When My Parents Are Out Tonight

When My Parents Are Out Tonight
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Somewhere down in New Mexico I was on the run from the law in my stolen black Mustang. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was definitely in a desperate situation.

I was on the way to help one of my buddies when my car broke down. Now I couldn't just wait there for better times, so I had to do something. When I saw that beauty in front of the bar I knew what I had to do and a few minutes later I was driving down Route 66. When later I was short on money and needed gas for the car, it was the small gas station along the road that gave me a 'loan'. Now I had to get cover a few times, but so far so good.

We all know that those country cops can be the worst and hunt you down like a rabbit, that's why I had to be careful. It was three in the morning and I had been on the run for over 24 hours. Passing by old bars, ruined houses and misused hotels I decided to pull over and get some rest since my eyes fell shut every few seconds anyway. I hid my car as good as possible in between those ruined houses and found a way into the hotel. I found a few 'almost' clean sheets that I laid over a dirty and thin mattress which springs were poking through in one of the corners.

I had a pretty good rest until I got ripped out my sleep by a noise. Before I could look around and see what was going on I had a bright light shining into my face before I felt the hard material of a flashlight hit my head.

I was lying on a hard and cold surface when I woke up again. My clothes felt wet, or maybe they were just really cold and the room I was in was pretty dark.

I sat up and looked around, trying to find out where I was. It didn't take me long to figure that out, because I was staring right at some jail bars.

Those bastards got me! Now how the hell do I get out of here? I had to wait until there was some light because it was just too hard to even see anything around me. I laid back down when only a few minutes later I heard a clicking noise and the bright light in the room blinding me. I held my hand towards the light to get a look at what was going on when I saw her. Her shoulder long, auburn hair was shining in the light and the big brown eyes were looking right at me.

Her bangs fell down to her well plugged eyebrows and gave her a mysterious look. Her strawberry red lips made me want to kiss her so bad and I was wondering if they tasted as sweet and juicy as they looked like. The top of her uniform she was wearing was tight around her big boobs which gave me an absolutely breathtaking view onto her cleavage. She walked over to the desk that was standing in front of the cell to put something down before she moved over to the file cabinet.

She bent down to the last drawer, whether she did it on purpose or not I don't know, but her well formed ass made me want to grab her from behind. I was staring at her rear as long as possible, imagining all kinds of things, before she stood up again and walked over to me.

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She was now standing in front of me, her perfume as intoxicating as can be and her breasts only inches away from me. It took all my strength not to reach out and grab them. "You have one phone call, so you better choose it wisely." She said to me. Her voice was just how I expected it. Higher but extremely sexy. I looked at her and smiled. "So why don't you give me your number so I can call you?" "Oh I see.

We have a charmer here. Cute!" "Sarcasm on a woman is just so sexy!" I winked at her and she actually smiled.

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She walked back to her desk and sat down while she looked at the wall clock. It was 8.15 am.


I noticed there were two more desks standing in the room, so I knew there were two more cops coming. Probably some wanna-be cops who had themselves some fun with the girl. Lucky bastards! Oh well who cared, I was gonna be out of here soon anyway.

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I went over to the toilet to drain my lizard when I noticed that she was trying to see my dick. That sure put a smile on my face and she saw me looking at her when I sat back down. Then when the clock turned 9 am the other two cops walked in - ladies, hot and sexy ladies! One of them had long black hair that was put into a ponytail and her eyes were the color of hazel. Her lips were thin and she'd put on some lip gloss and imagining them around my member made me horny. Her uniform was buttoned all the way but I could see the breasts hiding behind it very clear- Well at least in my head for now.

Her pants lay on tight and I had a nice view onto her small tight ass. The third girl had light brown, curly hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt that stopped just above her knees.

Her long legs ended in some black high heels and judging by her entire look I'd say she's the boss. The ladies greeted each other and for the first time I heard what their names were. The intriguing auburn hottie's name was Carmen.

The black hair beauty was Kathlynn and the brunette was called Dorothy. Well hello Simon's Angels! Both of them went to their desks while Kathlynn eyed me from my head down to my toes. I think she liked what she saw. A second later they were all into their paperwork, only acknowledging me once in a while. It was getting hot in here and I took off my shirt. The cool air from the fan that hit me once in a while felt good on my skin and so did the looks I kept getting from Carmen.

