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Anything Granny Wants She Gets
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Dee Dee's Story Donnie spent the night with Andrew. I knew she would; I even set it up. I was interested to see my own reaction. Donnie and I are close as we can be, and I love her as I love myself. But can we really share the same man? And what about Andrew? Is it too much to ask a man to love two women equally?

If any man can do it, Andrew's the man. His passion is boundless as the sea, his love as deep. He is a youthful romantic Romeo. He is the only lover, the only man Donnie and I will ever need. I love him to my soul, I want him to myself, and yet I feel no jealousy about Donnie at least not much. A little sibling rivalry between us girls will only spice up our love lives. We'll be vying to prove our love to our man, and we will all reap the benefits.

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Donnie and I already discussed that aspect of things. We discuss everything. This is the most important time of our lives. We've got to keep open the lines of communication. We won't fool him. We won't seduce him with false promises or lies. We will do it in the name of love. We will seduce him every night. Every day will be foreplay. He won't tire of us. He's already told us that, but he doesn't know the half of it. We will make his life endlessly diverse.

He won't tire of us because we won't let him. We know what he needs and we will give it to him. He needs us now. He'll need us forever. But now we've got to face the real question. Is he one of us? Is there an 'us'? Donnie is sure of it, but I've always been a bit skeptical. She wants to talk to him about it but I'm not so sure. He might think this is a bit odd, even for us. And he did say several times last night that we were 'too weird'.

He backed off. I could tell he was afraid he had hurt our feelings when he said that. We are weird, but too weird? I don't think so. And Andrew likes us weird.

He is used to his little Playboy bunnies, with their big breasts and small brains; with their desire to be with the handsome young executive of AWC. And they bore him, I can tell. On Tuesday I watched a sexy little mindless thing practically throw herself at him and he barely acknowledged her existence. He has a brain, does our Andrew. He's much smarter than he lets on. He thinks that Donnie and I are his intellectual superiors, but that is his insecurities speaking.

He's the smartest man I know. And the most compassionate. And the most passionate. Andrew Adkins an odd mixture of passion and compassion a man among boys in this world where boys predominate. But that is what we are about. When we succeed, the world will be peopled by men. Donnie and Andrew came back to the hotel room at 10:00 on Saturday morning.

Donnie looked wonderful. She had what only can be described as a 'well fucked' look. I know that look, though I had only seen it twice before in my life. I saw it in the mirror on Thursday and Friday morning.

There is a major difference between being 'just fucked' and being 'well fucked. We were 'well fucked'. My goodness, before this week I rarely even thought the word 'fuck', and here I am thinking and saying it over and over. Andrew has me constantly thinking of sex. When they came in, I tried looking stern. "Donnie, where have you been? You were supposed to be in bed by midnight!" She looked at me smugly. "Don't worry, Dee Dee, I was in bed before eleven." Andrew looked a little uncomfortable so I tried to put him at ease.

I said, "Andrew, honey, I hope you enjoyed last night." I took his face in my hands and kissed him. Okay, I'll admit it; I put everything I had into that kiss.

If he didn't feel it down to his toes then he's a dead man. Yes, this sibling rivalry thing could have very positive results. After his breathing returned to normal he nervously said, "Uh, yes, it was fine." I smiled sweetly to try to ease his discomfort. "Andrew I know this is all new to you. It's new to us, too. But don't worry about us. We know you are a sweet loving man.

We can handle this rather unique relationship and we think you can too, don't we Donnie?" I was standing on Andrew's right. Donnie assumed the same position on Andrew's left. We each put an arm around his waist, our hands meeting at the center of his back. "Dee Dee and I don't want you to be embarrassed in front of one of us, just because you've made love with the other. We've discussed this very possibility long before we met you. We had decided to accept a single man for the two of us if we ever found one who might be able to fill that role.

How in the world could we ever hope to find two men like you? You're it, Andrew, if you want the job. Don't ever be embarrassed or ashamed. Don't ever worry about jealousy between us; rivalry maybe, but jealousy never." Donnie is good at that. She talks logically then finishes with flattery.

