Gay fuck From how hard Darren was moaning it was clear that this guy

Gay fuck From how hard Darren was moaning  it was clear that this guy
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Let me start off by saying that Halloween is for kids. I would tend to think that most of you adults on this site would have to agree. It is not like I am anti-Halloween or anything, that would be far from the truth. Believe me, I thoroughly enjoy seeing the little ones come to the door dressed in their colorful costumes.

Even better when they come to the door escorted by their hot looking moms. Not that I would ever even consider using a kid's costume as a conversation starter just to make way with their moms. There is also the issue of Halloween candy.

Strictly for kids. So what I buy about three times more candy than I can possibly give out, even if all the surrounding towns were to bus their children into my neighborhood. Of course I always buy candy I like, not really expecting to have to eat most of it myself. It just happens that way.

Really, Halloween is for kids. Period. I have to say that I firmly believed all of the above just a few short years back as summer ended and September led into October. At the time, if you recall, I was recently divorced and living in the city.

I was doing fairly well in a managerial position at a small company my boss John had founded. It probably didn't hurt that I was seeing his wife on the side while he was working long hours at the office. It also didn't hurt that I was going out with a hot looking 23-year-old named Joyce.

So really, I pretty much had it made. Everything seemed to be going my way until one day at the office someone mentioned those two words I truly dread every fall. Halloween party. My personal belief is that adults usually end up looking foolish enough at office parties without the need for elaborate costumes.

Alcohol and general stupidity are usually enough to do the trick. As October progressed, it seemed there was no way I was getting out of this one. John seemed to want me there, since I was management. Something about it looking good to the other employees. Joyce had just started taking night courses at a local community college.

She happened to have a class the same night as the party so she wouldn't be able to attend. Debbie would most likely be at the party with John, so visiting her was out of the question.

What the heck, I thought. I might as well break down and attend instead of having to hear about what a party pooper I was for the rest of my life. Joyce was nice enough to help me with the choice of costume. She happened to have a cousin or something who was a Catholic priest and was able to get me a priest robe complete with white collar for the evening.

I know, who would believe Joyce had relatives who were religious. When the night of the party arrived, Joyce stood around and kidded me about being a priest. "So, are you bringing a Bible with you to the party?" She asked, somewhat sarcastically. "No, but I was thinking of bringing a collection plate." I answered, "But, with my co-workers I wouldn't make much." "Bless me Father for I have sinned," she giggled.

"Oh, tell me more little girl. Any good ones recently?" I asked. "I have been such a bad girl," she explained. "Must be the Devil in you," I started, "Perhaps you need to be exorcised." More like exercised, but there was time for that later. In reality it would be late by the time I got back from the party and I would not see Joyce until the following night. After a few more priest jokes we kissed each other goodbye and I made my way out the door.

I decided to drive up to the restaurant even though it was only uptown. I was told there was a parking garage at the restaurant. If not, I could always put a sign marked 'Clergy' in my windshield.

What cop would give a ticket to a priest? Besides, I really didn't feel like standing on a corner dressed as a priest trying to hail a cab, although this time of year it was not unusual to see just about anything walking around.

People in the city looked even freakier than usual. When I got there, I parked the car and went into the restaurant. Quite a nice place actually. John really did it right I thought to myself. A young hostess gave me directions to a banquet room upstairs where the party was being held. She smiled at me when she saw my priest costume. Bless her soul, I thought to myself. Upon entering the room I was surprised at the number of people in attendance.

I knew it was going to be more than just the employees at John's company, as invites had gone out to employees of companies John did business with as well. Looking around I saw quite a few attractive women in elaborate costumes.

This might not be such a bad thing after all. After saying my hellos to a few people I was able to recognize, I made my way over to the bar and found a seat. I ordered a Guinness and made myself at home.


If anyone wants to talk to me they can find me right here, I thought to myself. As the time passed, various co-workers made their way over to the bar and talked for a bit. We all agreed the party was very nice. Even I had to agree with that. Young waitresses dressed in costume bringing around various snacks only served to confirm that opinion. After about an hour a young couple came over to the bar for drinks. I could not help but notice the girl earlier as she was an attractive young thing dressed as a dominatrix.

Her date was a guy wearing a dog collar and leash. Even though I was not big on the idea of being paraded around on a leash, when I looked at her I could not help but feel a bit jealous of the poor guy.

When the girl stood next to me I started casual conversation. "Should I call you Father?" She asked with a smile. "Sure." I answered, "I'm sure I'm old enough to be your father." She just laughed. I was thinking she could come home with me and she could call me Daddy, but that was another story. A little while later they were back at the bar. Her date seemed a bit tipsy but it didn't seem a problem.

