Naughty babe playing with a lucky cock

Naughty babe playing with a lucky cock
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This story is about two young girls and a guy or king or whatever you wanna call him.This is actually one of my roleplay and cyber things.I hope you enjoy!! BODY: Standing in the tower, Enigmas' full fury wan now in swing. his eyes where black, his body. humanlooking but for the tail. Standing with his back ot the door he await his visitors with an eager grin.

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this is going to be fun. Slowly the door opened to the tower in walked Jade.Tonight she thought was gonna be a little special so she decided to where her red dragon top with her long black skirt.She smirked at Enigma as she entered feeling his full power radiating in the room.Following behind her was a still shy and quiet Alina wearing a light pink sundress.She smiled shly at him and looked down.

Hereing the door open, his eyes closed as he turned, revealing a face that looked exactly like xions, but more defined. and etched. His tounge thrashed about gently and rolled over his teeth as he murrmered from deep in his throat."Welcome to my two lovely wives. its nice to see you both in good health, now please.

let us postpone formalities, and remove those restrictive garments" Jade felt a small chill go up her spine as she looked at him a smirk still plastered on her smooth features.She ran her fingers through her hair then down the side of her neck to the button on the back of the shirt."As you wish my sweet."She chewed gently on her lip as she opened the button and slowly slid her shirt off reveiling her black lace bra she was wearig underneath.She dropped the shirt to the floor then moved her hands to her waist where she slipped her fingers into the elastic of the skirt and slipped it down reveiling matching black lace panties.Alina blushed bright red as she watched Jade.She let out a small breath as she slowly pulled her pink sundress up and layed it gently on the floor.She was wearing a pink bra and pair of panties underneath.

Enigma's first movement was two fast to be seen.He seemed to simply become no more then a glimmer for a few moments, before reappearing behind the two women. His eyes remained closed as took two steps left and ripped the black lace panties from jades shapely figure. His other hands clawing and tearing the rest of Alina's clothing from her smaller form. Shrugging the rodes from his form he stood, his memeber erect, standing nearly a foot in length, a bit larger then xion. but believe tht this was not his only surprise.

" come near before your master. and perhaps more. If you part those ruby lips of yours." Jade smirked as she turned around to face him.She slowly ran her tongue over her fangs and lips at the sight of his erect member."My my a little happy are we?."She asked jokingly as she walked towards him and pressed a kiss against his lips.Alina stared wide eyed at his member as she covered her bare chest with her arms.She was still shocked at how large his member was.Jade laughed and walked over to Alina before gently prying her hands away from her chest."Hun it's ok he won't bite.unless you want him to that is."She laughed softly and pushed Alina towards Enigma.

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Thrashing his tail behind him, it wrapped around and knocked them both to there knees. Chains sprang from the floors, wrapping around the calfs and wrists of the two women, pulling them to the floors on all fours.

Another chain came from the walls, wrapping around there necks viciously.

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yanking heads back as he approached alina. the chains upon jade would move her to lay between Alina's slowly parting legs.her head then raised a bit and held her close to alinas moistening snatch. (I love that phrase) With spoken words in jades mind, his directions were clear, though they ceased as he slid the head and first few inches of his member int alinas mouth as he fondled her breasts. As Jade felt her precious air being cut off she smirked a bit liking the feeling of her life being in the hands of someone else hands.She licked her lips again as she was placed under and raised to Alina's moistening snatch(lol).Her tongue darted out of her mouth and gently licked Alina's sweet lips.Alina slowly closed her eyes at Jade licking her and whimpered a bit as Enigma entered into her small mouth.Slowly she started licking the head and going around in small circles with her tongue.

His memeber rocking in and out of alinas mouth, his hipsbones grew more defined as his member seemed to elongate even more. His tail followed suit, winding its way down and around jades breasts, coming to rest between her legs.The lips wriggled its way into her viciously, beginning to pump into her nearly eight inches before receeding and rentering.

His back rippled with small movements beneath the skin, though at this point it was unclear what it was, or what threat it might become, As he slid almost his entire member into Alina's mouth violently, his tail grew a bit thicker and quickened its pace within jade.

Jade arched her hips slightly against the chains as she felt his tail enter and began to fuck her wet cunt.She moaned softly and licked Alina faster gently sucking on her clit as she wrapped her tongue around it.Alina eyes opened a bit as she felt him growing inside her mouth painfully stretching her lips making them sting.She let out a small moan as she felt Jade's pace increasing as she increased her pace of her tongue on his member as she gagged a bit since its growing was forcing it a little down her throat and filling her mouth.

Enigma's eyes finally opened as the bulges in his back grew into long, whip-like tenticles. The chains receeded as his seemingly countless apendages wrapped around the walls and ceiling. One would wrap around each thigh of both women, pulling alina's open and up, suspending her in the air, nearly upside down. Jades tounge would stay with her as she was lifted to a seated postion, her legs bent at the knees, held together.

Enigma hislef removed his member from Alina's mouth as he moved himself over and underneth Jade. Sliding his tail from within her, her whipped it up and into alina's mouth, making her taste jade's juicy cunt before extenidng it down her throat.a pair of tenticles wrapped her perky breasts and kneeaded them plafully as another playfully pressed against her ass.