The fact that her face had a look of adoration on it and her right hand was stroking his cheek couldn't hurt either. He still looked a little uncomfortable. "What do you mean rivalry?" I took that one.

"Why Andrew, haven't you ever thought of being the object of two women's affection? Donnie doesn't mind that you will soon be with me. But I bet last night she put just a little more into it so you wouldn't forget what it was like to be with her." Donnie looked smug again.

"I put a little more into it this morning, too." I had to laugh. "You are a slut! No wonder Andrew loves you. Andrew, this situation will take some getting used to by all of us.

But don't worry about jealousy, please. I could never share you with another woman. But Donnie isn't just another woman. And she feels the same way." She took the cue. "Tomorrow night I'll be flying back to Indianapolis. I know that Dee Dee will be with you. I'm glad she will. We're both so glad you came into our lives.

Please be glad with us." "Glad? I'm ecstatic. You are the sexiest, weirdest, most interesting women I've ever met. That fact that you are also beautiful beyond the realm of avarice is too good to be true. I'm still trying to figure out what you see in me." "But if I'm to be a part of this, I've got to know everything. I've got to be a full partner, girls. That's the way I am. I explained that all to Dee Dee several days ago. It can't be any other way." Donnie said "Oh, now we are girls, again, are we?

Well that's progress anyway. Andrew, honey, please keep telling us how beautiful we are. We girls haven't heard that nearly enough in our lives, and we have a lot of catching up to do. I promise you, we'll make it worth your while." "Donnie will you stop fishing for compliments?

Andrew, you just say what you want whenever you want. Donnie is a shameless hussy and always has been. I'm the one who maintains our respectability." Donnie was squeezing Andrew tighter, but she still had to respond to my little taunt. "Me the shameless hussy? You bitch!

I remember just the other day when some 35 year old tramp propositioned a perfectly innocent young boy. Well perhaps he's not so innocent anymore. But you had the most to do with that." Andrew was catching on to our banter and no longer seemed ill at ease. Good; that's what we wanted. "Girls, please! I know a place where they have female mud wrestling. I'm sure they would welcome a death match between two Joanne Woodward clones. Want me to set it up?" Donnie said, "Very funny, Andrew. We haven't gotten physical with each other since we were 15.

That was when she went out with my boyfriend and let him feel her up. I hadn't even let him do that. Imagine my surprise when he tried to do it to me and I stopped him! He was mad at me, and I was mad at her. When I went home I wanted to rip her hair out." "Donnie, are you still obsessing about that. It was just a little joke. I thought it was funny. I let a boy feel me up and it didn't harm my reputation a bit." Donnie said, "Your reputation?

What about my reputation?

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I never let you take my place with that boy again because I was afraid you would go all the way with him and make me look like the school slut." Andrew said, "Boy, being with twins is going to be interesting. Tell me; was your original plan to slip Donnie in on me while thinking it was Dee Dee?

I mean, I know that is essentially what actually happened, but that was strictly a mistake. But were you thinking of going that route?" We looked at each other a little guiltily and I could see Andrew picked up on it. "It's okay, you know. I can deal with it. It wouldn't work with me anyway. I can tell you apart in the dark. And Dee Dee, Donnie is far more vocal in bed than you are." I looked at her with my mouth open.

"You are a slut!" Andrew said, "Before you two get started again, let's go down to the arcade and have some breakfast. I don't know about you, but all this activity has left me starving. And we need to talk about something other than sex or we'll never get out of here." Donnie looked serious for a change and said "Dee Dee, it's time we talked about… You know." Andrew picked up on that one.

"Are you referring to that 'one of us' comment you made last night when I, uh, how do I put this delicately, asked you under rather unusual conditions?" I gasped.

"Andrew, you didn't! You tortured my sister? With your tongue?" He laughed. "No, I didn't. But I could have. Torture her, that is. I did other things with my tongue, but not that. I'm just too sweet a guy for my own good. But just remember, if you try to hold things back from me, I have ways of making you talk." I looked at Donnie.