After all, how far was he going to go on a leash? "What's your name?" I asked the girl in the dominatrix costume. "Mistress Leah," she answered. Mistress Leah. I thought she was taking this dominatrix thing a bit far, but it was cute that she even had chosen the name as well. She pointed out the irony of a priest talking to a dominatrix. I told her that being a priest is not as boring as one would think. As matter of fact, the Vatican recently made a decision allowing priests to kiss the long as they don't get in the habit.

We talked for a bit and she told me she worked for one of the companies that John dealt with. That explained why I had never seen her before. She also told me that it was a boyfriend who she had on the leash. I pointed out that I had a collar on as well, though apparently it was not the same thing. After a bit more conversation, I found out that they lived downtown as well, not all that far from myself. As the party wore on, I noticed her slave boy boyfriend was getting increasingly drunk.

I guess being at the end of a leash held by a hot looking young girl dressed in leather is not all it is cracked up to be. When it started getting late and I sensed the party coming to an end, I offered to give the Mistress and her slave boy a ride home. I had a car and was heading downtown anyway. Besides, it was probably not a good idea for a young girl dressed in leather to try to manage a drunken slave on a subway, even around Halloween.

She gladly accepted my offer. After finishing my drink and saying my goodbyes, I led Mistress Leah and her slave boy to my car. Her boyfriend seemed a bit out of it, but conscious. We agreed it was best to drop him off first and then her. We got to his place and I helped the Mistress get him up the stairs. I thought to myself it really was good of me to offer to take them home.

I really don't know how they would have managed without me. I couldn't help thinking also that if anyone saw a Catholic priest helping a dominatrix and slave up the stairs any other time of the year they might have thought that a bit unusual.

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Then again, this is the city. We got back in my car and Mistress Leah gave me directions to her place. It was only a short distance away, so it did not take long. We arrived in front of her place minutes later. When we got there Mistress Leah surprised me with her next question. "Would you like to come up for a nightcap?" She asked. I really didn't expect that. Here was an attractive young woman dressed in leather asking me in for a nightcap. I think I made a joke about only drinking communion wine and then said yes.

How could I refuse a young woman dressed as a dominatrix, even if it was only a costume? After parking the car, I followed her up to her place.

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Upon entering the apartment, we proceeded into what was basically the main living room. It was nicely decorated and fairly neat. There was another room separated from the main room by a hanging curtain.

I assumed this to be the bedroom. I sat down on the sofa and Mistress Leah offered me a glass of wine. In the back of my mind I thought to myself that this girl barely looks old enough to drink, but I wasn't about to ask for ID.

Mistress Leah went off to an adjoining kitchen area and soon returned with two glasses of red wine and handed me one before sitting next to me on the sofa. I made some stupid toast about hoping it was better than the communion wine I usually get on Sundays and we proceeded to sip our wine and make small talk.

The more we sat and chatted, the more I took notice of the "mistress." I could not help but notice she even had a set of handcuffs attached to her side.

"What are you staring at?" She inquired. "Oh, I just could not help but notice you even have a set of handcuffs," I started, "I guess no dominatrix costume is complete without them." She just giggled at first and then looked at me with a sly grin. She then proceeded to unhook the cuffs and started to play with them. "Would you like to try them on?" She asked with a smile. "No, that's okay," I replied, "I don't think a priest in handcuffs would look too good." I was trying to think of something equally cute to say in the form of another toast, but as I raised my glass of wine with my right hand, Leah quickly snapped one end of the cuffs on my right wrist.

"Leah!" As soon as I said that, I instinctively reached with my left hand to try to stop her. No sooner than I did, Mistress Leah snapped the other end of the cuffs around my left wrist. "Leah, come on now.

The Vatican will hear about this," I said. "Oh will they?" she replied with what can only be described as a sinister grin, "And it's Mistress Leah to you." "Okay, Mistress Leah," I started, "Have your fun for a moment." I sat there on the sofa while Mistress Leah watched me.

I went to put my glass back down on the table next to the sofa with my right hand, quickly realizing that wherever my right hand went the left was soon to follow. Several minutes passed with me making my periodic pleas for her to unlock the cuffs as I sat on the sofa.

"Okay, I'll go get the key," she finally said with a sigh, "I'll be right back." "Oh, thank you," I replied somewhat relieved, "These things are starting to dig into my wrists." Mistress Leah then disappeared through the curtain that no doubt separated the bedroom from the living area. After what seemed like a long eternity, she returned. What was in her hand was not the key to the handcuffs as I had hoped.


Instead, she was carrying a long riding crop. I just stared at her for a moment. "What's the matter slave boy?" she asked somewhat casually. This was not a good sign. "I'm not your slave boy, I'm a priest," I started to explain, "I mean, I'm dressed as a priest, and you're dressed as a dominatrix and you're taking this thing way too far." I stood up off the sofa and held out my cuffed hands as sort of a hint I was hoping she would get.

