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Straight guys giving blowjobs gay porn and muscle hunk get physical
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Snuggleing a while longerhe waited till the sky turned pink and orange till he decided to go ahead and start to get ready. "We 'ave to get ready M'Lady.

We be needen to get ye back to Fary Love Manner." She looked up at him, worried by his sudden deminer, but was met by a warm smile. She smiled back and shook her head. She wanted to stay here, with him. She didn't want to go back to the "Proper" way of it all.

She wouldn't be allowed to hold him, or talk to him, or touch him without someone breathing down her neck until they were married. "I don't wanna go back to da Manner. I wanna stay 'ere with thee. " Kissing the top of her head he took a deep breath and sighed. "I know love. Yer Uncle will be looken for thee though and I'd rather not go to the dungion in chains for defloweren ye." She giggled and snuggled close.

She had given him her most special gift, and she didn't regret itnot one bit. Standing she started to put herself together.

She slipped into her teady and felt him turn her round and kneel between her legs. Pushing her back on to the table he took a rag and washed the inside of her thighs, makeing sure she was throughly clean befor leaning forward and kissing her slightly swollen lips. Lillen trembled as he leaned back and smile up at her, useing his thumb to rub her clit, sturing a whole new arousle. Within moments she was panting with the need of him. As she leaned back, trying to steady herself on the table he set her feet on the ground.

Kissing her fierey red patch one more time befor lowering the shift. Lillen pouted at Kris and he smiled back at her. "Now, now me love.

I'll finish ye later. Come, we really must get to your Uncles home befor he sends the gard out for ye." He giggled a little helping her dress befor going to his cloths. He took a extra few moments rearanging her breast befor going to an extra large trunk and pulling out a fine pair of cloths.

Lilleth's mouth droped. They were very beautiful, with heavy silk and extra fine wool. She felt a little under dressed next to him once he finished dressing. "You look." He looked down at the cloths and self consiously pulled and ajusted the outfit. "Is it ok? I mean I don't wanna look ragged when I talk to your uncle. " He looked down again and when he looked back up at her his faced was creased with worrie. Lillith took a step forward and pulled him to her. "Oh noYou look breathtakeing.

" Looking up at him she smile reasuringly and smiled. "I acutally feel kind of underdressed. She smiled and he lead her out to a large barn she hadn't noticed the day befor and grabed a hourse and sattled him. Getting onto the bac of the black beast he pulled her up after him. Seating her in front of him ,he aranged her so she was in front of him and close to his body so he could keep her warm. *** Galloping out they made it almost all the way to the gates befor the gard rode out to meet them.

The head of the gard, Andrew, road ahead of them, giving Kris a causiouse look as though he would spring from his hourse at any moment and turn into a three headed monster. "M'Lady Lillith, are ye alright," He called from his horse.

She staightened her back and smiled at Kris as they continued to walk the hourse closer. "Yes Andrew, I'm fine. Now stand asside and quite treating us like were invadors from a forigen country." Andrew and the rest of the gaurd stepped asside ,parting like the red sea.

As Kris galloped through the gates the gard causiousely followed them. They had seen Kris befor, but couldn't place his face. They kept going throught all the noble family's trying to place a lesser son, but just could not think of whom he was related. Stepping into the stables, the stable boy ,Luke, took hold of the riens of the hourse and started to coogh to her, rubbing her snoute, and every now and then reaching back and grabbing her a treat from his pouch on his back.

Getting down first Kris helped her down and smiled at her. Holding her close for a moment he smiled wide and kissed her forhead. She giggled and pulled him from the stables toward the manner. The large four story stone home was intemidateing. Fit for a King it often played hoste to the royal family's. Even the King and his Possy every now and then. The doors were pulled open by two gards standing by the doors and she turned to him smileing sweetly at him.

She pulled him down on the steps and wispered, "Remeber what I told you." and then kissed him full on the mouth for a few seconds. The entier court yard seemed to stop at the sight, gawking at the two young lovers on the steps. They had never seen Lillith so inraptured by one person, especially a man.

After a few seconds she reliced him from the kiss and took a breath, by then the entier court yard had gone quite.


Grabbing Kris's hand she pushed open the castle doors and walked in. Inside the foyer stood two footmen ready to take coats and what not from the guest that came to visit the Earl and his family.

Though they had seen Kris around the castle a couple of times, they had never seen him dressed up and it caused them to look at him differently. They were sure they had seen him befor though they couldn't quite be sure of whom he was or were they had saw him.

Walking up the heads footmen bowed befor them. "May I take though's coat Siiiir." He trailed off purpousefully trying to get the name of the young man he KNEW he had met befor.

But befor Kris could answer Lillith intergected giving the man a cold stare. "Take his coat and leave Me guest alone Donald, I won't have ye interigateing me guest as I bring them in. That's just so rude!" With that she tossed her cloak at him and nodded for Kris to do the same. Kris knew she was protecting him. But he still had his manners that he had to obide by so he said a simple thankyou and handed his overcoat to Donald then followed Lillith into the Great Hall.