"So now you know what it's like. What do you think?" She blushed. "Oh my God! Dee Dee, do you think we can talk about this another time?" I said, "Oh, yes.

I think we are going to have to. Let's go eat and find out if Andrew is one of us." Andrew said, "Just who is 'us'?" Donnie said, "Why, the next generation, of course.

Let's go." Andrew's Story 'The next generation'; what the heck is that supposed to mean? These girls play their little word games, wanting to see how I respond.

They bait me just for the fun of it. I'll play. I don't mind playing their games. But something tells me this is more than a game. 'The next generation': I guess I'm supposed to infer something from that, but all I can think of is Star Trek. We went down to the restaurant and I ordered lunch. If I have my druthers, I druther have lunch than breakfast. The girls both ordered mushroom omelets. I guess they eat eggs, too, vegetarian or not. Following Julia Child's edict that champagne is always in order, I ordered a bottle of Mum's.

Hey, it worked last night. Maybe I'll get lucky again. I've gotten laid at least eight times in the last 3 ½ days and it hasn't done a thing to take the edge of my horniness. Oh, yeah, I got a blow job too. Is this a great life or what? We were seated away from any other customers.

The girls insisted on that when the waiter seated us. They wanted a private discussion. I said "Girls if you wanted to avoid drawing attention to yourselves, you each should have worn a sack." They both smiled that eye-lighting smile of theirs.

But Dee Dee said, "Andrew why don't you tell us a little about your childhood. How did school go for you?" "Dee Dee, I thought I was the one who was going to do the asking and you were the ones who were going to do the answering." "Patience, Andrew! I think we can answer most of your questions by letting you answer them for yourself. Now you were going to tell us about your childhood." "I was?" "You were. Tell us about school when you were a child." Damn, why did this subject have to come up?

It's obvious enough to everyone that I'm over my head here intellectually. But now they want to prove it. Oh well. "School sucked. When I was in first grade my teacher thought I was an idiot. She wanted me to be held back at the end of the year and she wanted me to be put in the class for mentally disabled kids.

Is that what you wanted to hear?" Donnie asked "What did your parents think about your intelligence before you went to school?" "What do you think?

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They were parents. They thought I was a shining star, the brightest most original child they ever knew. Just like every other parent." Dee Dee said "Did they go along with your first grade teacher's recommendation?" "Hell no.

They went ballistic. They insisted that I be tested. They wanted to prove that that Nazi didn't know what she was talking about." "Nazi? Oh, you mean your teacher. Why do you say she was a Nazi?" Dee Dee was doing the talking now. "Everyone had to toe the line in that class.

Get in line, don't fidget, follow instructions to the letter, don't question her authority, don't question her logic, don't question her answers, don't question. I'm sorry, but I did question. She couldn't stand me." Dee Dee said, "And did the school district test you?" "Oh, yeah. I took some IQ test thing. What do I know, I was six?

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I had at least a small moment of triumph. Madame Hitler was there in a meeting with my parents and the school psychologist when he told us the results. My scores were in the top ten percentile; for eleventh graders." Donnie and Dee Dee exchanged a look. Dee Dee asked "What did the school district do with you?" "They went right ahead and placed me in a class for the mentally disabled for the next term.

The psychologist said the scores didn't mean anything and I was probably some kind of idiot savant." "Did your parents go along with that decision?" "Yes, for as long as it took for them to drag my ass out of the meeting and out of the school.

I didn't even finish first grade at that school. They found a private school with very small classes and no preconceptions of what intelligence was supposed to look like. It just about put them under financially. You've got to understand, my family was anything but rich." Donnie asked "How did you get along with other kids growing up?" "Hey what is this?

Are you trying to determine if my genes are right for your children or something? I'll tell you right now, my genes suck. My family is poor, my brother and sister are mediocre, my Mom is wonderful but not that bright. Is that what you wanted to know?" Dee Dee smiled gently at me.

"My, my Andrew; it seems we hit on a tender spot. Is this why you are so unreasonably self-critical? This is all need-to-know information, I promise you. Everything you've said has done nothing to change our opinion of you. Rather, it's confirmed what we already believed." "Okay. You already knew I wasn't as smart as you two and you just wanted confirmation of the fact. Well I could have told you that without all of this third degree." Donnie reached over and lightly slapped me across the side of my head.