"Oh, am I slave boy?" With that, Mistress Leah gave me a crack on the side of my butt with the riding crop. Apparently she wasn't getting my hint. "Leah!" I exclaimed in surprise. I really didn't expect that. "It's Mistress Leah to you," she seemed to delight in reminding me.

"Um, look," I started to stutter, "I don't know what you have in mind here." With that Mistress Leah gave me another crack on the side of my butt. "On your knees," she stated with authority. "What?" I muttered, somewhat surprised.

"On your knees," she repeated. She then took the end of the riding crop and started tracing it down the front of my priest rope until it ended at my crotch. I could feel it through the cloth of my jeans I had under the robe. I instinctively tried to wriggle out of the cuffs, soon realizing that was indeed an exercise in futility.

"What don't you understand slave boy?" With that, she again pushed the end of the riding crop down to my crotch against my cock, which was now quite hard. I stood there with my cuffed hands extended just staring at her. She really did look quite hot. I thought she was taking this Halloween thing way too serious, but quickly realized she was not going to take no for an answer.

"What don't you understand slave boy?" she said, again giving me a crack on the side of my butt with the riding crop. The crop stung slightly, but was oddly exciting. The fact that I was cuffed and standing before this extremely attractive young woman dressed in leather was arousing beyond what I could have imagined. I was still thinking she was playing with me though, and I thought it best to play along.

"You'll unlock me after I get on my knees?" I asked, not really knowing what else to say. "If I feel like it," she responded with a sly look. She then took the end of the riding crop and pushed down hard on the short chain connecting my cuffed wrists. I almost had no choice but to fall to my knees. I was soon on my knees inches away from her polished toe nails which revealed themselves through her open toe black leather spiked heels.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked. "What?" "What are you waiting for?" she repeated, "Go on, kiss my feet." I bent down and lightly kissed the top of her exposed toes. She then gave me another smack on my butt. "You can do better than that," she stated as she slipped her right foot out of its shoe and stuck her toes in my face. "Come on, kiss every toe," she ordered. "Yes," I replied. "It's yes Mistress Leah," she informed me, "don't let me have to tell you again." "Yes Mistress Leah." I felt the end of the riding crop on the back of my head as she ran it through my hair.

As I kissed each of her toes, I could not help but think how exciting this actually was, more so than I would have ever expected. It was certainly something different, though in the back of my mind I was wondering how far she would take this act. "Okay, that's enough," she now ordered as she pulled her foot away and put it back in her shoe. Mistress Leah again locked the end of the riding crop into the short chain of the cuffs and jerked me to my feet. I stood there in anticipation not really able to do much else with my hands cuffed together.

What she did next again took me by surprise. She started to undo her leather shorts revealing her neatly trimmed dark bush. She then took her fingers of her left hand and started running them through her pubic hair. "Would you like to eat me?" she cooed. I instinctively went to bend down again and obey when I felt a sharp blow of the crop to my butt again.

"I just asked if you would like to slave boy," she started to explain, "I didn't say you could." "Yes." "It's yes Mistress Leah," she explained as I felt another sharp blow to my butt.


"Yes Mistress Leah," I agreed, unable to do much else at this point. I stood there and stared as she began to take the shaft of the riding crop and run it through the now wet lips of her pussy. I thought I had a shaft I'd like to run through there.

You could see her juices glistening on the riding crop when she was done. "You like what you see?" she asked. "Yes." I could barely talk, really. "It's yes Mistress Leah," she corrected with a snap of the crop. "Yes Mistress Leah." She then took the end of the riding crop and poked me in the chest so hard it pushed me back on the sofa. Next, she took the end of the crop and ran it down the front of my priest robe, undoing all of the buttons in the process.

The end of the crop ended up at my crotch, teasing my hard cock through the fabric. My cock was so hard it was actually throbbing, something I thought only happened in erotic literature.

Again she started to stroke her wet womanhood while I watched wide-eyed. Again, I was incredibly aroused in anticipation of what might happen next. What she said next, was yet another surprise. "I think it's time I get the key and unlock you," she said.

"Thank you," I replied, with maybe a hint of disappointment in my voice. "It's thank you Mistress Leah," she explained with a snap of the crop, "Don't let me have to tell you again!" "Thank you Mistress Leah," I replied correctly.


I sat there on the sofa as Mistress Leah again disappeared behind the curtain into the bedroom. Mixed feelings ran through my head, as I was really starting to enjoy this actually. Mistress Leah reappeared moments later carrying not a key, as expected, but rather a black scarf. I just sat there in surprise, not knowing what to expect next.

