Hola este es mi video personal creo k no hay ningun problema ya k es de mi interes publicarlo

Hola este es mi video personal creo k no hay ningun problema ya k es de mi interes publicarlo
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Begging For It Part 1 Jenny would always wonder if it was luck or if they had wanted her for some reason. She was attractive, 27 years old with dark red hair, milky skin and full, heavy breasts that made men stare - but she didn't think she was exceptional.

Maybe the only thing about her that was exceptional was that she had walked past the dark blue van idling on the side of the road on her way into town.

That was when, half aware of hearing the door open, she was suddenly struggling to breathe through the heavy cloth against her face. She clawed at it and kicked out at nothing as arms around her waist half lifted, half dragged her backwards. She felt the raised floor of the van scrape the back of her legs as she was pulled inside.

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It was only once she heard the door slam shut she even remembered to scream. Then someone hit her across the side of the face, the blow softened somewhat by the cloth covering it, but hard enough to knock her to the floor. She felt the engine start. "Shut up, bitch." A man's voice hissed above her.

"You shut the fuck up and stay that way if you know what's good for you." She heard someone laugh softly, excitedly, in the corner. Two of them. And the driver. Jenny was terrified. "Please don't hurt me -" She whimpered into the thick fabric, and felt a hand close round her throat. "I told you to shut the fuck up. Do as you're told. Do exactly what I fucking tell you." The hand loosened it's grip.

"Don't hurt you? You're gonna get fucked, cunt.

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That's all you're good for. We're gonna have some fun, and yeah, it won't be as much fun for you." Laughter again "But you keep the fuck quiet and do as you're told and you'll get home safe." She sobbed as she felt a hand slide up her inner thigh and come to rest against her crotch. "That's the deal, bitch. It's the best offer you're gonna get.

So if you want to take it, you need to reach down and peel off these little panties of yours so I can get a good look at what I'll be pounding later." Hands shaking and tears running down her face, Jenny fumbled for the edges of her clinging satin pants and slid them down her legs, revealing a pert, rounded ass and a neat little pussy outlined with a faint tracery of red hair.

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The pants were snatched out of her hands. "Lift your skirt" A new voice ordered sharply "And spread your legs." Hating herself, Jenny did as she was told, hitching the black pencil skirt up around her waist and spreading her pale thighs as far apart as she could stretch them, too scared to disobey.

The cold gritty surface of the van floor scraped her ass. "Flexible!" The voice sounded amused. "That should be fun. Now the top." Jenny fumbled with a buttons on her white blouse just as the vibrations of the van's engine stopped. "No time" said the first voice, impatiently. He took handfuls of the shirt and yanked violently. Buttons sprayed around the van's interior with a rattle. The top was roughly forced down her arms, leaving her with her legs spread and her bra exposed, her large breasts straining against the thin black nylon, her erect nipples visible through the cloth.

Someone flicked her right nipple with a fingernail. "She's enjoying it!" The second voice laughed. "Who cares if a whore fucking enjoys it?" The first voice said contemptuously. "We'll see how long that lasts. Get her inside." The bag was pulled swiftly from over her head, leaving her blinking in the sudden light.

It was a warehouse - there were a lot of them, huge and cavernous on the edge of town. She realised if she screamed it probably wouldn't even reach the walls. She was sitting in her bra and pencil skirt on a wooden chair, surrounded by various industrial detritus and a thin mattress on the floor.

There were three men. Their faces were covered. One - the eldest, she thought, a white man with greying hair at his temples - approached her and she saw he had a knife in his hand. She almost screamed, but managed to suppress it. He reached out and sliced through each of her bra straps with a snap, then between the two cups. Her breasts tumbled heavily out, hanging there soft and inviting. He rested the cold metal of the knife against a nipple, making her shiver.

"Now the skirt" he said, and she recognised him as the first one who spoke to her "What do you think, bitch? Shall we take another good look at that tight little pussy of yours?" She didn't answer. Another man - a slender, well muscled black guy - laughed again.

The knife came to rest under her chin. "Good girl." The man said softly. "But once we've got you stripped, we're going to turn the camera on." He gestured to a glassy glint up in a corner "And every time I ask you a question, bitch, you're going to say yes.

I'm gonna ask if you want me to fuck you and you're gonna say yes. If you don't want us to hurt you, you're gonna beg us to fuck you. You see my friend?" He pointed towards the third man, the driver, a man built like a truck. "You're gonna beg to suck his cock and once you've swallowed his cum down you're gonna beg for more like the desperate fucktoy you are." He put the knife in his belt and pulled her skirt sharply down over her hips and on to the floor.