"Will you relax? You wanted to know about the next generation didn't you? Be patient and you will understand where this is leading. We know you are brilliant.

Nothing you say about your childhood could change that. Now you were telling us how you got along with the other kids." I gave in, since they were being so nice to me. "Okay, I'll talk. Other kids hated me, if you must know. I was a nerd. I talked too much. I couldn't sit still.

I didn't pay attention. I was the class geek. I was the kid everyone picked on, until I started to grow and gain some muscle.

When some bully started pulling that crap on me in fifth grade I kicked the shit out of him. After that they avoided me. It was better than being picked on." Dee Dee asked "How about high school? Did you date, did you have friends?" "High school was a little better, I guess. I still felt like a geek. The other kids had interests that just didn't appeal to me.

I played in the band, which is a typical geek-like thing to do. But I had tennis by then." "I was pretty much an outcast up until the end of my junior year, but then I won states. It was only Division 2, but I was the first state champion in any sport that my school had had in twenty years.

That made me a celebrity, even though I was a geek." "So when I was a senior I could have been in with the in-crowd if I wanted to be. I just didn't want to be. Girls came up to me and asked me for dates and shit.

That was weird. I wasn't sure what to do with a girl." Donnie asked "What about college?" "Yeah college was much better. I fit in with most people. I had plenty of dates. I felt comfortable around the girls.

I did pretty well with my tennis, but they had plenty of great athletes on campus, so that wasn't the thing that made me acceptable.

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I just fit in better. I don't know why." Dee Dee said "Well, Andrew, let's see if we can look at your childhood and make some extrapolations. Tell us about mammals and child rearing." Now what the hell was this about? Talk about coming from left field.

"So you're done with the questions about my childhood huh? Now we're going to have a biology quiz. You girls are weird. But I can play." "Let's see. Mammals and child rearing: mammals are essentially the only family of animals that give birth to live young.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Mammal mothers generally rear the children. The length of the mother-child relationship is generally linked to the amount of learned behavior the child has to be taught: the more instinctive behavior, the shorter the childhood; the more learned behavior, the longer the childhood. I don't know; what else are you driving at?" Donnie said, "Talk about childhood in humans." "Well I would assume that childhood in early man approximated the time it took to enter puberty.

I don't have a clue how long childhood was for homo habilis.

Assuming it followed other mammalian patterns, perhaps they entered puberty a few years earlier than we do. Certainly the life expectancy of habilis was quite a bit shorter than modern man's." "As man evolved he had to have a longer childhood. He had more to learn.

The body of homo sapiens obviously matures before the mind does, I guess. Children enter puberty between say 11 and 14, but are still considered children until they are quite a bit older, based upon the society." "Let's say in modern humans adulthood is reached by 18.

Wait a minute! If we are looking just at the species as a whole, rather than looking at the mores of a particular society, maybe you should say that adulthood is reached shortly after puberty, say 13 to 15. Females can definitely give birth not long after they have entered puberty, so from some points of view that would make them adults.

What is this all about ladies?" Dee Dee said, "Well. Not bad for 'shooting from the hip', if you know what I mean. Let's make the final connection, Andrew. How would you evaluate the length of your childhood?" Shit I can put two and two together and make it come out five. "You're trying to make me say that the problems I had growing up were related to the relative position of my maturity to other kids' maturity at the same age?

You are saying that my childhood was longer than other kids' and therefore I was less mature? You're saying that I didn't leave childhood until I got to college, say 19 or 20 years old.

Is that what you are saying?" The girls seemed satisfied with my little dissertation, but where was this going? Were they going to try to make me draw some kind of conclusion from all of this? Donnie said "Okay, Andrew, what is the logical result of that little logical exercise you went through?" "Oh, no, Donnie! I'm not going there. I can see where you are trying to lead me, but you've got to do better than that.

