Loira Linda mulher gostosa Beautiful sexy blonde woman

Loira Linda mulher gostosa Beautiful sexy blonde woman
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So my mom was standing under the shower. She bent a bit to switch on the shower. She looked exceptionally hot standing totally nude under the shower.

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I bolt the door and reach out to her. I thought everything is mine now and I totally forgot about the punishment. When I reached near her, she said.


"You will have to bear the punishment first" "What is it?" I ask her. "Well you will have to lick anything and everything off my pussy" She was standing under the shower. All her body was dripping under the warmth of the water and I had to lick her pussy while it was happening. Could anything be better, I thought.

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I jumped in the shower with her and sat down just in front of her so that my mouth could reach her pussy. Water from the shower was hitting me as well. Me and mom nude in the shower and I had to lick her pussy.

The could be no better I guess. I rose to hold her ass using my hands. She looked down to me. I stuck out my tongue and put it on her pussy and started to lick it. It was heaven. I first licked the top of the pussy. Little hair out growths pinched my tongue but it was delicious. I moved down to the crack now. I started to lick the top of the crack now. Also I started to dig in slightly using my tongue while my hands were rubbing her ass.

The moment my mouth reached little down her crack, she put her hand over my head. I thought she was enjoying. A moment later, the hold grew firm and I was literally stuck to her pussy.

My eyes went up to see her eyes. I wanted to figure out what she wanted. All she gave was a wry smile. I knew something was wrong but what could go possibly wrong at this moment. "Here goes your punishment. Drink whatever comes out" she told me.

Her grip was tight over my head. I knew I can't move now. Suddenly I felt a bad taste in my mouth, a bit sour I would say. Yes she pissed in my mouth and I had to drink it. But I have always wanted to do that. I started to lick more passionately and drink her piss. Looking at my passion, she softened her grip over my head.

I kept on licking and drinking her piss. She was too happy to piss in my mouth. I wanted it to never end. But it did after sometime.

Once the pissing ended, two little drops of piss descended down her legs. I quickly licked them from her toe back to her pussy following the trail. I moved my head away from her and said looking towards her.

"It was awesome." "I thought it was a punishment." she replied. "Well, it was awesome" was all I could say. "You are ready to do anything you want" she said. I always wanted that. It was my turn to make an action. "Okay. Can you be a doggy?" was all I could say, in a moment of happiness and excitement. I was smiling. I switched off the shower at once. Without wiping her, I carried her in my arms to the bedroom.

We both were wet and didn't care to dry. The moment I laid her on the bed, she took the doggy position. I knew what I wanted to do. I just wanted to lick the wet, dripping body of my mother. I climbed on and started to work on her asshole. I first rubbed her asshole using my fingers. Moving my fingers up and down shivered her. She moaned time to time.Then I stuck out my tongue and started to lick her asshole. It was heaven. I kept on licking and licking. Her wet asshole was dripping of my saliva now.

For a moment I stopped and tried to push a finger in her asshole. She gave a louder moan. I wanted to lick the inside of her asshole. I pulled my fingers out and instantly put my tongue before it contracted.

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Yes I was licking the inside of her asshole. She was moaning loudly now. It was a dream come true for me to lick the inside of her asshole. My dick was getting harder and dripping pre cums all the time. I continued to lick inside of her hole for next 20 mins with my her moans becoming louder with time. The little wrinkles near her hole were dripping of my saliva now. I could see the hole closing tightly.

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Probably she was enjoying and excited. I gave final kiss to her asshole. I asked her to sit down. She turned over. I could see her breast nipples tight and hard.

She saw down on the bed. For few moments, I was just glazing her body, awesome breasts and a juicy pussy.

I expanded her legs wide apart so that I could see her pussy clearly. I went down my mouth towards her pussy. It was nice, clean and shaved. I could smell the juices dripping outside. I licked them all at once to which she moaned. It was probably too exciting for her. Next I used my two fingers to separate the top lips of her pussy.

I could see her pee hole clearly. I started to lick it. She moaned again. I was just licking the top of her pussy and it was exciting her. She moaned loudly whenever I pushed my tongue against her clitoris. Slowly and slowly I started to move down towards her pussy. The lips got bigger and softer. There were juices all over dripping around due to her excitement and I licked every single drop. It tasted heaven.

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Her legs moved and shaked and she was moaning uncontrollably now. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy. It was all softy inside and I kept on licking her till she was literally shouting.

Her juices didn't stop and I kept on licking them, drinking every single drop.


I knew what I wanted to do and I exactly did it. I just wanted her to feel ecstatic and today I am the reason she is. Thinking all this in my mind, I kept on with my quest of exploring her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

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After sometime, she pulled my head away and she laid down panting. She was covered in sweat, sweat of excitement and happiness. I wanted to explore more. I used two of my fingers to deep dive into her pussy. It was warm and wet inside. She shouted in pain probably this time but I didn't stop. Two of my fingers were fully inside her pussy and she was moaning in pain. I held her tightly with my other hand. I started to move the tip of my fingers inside her pussy.

I was probably trying to explore her pussy and excite her. She couldn't run away as I held her tightly. I started to move my fingers more vigorously now. I could clearly see the pain and excitement in her moans now. She moved frantically all over the bed due to my fingering of her pussy. I kept on vibrating my fingers. At once a lot of juices came out and she calmed down.

She had an orgasm finally. I pulled out my fingers and it was dripping and my fingers were all slippery. I lifted her tushy a little to make space.

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Then I pushed the two fingers inside her ass. Her cum made things easy and the fingers went in without any resistance.

The two of my fingers were fully inside her ass now. I shaked my fingers a little and pulled out. The last part too fast for her to react. She was just stunned by my act but went back smiling. I smiled back. My act was witty.

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