She walked right up to me as I sat there somewhat awe-struck and proceeded to tie the scarf around my eyes. "There, that's better," she said, almost sweetly. I just sat there somewhat shocked. Once again, I was taken by surprise. I could tell by the movement of the sofa cushion that Mistress Leah had got on it and was apparently straddling my legs while playing with herself in front of me. I could actually hear her fingers stroking her button and could smell her scent in the air. "You want to eat me slave boy?" she practically cooed.

"Yes," I replied meekly. "It's yes Mistress Leah," she corrected me. "Yes Mistress Leah." I could feel her force the tip of the riding crop between my legs. The shaft of the crop rubbing against my shaft almost causing me to cum instantly, but Mistress Leah wouldn't have it as she soon pulled it away. "Not yet slave boy," she said as she resumed stroking her pussy in front of my blindfolded face.

In a moment, I could feel the shaft of the riding crop as she slid it under my nose. I could clearly smell her womanly scent overtaking my senses. "How does your Mistress smell?" she asked inquisitively. "Nice," I replied thoughtlessly, my mind racing a mile a minute. "It's nice Mistress Leah," she corrected with a snap to my right inner thigh. If she got any closer, she would have snapped me on my cock.and I probably would have came in my pants.

"It's nice Mistress Leah," I got it right this time. She then reached down and grabbed my stiff member through my jeans. I thought I was going to cum, but she squeezed me so hard I couldn't. I was beginning to get the impression she'd done this before. "How bad do you want your Mistress?" she whispered in my ear.

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"Bad, Mistress Leah." I could feel her undoing my jeans and reaching into my underwear. She soon had my cock in her hand and was squeezing the shaft hard below the head. "How bad do you want your Mistress?" she repeated. "Real bad Mistress Leah," I explained meekly, unable to really think at this point. "And what would you do for your Mistress?" she asked in a whisper.

"Anything Mistress wants." I sighed. "Good," she started, "There is hope for you yet, slave boy." I wasn't sure what to make of that last response. This whole thing was such a surprise, such an unexpected event, it all seemed so surreal. I just sat back as Mistress Leah held me tight by the cock, occasionally stroking it a bit before grabbing it tight at the base.

I strained at the chains that bound my hands, unable to do much else. I was delirious with anticipation as I literally began to beg Mistress Leah to finish me off. "How bad do you want your Mistress?" "Real bad Mistress Leah," I sighed.

I could then feel Mistress stroke my cock once more and then I felt the unmistakable feel of a wet pussy engulfing my rock-hard member.

Once again I almost shot my load until Mistress Leah gripped me hard by the base with her hand. "Now, do something for your Mistress and just lie back like a good slave." "Yes, Mistress Leah," I replied.

This I could handle. As Mistress Leah rode me up and down, I could feel her soft womanhood grip me like a vise. Minutes later, we had both cum and afterward we were sitting side by side on the sofa. She was nice enough to remove the blindfold.

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"That was nice," I spoke, "A bit of a surprise, I might add." "Yes, you could be a good slave boy," she answered. "Ha," I started, "But, I think you are taking this mistress thing a bit far." "Am I?" she asked with a smile, "But, you're right, it's time to uncuff you." "Oh good," I replied, "Really didn't want to be cuffed forever." "Follow me, the handcuff key is in the other room." I got up off the sofa and did as instructed, not really understanding why she didn't just bring the key in the living room.

She let me through the curtain into the bedroom. What I saw nearly put me in shock. On her big brass bed, hung various cuffs and shackles. On the walls, were various whips, chains and other assorted toys. Looking at some of the items in the room, I realized I was actually a bit lucky she took it easy on me I thought to myself.

"Come over here," she started, "The key is chained to the headboard." I followed her as she unlocked the cuffs. "So, the dominatrix outfit is not just a Halloween costume is it?" I asked, looking around the room. "Surprised?" she said with a laugh. "You might say it's a bit of a Halloween surprise," I answered. "Did you have a good time?" she asked. "Ah yeah," I responded. "Good," she started, "Maybe we can do it again. Next time I won't take it easy on you though." Looking around the room, I could not help but think there would probably not be a next time.

Mistress Leah and I had another glass of wine and soon parted ways. The next night, Joyce asked me how the party went. I told her I actually had a good time. "Well, that's a surprise," she said, "I didn't think you liked Halloween parties." "Yeah, it was a bit of a surprise," I answered casually.

"Don't tell me you're actually starting to like Halloween?" she asked, surprised. "Well, let's say I'm starting to see the benefits," I added, "Candy little girl?" With that I grabbed her hand and we made our way into the bedroom. It would be another hot night. But, that was no surprise. 09-17-10.