"Shall we get started?" "Yes." Jenny whispered, frightened. "Get on the mattress, bitch. Hands and knees." Jenny, cold and naked, staggered over to the mattress on the ground and fell to her knees. As she bent forward to put her hands on the ground, her tits swung like a pendulum beneath her.

From the corner of her eye she could see the second man turning on the video camera. The first moved around behind her. She suddenly received a stinging slap on the ass.

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"You ready, bitch?" "Yes." Jenny said, blinking back tears. "You want me to fuck you?" "Yes." "You want all of us to fuck you?" "Yes." Jenny whimpered, feeling her pussy tighten with anxiety. She felt the head of his cock brushing her slit as he bent over her and whispered "Beg". "I - I want you to fuck me. I - I want your cock.

I'm just." She felt sick "Just a fucktoy. I want." She broke off with a yelp as he shoved the wide head of his cock into her dry pussy. The friction was painful as he began to fuck her, pushing himself relentlessly deeper into her tightly clenched cunt.


His cock wasn't that big - maybe seven inches - but it was thick and she felt the soft inside of her pussy stretch and bruise as he ground the last inch of himself cruelly into her with deliberate sadistic glee. He could feel her gripping him like a vice as he fucked her with short sharp strokes.

Her cunt felt like dry silk. He reached around beneath her and drove his fingers as hard as he could into her sensitive breasts. He came inside her as she cried out in pain. He pulled out without ceremony and nodded to the second man. "You're up." He was up, Jenny noticed in panic, a good ten inches up. As he took his place behind her, she managed to say "Please." and then screamed as he rammed nine inches into her in one swift movement.

He slapped her on the ass, then pulled out and rammed it home again, the end of his cock hitting the top of her cunt like a battering ram. The fact that he could slide in easily now just made it faster and harder. After the forth stroke he kept up the pressure, until some muscle in her gave and let the last inch of him. Then she moaned in pain as he fucked her fast and hard. When she felt his cum pumping into her, it was such a relief she cried out in pleasure. "You really do like cum, don't you, fucktoy?" The third man said mockingly as the second pulled out.

He was stood in front of her and to her horror his erect cock must have been at least 12 inches. Suddenly she understood what she was supposed to do. "I want to suck your cock." She said, desperately. She got up onto her knees in front of him. "Please let me suck it." She begged, tears running down her face "I want to drink your cum. Please." She was so desperate not to be raped with something so big she didn't wait for a reply, just lunged forward, sliding her lips and tongue over the huge thing as far as she could, licking and sucking like it was candy, just wanting to make him happy so it would stop.

She could hear laughter as he grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her mouth, so she had to fight not to choke. But she was managing it until, with a snap, a leather whip landed sharply across her ass, leaving a long red mark on the white skin and causing her to accidentally bite down in shock. It wasn't hard, but the cock was pulled from her lips with a yell and the man viciously backhanded her across the face, sending her sprawling onto the mattress. She heard the man's friends laughing hysterically and his protests of "It's not funny!".

"Turn the camera off" the first man said "I think she needs a time out." Looking up, she saw him removing the long belt from his jeans and thought she was about to be beaten. The man nodded to his large friend "Get her legs up." The man, looking furious, seized her ankles and roughly forced her legs up and back until her knees were pressed into her chest.

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The man wrapped the belt around the back of her knees and around her body, pinning her arms to her sides in the process. He pulled it tight as it would go, until she couldn't move an inch from that position, her legs trussed uncomfortably up against her. "Get the chair." She wailed in horrified anticipation when she saw it.

It was a sturdy metal chair, but screwed into the seat was an upright metal dildo, 12 inches long and with an exaggerated bulbous head on it almost 3 inches wide, the work of a sadistic craftsman. The largest of the men lifted her easily - she wasn't able to struggle or fight - and held her so that the bulb was pressed firmly against her labia.


Unable to stretch around it, they were pushed painfully up into her pussy as he started to lower her down onto the thing. As it reached its widest point, she screamed as she felt herself tear and begged him to stop. "Shut the fuck up." The first man snapped. "There's an eighteen incher on the workbench and if you don't shut your cunt mouth I'll use that instead. And I'll have it in your ass. Not a sound." Terrified, Jenny bit her tongue and tried not to groan as she was eased down over six inches of the enormous dildo, stretching and tearing agonisingly.

Then the man let go. Unable to support herself at all, she slid down four inches immediately, screaming uncontrollably as she was impaled with her full weight onto the monster metal cock, bucking in pain as it forced her cervix upwards, stretching her more than she imagined possible. Then with a jolt and a stab of pain the last two inches slammed into her, leaving her helpless, unable to move with the thing inside her. The third man leaned over her shoulder. "Now you think about what you did." He said, mockingly.

And all three walked away, leaving her alone in the warehouse.