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Oh she was one smoking hot chick! I didn't really know what to do with myself around those three chicks. To be honest, I just wanted to imagine them naked while rubbing my cock hard, but the latter wasn't really appropriate right now, no matter how much I wanted it.

So I started doing some push-ups to waste some time and it was going good until I got thirsty. So went up to the bars. "Excuse me, ladies. Could I please get a glass of water?" I asked with a charming voice. They all looked up at me but only Dorothy said something. "First, that's officers to you, okay? Not ladies!

And second, if you're thirsty there's some water at the bottom of the toilet!" Then she went back to work. Carmen and Kathlynn looked at her, shocked, and so did I before I spoke up with a smile on my face.

"Oh a feisty one! I like it. If you need to get laid I can certainly help you with that!" Carmen and Kathlynn giggled when Dorothy looked up.

She checked me out with her eyes before she got up and walked towards me. "Yeah you wish, honey." She said to my face. I just winked at her.

"Matter of fact you're right.

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I sure wish that would happen." She unbuttoned her blouse until I could see her red lace bra. Then she grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. "Oh honey, you couldn't handle me even if you had the chance!" "Wanna bet, Dorothy?" I said, looking deep into her eyes.

"I could handle all three of you - together!" She looked at me and smirked before she went back to her desk. "Keep on dreaming, handsome." Carmen and Kathlynn just looked at me with a grin on their faces.

I knew they wanted me and I sure as hell wanted them. So the time passed and it was around noon when Dorothy took her lunch break. That was my chance to get some pussy or something along those lines. They both had their jackets off and seeing their cleavages drove me wild. I wanted to see their breasts naked, wanted to play with them, squeeze them, lick their nipples, kiss them and grab them while I fucked their pussy's. I was all up in my thoughts when I noticed them staring at my cock. All that imagining of naughty things made me hard and my boner was well noticeable through my pants.

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Kathlynn bit her lip and moved her hand over her cleavage while Carmen came towards me. She unlocked the cell and came inside, then sat next to me. She laid her hand on my knee and moved it up inch by inch, slowly until she felt my hard boner. She unzipped my pants and grabbed my hard member out of my boxer shorts. She stroke it gently, her hand feeling hot on my skin. She made sure to pay attention to my balls too which she did with great care. Kathlynn was watching everything from her desk when her hand lifted up her shirt and started caressing her breasts.

She then moved down to her pants and unzipped them. Getting off the chair and taking them off was her next move, and I got even more excited when she joined me and Carmen in the cell. She sat down o the bench opposite us, her legs spread wide when she continued touching her breasts. In the meantime, Carmen kneeled down in front of me sucking and licking on my balls. Her hand still holding on strong to my cock, rubbing it hard up and down. She then moved her head towards my manhood and I could feel her hot breath on my skin.

She started circling her tongue softly over the tip of my cock while she massaged my balls. Kathlynn had moved into her panties by now, giving herself pleasure while Carmen gave me pleasure. Chills went across my body when I heard the satisfying moans that escaped her lips. It was time to get it on. While Carmen was busy with working my cock I took her shirt off and unhooked her bra.

Those big, firm breasts with hard nipples were right in front of me, so I moved forward and gave those nipples a hard but passionate suck. The way her nipples felt in my mouth was incredible and made me want to have and taste more of her.

She was so damn sexy and smelt so damn good that I wanted to be naughty with her for days and days. I kissed her entire breasts, brushing my lips against her skin while I moved around. I then moved up to her neck, caressing every inch of it with my lips before I stopped at her mouth, kissing her soft and gentle while I let my tongue brush over hers. Her arms wrapped around my neck while her hands played in my hair. I started moving my hands down her back, making sure to not miss a single inch.

When I reached her pants I slowly moved inside and then grabbed her ass. It was just as tight as it looked like and I knew that I'd love seeing that rear moving up and down on my cock.


Carmen stopped, got up and walked over to Kathlynn whose fingers were deep inside of her. Wetness was running down her legs and her panties were soaked in it.

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Oh how sweet. Carmen sat next to her and suddenly kissed her. Two women kissing drove every man crazy and when they're as hot and sexy as those two a man just can't resist. My hand automatically moved to my dick when Carmen's hand moved to unhook Kathlynn's bra before moving on to her breasts. Kathlynn was still playing with her pussy when my hand started stroking my cock harder.

