was instead pinching them between my lips. She seemed to like that, and said "Oh yes, just like that." She leaned forward to rest her hands and elbows on the step behind my head, and bounced her hips up and down on me.

"Yes, do my nipple just like that while I fuck you." I did have a brief moment between women to reposition and replant my feet, so I now had two free arms. I reached down and held each of her ankles as she bounced up and down. Her smooth legs were soft and feminine, and it was just nice to have all this contact. She was repositioning a bit as she rode me too, and I could tell she was working herself to where my cock was stimulating her just the way she liked, and I knew she was on her way to an orgasm of her own.

"Oh yes, just stay right like that." she said, and I felt her pick up the intensity and the grinding on my body. She was working up a sweat too, and I loved the saltiness that was being added to the mix. It was time to tug her entire nipple into my mouth and suck wetly, and she seemed to like that too. "Oh yes, that's so good. Right there, right there!" "Oh god, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that." I said.

"Not yet, not yet. Me first, then cum deep inside me. Just one more minute." and she started bucking wildly on me. Before too long, she threw her head back, and I felt her body trembling and shaking too, her pussy also going crazy on my cock. "Cum now!" she yelled, which made me happy, because I was out of control and going to cum anyway even if she hadn't said that.

I let go, and fired a blast of my hot cum deep in her. The second spasm was as powerful as the first, and I felt the warmth in her pussy, as well as the dripping out of her and down my balls. A third blast. A fourth. By about the fifth, no more cum was coming out, but that didn't mean my cock was ready to stop twitching.

"Oh god baby, that feels so good." the roommate said, at the same time that she was starting to stand. A giant glob of my cum dripped out of her pussy, and she was reaching down to use her hands to contain any more from dripping out.

"No, c'mere!" I said, and pulled her by the hips to me. I leaned in, and put my mouth directly onto her cum filled pussy, and sucked all the cum out of her pussy and into my mouth. At around the same time, I felt something else, and I knew that Tracy had climbed up my torso to lick that first glob of cum off of my abdomen.

I reached up and guided the roommate's head down to mine, and kissed her deeply, using my tongue to push some of my cum into her mouth. I reached down, and pulled Tracy up higher, and kissed her too, sharing cum with her too. By now, the roommate had shifted into a position next to me, as had Tracy, both of them on either side, partly on top of me, all of us sharing this very hot slippery cum filled kiss. "You two stay right there!" the roommate said.

"Be right back." She bounded up the stairs, we heard the sound of a drawer opening, some shuffling around, and a draw slamming. She reappeared momentarily later, with a tube of K-Y in her hand, already squeezing some onto her right hand's fingertips. "This is for youuu." she hummed, rubbing it generously on to my cock, all over, then said "And this is for you." to Tracy, rubbing it on her asshole, and a time or two lightly popping a finger into her asshole.

"She's always got me putting stuff up there. High time it's a REAL cock, right?" She sat on the step, and motioned Tracy to sit face up on her lap. Tracy complied, and the roommate said, "Up." to get Tracy to raise her knees and ankles up in the air. She held Tracy's legs by her calf muscles, so Tracy is on her roommates lap, ass raised, legs in the air, wide open for me. From this position, Tracy's ass was just about the perfect height for me to just stand in front of her, and I positioned my cock at the entry to her adorable little asshole.

The roommate reached around, and in a combination of holding my cock and rubbing Tracy's asshole, helped guide me to enter Tracy's tight little ass. After a bit of gentle pushing, rubbing by the roommate, and Tracy wiggling, I was making my way into Tracy's tight ass, and eventually, I was in. I was fucking Tracy's ass! "Give it to me!" Tracy cried. "Give me that cock!" I started thrusting, carefully and lightly at first, but clearly, Tracy liked it in her ass, there was no hesitation or reluctance on her part.

"Fuck my ass!" and then to her roommate, "Oh god, he's fucking my ass!" The roommate cooed back. I also held Tracy by her shins, so from below the roommate had Tracie's legs up in the air, and from above I was also holding her.

And in front of me, a naked body, and two beautiful faces staring back at me, as I live out my daydream of the lovely Tracy. But right here in front of me, her adorable little toes that I had always wanted to suck. First her big toe on the left foot. I always like to suck a girls big toe, because in a way, it's the only way of showing them how amazing it feels to have your cock sucked as a man. Except of course, it's about a hundred times better when it's your cock.

But still, there's a similarity. Tracy seemed to like having her toes sucked too, and by now, she was rubbing her clit with one hand, and inserting two fingers into her pussy with the other. I proceeded to the four remaining toes, one at a time. Then all four smaller toes at once.

Then, considering how delightfully petite Tracy was, all five toes, deep in my mouth. Then the right foot. Her toes were as sexy as the rest of her, and don't forget, I'm still fucking her perfect ass all at the same time.

"I'm gonna cum!" Tracy cried. "God, me too!" I responded. "Cum all over her tits and neck and our faces!" the roommate said.

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"God, yess, all over me. All over both of us!" Tracy yelled. "Cum all over me!" I gently eased myself out of Tracy's ass. I loved the little final push, where her anus sort of expels my cock as I gently pull out. I instantly lean a little closer, and pump my cock furiously. Tracy in conjunction, is rubbing her clit hard, and lets us know she's going to come too.

Since it's my hand and my cock, I manage the pace a little, to wait for Tracy to come. She tenses up again, and her head leans back and fondly rests on her roommate's shoulder. She is in ecstasy, and I see Goosebumps all over her tingling body, and her chest turns bright red. The sight of her pussy lips flapping and quivering with her orgasm is too much, and I fire a hot stream of my cum out, splattering a long trail from Tracy's hipbone up her abdomen and to her right breast.

The next fires straight up, between her breasts, up to her neck, and a little stream onto her chin, lips, and a bit on her nose. The next, I try to aim at the roommate, and it splatters, partly on Tracy's cheek, past her ear onto her roommates forehead, and a little past the roommate onto the carpeting of the stairs. The fourth and fifth spasms of my cock, nothing more is really coming out, but that doesn't stop me from pumping and trying.

By now, both Tracy and the roommate are using their fingertips to collect my cum off their bodies, and to my delight, both are popping their fingers in their mouths, then one another's mouths. Tracy turns her head and kisses her roommate on the lips, and they giggle. "You're kinda sexy there, Jack." Tracy said. "You know, for a man?" the roommate joked.

We all laughed. I collapsed next to them, and all three of us kissed softly. We were tired.

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We were relaxed. We fell asleep, on the stairs. Maybe when we wake up, we'll make it all the way to the bedroom?