As they walked in Earl Alexander, or Uncle Alex as Lillith refered to him, was leaned wearily against the roaring fier place.

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His face stained with tears. Kris grabbed her hand protectivly. Wanting to help in some way, but knowing there was no ease he could give his new love. Lillith watched her uncle for a few moments then slipping her hand from Kris's, she started forward toward her uncle. She knew she was the reason for his pain and the thought in itself made her want to cry herself. She was almost to him when he realized she was approching and truned to see who had dared interupt his greif.

In seeing it was the neice he thought he had lost the anger quickly melted into relife and he collected her into his arms and held her for a few moments, obliviouse to anything, or anyone around him.

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"Were in God's name have ye been Child!?!?" he pulled her away worrie melting into scorn. "I had half me bloody gard marching out to find ye! We Looked everywere for ye!"It was then he noticed Kris standing at the end of the table. Stopping it took him a few moments, but he finally placed the man's face.

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"Kris, what are you doing here?" Glared at the young man, questions running though his head as to were he would fit into this scene, and horror images started to run through his mind. "Sir.I." Kris was a loss for words. But Lillith wasn't. "I'm in love with him Uncle." Earl Alexander thought he was going to lose his top. His face turned bright red, and he turned to look at Kris with a stern experession. "I love him Uncle. Please. I want to marry him." This got the Earls Attintion right away.

He turned his shocked glange at his neice and heir. "Ye are sure about this?"He stares at Lillith, thinking she'll cave any moment and send Kris on his way. But her cool resolve show's that's not going to be the case. "You sit and eat something. You must be starving. You!" He turns and points to Kris, "You are coming with me. We need to talk." He walked half way out of the hall and then stopped." MARIE!GET YOUR MISTRESS SOMETHING TO EAT !" A older lady in her mid therties came around the corner with a tray of cheesecrackers and soup with a jug of wine on the plater.

Seeing this, the earl walked from the room, Kris on his heels. "I want to listen to that comversation, Marie!" Lillith stared at the door were her uncle just walked out. "Ye need to eat Lillith" Marie had been with her sence befor her Aunt passed away form the hooping couph. They knew each other very well. "I'll do no such thing. Now take me to the passage so I can hear what they are saying." Marie rolled her eyes, but extended her hand.

Taking it they managed to make it to the study's interance just in time.There was a platte of wine cheeses and breads by the door, so Lillith picked up a small peice and chewed while she listened. "Why did ye come here boy!" Earl Alexander demanded. He was a tall tower of a man, and Kris felt shrunk in his presence. "I came to ask yer permission to marrie ye're Neice, Earl Alexander." "How dare ye make her think she love's ye!

What do ye expect to get from this. What do you hope to gain!?WHAT MAKES YE THINK YE DESERVE HER!!!" Kris was angry at first.

How could someone acusse him of somthing so underhanded? He looked over at a long tapestry hanging over the left part of a wall on the right side of the room and saw Liliths face. She stood just out of her uncle's view, but he could see her. His face grew seriouse and thoughtful as he looked into this womans face. This strong yet delicate flower thata had melted his hart.

"I don't," He said. "I don't deserve thou's Neice. But." He paused and looked again at her face, seeing the shock willing it not to be true. That these words had not left his lips. That he still loved her. But then he continued. "I do love her. I have nothing to offer her, but my love and undying affection, and I don't expect anything from this.

All I want of Lillith is Lillith. I love her M'lord" Earl Alexander's face sofened a great deal. Turning round he looked up at the portrate he had made for his wife. She was beautiful. Lovely. A vision of light. But she had been passed these six years. Leaving him without a wife or best friend. He hadn't thought to find another woman, but instead, had consentrated on raiseing his Neice.

Lowering his head, he thought of his wife. The love of his life. "Ye have me blessing Lad." Turning to the young man, the Earls face was red and tear streaked.

"Ye'll live here and ye can learn from me. " Kris was slightly comfused but glad. At that moment Lillith decided to burst through the curtains and into the room. "OH UNCLE!!THANKYOU THANKYOU!" She squealed in a high voice. Turning to Kris she kissed him and hugged him tightlylaying her head on his chest. "God's foot child!" Earl Alexander sounded cross, but Lillith knew it was just because she had scared him.

"Alright. Were are we going to put 'im?"The earl thought. There had to be a room far enough from them they couldn't get into any trouble befor a decent marrage was planned.

"How about the Holly Room?" Lillith suggested.

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She knew that there was a passage going strate from her room to that room that only she and Marie Knew about. The Earl smiled at the idea. It was far enough that all he had to do was post a gard at the middle point between the rooms and he could get a good nites sleep.

"Alright. Holly room it is. Kris, Lara will show ye to yer room. Get some rest, there's much to do tommorow and ye have much to learn." A slim pretty girl appeared and cursied to Kris. Then left with him in toe.

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As Lillith headed toward the door, she heard" Lillith." She turned to see her uncle's face contorted with pain.