Carmen definitely knew how to give someone pleasure so it was time for her to have some. She apparently sensed me, when she got up again, took off her pants and her panties and then walked over to me. She stood over me, fully naked, and I felt like I was in heaven. Then she crouched down while grabbing my cock with one hand before she sat down and my cock went deep inside of her.

I moaned by the feeling of having her wet hole over my dick and so did she. I looked into Carmen's eyes while she looked back at me. I could definitely get lost in those eyes.


I put my hands on her ass while she moved her body up and down. Her boobs moved in the movements of her body and I couldn't help but grabbing them with my left hand while I moved my lips to her ear and sucked on her earlobe.

She started riding my cock in circles - slow circles - while her hands went through my hair again. When I looked over to Kathlynn I saw her smiling at me. She was now naked too and her finger was deep in her pussy still. The moaning of both women now filled the room and it's the sweetest symphony ever. Kathlynn definitely enjoyed the show Carmen and I were giving her because her legs were quivering and her fingers were covered in her juices. It was a beautiful sight.

So when I made a gesture with my head for her to come over, she did so. I laid down on the bed and she put her wet pussy over my face. Her clit was throbbing and smooth when I flicked my tongue against it. It drove her wild and she was dancing above me.

My tongue about moved in the same tempo as Carmen was riding me and she was working my cock so good that it was hard for me to focus on anything else. Carmen rode me hard and fast and when she put her hands on my chest to hold herself up I could feel her nails digging into my skin. I started fucking against her when all of a sudden she got up, and so did Kathlynn.

They stood there and I was wondering what was going on until I sat up and saw Dorothy standing in the doorway.

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I don't really know how that happened, but she was naked as well. She winked at me before she came inside the cell, she pushed my torso back down and sat on my cock like she wanted to do it the moment she walked into that room earlier this morning. She put her arms down behind her when she moved her hips up and down. I could see my cock sliding in and out of her while she moved one hand to her breasts and played with them.

Carmen came towards me and stood over my head. Her wetness ran down her legs and when she crouched down to me I licked her sweet nectar from her legs up to her pussy until I reached the source of her wetness. I stuck the tip of my tongue into her hole and flickered it around. Her moaning filled my ears and made my cock throbbing more than it already was.

Dorothy then moved around so her ass was towards me and she told Kathlynn to sit down in front of her before spreading Kathlynn's legs and getting a taste of her pie. Dorothy moved back and forth on my cock while she licked Kathlynn's pussy from top to bottom. Camen started rocking back and forth on my face as well and for a while I only had to have my tongue stretched out and she did the rest.

I couldn't believe this scenario.

My gun was worked by three different chicks and I loved every second of it. Getting thrown in jail sure had it's advantages, but only this specific jail. Dorothy kept on working my cock when Kathlynn got up and went to the other side of the room. She sat on her desk and spread her legs, giving me a great view onto her honey pie. She then started rubbing her clit, circling it with her fingers while staring at me with horny eyes. I lifted Dorothy off of me and moved away from under Carmen before making my way over to Kathlynn.

I pulled her to the edge of the desk when I held her left leg up high and rammed my cock into her tight pussy. She was lying there crooked but by holding up her leg I had better access to her hole. By now we'd been joined by the other two girls and Dorothy didn't waste any time and started licking Kathlynn's clit while I fucked her hard and deep.

Carmen kneeled next to Kathlynn on the desk when she started kissing me while working her slit. Dorothy laid on the desk on the other side of Kathlynn, slid towards her face with her pussy and Kathlynn started sucking on her clit and letting her tongue flicker over Dorothy's pie. I kept on going steady with fucking Kathlynn and kissing Carmen whose pussy was still worked by her fingers, when I let go of Kathlynn's ass and fingerfucked Carmen. She moaned and so did the other two girls and because I was getting so turned on by all those moaning I increased my pace with my cock and my fingers and went as fast and wild as possible.

I saw Kathlynn's tongue flicker over Dorothy's pussy when I heard her cum. One more deep ram from me and Kathlynn exploded. Followed by Carmen's sexy cumming and then mine. When cumming I rammed her still a bit, when I heard a cracking noise and then saw the desk break apart. After the shock everyone was laughing. Being bad had never felt so good!