Why don't you tell me where you are coming from?" Dee Dee said "Andrew, just one more thing, I promise. Explain speciation." "Oh, boy, here we go again. Speciation happens when one species evolves into another species. There have been lots of explanations as to how it might occur. Generally speciation can occur when a small sub-population of a species is in some way isolated from the main body and goes its own genetic way.

There might be a river between the sub-group and the main group, something like that. But if for some reason whatever barrier existed is broken down or lost, then the sub-group can easily be reabsorbed into the main group as long as the speciation process isn't complete.

From what I gather, speciation is very difficult to occur, but happens all the time. Sounds contradictory and maybe I don't know what I am talking about." Donnie asked "What about speciation in humans?" "From what I read, many people are talking about the end of natural evolution for humans. We cover the planet. We have transportation that is so good that a person can be in New York today and in Bangkok tomorrow. There is no place for speciation to occur because there are no isolated populations anymore.

Evolution in the future will be caused by scientists doing genetic alterations." Donnie laughed. "You do know something about everything, don't you?" Dee Dee said, "You like scenarios, don't you? Think about this scenario. One hundred and fifty thousand years ago a new species was born. The species was descended from a long line of animals called hominids, the most intelligent of animals ever to be on earth, probably.

But the new species had something previous hominids did not: the inherent ability to use symbolic logic. Eventually language was developed to use that ability and suddenly the species was no longer just an animal.

The species became man homo sapiens. " "Answer me this. For the next one hundred and forty thousand years man expanded across the face of the earth. Man improved his tool set, developed art, created quite a few other admirable things. But man remained a hunter-gatherer, just as previous hominids had been.

But suddenly everything changed. Why?" "In the last ten thousand years, man, starting with nothing, has taken over the earth.

Man has discovered agriculture, discovered science, created government, and walked on the moon. The real advances, the major steps that have been made have really come within the last six hundred years. It could be said that most progress has been made in the last two hundred years. Two hundred years out of 150,000 years; that's extraordinary. What caused things to change?" I got the picture.

I think I got where she was going with this. "You're going to tell me that man himself has changed.

You're going to say that we are not the homo sapiens of 150,000 years ago, right?" Donnie picked up the narrative. "You are close, Andrew. It's not all of mankind. But homo sapiens has been attempting to speciate, evolve into a new species. Time and again a different type of man has been born, one who could go beyond the simple talents of homo sapiens.

It is those misfits who have been the motivating forces for change. Plato, Aristotle, Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, Voltaire, Einstein, Edison: who were these men and women?" I shook my head. "Wait a minute, you're telling me that these people were all 'the next generation' of man? That's a little far fetched." Dee Dee said, "No, that isn't exactly what we are saying.

These were indications of mankind's attempts to get to the next level. They were the prototypes of what was to come. But they were too few to create a movement. Their greatness allowed them to impact the flow of history. But they were like an upsurge in the body of man that fell back again into the whole, re-assimilated into the species, not unlike your sub-species scenario who merged back into the main group." "So where do you come in?" I asked.

Donnie replied "We are the first of the effort to finalize the speciation effort. We and others like us are trying to breed our way to the next species. We've made great progress in not a long time. We are still homo sapiens, but we are an almost separate sub-species." "What is that supposed to mean? How can you know that?" This had gone from being a little unbelievable to a lot unbelievable. "Andrew, do you remember when we first decided to 'relieve your tension'? I told you not to worry about birth control, didn't I?" "Sure, Dee Dee; I was wondering about that.

Are you on the pill or something?" Dee Dee said "No, Andrew. It is very difficult for us to conceive with a normal homo sapien. Our Mother was with my father for many years before she was able to conceive us." "To be a member of the same species two individuals must be able to mate successfully and have their offspring successfully mate as well.

We are close to being unable to successfully mate with any normal homo sapiens. I was sure there would be no chance for me to conceive with you in only one night." Donnie gave a little gasp. "But Dee Dee, what if he is one of us? Will conception remain difficult?

Could we already be pregnant?" Dee Dee stood up in a panic. "Andrew pay the bill! We've got to get to a drug store now!" -- to be continued