Enigma inserted his member deep into Jades dripping cunt as he began to violently penetrate her, his claws digging ito her breasts, and shoving her face into Alina's snatch. Alina licked off the tentacle making a slight face and gagging as it went down her throat.She blushed a crimson red as he squeezed her young breasts and Jade sucked and licked her pussy.She also felt his tentacle pressing against her ass which scared her a bit fearing if it would penetrate her or not.Jade growled a bit as she felt his claws ripping into the soft flesh of her breasts and his member violently thrust into her it felt as if he were tearing up her insides."And this is only the begginning."She thought to herself before her face was suddenly shoved more into Alina's cunt.She continued to lap at it sucking on her clit and vibrating it.

Enigma's thrusts into Jade's cunt only grew more aggressive as he continued, his eyes slowly closing, a pulse of his power running throught the room.

Removing his tail from Alina's throat he made sure sure to wrapp it loosely around her neck as he drew jade from her snatch. Twisting Jade over, he hung in her spot now, her figure suspeneded riding vicously upon his cock now.

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A tenticle, a bit thicker then the others would makes its way ou to her ass as well, probing gently at it as the one that had gone to work upon alina tore its way into her.

Enigma slowly opened his mouth and pressed his lips to alina's cunt, his tounge, elongating began to fill and stretch alina's small figure open, her hips widened as his tounge made his way, up eleven inches into her. As Jade rode his cock she could feel her tits bouncing wildly as she slowly closed her eyes moving her hips hard against him everytime she went down.She let out a moan a bit louder than the rest as she felt a tenticle enter her sweet ass.She moved her legs a little to open her ass more welcoming the tenticle to go deeper in her if it wished.Alina screamed loudly as she felt the tenticle enter her virgin ass.Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt the stinging and the blood dripping down out of her tortured ass.Soon as she felt his tongue go into her deeply her emerald green eyes flew open in complete shock at the length of his tongue.Arching her hips a bit as she got used to the feeling she slowly closed her eyes again.

Enigma's tounge began to vibrate wildly as his tounge worked its way even further into her. His lips sucking any and all juices that would drip into his mouth.the tenticle in Alina's ass began to cum, fulling the depths of her rectum with semen, though as it withdrew, another entered and continued its pace.A new one wound its way fron the wall and entered Jades mouth, sliding its way down her throat, pumping viciously as the tenticle in her ass slid nearly nine inches further and enigmas cock began to swell in her cunt.

His strokes were vicious and endless as he picked up the pace. A tenticle whipping Alina's ass as the new one began to rapidly pump its way in and out.Enigma removing his tounge and allowing another into Alinas snatch.Small amounts of cum dripped from her ass.

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Alina's soft moans filled the room as she felt his tongue starting to vibrate deep inside her body and the feeling of the hot cum in her ass filling her.Then as his tongue left her she pouted a little but quickly arched her hips again as the tenticle filled her swollen dripping cunt.But wincing a bit everytime the other tenticle whipped her ass.Jade sucked and licked greedily on the tenticle that entered her mouth as it were Enigma or Xion's cock.His cock swelling and stretching her insides was to much for her to bear she bucked her hips violently against him as she climaxed.A muffled screamed could be heard from Jade's mouth as the tenticle shoved its way deep into her ass.

As Jade climaxed, the tenticle in her ass Eploded, sending its hot, sticky cum deep into her.


His cock to tensed, though as her lips conracted, he couldn't hold back, and quickly pulled himself out. the tenticle within jades mouth too climaxed, sending nearly a pint of hot and sticky fluid into her throat and mouth.Alinas body, now nearly broken was continously rammed until both the one in her snatch and ass burst and shoot their load deep within her. Quickly spining them, he had held his own fro too long, placing both Alina and jade into a kneeling psotion before him, he used three tenticles to position there faces together and open both there mouths with a single ong plunge into there throat.

As they both withdrew Enigma began to cum, the shots of sticky fluids fell upon there open mouths, and breasts, though soon, there faces would be nearly covered. It had been so long, and he knew that this orgasm held nearly a millenia of sexual tourment.

Jade moaned loudly and climaxed again as the hot cum was shot into her willing and waiting body.The cum that was shot into her mouth she greeadily and quickly drank down not wanting to miss even a drop of Enigma's sweet nectar.Alina too climaxed moaning loudly as she climaxed harder then she ever had feeling all the cum filling and bloating her young body sent her into a spiral of pleasure.And as Enigma finally came both girls drank whatever cum that came into contact with their sweet lips.Alina's blood mixing with it as she drank it down and Jade licking her lips.

Slowly the room around them seemed to melt away as Enigma stood before them, returned to his normal form. He lower his index finger from his forehead slowly and smilled, both girls covered in cum.

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" Lick Each other off and come to me. perhaps we can talk a while?" His eyes rest upon them as he sneered playfully, his upturned lips bareing his vicious looking fangs.


Jade smirked and pushed Alina back on the floor as she slowly started to lick her body off starting with her breasts and working her way down her body.Alina slowly closed her eyes and let Jade finish cleaning her off.When all the cum she could get off was off Alina she sat up and licked her lips.Alina then pushed her back Gently and went to work cleaning her.After they were both clean they smiled and slowly crawled to Enigma Alina going slower than Jade since she had the tortured and bleeding ass.