Minha namorada Raquel bem satisfeita

Minha namorada Raquel bem satisfeita
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This Story contains acts of homosexuality of young teenage boys, so if you have any problems with these topics do not read on!!!!! Jeff was in the shower prior to his best friend Lorcan came over to sleep over for the night.

His daydream in the shower turns into more than a dream! As a shower of warm water hit his naked body and slowly covered ever inch of 13 year old Jeff he was in heaven, with the warmth covering him. Jeff was a very a good looking kid with brown hair, green eyes, and a cutie smile that made everyone fall in love with him.


As the water splashed on his body, he started to look himself over; he was pleased with what he had. His cock was about 5.5 inches, a good size he said to himself. Shower time was his time; it was the time to explore his hot body. As his hand went down to his hard penis he listened to make sure it was safe.

The last thing he needed was someone walking in on him.


With the coast clear Jeff's hand started this joyful time by lightly touching his lovely cock head, as he did this he closed his eyes, and day dreamed. In the dream he saw himself wanking with his best friend Lorcan. Lorcan was the same age as Jeff, even looked the same in ways but Lorcan was slightly taller. People would often think of them as twins, and in many ways they were right.

He didn't want to cum in the shower as he had planned to wank to orgasm later that night. As he stepped out from the shower, there came a knock on the bathroom door. "Who is it?" Jeff asked. "It's me" he heard Lorcan shout a little. Lorcan was due to stay in Jeff's to keep him company as his Mom was working late. "Come on in," he said wrapping his waist in the towel.

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"Hey bud," Lorcan said. "Your mom left the front door open so I hope you don't mind?" No, Jeff shook his head in reply.


"Good because I need to wanna do something," Lorcan said as the door shut. Moving closer to Jeff he put a hand on his shoulder, and said. "Now I don't know how say this, so I'll show you." With that Lorcan leaned forward and kissed Jeff on the lips soft, and deep.

Jeff jumped back in shock but when he saw Lorcan looking passionately at him he stepped back into his bedroom and pushed his best friend onto his double bed and lay down on top of him kissing him deeply.

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Jeff was naked save for his towel and his hard cock was clearly visible thru the fabric. Jeff slipped his hand under Lorcan's shirt and felt his friend's six pack, which was smooth and was very similar to his own.

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He removed Lorcan's red t-shirt and the two boys felt each others upper bodies. Next Jeff placed his hands under Lorcan's trouser waistband, at the same time he place his hand under his friend's boxers. He could feel the hard throbbing slimness of his friends cock and in one quick movement he removed the remainder of Lorcan's clothes. It unveiled a nearly hairless pubic area and small enough balls but a 6 inch cock which Jeff immediately placed his hand on the exposed cock and began wanking his friend, pulling his friend's foreskin back and forth over the head which was glistening with precum.

He got off Lorcan and removed the towel which was hiding his piece of meat. As the two boys lay naked side by side on Jeff's bed, feeling each others cock, Jeff thought he was in a dream Lorcan was in his arms, the warmth from his god like body felt so real, it was. Jeff leaned over and kissed Lorcan's head lightly, and with his free hand began playing with Lorcan's balls. "Let me tell you how much I love you" as he kissed down Jeff's chest. At this Jeff gasped with joy.

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Behind his closed eyes he could see fireworks, going off, as his knees grew weak. He didn't want to tell Lorcan to stop, but in a rush of pure pleasure Jeff said only one word *bedroom*.

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Lorcan heard the plea and obeyed. Once in the bedroom Lorcan laid Jeff down, and rubbed his chest. It felt so good to feel Lorcan touch on his body, Jeff thought. He reached up and pulled Lorcan closer, for a kiss. When Jeff did this, Lorcan climbed on top of him sitting on Jeff's lap.

Lorcan said, "I want you in me," as he said this in Jeff's ear, Jeff reached into his bedside locker and took out a bottle of lube he applied it all over Lorcan's hairless ass and plunged two fingers into his lovely hole. Lorcan loved the feeling and was moaning in pleasure. As Lorcan started to rock, to a rhythm only he could hear.

Jeff could see the love, in his new found lovers mind. He saw the complete joy, and happiness Lorcan felt for him; he also knew Lorcan meant it with no questions asked. With that reassuring him Jeff was fingering his friends hole going further and further inside.

He heard Lorcan moan with the joy that was in his heart. After finger fucking like this for numerous minutes Lorcan stood up and bent over the bed, "do me with your cock this way please" begged Lorcan Jeff once again stood behind Lorcan and quickly and roughly sank his five and half inch cock into his friends gaping hole.

Lorcan screamed in joy. Jeff loved the feeling of his friends tight warm ass surrounding his throbbing cock, he found a rhythm which both the boys enjoyed and he placed one hand on Lorcan's hips and his free hand on his friend's aching six inch cock and began wanking him.

After a few more minutes Jeff could feel his friends body tense as he shot his boy cum all over the bed sheets on Jeff's bed. Feeling his friend tense and spasm so intensely Jeff let his boy juice release inside Lorcan's ass. As the moment heaven faded away, both boys collapsed onto the bed, Lorcan leaned into declare his love to his new lover but Before he could say a word, Jeff looked in his eyes and said; "Shhhhhh, I know." With that they fell into sleep in each other's arms.