"Make every moment count Child." She stopped with her hand on the door. Until now, she had never seen the effects of her uncle loseing his wife. Never known the pain that was under the serface. But she saw it now. Raw and as painful as it was to see. She saw it. "I will Uncle. Thankyou. " She knew not to touch him when he was like this. There was no consoleing him. His hart to broken to even begin to pick up the peices. So she left him to think ,to ponder, and she headed straight to bed.

It was dark out once she got to her room. Marie already there ahead of her stokeing the fire for the night and laying out her mistresses cloths.Once undressed, Marie went to the cabnet and pick up a bag filled with small seeds. "One teaspoon every night befor you visit. This will prevent pregnacy befor marrige." Without another word she leftLocking the door behind her and noisily telling the gard, "This door dose not unlock till I get back in the morning.

Do you understand?" Lilith waited a few moments then pressed a sprig of mistletoe that was carved into the mantle of the fire place. A small door poped open from behind a curtain. Grabing a shaw she draped it over her shoulders, and lit the candle by the bed.

*** Slowly she went down the pitch black hall, till she reached the end of the couridor. She listened to the activity within. "Are ye sure I can'na make ye more comfertable ,Sir?" It was Lara. She was finishing up her duties. "No Lara, you've done enough. I'd like to sleep now." She heard footsteps then the door cloths followed by a click, which she knew to be the lock. pressing the swich, she entered the room only to be grabed from behind. A small dirk pressed to her neck.

" Who are ye and why are ye in me room." Kris asked. He had her under the arm and the position was quite painful. "Kris, luv, it's me. Lillith." Kris imediately let go and took a step back, blinking. "What in God's foot are ye doen here lass. How did you get here?" Kris took her in in the low fire light then. The seethrough lace of her night gown, her hard pink nipples, her loose hair, the only thing decent on her was the thick wool shaw around her shoulders.

He felt himself grow hard. "I wanned to be with ye Kris. I wanned to shear ye bed tonight." She smiled and leaned against him, kissing him tenderly. " I came from this passage that leads straight from me room to Yers." Kris could bearly think. Her nipples pressed against his chest and his cock strained from relice from his britches and into something else intierly. Leaning forward he kissed Lillith passionately, running his hands over her body.

Exploring every nook and cranny. Lillith waisted no time.

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She reached down and ran her fingers over his ridged shaft and felt him pulse against his hand. Kris moaned into her mouth and pulling away her hand, picked her up and carried her to the bed. Closeing the curtains, he made quick work of what was left of his pants and tights, but had trouble with Lilliths nightgown.

She helped him by removing it entierly and tossing it off the bed.


He stared at here then, her hard pink nipplesher lovely flat stomake, her bautiful thick bush. He layed beside her and she curled her leg over him. Half drapeing herself on top. Kris pressed his leg against her waiting pussy and found her soaking wet. "Love.

I wanna ask somethin' o' ye. " She looked at him with lust filled eyes. "Anything Kris, anything ye can ask." Kris smiled at herher egerness to please him, and he hopped he would be good enough for her to deserve it.

Be able to love her enough for the both of them. "Take me in yer mouth love. Please." Crawling down she layed at his waist, her hips at the head of the bed. Though she had never done it befor, she went to work for him. Licking his shaft first, slowly gentaly jacking it, then suckling on the head. Kris let out a low ferril moan which just encuriged Lillith to do more. As she relaxed she started to take him all in. Slideing him down her throat and back out again in order to get all of him in her mouth.

It didn't take long for this to cause Kris to start fucking her thoat, and just as she though he was about to expload for her ,she would stop, giving him time to cool down. Kris pulled her hips over him so she was strattling her head. " I want ye Lass. I need ye. " With that he delved in, licking at her womanhood, then pushing two fingers deep inside. Kris focuses on her clit, and finds the reaction of it is her adding suction to his shaft. He almost explodes right then and there.

His body arching to meet her. Almost feeling like she sucking the very juice from him. Rolling over he climbs on top of her with a growls with pleasure and pushes into her slickness.

She's so wet she needs no coxing, but he cant help but give it to her. To give her every pleasure. Reaching down he takes a plump nipple into his mouth. He watches her as she arches and withers beneth him with need.

As he presses deeper, he comes in contact with her cervix and pushes knowing what will happen if he presists. Pulling half way out he plumits in and watches as her face contorts in pure exticy.

Her claws running down his arm brings out his animal, and he bites down on her nipple. Sending her into a fitful orgasm. As her body shakes he continues to push the boundries playing with her clit as he thrust in and out of her womanhood, her nipple pink and demanding for attintion. He can feel himself readyready to explode, and as he send her over into yet another orgasm, she clamps down around him. Milking him for every ounce that he will give.

As he lays there int he aftermath, he holds her close. Enjoyin her body, the feel of himself still inside. "My lovely Lillith" He wispers. And curled up ontop of him they fall asleep. Waiting for the morning sun to wake them from there slumber.

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